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Reason: New remastered poses, sprites for the beta-tester version, poses for Chorus and Pillars, Dave's movement poses as well as his miss poses, along with Dave (MoldyGH)'s sprites and Bambi in the background of Copycat. And this isn't even the beginning of stuff that's missing.

Fan Favorite

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This mod is a fan favorite! It's well known within the community!

Note: The mod is very well known, espcially in the Roblox FNF community where Aflac is one of the most played mods of all time!

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Reason: In the beginning and end of Destruction there is a clip of an episode from Rick and Morty. Rick and Morty are owned by Cartoon Network. The instrumental of Toast is called "Robin" and is created by flo cash. (Yes, that is how you spell it. Yes, it doesn't have capital letters.)

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Upcoming Content

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Upcoming: Neo Aflac's songs (including Toast and Hellborn)[1], as well as a possible crossover with Bambisona Mayhem.

Story (Main)

The new story for Vs. Aflac is not fully finished, but here's what we have: Boyfriend and Girlfriend go into Aflac's Minecraft server (there's no confirmed name for the server) and meet Aflac. They challenge him to a rap battle, and they have fun in the song "Loaf". At the end, Boyfriend considers the song too easy and throws his microphone at Aflac's mask, cracking it. This enrages Aflac, then the game transitions into Blazeborn. After Blazeborn is done, the mask fully cracks and half of it falls off, revealing what was beneath it the whole time, or rather; what was not under it.

There was nothing. It was an empty abyss with a single glowing orb. Aflac gets livid that his mask breaks and then going into creative mode, flying and now wielding a Netherite sword instead of the diamond pickaxe. And then, The End plays. At the end of the song, Aflac loses it and rushes Boyfriend, but gets banned because an admin in the server noticed it and was not happy with him cheating.

The rematch week takes place approximately 5 months later. Boyfriend joins back because he wonders if Aflac is back and is calm again. Apparently he was right, Aflac was calm and had much more self control. There isn't any plot in Pillars, it's just them having fun. Wholesome!

Story (Neo)

To Be Added



"No more playing around"
― Aflac, The End (OLDER)

Aflac is the antagonist in VS Aflac. VS Aflac is based on the creator of the mod, aflacck. His physical appearance is directly based on the creator's Minecraft avatar.

The mod uses ProjectFNF, which is a work in progress engine by the creator of the mod that has been updated in the latest beta-version of VS Aflac Remastered, with new settings, mechanics, and other options


He wears a blue hoodie with overtly long sleeves, a diamond pickaxe, and a mask which covers his face.

During Blazeborn, his mask cracks a bit out of sheer anger. He also holds his pickaxe.

In The End, the mask breaks and you see a black abyss behind it, and Aflac is now wielding a netherite sword. The abyss behind his mask changes colors depending on the note he hits. He also turns on Creative Mode and as thus is notably floating.


  • Aflac's Canon McDonald's order is 50 Chicken McNuggets and 8 small vanilla shakes.
    • It usually isn't enough to fill him.
    • He could ask more, but McDonald's would refuse the order because they care about him.
  • Aflac goes into Creative Mode in the song, The End.
  • Aflac gets banned from his own server at the end of the mod.
  • Aflac's voice is a Digeridoo Note Block.
  • Aflac gets angry over really small things, and when Aflac thinks Boyfriend makes fun of Loaf, this is actually false and Boyfriend was complimenting his voice.
  • Aflac uses echolocation and senses vibrations to see things, as confirmed by VR Core, the mod's artist.
  • Aflac is canonically based.
  • If you take off the mask from Aflac's Minecraft skin, it reveals that he only has one eye.
  • In The End, Aflac's eye changes colors according to the notes.
  • During Loaf, and Blazeborn, His face cannot be seen, he wears a mask to make up for his lack of a face. All that's under it is basically a void where is actual face should be.
  • The mobs that Aflac hates the most are phantoms.
  • Aflac's vocals change for every song, including on the rematch week and on Trance.
  • Aflac Canonically hates New Jersey, stated in this tweet.
  • There are 3 unused icons for Aflac not in the files of the mod for All 3 of Aflac's Icon sets.
    • Interestingly while Blazeborn and The End had different normal icons, Aflac's icons in Loaf, Pillars, and Chorus had a different Losing Icon
    • Aflac's Loaf/Corus/Pillars old Losing Icon showed Aflac with a small smile and small eyes
    • Aflac's Blazeborn old Normal Icon had a line under one of Aflac's eyes, along with his eyes seemingly less angry
    • Aflac's The End old icon had his Glowing eye a darker color while his other eye had a far less angry expression on it
      • The Losing icons for Blazeborn and The End were the same as the current Normal Icons while Aflac's normal Losing Icon was completely replaced

