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This article contains potentially sensitive content that may be discomforting or upsetting to certain users. Viewer discretion is advised!

Reason: Some people may find the alternative menu background disturbing. Also, "Policeedvidance" is a picture of blood in a darkish room. This could be the crime scene for Big Brother’s death before he was revived. In week 2, Big Brother have panic attacks and start to have delirium with BF


This article contains content that may bring users with past trauma, to something that might cause a physical and/or mental reaction. Viewer discretion is advised!

Reason: According to the lore, Big Brother was shot and killed, which may sadden some people who witnessed it. And due to the revival, he suffers from heart problems, which people who first play this mod will get worried about or may find this sad if he's gonna die again

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Major Spoilers Ahead!

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This page contains spoilers that may ruin the player's experience. View at your own risk or after playing the mod itself!

Reason: Spoilers for the recently released Week 2 and its secret songs and BB's lore

Fan Favorite

That was funky indeed! - Boyfriend

This mod is a fan favorite! It's well known within the community!

Note: We seriously need to give BB a hug after all that he went through, you know it right?!

Vs. Big Brother is a mod directed and created by KittyPop. The mod tells the lore/history of the non-canonical Big Brother of Boyfriend who has passed from traumatic events and walked away for a while. Boyfriend decides to have a meeting with his bro. However, things get pretty heated in a matter of minutes. Well, music doesn't solve anything in this type of situation.

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I got shot! But man, my career's never gonna blow up.
― Big Brother

Big Brother is a character created by The Savvy Peridot/KittyPop

Not to be confused with Older Bro


Big Brother wears a red hat with a white decal with "BB" on it, written like the Bitcoin logo with one stroke. He also wears a dark grey hoodie with a red symbol on it. The red symbol is a combination of BF's logo (On BF's T-Shirt) and the male gender symbol. He holds a mic in his left hand, has some blue jeans on, and has red and white shoes on. Between his right hand and his jeans, there seems to be a black rope.

In week 2, he no longer wears a hat and now has a light-grey blue shirt with a red skull on it. He has striped red/pink pants and white socks.


  • Big Brother has the initials "BB", similar to Beach Brother, though this is most likely just a coincidence.
  • Big Brother has white eyes instead of black because he was brought back from the dead.
  • When Big Brother gets a Game Over, a blue hole can be seen instead of blue balls, indicating where he was shot at the time of his demise.
  • Big Brother can see ghosts due to being brought back from the dead. In a tweet, The Savvy Peridot asks Atsuover whether she could cameo Garcello.[1]
    • Big Brother also calls his brother a "little man" similar to how Garcello calls Boyfriend by that name.
  • Big Brother is canonically an aromantic asexual.[2]
  • The one that shot Big Brother, Who's name is Armaros is seen in a alternate background menu image with a gun in hand giving a shh pose with their finger while smirking.
    • Armaros appears to be a human-like figure with a coat with a undershirt with a dead emoticon on it, pants, and short hair.
      • Armaros is also seen in a lore image hidden in the files explaining how they will get back at that "succubus" for what did to them and have a name for himself, no longer being damned from heaven or hell. That succubus appears to be Girlfriend, and Big Brother was shot by Armaros in an attempt to shoot GF instead. This is confirmed on the official lore document.
        • Big Brother managed to sacrifice himself to protect Girlfriend, knowing how much Boyfriend loves her. By doing this, Armaros had killed an innocent bystander and sealed his fate, forever banned from ever entering heaven or hell.
          • Armaros has actually been training himself to kill Girlfriend, but as you can see, this would all be for nothing.
  • In one part of the lore document, Big Brother's name seems to be Michael.
  • Daddy Dearest brought BB back to life due to Girlfriend pleading to do so.
    • He only obliged because he didn't want Boyfriend to have something on him or be in debt to him.
  • Big Brother's vocals is basically Boyfriend's vocals pitched down.
  • Big Brother's shoes seem to be SOAP Shoes, which are shoes made for rail grinding that were featured in Sonic Adventure 2.
    • In fact, they seem to be the exact same ones worn by Sonic in that game.
  • Big Brother frequently refers to Boyfriend as Keith, despite that being disconfirmed as Boyfriend's name in the original game because, according to the developers, they didn't know it was an unacceptable name and were too late into development to change it and didn't want his own brother to call him 'Boyfriend'.[3]
  • Big Brother is voiced by Cougar MacDowall, the same VA who also voiced Tabi.
  • Big Brother possibly died on October 4, 2020 as suggested by the date on the Police Evidence photos, And the naming of the photo 10-4-2020.
  • So far, the only semi-officially declared sister is Hatsune Miku. As well as this mod and others, it is not known if they are truly real.
  • BB has high ADHD, depression, major anxiety and PTSD.
    • Big Brother owns a cat that helps him with his PTSD and other disorders.
      • Despite all of this, he doesn't let them get him down and powers through it.
        • He loves his ADHD side as he tends to be goofy, hyper and fun to be around.
  • Big Brother's favorite games are Sly Cooper 2 and 3.[4]
  • BB used to sing rock and heavy metal, with the former being his passion.
  • He has an electric guitar and used to use it to rock out, but over time, his voice started to strain as he would ALWAYS sing and never gave his voice a break. He still misses singing like that.
    • This would explain why BB has a slight rock undertone in some of his songs.
  • Before his death, BB was very close to his family, often calling and visiting his other siblings all the time. However, once he was shot and brought back to life, he became afraid of his family's safety and hasn't visited his whole family for a year, therefore cutting ties almost completely.
  • He became paranoid that his other siblings would be hurt as well or be targets. He keeps family photos in his apartment and misses them deeply. Once he feels he's 100% safe, he will visit his whole family again.
  • BF was the first sibling to visit BB, and slowly made him come out of his shell.
  • Because of what happened with Armaros, BB had a hard time making friends due to fear of being a puppet for their own game.
  • BB loves Cheez-Its.
  • Big Brother used to be a chick magnet when he was in high school, having lost his virginity in the process. But after high school, he realized that he never fell in love with anyone and that he was being used. He thought that was love back then, but now he knows better.
  • Big Brother loves storms. He will sit by the window with a hot drink and watch thunderstorms from start to end. If it's not thunderstorms, It stars he likes staring at. Storms and stars give him a sense of peace in his chaotic life.
  • Due to his ADHD, he always listens to music to stimulate his behavior. Usually, the same song loops for a whole day, depending on his mood, having never grown tired of these songs.
  • BB has arachnophobia. If he sees a spider, he uses a laser pointer to make his cat kill it.
  • BB can see in the dark and prefers nighttime. His eyes naturally glow in the dark.
  • BB's birthday is May 2nd, as it was the day that Kitty Pop first drew him.


