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Partially Lost

I haven’t had seen VS Cheeky in years... - A.G.O.T.I.

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Note: The mod is missing from GitHub and was trashed on GameBanana for copyright violation, claiming that "this mod uses content from this MUGEN (game) without permission from the author." It is still available on Mega as of now.

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Not to be confused with the other MUGEN based FNF Project, Friday Night MUGEN
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VS Cheeky is a mod made by Wizord, and brought to life by Lexicord. When Daddy Dearest gives a certain rock with a face a call, he berates him over the phone, before knocking Boyfriend out with a "funny sized spoon". Once Boyfriend wakes up, he finds himself in the MUGEN Lobby... Will he escape this Hungarian talking blue rock with sass? Or will he be taught the ways of the Devil's Jello?

(oh yeah, and Bob and Ron are there too)


QUOTEPORT Cheeky.png

Szemtelen Manó, more commonly known as Cheeky, is a character from M U G E N's surreal Roblox games, and mainly Veszteség. He has his very own mod for Friday Night Funkin' made by Wizord. The nickname Cheeky was given to him by the M U G E N community, to be used instead of his long and difficult, official name, and is used in this mod as his main name.


Cheeky is a spherical, blue rock with floating hands. A crudely drawn grin with arched eyebrows and narrow eyes make up his face, which is likely based off of the Roblox "Check it" face. In his first and second songs, he holds a microphone in his left hand, with his right hand not existing. For his third song, "Hard 2 Break", he wields a gun in place of his microphone in his right hand. He also appears to be losing his calm.

In Devil's Jello, he is no longer holding anything and retains his angry smile from Hard 2 Break. He now lacks any hands. The room's lighting makes him look red. In the later half of Bedrock, His face turns red and his color turns dark red.


Szemtelen Manó is a mysterious foe within VESZTESÉG, whose intentions and goals are mostly unknown. Throughout the game, he attempts to thwart Mirror Man's attempts at completing the game by setting obstacles and other traps. These can range from strange jokes such as playing the Seinfeld theme at increasing pitch, or placing a sign that says "You Suck.", to downright deadly, such as dropping an anvil on Mirror Man, shooting them with a cannon, to downright game-breaking, such as making the starting area of the game inescapable.

Just about all of Szemtelen Manó's appearances happen within Fates, randomly occurring events that can shake up normal progression of the game. While Fates aren't guaranteed to happen, Szemtelen Manó is a part of such a large number of Fates that he's likely to be encountered by most players.

Szemtelen Manó's relation with the other characters is unknown, aside from the fact that he tries to stop the Mirror Men from freeing Jesu. He's implied to have created some of the monsters and enemies that help the main antagonists of the game, like the Meat Clowns. The other antagonists don't attack or impede him, but he does not come into contact with most of them. He seems to take a peculiar interest in the player, with all of his appearances being to interact with them specifically, and avoiding other characters in most situations. He's a part of the Sphere Family, a group that contains just about every character in the game, and interestingly contains both antagonists and protagonists. Although it seems their relations with each other are friendly, towards the player they vary greatly.

He seems to have a degree of meta knowledge, and therefore has no regret for what he does.

Interestingly, Szemtelen Manó has a home (the same one in the mod's second week) that he appears to actually live in. If you enter his house, Szemtelen Manó will stare directly at Mirror Man, becoming furious, stating that they 'HAVE AN EXTREME NERVE TO ENTER'. This is also the only appearance in a M U G E N game where Szemtelen Manó forgoes any tricks, jokes, or traps, and will immediately and personally kill Mirror Man.

Szemtelen Manó also seems to own a number of businesses, most notably Manó Meat Solutions, a meat production plant intent on producing baloney.