Cameos in other mods

NOTE: None of these cameos are canon to Aflac's story.



Just hit a button orty, give me a beat!
― Dave, Destruction

Not to be confused with Dave from Vs. Dave and Bambi or Dave fro Vs. Henry Stickmin. See also: Dave (Disabiguation)

Dave is a character in Vs. Aflac.


He wears a blue sleeveless shirt, with darker blue pants.


  • Dave's voice is the same as Shitass. This is because his voice is the 69th preset in the FL Studio inisynth plugin.
  • He doesn't actually know that giving the iddle finger is bad. He just assues it's a nice thing because people flip hi off all the time.
  • He also doesn't know that shooting a gun is bad.
  • It is unknown what exactly Dave is, but he resebles either a badly-drawn inecraft player or a badly-drawn Roblox player.
    • He it neither of these characters, however.
  • Classical usic (specifically Toreador arch) gives Dave PTSD, as seen in this video.
  • In Dave's world, use of the letter that coes after the letter "L" but before the letter "N" is considered a war crie


Dave Sussus Moggus

Hey Bambi, they're not trespassing.
― Dave, Corn Theft

Dave is the titular antagonist of his own mod, and as an opponent in Copycat. Note: All of this information was taken from the original page.


Dave appears as a light skinned man with a blue shirt, blue pants, and short brown hair. He sits in a black wheelchair due to having no more legs, which were blown off by a rocket.


Dave is a nice guy, accepting pretty easy things that people ask him, mostly because he likes a challenge, probably because from living in the middle of nowhere. However, he can get pretty annoyed or excited when he loses (Insanity Dave is called dave-annoyed in the game), increasing the chances of activating his 3D form and possibly destroying the world. He is shown as not being able to fully control his 3D form, since he has a distressed/angry expression when this happens. Dave is pretty strict with his son, saying to he shut up in the Post-Maze dialogue and making him grounded for little to no things (Post-Splitathon Dialogue). In the past, Dave probably must have killed or frozen people, however, he keeps this as a secret.


  • Dave has the ability to change everything 3D, but it happens accidentally/at random. This is because he comes from a 3D style game, Dave's Fun Algebra Class.[2]
  • Dave met Bambi while Bambi was trying to steal corn in a corn maze.[3]
  • Dave AlwAyS Hated ur mom [4]
  • Dave lives in the middle of nowhere.[5]
  • Dave's favorite insurance company is Progressive.[6]
  • Dave's favorite Wii game is Wii Party.
  • Dave broke his legs because of an accident in a laboratory he worked at.
  • Dave went to a tournament with other mod characters.
  • Boyfriend and Girlfriend got sucked into Dave's House while they were playing it.
  • Dave and Bambi do not live with each other.
  • Dave is straight.
  • Dave has a robot suit but is still a human that wears a suit.[7]
  • Dave's house has metal gates for extra protection from stealers. [8]
  • Dave buys bricks, paints them like phones and gives them to Bambi as a Valentine’s Day gift.
  • Dave has 6 copies of PaRappa the Rappa in his house.
  • Dave is in his middle 20's according to the devs.
  • Despite using Dave's newest idle, this mod uses Dave's old icons for unknown reasons.