Armaros, also known as the Killer and the Fallen Angel, is the main antagonist of the mod. He is the one responsible for shooting and killing Big Brother.


Armaros is a tall, slender fallen angel that is roughly around BB's height. He has short, spiky pale-blonde hair, and heterochromatic eyes, with the left eye being off-white and the right being red. He also has blood-like liquid running down the bottom of his eyes. He also has a single wing that has dried blood running down through it. When he's angry, both of his eyes turn red and menacing.

He is seen wearing a brown long coat, a white shirt with a black figure on it that appears to have red Xs for the eye and unattached hands, blue jeans with a belt, brown shoes paired with white socks, and fingerless black gloves. He has a cross-shaped earring, a broken red and black halo, and appears to be wearing black nail polish. He wields a pistol in his left hand and a microphone in his right.


  • Before his fall, Armaros was a sweet, yet somewhat airheaded, angel. His appearance and behavior were reminiscent of a child, and he was well loved by his fellow angels in Heaven.
  • His current appearance and behavior are a direct result of the night he killed BB and fell from grace.
    • Immediately after fleeing the scene of his crime, Armaros's halo began to melt, the boiling liquid burning him.
      • The black tears on his face are burns from the liquid pouring over his eyes, not makeup.
      • Once the liquid came into contact with a shawl he was wearing that night, the fabric burst into flames while still on his shoulders and spread to his left wing, burning it down to the bone.
      • He also has black burns and scratches on his shoulders, back, chest, and arms, which he covers with his clothes.
      • The wounds he received from his fall are incapable of healing at this point in time.
        • His halo is also seen melting further on his angry and upset talk sprites.
  • Armaros didn't know how to use a gun until he decided to kill a demon in hopes of earning a name. He had to practice the correct way of handling it before attempting to kill Girlfriend.
    • The bullets within his gun are made of silver, and are engraved with runes to ensure it kills any demon it hits.
  • Armaros still loves Heaven and the angels there, and will speak very fondly of them.
    • He doesn't blame Heaven for his wounds, or for not being able to return. He instead, however, blames it on BB.
    • He desperately misses his home, and is still trying to figure out how he can return.
    • According to Kitty Pop, the inhabitants of Heaven cried upon learning of Armaros's fall.
  • In his message after he leaves, he reveals Big Brother's name to be Michael, and also notes that his name and behavior are similar to that of an angel.
  • After the second song, he reveals that BB was never meant to be shot.
  • Apparently, it's a coincidence Armaros looked like N from Murder Drones based on his career, look, & partially his voice, but he's not as sympathetic as the latter.
  • Playing the violin is Armaros's passion. Before his fall, he would perform for his fellow angels in Heaven, "letting his soul" flow through the music he'd play.
  • Armaros cares about his looks to the point that he will panic upon seeing his hair messy or something looking out of place. He will only calm down once he looks "presentable" again.
    • This is due to a standard in Heaven where angels are expected to look their best.
    • On a related note, Armaros likes makeup, and uses it as a comfort item. It helps to hide his wounds from his past. It makes him feel better not seeing any scars or wounds on him, as he doesn't want to accept that he is no longer an angel.
    • Armaros will preen his wing in a similar fashion as a bird, and washes it frequently to try and get rid of the blood-like gunk that accumulates on it. However, the gunk builds back up within a few hours, causing him discomfort; despite him not openly expressing it.
  • Armaros has Astraphobia. If he notices a storm forming, he will hunker down wherever he can to avoid it, sometimes staying in place for the whole day.
    • Rain also causes a problem for him, as his wing now lacks the water-repelling properties it once had. The wing will become heavy when wet.
  • Despite his warped state of mind, Armaros still has the heart of an angel. He wants to do good, and is somewhat redeemable, but needs assistance to handle his trauma and the anger issues that followed.
  • He refuses to harm animals, and will go out of his way to help stray cats and dogs find food.
  • Armaros's birthday is February 3rd. However, his age and year of birth are unknown.
    • He shares his birthday with Peace, a coder of the mod.



