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What's going on guys, my name is Mason, or UniqueGeese and welcome back to another Friday Night Funkin' mod.
― VS UniqueGeese mod page

VS UniqueGeese - Feathery Fight is a mod created by UniqueGeese and his team which adds himself as an antagonist facing off against Boyfriend as he found himself, and Girlfriend, in Pissville.



Here, let's take this into town, they'd love to hear you here!
― UniqueGeese, Flock

UniqueGeese is a famous Friday Night Funkin' YouTuber and a PokéTuber and self-insert antagonist of the mod. He streams on Twitch, and then uploads the stream onto Youtube.


UniqueGeese wears a purple jean jacket with a white t-shirt with a red rectangle in the middle under it. He wears a light purple cap with a black wing emblem design on it, he also wears square glasses and has brown hair. He lastly wears gray pants and black shoes. In Ascend, he sprouts large white goose wings.


B-Side UniqueGeese

Sing, we're gonna sing, we're gonna sing, we're gonna sing all day, I'm here with all my friends, we're at Pissville, we're gonna sing all day. Wake up! It's time to sing! Let's sing! We're gonna have a great time, you and me, we're gonna be best pals, we're gonna be buddies forever.
― B-Side UniqueGeese, Homage

B-Side UniqueGeese is the B-Side counterpart of UniqueGeese and the first antagonist of the mod's second week.


In his B-Side version, he wears similar clothes to his original but his pants are instead white, his jacket and hat blue, and his shoes and some accents of his outfit are pale lime.


  • According to UniqueGeese, B-Side Mason's personality is based on Underswap Sans, so that is the reason why in the cutscene he sounds excited to sing with BF.
  • His color scheme was made by Dreemi, which it was referencing the "Starting soon" screen during at the beginning of UniqueGeese's streams.
  • In his idle animation, his microphone's color was normally turquoise, but on his singing animations, it later swapped to the ordinary colors. It was most likely an error in the mod's initial release that was entirely noticeable, this was fixed in the V1.1 update.


Neo UniqueGeese

Say, you haven't seen a group of idiots around have ya?
― Neo UniqueGeese, Neobattle

Neo UniqueGeese is the Neo counterpart of UniqueGeese and the second antagonist of the mod's second week.


In his Neo version, he has a black coat with a green stripe, two gold wings near the zipper, and a white stripe on the back. He wears a gray t-shirt with a purple rectangle, fingerless gloves, purple and blue glasses, and a slightly damaged cap with an XO on it which got crossed out. Noticeably, his front hair pops out and has a small purple streak on it. His shoes are black and glow purple and blue on the soles. He lastly holds a small sharpened knife with a blunt tip.


  • During at his beginning dialogue of Neobattle, he mentions how Neo BF know about Neo Pico's gang.
  • His design turns out to be semi-canon.


Hellbeats UniqueGeese

*evil laughter* Boyfriend...
― Hellbeats UniqueGeese, Cooked

Hellbeats UniqueGeese is the Hellbeats counterpart of UniqueGeese and the third antagonist of the mod's second week.


In his Hellbeats version, his coat is black with purple stripes, while his inner t-shirt is now red along with his pants, his t-shirt design is just a black hole. His cap is dark gray with the front fully black with red streaks. His glasses are dark and he has red eyes. His hair is purple and also pops out more as his bangs are seen. His shoes are lastly gray with white soles and purple accents and attains his fingerless gloves, like his Neo version.


  • This design was first seen in the B-Sides Recolor Challenge on Twitter, but since the colors are more "hell-ish" and appearance looks entirely different, it picked fittingly as the Hellbeats design instead.
  • In his up pose, he's grabbing a scared Red Among Us Crewmate.
  • In his down pose, his finger snap color is now red, and so does his Sans eye.


Corrupted UniqueGeese

No, No... Why? Why me? Why Pissville? Why are you doing this? You can stop... You can stop... You can stop...
― Corrupted UniqueGeese, Flightless

Corrupted UniqueGeese is the Corrupted counterpart of UniqueGeese and the fourth antagonist of the mod's second week.


In his corrupted form, he is exactly the same as his regular self, except this time, he is covered and nearly assimilated by the corruption, which leaves out only half of his face and covers a majority of his chest and left arm. After the first part in the track's charting, he began look fully corrupted. During at the beatdrop on his track, he gains a blurry white outline and big claws.


Minus UniqueGeese

Hey! This is employees only! Yo, Roni, Chris. Lock em' up!
― Minus UniqueGeese, Mason Moment

Minus UniqueGeese is the Minus counterpart of UniqueGeese and the fifth and final opponent of the mod's second week.


Minus UniqueGeese is fully purple in color, like his icon, and bears slight resemblance to William Afton from the Five Nights at Freddy's series, as he is now a security guard. He sports a blue guard uniform and hat with a gold wing emblem, gray pants, a utility pocket belt, and wields a small gun that he spins around. So cool.

Near the end of Mason Moment, his appearance changes disturbingly, further embracing the FNAF homage. His clothing is now damaged, his legs transformed into a gaseous mound, his glasses glow bright purple, and purple sparks surge through him as a result of powering up to combat Blue Boyfriend.