  • Manó's dialogue in the older version of Hard 2 Break is so long that it exits the dialogue box and off the screen. This was an intentional move on Wizord's part, as Manó's "roasts" were meant to be joke dialogue. Another character that does this is Carol before Boogie and Ron before Ron.
  • This specific incarnation of Manó may take some inspiration from SALAMI WIZARD's MUGEN meme videos. The version in the videos can alter his facial expression [albeit to a lesser extent] and also grow floating hands to hold objects, as seen here, for example.
  • If the mod's dialogue file is missing, the player is instead presented the message 'The game tried to get a dialog file but couldn't find it. Please make sure there is a dialogue file named "dialogue.txt".
  • His nickname likely comes from his overconfident expression and lying behavior, as "cheeky" is a common British slang meaning somebody who is humorously disrespectful. It may also be based off the word "Check" from his face's inspiration.
  • It is speculated that the bag Manó is holding in the menu is the bag used to bring Boyfriend to the M U G E N lobby.
  • Cheeky's voice sample is used for the sample FL Studio plugin Sytrus called Numb.
  • In all the M U G E N games he appears in, his dialogue is always relayed with no punctuation and either fully lowercase or uppercase. This is not the case in the mod.
  • He is bilingual, as he is shown to speak in English and Hungarian, both in the games in the mod.
    • This along with his name may mean he was born in Hungary.
  • Manó asks Boyfriend to enter a painting in the dialogue prior to Rocky Beats. This references the hub for the M U G E N games, where Manó appears in the main room, lying to players to convince them to enter a painting. Doing so teleports the players to the game the painting represents.
    • In the mod, two paintings can be seen in the background. The first one, on the left, shows Jesu in a corner of the Graveyard, the starting location of the most popular M U G E N game, Veszteség. The second shows Manó with Cyclops, referencing the upcoming M U G E N game, Sphere Racing.
      • The latter isn't an actual painting in the M U G E N hub, however.
      • Additionally, V2's menu artwork showed two more paintings. On the left is a painting of the [of 7 Shingles]' face, referencing [eponymous game]. On the right is a painting of sphere character ÓMEN, referencing OMEN [previously named Cilantro Salami].
        • In its entirety, this is also a reference to the game Super Mario 64, where the main way to enter levels was by jumping through a painting.
  • An image named "them.png" can be found in the game's files. It is a drawing of four M U G E N characters:
  • Manó is also considered part of a group of characters from Veszteség called the Sphere Family. The characters who are a part of this family are all, as the name implies, spherical, and most of them are stones with crude faces. The characters in this family are the following:
  • In the last half of Bedrock the pillars have 5 different characters on them, each having a significant impact on the lore of Veszteség; Szemtelen Manó, Jesu, Bruh Jesu/Bruh Jesus(Keep in note: Bruh Jesu is not a significant character), Cyclops, and Ómen.
  • Manó is the third mod character that shakes the game window, the first two being Bob and Tabi.
  • Manó talking with hashtags in Devils Jello is a direct reference to Roblox's strict censorship system, that 'tags' (replacing the words with hashtags) rude messages, implying he was using extremely harsh insults or even profanity.
    • The Roblox chat filter also has a habit of censoring things that shouldn't be censored, possibly meaning that he wasn't saying anything bad, yet his message was censored anyway.
  • The sound of the Gun Shot originates from the Roblox game Arsenal and the Critical Hit sound originates from Team Fortress 2
  • Dying in Hard 2 Break results in a different death screen, where Boyfriend has a visible bullet shot in his skull.
  • Both Manó and Noke have no dialogue leading into their final song, with Manó not having dialogue leading into Bedrock, and Noke not having dialogue leading into Disconnected.
    • Also, both songs have a mid-song background change, with Manó's background changing into a handful of pillars, and Noke's background changing to be a more grayscale version of the normal background.
  • The first two advertisements are about Manó Meat Solutions (One is labelled “JOIN MANO MEAT SOLUTIONS NOW!” with Manó in it. Another one is labelled “WHY DON’T YOU JOIN MANO MEATS SOLUTIONS??????” with Manó in it, but the face is bigger than his body.) and the third one is just an image of a ROBLOX hat shaped like a mouse, referred to as Louie.
  • His dialogue in Devils Jello is quite similar to what he says when you encounter him in the Potato Time/Great Value Burglary ending of VESZTESEG.
  • If you pause during Hard 2 Break, Manó will still fire at Boyfriend.
  • Coincidentally, Manó is a lookalike of Genuine Juan from The Labyrinth, a character made a year earlier.
  • There is a unused character called Cyclops that appears in this video
  • Manó, in this mod, is a FTM (female to male) transgender man. However, this is not canon to the M U G E N universe. [1]
  • While on many topics of Roblox, Manó makes an appearance in a popular Roblox game, Slap Battles, having his own glove with the ability called "Szemtelen Mano."
    • When this ability is used, the player will become Cheeky, who will start saying many "Yo Mama" jokes.