Boyfriend now has shading in the first week, with a few more touches and a worried look in Heartache.


  • Boyfriend knows a lot of fingerboard tricks.
  • Boyfriend's favorite Newgrounds Game is Newgrounds Rumble.
  • Boyfriend loves Pepperoni Pizza from Dominoes.
  • Boyfriend loves donuts.
  • Boyfriend likes Brisk Iced Tea and Milk.
  • Boyfriend likes to listen to Kanye West music.
  • Boyfriend's favorite animal is a Hominid, not realizing that a Hominid isn't an actual animal.
  • Boyfriend's parents got him into a public college, paying the entry fees only for him to stop showing up. This subsequently led to him dropping out. During his time at the college, he preferred to read comics all day in the library instead.
  • Boyfriend's hair is not dyed and is naturally cyan.
  • Boyfriend is so reckless and overconfident that he's essentially fearless.
  • Boyfriend is to be afraid of lightning.
  • Boyfriend has ADHD and is autistic.
  • Despite being called Keith in this mod, the original developers said it wasn't his name.
    • The reason is because KittyPop has stated that it was weird if BB call Boyfriend by his normal name.




In this mod, Girlfriend's auburn hair is loosely tied up with a pink hair tie. She wears a red pink frilly night dress that matches the sleep mask on her head, she also has a purple blanket on her back. Girlfriend is also wearing thigh-high, pink and white striped socks with a heart pattern on the knees. She also has a slight blush on her cheeks.


  • Girlfriend loves Cherry Dr. Pepper
  • Girlfriend is afraid of thunder.
  • Girlfriend's favorite video game is Tetris.
  • Girlfriend's favorite kind of pizza topping is olive.
  • Girlfriend doesn't know how to cook.
    • Despite this, she does know how to make PB&J sandwiches.
  • Girlfriend is neurodivergent, as she has ADHD and is autistic.
  • Girlfriend's favorite animal is a Hominid, not realizing that a Hominid isn't an actual animal.
  • Girlfriend knows how to file taxes.
  • When watching anime, Girlfriend likes the subbed version.
  • Girlfriend has lot of faith in Boyfriend to handle things.



KittyPop is the creator of this mod, & the special opponent in the credits. It's likely she'd thank those who found her for enjoying this mod :)




Gameplay Mechanics - Player Switch, Ghosts, Damage Notes And Warning Notes

  • Player Switch: In the song, Always Here, the player will play as Big Brother and Boyfriend will be the opponent.
  • Ghosts: In the song, Worry, Ghosts will appear from time to time and go away. It has been confirmed that Ghosts will appear randomly.[5]
  • Damage Notes: In the song, Survive, Damage Notes will appear. Hitting these Notes will increase the Difficulty.
  • Warning Notes: In the song, Survive, Armaros will try to shoot Big Brother. To avoid the bullets the player must hit Warning Notes, or else it's a Game Over.

Trivia (General)

  • This is one of the few mods where Boyfriend is the opponent.
  • Week 2 takes place 2 weeks after the events of Week 1.[6]
  • This is one of the several mods that add one more member to BF's family.