Gameplay Mechanics

During the soundtrack The End, sword notes will appear only on Aflac's side. When hit on Aflac's side, you take damage unless you block the attack with your shield using what input is your block key (Default: SPACE). Be mindful that you can't hit notes while you have your shield up.

During The End, Aflac drains your health for every note he sings. Fortunately, it can't blueball you.

During Chorus and Pillars, the UI will bounce slowly and gently. This can possibly distract the player.

During Destruction, Dave will shoot you with his gun. This will deal damage and create a broken screen effect, but can't blueball you.

During Destruction, there will be badly-drawn danger notes that instantly blueball you, similar to what a halo note can do.

During Copycat (Dave [Aflac] VS. Dave [Dave & Bambi]), the notes will move horizontally back and forth, similar to VS. RetroSpecter. This can affect in hitting the notes more harder.

Trivia (General)

  • The mod appears to be another mod that follows the "First song: Happy, Second song: Angry, Third song: Berzerk" formula.
  • In the old version of the mod, Aflac gets angry and breaks his mask due to him thinking that he insulted his pet cat (Loaf). However, BF was complimenting Aflac on his voice.
    • Contrary to the old version, the remastered version showing that BF throws a microphone at Aflac, causing his mask to crack and him becoming mad.
  • In The End, Discord pings can be heard. Not even aflack knows why.
    • This may be because Aflac could possibly be in a Discord server with the online status, mainly because background sounds like the pings can still be heard while playing Minecraft.
  • VS Aflac pokes fun at the way the author, aflack, has blatantly cheated in previous multiplayer playthroughs with his friends.
  • VR Core whitelisted Boyfriend and Girlfriend on his Minecraft server. This is known from the remastered beta dialogue from Loaf, where Aflac asks "Did Core whitelist you?"
  • Loaf is a cat aflack often has in Minecraft playthroughs. It is always a jellie cat named “Loaf”.
  • The song in this mod called The End is a reference to the place in Minecraft with the same name.
    • During Chorus and Pillars, you take place in The End (Where you fight the Ender Dragon).
  • In the Roblox Game, Even More FNF 2, the base for the Aflac animations were made by aflacck himself.
    • Same thing goes with the Dave backround in Funky Friday.
  • Girlfriend sitting on the Note Block is the only thing in the mod that isn't hand drawn. The note block she sits on is just the texture from the game.
    • The old backgrounds for Aflac's weeks also aren't hand-drawn.
      • However, the remastered backgrounds seem to be hand-drawn.
  • Vs Aflac was the first mod to use ProjectFNF as its engine.
    • The creator of the mod made the engine, and wanted to showcase what the engine could do.
      • The beta remastered version had an upgraded version of ProjectFNF, making it more useful with better and more options and the ability to CHANGE YOUR KEYBINDS??? :astonished:
        • Unfortunatly, the public remaster now uses Psych Engine, leaving ProjectFNF abandoned... (for now..?)
  • At the end of The End, The sound when defeating the Ender Dragon can be heard.
  • In a recent interview, it is revealed that:
    • The development of the mod took 1 month;
    • The creator of the mod "works" for the Friday Night Funkin: Neo Mod.
      • This is shown with secret Neo songs hidden in VS Aflac Remastered (accessed only in debug menu)
  • It is confirmed that some of the songs were made in Groovepad.
    • Althought, they have all rights of the songs due to adding things such as the Discord ping in The End.
      • The songs were Loaf with Velvet Lounge Pack, Blazeborn with Acid Techno pack and The End with Drum & Bass Eternal pack.
        • Chorus was also used with Groovepad with Pry-Tance pack.
          • It doesn't apply for Trance, as it is the Dream Speedrunning song but with Aflac and boyfriend singing it.
            • It also doesn't apply for Pillars, as it was made by a different composer who didn't use Groovepad.
              • It also doesn't apply for the NEO remixes, as they have a different instrumental.
                • It is unknown if Dave's songs were made with Groovepad.
  • ProjectFNF was being worked and expanded on in the remastered beta; however, it was abandoned (?) when the public remaster came out, switching to Psych Engine.
  • The achievement Not Today, Thank You! is a reference to the same name advancement in Minecraft, which is granted when deflecting an arrow with a shield.
    • Similarly, the achievement 'Tis But a Scratch is a reference to a part of a movie called Monty Python and The Holy Grail.
  • The cutscenes for Crisis and Post-Destruction are both taken from this video.
  • Pillars and Trance used to be unused songs in the old ProjectFNF version of the mod.
    • Trance had unfinished charting that didn't fit BF's vocals, while Pillars had no chart and only the Inst.ogg file.
  • Inside the game files of the old version of the mod, in the "assets/preload/data" folder, there was the "Normal" difficulty .json chart for Blammed B side. (named blammed-b.json).
  • This mod and Vs. Mouse have a song with the same name, that being The End.
  • Dave thinks that being flipped off is nice, since so many people do it to him.
  • Dave(From Dave and Bambi mod)uses his Alpha 9 icons, but uses his current sprite sheet
  • In the aflac channel you can see that there is a leak where boyfriend is facing off against Shitass and Dave (you can also see that theres a leak where aflac is facing off against The twitter home page