― Omen, OMEN

Ómen, sometimes stylized as ÓMEN, is a character from M U G E N's surreal ROBLOX games, and mainly Veszteség. His location is in the Bad Ending Temple, AKA Jakel's Temple.


ÓMEN is a being that takes the shape of a big, stone sphere, sharing the looks of Jesu in regards to its scrawled facial design. The face is composed out of a pair of flexed eyebrows and a pair of dark eyes, along with a triangular nose and a very large grin highlighted by the presence of white, sharp teeth. When he activates FEEL, his eyes shine red, providing a light bright enough to cast a red hue to his face.


  • ÓMEN's face is a recurring element in Veszteség as it appears in the weapons PUNCH and ANGER, and REPLICA;
  • Cheeky pejoratively refers to ÓMEN as "the potato" in Veszteség if the player manages to invade his house for the "Great Value" Burglary badge.
  • ÓMEN has his own game, Cilantro Salami. The original game no longer officially exists, as it was replaced by a new game following a bug on the ROBLOX client, the new game is now called OMEN.
  • ÓMEN is the largest sphere.
  • ÓMEN is probably Jesu Brother.
  • ÓMEN can elevate into an existential sort of consciousness, in which he does something simply known as 'FEEL'. When in this state, he can conjure up unfathomable objects, and move at extreme speed. This state is nigh unstoppable.
  • If ÓMEN's vocals sound familiar, you've not gone crazy. They are actually a more distorted version of Avenue's vocals, as shown here.


Cyclops is a unused legacy edition character and one of the main spheres of VESZTESÉG. Cyclops has their own game, Ananasz, which is currently in development, about more than half done.


Cyclops has a light brown appearance, with a black unibrow, and one blue eye, as well as a frown, and a triangle nose.


  • Back during the Legacy Edition of VS Cheeky, the creators added in two new bonus characters to Modding+. One was a standard Cheeky over Boyfriend skin, while the other was Cyclops. Cyclops and the Cheeky over Boyfriend skin disappeared by the time the new update rolled around, as well as the complete art overhaul. Cyclops' assets in the files are based on Pico, to the point where he still has Pico's animation names in his .XML file.
    • According to one of the devs, Salami Wizard on Discord, it was gonna be used for a Cyclops week, where Cheeky would be fighting against Cyclops for "training purposes". They got demotivated while doing the background and stuff because they wanted Cyclops to do wacky stuff like moving arrows and what not. But, they didn't know how to do that back then, so they removed him, but forgot to remove him in the Legacy Edition.
    • Despite him being unused in V3, however, he is on the icon for the Freeplay mode, playing in a sandbox, so we could possibly see him sooner or later.
  • Cyclops is a culinary master, they know how to fry pineapples and make nice Cakman cakes.
  • Cyclops is also a musician, they make a duo with Diego Bernabe in his hit song CAKMAN CAKE.
  • Cyclops is based on Greek cyclops mutants.


are you into feet
― Chonka, Paragon

Chonka is a secret character, and the opponent of the song Paragon


Chonka is a badly drawn version of cheeky holding a white cross in his hand.


Chonka was made in an attempt to deface the figure of MUGEN during the MUGEN ORIZ drama, with the "are you into feet" line being an allusion to the owner MUGEN supposedly having a foot fetish, and was shortly lived until Chonka was removed later.


Bob Crossover Characters

im just wondering if we could do a rap battle, i'm bord
― Bob, Rivals

Were you looking for a different bob?