Big BrotherIcon.png
Familial Bonds
BPM: 140
Scroll Speed: 1.3 (Easy)
1.7 (Normal)
2 (Hard)
BB BF Icon.png
Always Here
BPM: 128
Scroll Speed: 1.5 (Easy)
1.8 (Normal)
2.1 (Hard)
Big Brother Lose.png
BPM: 200
Scroll Speed: 1.8 (Easy)
2.1 (Normal)
2.4 (Hard)
BB Tired Icon.png
BPM: 100
Scroll Speed: 1.7 (All Difficulties)


This article contains potentially sensitive content that may be discomforting or upsetting to certain users. Viewer discretion is advised!

Reason: Loud:BB's scream in "Survive" will be very loud.

BPM: 90
Scroll Speed: 1.2 (Easy)
1.4 (Normal)
1.6 (Hard)
Don't Worry
BPM: 120
Scroll Speed: 1.5 (Easy)
1.7 (Normal)
1.9 (Hard)
Always Here (Remix)
BPM: 150
Scroll Speed: 2 (Easy)
2.3 (Normal)
2.5 (Hard)
Power Through
BPM: 180
Scroll Speed: 2.4 (Easy)
2.6 (Normal)
2.8 (Hard)
BPM: 190
Scroll Speed: 2.4 (Easy)
2.8 (Normal & Hard)

Note: To unlock this secret, you need to go to the credits and click on Kitty Pop's icon.

BPM: 150
Scroll Speed: 2.4 (All Difficulties)
Thank You
BPM: 200
Scroll Speed: 3 (All Difficulties)

BPM: 75
Scroll Speed: 2.6 (All Difficulties)



Familial Bonds Dialogue

BB BF Icon.png Boyfriend: Beep!

Big BrotherIcon.png Big Brother: Well look who it is, little man Keith! How's it going, bro?

Big BrotherIcon.png Big Brother: Still with the redhead wonder I keep hearing about?

Big BrotherIcon.png Big Brother: Or...

Big BrotherIcon.png Big Brother: Have you already moved on and need some more advice from your big bro?

BB BF Icon.png Boyfriend: Beep skbee bop...

Big BrotherIcon.png Big Brother: Aww come on man, I know how you are with chicks.

Big BrotherIcon.png Big Brother: Once you get head over heels for a girl, it's pretty damn hard to get you to change your mind.

Big BrotherIcon.png Big Brother: So what's with the meetup? Miss me already?

BB BF Icon.png Boyfriend: Bopbee! Beep!

Big BrotherIcon.png Big Brother: A rap battle, huh? Shit... last time we did that, I literally got killed.

Big BrotherIcon.png Big Brother: Hell, my heart still has its hiccups from that night.

BB BF Icon.png Boyfriend: ...

Big BrotherIcon.png Big Brother: Hey, hey! Don't give me that worried look, I've been fine.

Big BrotherIcon.png Big Brother: Besides, a little heart pain ain't gonna stop me.

Big BrotherIcon.png Big Brother: I've still gotta find your girl's dad and give him my thanks for saving my ass that day!

Big BrotherIcon.png Big Brother: Aaaanyways- show me those bars of yours! Or are you gonna chicken out?

BB BF Icon.png Boyfriend: Beep bop!

Always Here Dialogue

Big BrotherIcon.png Big Brother: Nice one, man! You still got some tight bars, for being rusty.

Big BrotherIcon.png Big Brother: You finally managed to get my tongue in a knot!

Big BrotherIcon.png Big Brother: I never thought I'd see the day.

BB BF Icon.png Boyfriend: Bobee bop!

Big BrotherIcon.png Big Brother: Looks like that girl of yours motivated you to improve so much!

Big BrotherIcon.png Big Brother: I'm starting to get why you wanted to see me...

BB BF Icon.png Boyfriend: Beep!

Big BrotherIcon.png Big Brother: No more games then. Let's see what you've really got.

Big BrotherIcon.png Big Brother: Maybe you can actually beat me...

Big BrotherIcon.png Big Brother: No more holding back!

Memories Dialogue

Big BrotherIcon.png Big Brother: Alright, alright. As much as I hate to say it...

Big BrotherIcon.png Big Brother: You might actually be on my level.

BB BF Icon.png Boyfriend: Bee bop!

Big BrotherIcon.png Big Brother: But hey, at least I don't gotta worry about keeping relationships and chicks.

Big BrotherIcon.png Big Brother: I've got the night, the stars, and my little bro to keep me goin'!

Big BrotherIcon.png Big Brother: Next song, let's go!

BB BF Icon.png Boyfriend: ...bep?

Big BrotherIcon.png Big Brother: What, worried about me already?

Big BrotherIcon.png Big Brother: Come on man, we've only done two songs!

Big BrotherIcon.png Big Brother: Pfft- my heart can take it!

Big BrotherIcon.png Big Brother: As IF I'm backing down from a rap battle with YOU!