BPM: 80
Scroll Speed: 2 (Easy)
2.2 (Normal & Hard)
BPM: 130
Scroll Speed: 2 (Easy & Normal)
2.5 (Hard)
The End
BPM: 175
Scroll Speed: 3 (All Difficulties)
Maximum Score: 408100

BPM: 140
Scroll Speed: 2.2 (Easy)
2.4 (Normal)
2.7 (Hard)
BPM: 100
Scroll Speed: 1.9 (Easy & Normal)
2 (Hard)

BPM: 160
Scroll Speed: 3 (All Difficulties)
BPM: 200
Scroll Speed: 2.8 (Easy)
3.1 (Normal & Hard)
BPM: 150
Scroll Speed: 2.5 (Easy & Normal)
3 (Hard)

AflacDaveIcon.pngDave:Just hit a button Morty give me a beat.
BoyhairisgoneIcon.pngBoyfriend:Oh man, okay, alright.
AflacDaveIcon.pngDave:Just hit a button Morty give me a beat.
BoyhairisgoneIcon.pngBoyfriend:Oh man, okay, alright.

Note: These songs are accessable via debug menu

Loaf (Neo)
Blazeborn (Neo)
The End (Neo)

BPM: 169
Scroll Speed: 2.1 (Easy)
2.4 (Normal & Hard)
BPM: 120
Scroll Speed: 3

Menu Theme
Menu Theme (Old)
Aflac ICON.png
Manhunt (Unused)
Despite being listed on the Game Jolt page for the soundtrack, it is an instrumental and is never used. It's unclear what it's purpose is as of right now.
Aflac ICON.png
Pillars (Original)
This Song doesn't have Vocals, Only The Inst exists. It is unknown what this song was meant for, Found In the Files of the Original Vs. Aflac.
This song uses Aflac's Loaf Neo design and Icon and when you load the .json using the debug mode it attempts to use Neo BF's 3.0 Design. This song is strangely charted until a certain point, where the charting stops. This song can only be accessed in the debug mode, it's unknown why this was made or why the chart was never finished
Like Toast, this song uses Aflac's Neo design and is slightly charted but still unfinished and can only be accessed from the debug mode and tries to use Neo BF's 3.0 design, however unlike Toast, this song uses his Blazeborn Neo design and icon, Like Toast it's unknown why this was made or why the chart was never finished

Missing Songs / Sounds

  • The sound effect used whenever Aflac uses his sword.
  • Ditto, but when Boyfriend blocks the attack.
  • The teased instrumental remixed for Bambisona Mayhem.

Cutscene Transcripts + Dialogue

Note: Loaf, The End, Chorus, Pillars, Trance, Chaos, Destruction, and Copycat have no dialogue.