Bob is a drawn creature that stars in his own mod, parodying the stereotypical Friday Night Funkin' mod. After making his way into the meat solutions plant via a burst of light, he challenges Cheeky to a rap battle.


Bob appears as a simple black-and-white drawing of a stickfigure with a head, torso, and wields a mic in his left hand, looking happy.


  • Bob's Run form is NOT based off a skin made in BEAR created by Cheedaman., despite somewhat popular belief.
    • Bob has a current kill count of 2 people (Pico and Ron), 3 if you count Boyfriend being killed when he loses in Onslaught.

Cameos in other mods

Note: None of these cameos are canon to Bob's story.

  • In the latest update to the Vs. Tree Mod, Bob can be seen spectating from the background. (Side note: they turn into their hell form after Trunk)
  • In VS Sketchy Redrawn, he appears as a drawing in the background.
  • In The Date Week, he has a chance to appear in the background of Perfume and Heartbass, along with his hell form appearing in the far back.
  • In Castle Crashers Boss Rush REVIVED, Bob is a playable character if you write ONSLAUGHT on the title screen.
  • In Friday Night Funkin': Soft, he can be seen in the train that passes by during Chapter 3.
  • In VS Fizz, he can be seen in the background of Maintenance.


hello everyone welcom e to MY cooking show, i love cooking
― Ron, Cuisine

Were you looking for a different Ron?

Ron is a character made by wildythomas that appears in Bob's Onslaught.


Ron is a yellow skinned humanoid with a dark yellow outfit and a desktop folder for a head. In this mod, he is wearing a chef hat, and a chef's apron, as well as a stylish mustache and butcher's knife.


Gameplay Mechanics

  • In Hard 2 Break, Cheeky will shoot at Boyfriend at random, which will be blocked by the microphone, causing Boyfriend's health to drain and the game's window to shake.
    • This can also happen while the game is paused.
  • Also in Hard 2 Break, the player and computer's strikeline will shake in small circles, which may disorient the player.
  • During Week 2, advertisements will pop up on the player's side at random, blocking the player from seeing for a short amount of time. The ads lasts for 3 seconds at most. Several ads can appear on the screen at once.
    • Although this mechanic is more well-known from Bob's mod, Cheeky was the first to use it. One of Bob's popups even says "We didn't know you had this idea first cheeky sorry :(", and the Cheeky VS. Bob week centers around a conflict over this shared idea.
      • The popup mentioned above also has an amateurish, edited image of Cheeky frowning.
      • This is also mentioned in FNAF Shuffle's dialogue, in which Cheeky says, "Now, let me remind you that you still need to pay me for those ads I gave you last time, Bob."
  • In Cornucopia, Cheeky's power allows him to lower the health bar while singing.
  • Also in Cornucopia, every time you miss, the static becomes less transparent, making it harder to see the notes.
  • When you pause, there is a M U G E N button in the pause menu. Pressing it leads you to MUGEN.
  • Near the end of Bad Omen, the player's screen will flip as Ómen screams, inverting the scroll direction and controls.

Cameos in other mods

Note: None of these cameos are canon to VS Cheeky.

  • In Times & Tribulations (Vs. Omega), Cheeky can be seen during the intro cutscene.
  • In Bob's Onslaught, Cheeky can be seen in an ad in Onslaught that says "we didnt know you had this idea first cheeky - sorry :(", referring to Manó's ad mechanic.
  • In Vs. Big Chungus, Cheeky can appear in Grove with his laptop.
  • In Castle Crashers Boss Rush REVIVED, Cheeky can be seen in the loading screen.
    • There is also an intro text saying "ENTER A PAINTING - FOR A SURPRISE" in the same mod, referring to what Manó says in M U G E N.

Trivia (General)

  • FNAF Shuffle is a reference to the game, Five Nights at Freddy's.
    • This was added most likely due to newer players confusing their shortened names, FNF and FNaF.
  • Chef Ron may be based off of the "Cooking with Ron" series by Muganimate.
  • The owner of Cheeky (the character) now forbids any character from VESZTESEG to be in a FNF mod. Consequences may be your mod being taken down.