Big BrotherIcon.png Big Brother: Let's... fuckin... GO!

Heartache Dialogue

BB Tired Icon.png Big Brother: M-mph... shit-

BB Tired Icon.png Big Brother: Shit. You gotta... be... shittin' me...

BB Tired Icon.png Big Brother: Really...? Now?

BB BF Worried Icon.png Boyfriend: Beep!?

BB Tired Icon.png Big Brother: A-ah.. it's not that bad, m-man...

BB Tired Icon.png Big Brother: Maybe it'll stop in a bit...?

BB Tired Icon.png Big Brother: I still got- ugh.. plenty of oomph in me-

BB Tired Icon.png Big Brother: Let's do one more song, alright?

BB BF Worried Icon.png Boyfriend: ...

BB Tired Icon.png Big Brother: I promise, bro-

BB Tired Icon.png Big Brother: If it gets to where I can't take any more, I'll tap out...

BB BF Worried Icon.png Boyfriend: ...beep...

Post-Heartache Dialogue

BB Tired Icon.png Big Brother: F-fuckin shit... hate... that it hiccups now...

BB Tired Icon.png Big Brother: I gotta sit down, bro. Come and sit by me...

BB Tired Icon.png Big Brother: case... you know, you can call your girl's dad if shit hits the fan.

BB Tired Icon.png Big Brother: But- I think it should be okay.

BB BF Worried Icon.png Boyfriend: ...beep..?

(5 Minutes Later)

Big BrotherIcon.png Big Brother: Alright, man... I think we're in the clear.

Big BrotherIcon.png Big Brother: I'm feeling a bit better.

Big BrotherIcon.png Big Brother: Sorry to give you a scare there, bro.

Big BrotherIcon.png Big Brother: That night was scary... you know how bad it messed us up.

Big BrotherIcon.png Big Brother: Y'know, I thought you weren't ever gonna visit-

Big BrotherIcon.png Big Brother: Part of me thought you were gonna be too...

Big BrotherIcon.png Big Brother: ...busy' with your babe... heh.

Big BrotherIcon.png Big Brother: Thanks for making some time just for me, man. Like the old times...

BB BF Icon.png Boyfriend: ...beep bop.

Big BrotherIcon.png Big Brother: Course, bro- I'll take it easy. I promise. Now come here, little man.

Big BrotherIcon.png Big Brother: ...I love you, Keith.

Big BrotherIcon.png Big Brother: Even if I don't say it often,

Big BrotherIcon.png Big Brother: you know damn well that if shit hits the fan-

Big BrotherIcon.png Big Brother: I'll always be right at your side.

Big BrotherIcon.png Big Brother: ...cause that's what family's for.

BB BF Icon.png Boyfriend: op bee

Big BrotherIcon.png Big Brother: It's getting late... we should start heading home.

Big BrotherIcon.png Big Brother: See you later, bro... and hey-

Big BrotherIcon.png Big Brother: Maybe we can have a rematch sometime...

Big BrotherIcon.png Big Brother: and see who really is the better singer... heh!

Big BrotherIcon.png Big Brother: Night, man.

Worry Dialogue

(Big Brother looks at a picture of him, Boyfriend and Older Bro. He then sighs and takes out his phone to call Boyfriend)

BFDontWorryIcon.png Boyfriend: Bap Bop?

BBWorryIcon.png Big Brother: Hey, um... bro...? Hate to call you late at night. But I really need some company tonight...

BBWorryIcon.png Big Brother: Yeah, you can bring your GF, but I just need you right now man. She can come in later.

BBWorryIcon.png Big Brother: Yeah... alright, see you in a bit.

Don't Worry Dialogue

BBWorryIcon.png Big Brother: Sorry, man... they got pretty bad tonight. I really needed some company, thanks for appearing...

BFDontWorryIcon.png Boyfriend: Beep!

BBWorryIcon.png Big Brother: You don't gotta keep beeping at me, you know...

BFDontWorryIcon.png Boyfriend: Beep bop

BBWorryIcon.png Big Brother: Alright man, at least I can understand you.

BBWorryIcon.png Big Brother: I've just... been so worried man.

BBWorryIcon.png Big Brother: The guy who shot me that night, I swear I've been seeing him around again.

BBWorryIcon.png Big Brother: Hell, even some of the ghosts are warning me, which is a first.

BFDontWorryIcon.png Boyfriend: ...

BBWorryIcon.png Big Brother: What if he comes back? What if that angel freak tries to kill me again?

BBWorryIcon.png Big Brother: Can someone who died once, and then gets killed again, even be able to come back?

BFDontWorryIcon.png Boyfriend: (Shrugging)

BBWorryIcon.png Big Brother: You're not helping man... ugh I can feel my anxiety starting to spiral...