[Aflac is seen loading back to the overworld from the Nether]

[Boyfriend and Girlfriend are seen in front of the portal while Aflac does a :l expression.]


BoyfriendIcon.png: "lol ur bad"

AflacMadNewIcon.png: "okay and?"

[Boyfriend throws a mic at Aflac, breaking his mask.]

The End

AflacCreativeIcon.png: /gamemode inf

[Aflac flies, drops his diamond pickaxe, gets the Netherite Sword from the Creative inventory.]

[Boyfriend then pulls out a shield]

BFIcon.png Boyfriend: Beep!

Post The-End

AflacCreativeIcon.png: "You little shit."

[Aflac is about to stab Boyfriend with his sword. However, he gets banned.] Connection lost: You are banned from the server.

Crisis Cutscene

BaldiFunkinIcon.png Minecraft Baldi: By looking at the tempered glass from the side, you can distinguish the refraction of the— [Glass bridge breaks] AA—

Post Destruction Cutscene

ImpostorNewIcon.png Minecraft Crewmate: "Amongus Amongus- ah- ah- Amongus Amongus... Amongus? Amongus!"

[The crewmate then jumps off the glass and kills themselves.]

Loaf Dialogue

XxBoyfriend69xX joined the game

FNF_Girlfriend42 joined the game

Aflac ICON.png Aflac: Huh?

Aflac ICON.png Aflac: Who are you two?

Aflac ICON.png Aflac: Did Core whitelist you or something?

BFIcon.png Boyfriend: Bop be boo

BFIcon.png Boyfriend: Skee do bee po aa

Aflac ICON.png Aflac: Excuse me?

GF Icon.png Girlfriend: I think he wants to rap battle you.

Aflac ICON.png Aflac: You actually understand him?

GF Icon.png Girlfriend: Yeah I've gotten used to it.

GF Icon.png Girlfriend: He only speaks normally with me.

BFIcon.png Boyfriend: be po aaa skoo bep

Aflac ICON.png Aflac: Uhh...I guess?

Aflac ICON.png Aflac: Bring it on!

BFIcon.png Boyfriend: beep bo!

The End Dialogue

CorruptionaflaclmaoIcon.png Aflac: !!

CorruptionaflaclmaoIcon.png Aflac: God fucKING DAMNIT!

CorruptionaflaclmaoIcon.png Aflac: APOLOGIZE FOR BREAKING THE MASK

BFIcon.png Boyfriend: beep b-

CorruptionaflaclmaoIcon.png Aflac: NO

CorruptionaflaclmaoIcon.png Aflac: SHUT UP.

CorruptionaflaclmaoIcon.png Aflac: IF YOU DON'T APOLOGIZE I WILL JUST KILL YOU

CorruptionaflaclmaoIcon.png Aflac: RIGHT NOW

BFIcon.png Boyfriend: Beebo bop boop!!

CorruptionaflaclmaoIcon.png Aflac: ...

CorruptionaflaclmaoIcon.png Aflac: Well then.

CorruptionaflaclmaoIcon.png Aflac: I gave you a chance.

CorruptionaflaclmaoIcon.png Aflac: But I'm gonna do something now.

CorruptionaflaclmaoIcon.png Aflac: Core's gonna be pissed at me but I don't give a shit.

CorruptionaflaclmaoIcon.png Aflac: /gamemode 1


BFIcon.png Boyfriend: hehe funny 3rd phase god mode go brrrr

Loaf Dialogue

XxBoyfriend69xX joined the game

FNF_Girlfriend42 joined the game

Aflac ICON.png Aflac: ??

Aflac ICON.png Aflac: Who are you two?

BFIcon.png Boyfriend: beep

Aflac ICON.png Aflac: ??

Aflac ICON.png Aflac: Run me by that again?

GF Icon.png Girlfriend: He wants to rap battle you

Aflac ICON.png Aflac: You actually understand him?