Rocky Beats
BPM: 160
Scroll Speed: 1.8 (Easy)
2.1 (Normal)
2.3 (Hard)
BPM: 156
Scroll Speed: 2.1 (Easy)
2.4 (Normal)
2.7 (Hard)
Hard 2 Break
BPM: 188
Scroll Speed: 3 (Easy)
3.2 (Normal)
3.4 (Hard)

Salami Teachings
BPM: 165
Scroll Speed: 2.3 (Easy)
2.6 (Normal)
2.9 (Hard)
Devils Jello
BPM: 159
Scroll Speed: 2.8 (Easy)
3 (Normal)
3.2 (Hard)
BPM: 156
Scroll Speed: 3.1 (Easy & Normal)
3.4 (Hard)

BPM: 170
Scroll Speed: 1.7 (Easy)
2.2 (Normal)
2.5 (Hard)
FNAF Shuffle
BPM: 165
Scroll Speed: 2.1 (Easy)
2.4 (Normal)
2.8 (Hard)
Bad Eggroll
BPM: 225
Scroll Speed: 2.8 (Easy)
3.1 (Normal)
3.3 (Hard)
BPM: 350
Scroll Speed: 3.6 (Unfair)

BPM: 165
Scroll Speed: 2.6 (Easy, Normal)
2.9 (Hard)

Bad Omen
BPM: 176
Scroll Speed: 3.2 (FEEL)
BPM: 160
Scroll Speed: 2.8 (All Difficulties)

Menu Theme
MULE (Week 3 Dialogue Theme)

Rocky Beats (Old)
BPM: 160 (200 in game)
Scroll Speed: 1.8 (Easy)
2.1 (Normal)
2.3 (Hard)
ToughStone (Old)
BPM: 156 (200 in game)
Scroll Speed: 2.1 (Easy)
2.4 (Normal)
2.7 (Hard)
Hard 2 Break (Old)
BPM: 188 (200 in game)
Scroll Speed: 3 (Easy)
3.2 (Normal)
3.4 (Hard)
Devils Jello (Old)
BPM: 159 (200 in game)
Scroll Speed: 2.8 (Easy)
3 (Normal)
3.2 (Hard)
BPM: 156 (235 in game)
Scroll Speed: 3.1 (Easy & Normal)
3.4 (Hard)
Rocky Beats (Older)
BPM: 160
Scroll Speed: 2 (All Difficulties)
ToughStone (Older)
BPM: 156
Scroll Speed: 2.3 (All Difficulties)
Hard 2 Break (Older)
BPM: 188
Scroll Speed: 2.7 (All Difficulties)
Menu Theme (Old) (Rocky Beats Instrumental)
Wind (Old Week 1 Dialogue)
Guns (Cheeky Cover) (Removed)
BPM: 185
Scroll Speed: 3.2 (All Difficulties)


NOTE: Bad Omen does not have dialogue.

Intro Dialogue

CheekyNewIcon.png Cheeky: ...You would have to pay a significant dime for this.

(Cheeky is on the phone)

CheekyNewIcon.png Cheeky: My oil reserves are being destroyed by this...

CheekyNewIcon.png Cheeky: Pojáca (buffoon/clown)... It's puking on everything...

CheekyNewIcon.png Cheeky: I have to secure the remaining reserves before I can take this job on.

(We hear some random phone rambling, before Cheeky looks a bit mad)

CheekyNewIcon.png Cheeky: HEY! Open your EAR.

CheekyNewIcon.png Cheeky: If this is rushed, there's a high chance of IT entering the portal I'd be making for the kidnapping.

CheekyNewIcon.png Cheeky: 550,000 R$ for tomorrow, okay?

(We hear more random phone rambling, before Cheeky tilts to the side)

CheekyNewIcon.png Cheeky: You will pay double for today?

(Cheeky looks down at his phone)

CheekyNewIcon.png Cheeky: Oh, Mr Dearest...

(We see Daddy Dearest on the other end, the phone up to his ear)

CheekyNewIcon.png Cheeky: Your lack of preservation will end you someday.