BBWorryIcon.png Big Brother: I try to keep cool and ignore it, but the threat of another sudden death from HIM is...

BBWorryIcon.png Big Brother: TERRIFYING!

BBWorryIcon.png Big Brother: Do you even know what I do on my down time man?

BBWorryIcon.png Big Brother: People say being a bounty hunter is more dangerous, but why am I SO SCARED ABOUT THIS?

BFDontWorryIcon.png Boyfriend: Beep...

BBWorryIcon.png Big Brother: I know you hate that I do that job, but the ghosts actually make it easy where the killers are.

BBWorryIcon.png Big Brother: It's easy cash for me, man.

BBWorryIcon.png Big Brother: Can we like, not argue about my career path right now... as I have a LITERAL anxiety attack?

BFDontWorryIcon.png Boyfriend: ...

BBWorryIcon.png Big Brother: Sorry, I'm freaking out man, I usually don't break down like this...

BBWorryIcon.png Big Brother: I didn't mean... to sound snappy at you, I get it... I just... I-

BFDontWorryIcon.png Boyfriend: ...Beop Bee (...Don't worry)

BBWorryIcon.png Big Brother: But, I-

BFDontWorryIcon.png Boyfriend: Beep op bee (Sing with me)

BBWorryIcon.png Big Brother: ...

BFDontWorryIcon.png Boyfriend: ...Beeeep? (...Pleeeease?)

BBWorryIcon.png Big Brother: Alright... if you think it'll help.

Always Here (Remix) Dialogue

HappyBBIcon.png Big Brother: I felt I needed to get some fresh air after that.

HappyBBIcon.png Big Brother: Thanks for forcing me sing there... helped ground me back in reality.

BFDontWorryIcon.png Boyfriend: Beep

HappyBBIcon.png Big Brother: Being with family really has boosted my mental health.

HappyBBIcon.png Big Brother: I thought being away for a while was what I needed...

HappyBBIcon.png Big Brother: But I think I was accidentally driving myself away and not realizing it.

BFDontWorryIcon.png Boyfriend: Beep beop bee!

HappyBBIcon.png Big Brother: I know that's a sign for depression but, come on man, you think I would realize that?

BFDontWorryIcon.png Boyfriend: ...Beop be

HappyBBIcon.png Big Brother: Yeah, yeah, I know, I know I need to get help for that.

BFDontWorryIcon.png Boyfriend: Beep. Beop. Bee!

HappyBBIcon.png Big Brother: Damn, putting it blunt now, huh?

BFDontWorryIcon.png Boyfriend: BEEP!

HappyBBIcon.png Big Brother: Geez, come on man... I don't need it. Plus, there are others who probably have it worse.

HappyBBIcon.png Big Brother: I feels... wrong for me to go in.

BFDontWorryIcon.png Boyfriend: Bopbe beo bop!

HappyBBIcon.png Big Brother: I just... maybe another time. Besides, I'm technically doing better now, so...

BFDontWorryIcon.png Boyfriend: BE BOP BEEP!

HappyBBIcon.png Big Brother: Yikes! Alright, alright! Tomorrow morning... damn, I'll give a call to get an appointment.

BFDontWorryIcon.png Boyfriend: Beop bee bop be-

HappyBBIcon.png Big Brother: Dude, I'm 25. You think I can't handle a phone call to a doctor? Seriously?

BFDontWorryIcon.png Boyfriend: Beep

HappyBBIcon.png Big Brother: Well... can't walk my way out of this, huh?

HappyBBIcon.png Big Brother: Fine. You can be next to me when I make the stupid call, alright?

BFDontWorryIcon.png Boyfriend: Beep!

HappyBBIcon.png Big Brother: Mm, but that aside... I came up here for a reason. Wanna do a remix, man?

HappyBBIcon.png Big Brother: I kinda tweaked some of the mealody of one of our songs this time. Would love for us to try it out!

BFDontWorryIcon.png Boyfriend: Beep bop!

HappyBBIcon.png Big Brother: Coolie, glad you and me are on the same brain wave! And this time, your girl can actually see us live!

Power Through Dialogue

HappyBBIcon.png Big Brother: Hell yeah, man! That sounded amazing!

BFDontWorryIcon.png Boyfriend: Beop be!

HappyBBIcon.png Big Brother: You and me need to sing way more often!

HappyBBIcon.png Big Brother: It's actually helping my heart get tougher! I feel amazing, no thanks to you!

BFDontWorryIcon.png Boyfriend: Beop bee!

(Armaros loads a gun and starts shooting it)

BBWorryIcon.png Big Brother: !!!

(Armaros first looks like an Angel but then turns to a Fallen Angel)

ArmarosiconIcon.png Armaros: Well, well, well. Look who it is.