GF Icon.png Girlfriend: No not really

GF Icon.png Girlfriend: He just does this a lot

BFIcon.png Boyfriend: bop

Aflac ICON.png Aflac: I still don't know who you are.

Aflac ICON.png Aflac: But bring it on!

BFIcon.png Boyfriend: peeple bleep

Blazeborn Dialogue

AflacIcon.png Aflac: ...

BFIcon.png Boyfriend>: peeble deeble

GF Icon.png Girlfriend: Wait what did he say

AflacIcon.png Aflac: I think he made fun of my cat loaf

GF Icon.png Girlfriend: is this true boyfriend?

BFIcon.png Boyfriend: BOP EEB PLEP DEP

AflacIcon.png Aflac: You're gonna regret that.

AflacIcon.png Aflac: "Boyfriend"...

BFIcon.png Boyfriend: blep?

The End Dialogue

CorruptionaflaclmaoIcon.png Aflac: Thats it.

CorruptionaflaclmaoIcon.png Aflac: I don't know who you are

CorruptionaflaclmaoIcon.png Aflac: I don't know what you want

CorruptionaflaclmaoIcon.png Aflac: But I'm getting rid of you.

CorruptionaflaclmaoIcon.png Aflac: No more playing around.

BFIcon.png Boyfriend: *confused beeping*

CorruptionaflaclmaoIcon.png Aflac: Don't worry, this won't take long.

CorruptionaflaclmaoIcon.png Aflac: Now just hold still...THE FUCK ARE YOU DOING HERE IM TIRED OF YOU!!!!!!!!

GF Icon.png Girlfriend: im in danger!

Chorus Dialogue

Aflac ICON.png Aflac: Hm?

BFIcon.png Boyfriend: blep.

Aflac ICON.png Aflac: Oh, you again.

GF Icon.png Girlfriend: Yeah uh aren't you the dude who went in god mode-

Aflac ICON.png Aflac: Silence, female.

GF Icon.png Girlfriend: ...

Aflac ICON.png Aflac: So anyways I want a rematch

BFIcon.png Boyfriend: blop

GF Icon.png Girlfriend: He says yes

Aflac ICON.png Aflac: Alright

Aflac ICON.png Aflac: Get ready to lose punk

BFIcon.png Boyfriend: *beps in italian*


One GameJolt Achievement template can only hold 9 achievements so there are 2 templates.

Image Rank Achievement Description Solution Experience Points
Gamejoltbruh.png Bronze You Played! Thank you for playing Vs Aflac Remastered! Click the GameJolt button, put in your username. Then put in your User Token (Click on your profile and then click on User Token). 5
Angy.png Sliver Banned Beat the Aflac week on hard. Beat the Aflac week on hard. 10
Wink.png Sliver Rematch! Beat the Rematch week on hard. Beat the Rematch week on hard. 10
Cries.png Sliver Hood Classic Beat the Dave week on hard. Beat the Dave week on hard. 10
Shielda.png Sliver Not today, thank you! Block all attacks on The End. Block all attacks on The End by pressing your block input to block Aflac's attacks 10
Imbleedinghelp.png Sliver Tis´ but a scratch Complete The End on hard without using the shield. Beat The End without blocking any of the attacks 10
Heyvrcorelookatthisitemifound.png Gold Easter Egg Hunter Find all 15 Easter Eggs Find all Easter Eggs, TBA (put where they are here.) 15
Catsleep.png Gold I love cta TBA TBA 15
Copycatcoverlol.png Gold The Ultimate Showdown Play and Beat Copycat. Go to the freeplay menu and find Copycat then beat the song. 15
Image Rank Achievement Description Solution Experience Points
Placholderachievements.png Gold AFLAC! TBA TBA 15
Sadflip.png Platinum (aka how did you do this and why did you waste your own time doing this) FUCK YOU!!! Get flipped off by Dave at least 1,619 times Do what it says buddy. 20
Iamdying.png TBA TBA TBA TBA TBA

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