(We then see a crude animation of Cheeky hitting Boyfriend with a bat that says "Cheeky then proceeded to knock out XML with a funny sized spoon")

Rocky Beats Dialogue

CheekyNewIcon.png Cheeky: Someone made a Craigslist ad about your disappearance.

BFIcon.png Boyfriend: (boobeeps in severely bruised cranium)

CheekyNewIcon.png Cheeky: I anonymously shipped a toilet bowl deodorizer to their house. Shouldn't notice a difference.

CheekyNewIcon.png Cheeky: (nonchalantly passes a quarter sized kidney stone in Swan Style)

CheekyNewIcon.png Cheeky: This should be easier than expected... (why am I being paid to do *this* of all things?)

ToughStone Dialogue

CheekyNewIcon.png Cheeky: ...

CheekyNewIcon.png Cheeky: It is acceptable.

CheekyNewIcon.png Cheeky: I noticed you have nephrolithiasis.. The painting on my left has treatments for that, you should enter it.

Hard 2 Break Dialogue

CheekyNewIcon.png Cheeky: Miért... (Why...)

CheekyNewIcon.png Cheeky: Ez a disznó... (This is the pig...)

CheekyNewIcon.png Cheeky: Savant...

(Cheeky tilts his head down, as the background goes static for a bit)

CheekyNewIcon.png Cheeky: Keeping up with me doesn't make you special...

CheekyNewIcon.png Cheeky: Especially when you shoot diarrhea all over the place...

(Cheeky drops his mic, his text becomes shaky)

CheekyNewIcon.png Cheeky: In My Newly Fresh Floor That I Payed Top Dollar For...

(He then picks up his gun)

CheekyNewIcon.png Cheeky: Never again am I doing special requests...

Hard 2 Break Ending Dialogue

(Cheeky grabs Boyfriend, as he makes a squeaky noise similar to the one he did in Bopeebo. Cheeky is black, with red eyes)

CheekyNewIcon.png Cheeky: People like you bring me nothing but anger.

CheekyNewIcon.png Cheeky: *username 666 theme intensifies* I swear... I would crush you right now if I could...

CheekyNewIcon.png Cheeky: But...

(Boyfriend is looking away, squirming, as the video goes black)

(We then see a crude drawing of Cheeky with a party hat on, with open cuicas in the back. The text says "2 hours of deep sleep later")

Boyfriend wakes up... only to find a note on his shirt, taped on, saying:

CheekyNewIcon.png Cheeky: YOU WIN THIS TIME, XML. - MANÓ

(We then get a circle fade out)

Salami Teachings Dialogue

CheekyNewIcon.png Cheeky: HUH?

CheekyNewIcon.png Cheeky: WHO ARE YOU.

CheekyNewIcon.png Cheeky: GET OUT OF MY HOUSE.

CheekyNewIcon.png Cheeky: GET OUT.

CheekyNewIcon.png Cheeky: OUT.



BFIcon.png Boyfriend: beep bo da

Devil's Jello Dialogue

BFIcon.png Boyfriend: skdoo poo


Bedrock Dialogue

CheekyNewIcon.png Cheeky: Did they send you here...

CheekyNewIcon.png Cheeky: You all cry at my feet, yet you still try to torment me.

CheekyNewIcon.png Cheeky: ...

CheekyNewIcon.png Cheeky: ... its funny, isn't it.

Pre-Rivals Dialogue


(Cheeky is resting against the Mano Meat Solutions oven, his eyes closed)

CheekyNewIcon.png Cheeky: Finally...

CheekyNewIcon.png Cheeky: Finally I'm in peace...

(Just then, a flash of light appears from the other side of the screen. It's Bob! He has both of his arms out in a shrug, as a laugh track plays behind him)

(Cheeky is looking, wide awake, his eye twitching)

Rivals Dialogue

CheekyNewIcon.png Cheeky: Get out. We're closed.

BobIcon.png Bob: im just wondering if we could do a rap battle

BobIcon.png Bob: im bord

CheekyNewIcon.png Cheeky: But I don't even have a micropho-

CheekyNewIcon.png Cheeky: ...