ArmarosiconIcon.png Armaros: Aren't you that pile of flesh I offed a while ago?

ArmarosiconIcon.png Armaros: HAHAHAHAHA! Oh, what a joy it is to run back into you, again!

ArmarosiconIcon.png Armaros: You and that damn demon ruined my life.

ArmarosiconIcon.png Armaros: If you hadn't moved that day, no one would've suffered, and I still would've been at heaven's door. Ugh!

ArmarosiconIcon.png Armaros: Oh, and the idiot is here too.

ArmarosiconIcon.png Armaros: My, my, are the gods giving me a silver of grace today.

ArmarosiconIcon.png Armaros: The two people who I want gone the same spot, TOGETHER!

ArmarosiconIcon.png Armaros: You're making this too easy!

BBWorryIcon.png Big Brother: ...

CustomBBBFIcon.png Boyfriend: BEOP BEEP!

ArmarosiconIcon.png Armaros: Hm? Oh. Almost completely forgot you existed, midget.

ArmarosiconIcon.png Armaros: What do you want, huh? You think I'm scared of you? Look at your brother.

BBWorryIcon.png Big Brother: ...

ArmarosiconIcon.png Armaros: Your only protection is having his own mental problems, and you're not even on my kill list.

ArmarosiconIcon.png Armaros: It's almost sad, seeing your brother look so helpless. I could, as an angel myself, spare him some grace and just...

ArmarosiconIcon.png Armaros: ...put him out of his misery right now. I still have 13 rounds left in the chamber, I'd be doing him do a favor.

CustomBBBFIcon.png Boyfriend: BEEP BEOP!

ArmarosiconIcon.png Armaros: You want a what? A rap battle? ME?

ArmarosiconIcon.png Armaros: HAHAHAHAHAHA oh, no no no. I don't rap, however...

ArmarosiconIcon.png Armaros: ...I will sing, and after I crush you, I'll take your brother, and girlfriend where they belong. In hell.

BBWorryIcon.png Big Brother: Not... without... me.

CustomBBBFIcon.png Boyfriend: ...B-Beep?

BBWorryIcon.png Big Brother: I'm afraid, but I'm not going to let him hurt you.

CustomBBBFIcon.png Boyfriend: ...bee...

ArmarosiconIcon.png Armaros: Hmph. Fine then, let's see how well you two can sing. If you beat me, maybe I'll give you guys a few seconds to get away... heh.

BBWorryIcon.png Big Brother: I... I've not sang this type of music in a while. I'll try to keep up. We got this man... I hope.

BFDontWorryIcon.png Boyfriend: Beep!

Survive Dialogue

ArmarosiconIcon.png Armaros: Damn, I didn't expect you both to sound as good as you did. For a minute there, I almost started enjoying my time singing.

(Armaros shoots Big Brother)

BBWorryIcon.png Big Brother: !!!

BBWorryIcon.png Big Brother: ...

CustomBBBFIcon.png Boyfriend: !!!

ArmarosiconIcon.png Armaros: Whoops, my finger must've slipped. My bad.

CustomBBBFIcon.png Boyfriend: Beep B!

BBWorryIcon.png Big Brother: ...

ArmarosiconIcon.png Armaros: One down, one more to go!

CustomBBBFIcon.png Boyfriend: ...

BBWorryIcon.png Big Brother: ...

BBAngryIcon.png Big Brother: Keith... go behind the speaker, now.

CustomBBBFIcon.png Boyfriend: B-Beep!?

ArmarosiconIcon.png Armaros: Huh? You're still standing?


CustomBBBFIcon.png Boyfriend: BEEP!





FallenAngelDefeatIcon.png Armaros: UGH!

Post-Survive Dialogue

(Armaros and Big Brother both breath heavily. Armaros tries to shoot Big Brother again but runs out of bullets)

FallenAngelDefeatIcon.png Armaros: No... no no, why now? This isn't fair!

BBAngryIcon.png Big Brother: Heh, out of bullets, I guess you can say. HUH?

FallenAngelDefeatIcon.png Armaros: !!!

FallenAngelDefeatIcon.png Armaros: I'm the angel here! I'm the good guy! You guys have a demon on your side!

FallenAngelDefeatIcon.png Armaros: I'm trying to what is good for this place! This is all wrong!

BBAngryIcon.png Big Brother: What?

FallenAngelDefeatIcon.png Armaros: GAH! I hate you! Why are you protecting this stupid succubus?

FallenAngelDefeatIcon.png Armaros: You weren't meant to be killed that day! Why are you ruining my LIFE?

BBWorryIcon.png Big Brother: ...

ArmarosiconIcon.png Armaros: ...