  • His first form was designed by Exterminator.
    • His second form, on the other hand, was designed by Jake_artist_13.
    • Both designs were picked for a challenge on Twitter of which Minus design for UniqueGeese is going to be in AU Attack, which it happened after the B-sides recolor challenge.


Trivia (General)

  • The artist behind the mod's page banner is none other than ohyaholla, who also made artwork for the Vs. Bob and Bosip mod characters.
  • At the start of GeeseTune and Homage, you can hear the cantina band song from Star Wars.
    • It also references UniqueGeese's old outro music back in 2020 up to 2021, which it was later, after the mod's release, is replaced by the Celebrations instrumental.
  • In Flock, the Pokémon battle theme can be heard throughout the song.
  • Before the start of ascend, a cutscene plays where it shows a close up of UniqueGesse's face with a tear like design and a purple background, which is a reference to the Persona 5 games
  • The B-Side and Minus design was made by his fans.
  • In AU attack, you play as a different character each song:
  • His down pose is a reference as he snaps his fingers while he gains the blue Sans eye at the end of his stream intro.
  • His up pose is similar to Trollface and/or the Jerma sus face, in reality its actually based on the Snapchat Kill Guy.
  • Pissville comes from UniqueGeese's Minecraft Server.
  • He appeared in the background of the in the background week in the Vs. Bob and Bosip mod.
  • In Flock, the sound of entering a battle from the old pokemon games can be heard.
  • In Little Bird, the voice sample of Full Goose Form Geese is the HONK! sound option from UniqueGeese's Twitch streams, which it turns out to be the normal goose sounds from Untitled Goose Game.
  • geese thinks bunny woman are hot, even though he claims he is "not a furry."
  • This mod came out during UniqueGeese's birthday stream
  • UniqueGeese is the fourth character to stick his tongue out in his danger icon, the first being Carol, the second being Hunni and the third being Sunky

Cameos in Other Mods

Note: None of these Cameos are canon to UniqueGeese's story:

  • In Vs. Hex, he appears alongside with the rest of the Fun Gang on the left side in "LCD".
  • In Taco Bell Tuesday#Ian, he has some dialogue, and is in the background as a employee at tacobell.



B-side fresh (earape warning)





GF Icon.png Girlfriend
I told you going on this shady cruise was a bad idea!
BFIcon.png Boyfriend
Beep Boo (Hey, the tickets were free)
GF Icon.png Girlfriend
Finally! Land!
UniqueGeeseNeutral.png UniqueGeese
Yo yo yo wait a minute! You're the funny beep boop guy
GF Icon.png Girlfriend
And his girlfrien- *dies*
UniqueGeeseNeutral.png UniqueGeese
What are you doin' washing up around here?
BFIcon.png Boyfriend
Bah buh (Who even are you?)
UniqueGeeseNeutral.png UniqueGeese
Well welcome! The people around here love some live music! Mind if we spit something?

UniqueGeeseNeutral.png UniqueGeese
Hey, you're pretty good
BFIcon.png Boyfriend
Bee poop (LMAO u suck)
UniqueGeeseNeutral.png UniqueGeese
Here let's take this into town they'd love to hear you here!
UniqueGeeseNeutral.png UniqueGeese
Welcome to Pissville. I built this entire town with a couple buddies of mine. This here is the Pissville Pyramid. Perfect spot for another song!

UniqueGeeseNeutral.png UniqueGeese
Damn. You can really put on a show. Let's make this interesting
UniqueGeeseNeutral.png UniqueGeese
Let's Roll

BsideGeeseNeutral.png UniqueGeese
Sing, we're gonna sing. We're gonna sing. We're gonna sing all day. I'm here with all my friends. We're at Pissville. We're gonna sing all day. Wake up! It's time to sing! Let's sing! We're gonna have a great time! You and me. We're gonna be best pals. We're gonna be buddies forever.

NeoGeeseNeutral.png UniqueGeese
Woah, you good kid? Hey! Hey kid! You good? Say, you haven't seen a group of idiots around have ya? Dude with a helmet. Kid with a gun. Ugly guy with a star in his hair?

HellGeeseNeutral.png UniqueGeese
*Sinister Laughter* Boyfriend...

CorruptGeeseNeutral.png UniqueGeese
No. No. Why? Why me? Why Pissville? Why are you doing this? You can stop. You can stop. You can stop.

UniqueGeeseNeutral.png UniqueGeese
Hey! This is employees only! Yo, Roni, Chris. Lock em' up!

UniqueGeeseNeutral.png UniqueGeese
Finally the mod's done! It's been a few months but its finally done. Now I can work on the YouTube videos for this and move on to the next proj-
UniqueGeeseNeutral.png UniqueGeese
Huh? What the hell is this?
Bob Neutral.png Bob
Oooh yeah it's Minecraft time! Wait. This isn't our world.
Bosip Neutral.png Bosip
Yeah wait. Where's my farm?
Bob Neutral.png Bob
Wait, this isn't even Amor's computer?! Who are you!?
Amor Neutral.png Amor
Hey Mason! I'm glad you got my package! And congrats on finishing the mod too! I sent over a couple buddies of mine to help you celebrate!
UniqueGeeseNeutral.png UniqueGeese
Well alright then! Let's jam!

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