CheekyNewIcon.png Cheeky: Ok..?

FNAF Shuffle Dialogue

CheekyNewIcon.png Cheeky: Ok we did an Epic Rap.

CheekyNewIcon.png Cheeky: Now, let me remind you that you still need to pay me for those ads I gave you last time, Bob.

CheekyNewIcon.png Cheeky: Mr. Dearest hasn't paid me yet, and I don't think he'll do it anytime soon.

CheekyNewIcon.png Cheeky: What a naive old man... he has no idea of what he's doing.

BobIcon.png Bob: i'll pay you

BobIcon.png Bob: if we do another song

CheekyNewIcon.png Cheeky: ...

Bad Eggroll Dialogue

CheekyNewIcon.png Cheeky: LISTEN, I need to secure my OIL.

CheekyNewIcon.png Cheeky: You're really wasting my time... but I cannot let myself loose againts a damn... blob?

CheekyNewIcon.png Cheeky: What even are you...

BobIcon.png Bob: im a-

CheekyNewIcon.png Cheeky: I DON'T CARE.

BobIcon.png Bob: wow, rude

Cornucopia Dialogue

CheekyNewIcon.png Cheeky: I JUST DON'T CARE ANYMORE.


CheekyNewIcon.png Cheeky: I should've just crushed his body when I had the chance to...

CheekyNewIcon.png Cheeky: But instead... I let him go.

CheekyNewIcon.png Cheeky: BUT THAT WON'T HAPPEN THIS TIME.


BobIcon.png Bob: End of dialogue.

Post-Cornucopia Dialogue

(The background breaks away like glass, only to end up back at the Mano Meat Solutions plant)

CheekyNewIcon.png Cheeky: Savant, you truly are good at this.

BobIcon.png Bob: Yeah, we could definitely do it again someday

BobIcon.png Bob: Jk, it was actually bad lol

(Cheeky pulls out his gun)

CheekyNewIcon.png Cheeky: Oh yeah? How about we continue with a REAL fight this time?

(For a split frame before it turns to black, Cheeky goes black, with red eyes, and a red mouth, as Bob goes into his Onslaught form, as we hear a guy screaming in the back, layered on top of himself, stuttering at the end)

Cuisine Dialogue

ChefRonIcon.png Ron: hello everyone welcom e to MY cooking show

ChefRonIcon.png Ron: i love cooking

ChefRonIcon.png Ron: mmm yes yum yum

BFIcon.png Boyfriend: sclorp glorp

ChefRonIcon.png Ron: Wtf who let you in

BFIcon.png Boyfriend: kill yourself

ChefRonIcon.png Ron: wooooahhh okayy buddy.... :/ gone too far

ChefRonIcon.png Ron: Somebody needs to do something about you..

BFIcon.png Boyfriend: Boyfriend is a young, light-skinned man with spiky cyan hair. He wears a white T-shirt with a red prohibition sign, baggy blue pants, red sneakers and a backward red cap with a dark blue brim. He holds a microphone in his right hand while keeping his left hand in his pocket.

Post-Cuisine Cutscene

(Ron looks at the camera, giving a thumbs up and a large smile. Cheering children and the "This is a certified hood-classic" audio play to accompany this)

(A stagelight falls on Ron, crushing him)

(The "Longbob" image flashes on screen briefly to end the cutscene)

Paragon dialogue=

Just chonka.png Chonka: hey kid

Just chonka.png Chonka: are you into feet

BFIcon.png Boyfriend: stfu weirdo

Just chonka.png Chonka: alright

Just chonka.png Chonka: now you're just being a huge piece of shit, i'm never talking to you again goodbye

Just chonka.png Chonka: take down the fnf mods pl0x

BFIcon.png Boyfriend: big words coming from a limp dicked fruit bowl who violated their parole by stealing and sodomizing tropical fish from a hotel aquarium, topping it off by trespassing multiple private properties to cook them on roof tiles

Just chonka.png Chonka: ...

Just chonka.png Chonka: i wouldn't move a single inch towards poking me again if i were you.