BBWorryIcon.png Big Brother: I'm... not the bad guy here... I love my brother as family, and I want what makes him happy.

BBWorryIcon.png Big Brother: And he's happy with her, so...

BBWorryIcon.png Big Brother: ...why wouldn't I do what I can to make sure they are happy?

ArmarosiconIcon.png Armaros: She's... a demon!

BBWorryIcon.png Big Brother: Don't judge a book by it's cover, man. You're an angel, and look who's really the villain in this situation. It's YOU.

ArmarosiconIcon.png Armaros: This... just... can't be right.

BBWorryIcon.png Big Brother: You need to get some serious anger management classes.

BBWorryIcon.png Big Brother: You need it. If you seriously think we are the bad guys, you need a reality check, man.

ArmarosiconIcon.png Armaros: ...

(Armaros runs away)

CustomBBBFIcon.png Boyfriend: ...b-beep?

HappyBBIcon.png Big Brother: It's okay bro. You and your girl can come out now. I... don't think he'll be back anytime soon.

CustomBBBFIcon.png Boyfriend: ...beop bee...

HappyBBIcon.png Big Brother: Yeah, I'll be fine he shot me where no vitals. I'm okay.

HappyBBIcon.png Big Brother: Let's get back inside. I'm tired, and really should get this wrapped up.

CustomBBBFIcon.png Boyfriend: Beep.

(Big Brother, Boyfriend and Girlfriend go inside. Big Brother gives Boyfriend a thumbs up while Girlfriend fixes his wound. Text then appears saying "The End... Thank You For Playing!", "However, the adventure isn't truly over yet!" and "Check freeplay, you unlocked something special...")

ArmarosiconIcon.png Armaros: Michael...

ArmarosiconIcon.png Armaros: You truly live up to your name.

ArmarosiconIcon.png Armaros: You remind me of a close friend with a similar name in heaven...

ArmarosiconIcon.png Armaros: Fitting

ArmarosiconIcon.png Armaros: Perhaps, they casted me out for a reason, to allow me to experience this...

ArmarosiconIcon.png Armaros: get me to snap out of this obsessed rage...

ArmarosiconIcon.png Armaros: They loved me back home. I see, I... I have a lot of reflecting to do.

ArmarosiconIcon.png Armaros: I'm not the righteous angel I thought I was. All the mess I've done speaks for itself... (Sigh)


Death Quotes

  • Daamn man, that round was awful.
  • Yiiikes, man.
  • So you're telling me... your girl is into THAT?
  • That's kinda sad.
  • Dude, you've got a long way to go if you think that's gonna get you somewhere.
  • I'm surprised your girlfriend is still with you.
  • Damn man, who squeezed your nuts? That was shit. And trust me, I know shit.
  • Damn man, who squeezed your nuts? That was shit.
  • Dude, Keith, you gotta work harder bro, those bars were weak sauce.

  • You were brought back to life by an external force for this? (Laughter) Waste of my time.
  • You look better this way.
  • The sound of my bullet piercing your fragile heart is ecstasy to me.
  • I enjoyed every moment of your suffering!
  • (Laughter)
  • What? That was terrible! Your face doesn't even have a bullet hole in it yet!
  • God gives one chance and you wasted it.
  • Go back to your grave where you belong, you blue-haired freak!
  • What were you even trying to do? (Laughter)
  • This world is a figment of your imagination. Wake up. Or, should I say, try again, player?

  • I got shot! But man, my career's never gonna blow up.
  • Argh, shit... okay... maybe I need some more practice.
  • (Cough) Damn it, frickin' heart problem... I swear this doesn't happen.
  • Woah, man, I'm serious, normally this doesn't happen. I used to be better at this.
  • Ugh, I may be Ace but my skills aren't the ace I need.
  • Argh, damn...
  • Ugh, looks like my talent died even though I'm still alive.
  • Hey, little bro, can you call your girl's - (grunt) - dad? I don't think I'll make it out of this one. (Pained laughter)
  • Since when did I get so rusty?
  • I'm getting a little lightheaded, dude. Can we calm down for a bit and do something else?
  • At this point I'm not even sure if I was going to win this. Good job, bro!
  • I think my luck has run out this time, dude.
  • Dude, you rocked so hard that even I couldn't keep up!

  • Quotes During the Songs

    • Nice bars there, bro!
    • Hey, that's it!

  • Not bad!
  • Shiiit, Nice one!
  • Aw, sweet, dude!

  • Ugh.. nice job man.. I'm tapping out, You win! Fuck....

  • Enough! (After BB's scream)

  • Gallery (General)

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    GameBanana Gamebanana.png (Full Week)
    GameBanana Gamebanana.png (Skin)


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