Intro Dialogue

(Cheeky is on the phone)

Cheeseky.png Cheeky: so, lemme get this straight

Cheeseky.png Cheeky: u want me to kidnap that blue midget and kill him

Cheeseky.png Cheeky: but why lol

Cheeseky.png Cheeky: Óh ne! (Oh no!) i dont have problem with that mr dearest!

Cheeseky.png Cheeky: in fact... i already have sumthing planned for him

(Boyfriend is seen walking through [what appears to be] a park. Cheeky pops up behind him and bonks him with a bat. The Among Us kill sound effect can be heard)

(BF wakes up in a house 3 hours later)

Rocky Beats Dialogue

Cheeseky.png Cheeky: o crap is that bf from fnf?!?!!??!

BFIcon.png Boyfriend: (confused beep)

Cheeseky.png Cheeky: wanna rap battle? i heard ur rlly good at dat

BFIcon.png Boyfriend: beep bop

Cheeseky.png Cheeky: alr, havent rapped before so i might be a bit bad tho

ToughStone Dialogue

Cheeseky.png Cheeky: ...

Cheeseky.png Cheeky: hm... not bad

Cheeseky.png Cheeky: say bf, have u played super mario 64 before?

Cheeseky.png Cheeky: why dont u go to a painting?

BFIcon.png Boyfriend: boop bo skdoo

Cheeseky.png Cheeky: ...

Cheeseky.png Cheeky: alr, i see u wanna lose in front of the crowd kid

Cheeseky.png Cheeky: lets have one more then

Hard 2 Break Dialogue

Cheeseky.png Cheeky: Most látom. (So, I see.)

Cheeseky.png Cheeky: ight listen up u bastard

Cheeseky.png Cheeky: ur gfs father hired me to kick ur ass

Cheeseky.png Cheeky: and since ur getting on my nerves quite a bit

Cheeseky.png Cheeky: i think its time to finish my job here

Hard 2 Break Ending Dialogue


Cheeseky.png Cheeky: (deep breath)

Cheeseky.png Cheeky: (boi)

(Cheeky grabs Boyfriend)

Cheeseky.png Cheeky: HOL UP

Cheeseky.png Cheeky: o christ is the police... i gotta get out of here

(Cheeky gets out of there)

(The beam that gets him out of there seems to look like the one from Veszteség)

Devils Jello Dialogue

Cheeseky.png Cheeky: WHAT


Cheeseky.png Cheeky: OUT

Cheeseky.png Cheeky: ##################################

Cheeseky.png Cheeky: ##########

Cheeseky.png Cheeky: GET OUT

BFIcon.png Boyfriend: beep boop skdoo bep


Rocky Beats Old Dialogue

Cheekersoldicon.png Cheeky: Hallo

Cheekersoldicon.png Cheeky: Enter a painting, kid.

BFIcon.png Boyfriend: beep boop

Cheekersoldicon.png Cheeky: Wut

BFIcon.png Boyfriend: skdoo bop

Cheekersoldicon.png Cheeky: A rap battle?

Cheekersoldicon.png Cheeky: Sure, let's see how you lose.

ToughStone Old Dialogue

Cheekersoldicon.png Cheeky: ...

Cheekersoldicon.png Cheeky: Not bad!

BFIcon.png Boyfriend: beep beep

Cheekersoldicon.png Cheeky: But that was just me being nice to ya.

Cheekersoldicon.png Cheeky: We're getting real now.

BFIcon.png Boyfriend: boop bop

Hard 2 Break Old Dialogue

Cheekersoldicon.png Cheeky: ...

BFIcon.png Boyfriend: bop bop

Cheekersoldicon.png Cheeky: You're actually so annoying kid, looking like you were recently picked up from kindergarten. Bet under that stupid cap there's a megamind looking forehead hiding in there. How come your fists are so damn huge when your knees are mad short? How do you even walk properly? you truly are a monstrosity.

BFIcon.png Boyfriend: beep

Cheekersoldicon.png Cheeky: ...

Cheekersoldicon.png Cheeky: You suck.

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