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I haven’t had seen the outside world in years... - A.G.O.T.I.

This page contains controversial content in a mod or about a person, please refrain from attacking the people involved or start wars in the discussions wall.

Reason: AmorAltra, the creator of B&B, been outed for multiple vile behaviors[1][2]. This list includes forcing devs to work on the mod, with no regard to their mental health[3], talking to AetherDX (a known pedophile)[4], saying he hopes to see them back in the community soon, replacing all of TheMaskedChris' animations for the mod behind his back, and using his NSFW account following minors and making lewd art of Blu, Mini and himself (Mini is 17)[5], After all these allegations Amor would make a response[6], however it only talked about his interaction with AetherDX, which was the least serious out of his actions. Majority of the developers have disassociated with Amor in upcoming updates and crossovers, and the majority of cover makers also decided to stop using at least Amor's persona in their covers. Don't forget that this similar thing also happened in the Geometry Dash Community.


Mean BF Ded.png

Unfinished Page

(...keep calm Macy, Vs. Bob and Bosip's only like, 2 feet tall they can't hurt you.) - Macy

This article lacks content, whether it be lacking Assets, Trivia, Music, or something else. You can help Funkipedia Mods Wiki by expanding it with more info! Thank you!

Reason: The update has come out, now as a stable release, and there is even more that hasn't been added yet. We need ALL OF THE NEW REANIMATED IDLES AND POSES OF EVERYONE (Except Bob and Ron), Biggayrapper poses, ITB EX poses, the strikelines for everyone except Girlfriend, Bob & Bosip and Amor's, animated assets for EX Boyfriend & EX Girlfriend, (Amor) animated Verbalase poses and a ton of information about other things, such as unknown crowd cameos and more of the gallery art. Also, a lot of this page could use some cleanup in places like the Trivia section.

Major Spoilers Ahead!

Dare I ask you for some private time with the famous Vs. Bob and Bosip? - ENA

This page contains spoilers that may ruin the player's experience. View at your own risk or after playing the mod itself!

Reason: The page tells the whole story.

Flashing Lights

WRRRRRRRRRRY - Ronald McDonald

This article/mod contains flashing lights that could be harmful to those with epilepsy or a condition of the sorts.

Reason: Amor's songs are pretty flashy, especially his EX song. Also, his PC might also be too.

Mature content ahead!

Listen kid, do you really think I'm just gonna let you bone my sister? - Beach Brother

This article may contain sensitive or mature content that may be unsuitable for some ages.

Reason: Eggman's announcement, which comes from a Sonic parody that has various sexual innuendos, is referenced during Ronald McDonald Slide. Also in the fan art gallery, there are several fanfictions about Bob and Bosip. Also the ex forms of Mini and Ash can be a bit suggestive, in addition to the image of this in the archives. Also, Ronald McDonald Slide references both balls in yo jaws and were gonna be talking about the penis memes.


Low File Quality

And another thing: you're ugly - Engineer

One or more files on this article are low quality. You can help Funkipedia Mods Wiki by uploading higher quality files.

Issues Present: All of the artwork and some of the other images have white backgrounds. Bob's miss poses have white edges and his Death and Retry sprites are...a mess..

Joke Content

HEY MAMA ß̴̨̡̭͈̦̃͑̏̚͠Z̷̡̢̳͍̩̋͋̑̂̐Z̶̡̧͎̭̍̈́͆̓͂͜Z̷̝͈̝̙̾̓̈̏͜͝Z̶͈̖̩͕͇̀͊̒̿̎Ź̷̛̻̗͔̝͐̚͝ͅZ̸͕͎̞̣̗͐͗̊̅̐†̸̡̡͍̰̱̆̓̓̈́̎er come here and give me you liver waaeaeaaeeaae - Waa Hoo

This mod contains content that was made with comedic intent!

Reason: The "What the dog doin?" meme is referenced in the Intertwined cutscene. Bob and Ron come from the infamous joke mod "literally every FNF mod ever", and their songs are very memey remixes of Jump-In and Swing (in a cool way). Plus, Goku is in the files (for some reason). There are some Minecraft references in EX mode and history.

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Discontinued Mod

I haven't seen the outside world in years... - A.G.O.T.I.

This mod's development is permanently halted and is no longer planned of getting a release, or another update. The reason for this may vary, such as controversy.

Reason: Because of the events above and developers cutting ties with Amor, any future updates related to Bob and Bosip, including crossovers, have been discontinued.
Partially Lost

This is only just one of our divisions... - IRIS

One or more of this character's appearances/download links are either withheld, on hold, privated, or trashed and are no longer available. However, other appearances are still easily accessible.

Note: The mod has been removed from Gamejolt and Gamebanana, most likely due to the above. However, people with the mod still have the ability to upload it to Google Drive and give people the link, only making the main sources lost.

Unsettling Themes

GET OUT. - Parasite

This page contains imagery, themes, mod or character that either comes from something that may make the reader uncomfortable or appears unsettling, continue at your own risk!

Reason: Love him or hate him, Ron still dies (in a cool way) by getting car accident by CJ and Ruby. In the end of week 3, the menu screen shows his very bloody corpse. At the near end of Jump-Out, Bob (Phlox) also turns into Hell Bob, with hyper-realistic eyes, same as his original mod Bob's Onslaught, which could be disturbing to some. There's even more disturbing stuff in Bob's Onslaught anyways. Also, DOmtKBBKBRCARSASHAJJFL7ckGWDE4FzCJTzvfBPCaTln0QgEUgERggkUUjZSASEQKRJJSuJ1H4RgKQXU0EDiDwf2P49bRL14rCA.png may be disturbing to viewers.

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Large Page

We're all gonna be here a while... - A.G.O.T.I.

This article is very long, and could slow down your browser by opening or editing it. Please proceed with caution.

Reason: 99K+ bytes and growing.


Crossover Mod

Oh yeah? How about we continue with a REAL fight this time? - Cheeky

This mod contains weeks/songs that are official crossovers between 2 (or more) mods! You might need to go their original pages to get more information about them.

Reason: Crossover with literally every fnf mod ever (Vs Bob) and Playable Sans.

Vs. Bob and Bosip is a mod created by AmorAltra and animated by TheMaskedChris. In this mod, Bob and Bosip finish an end portal to go to The End (a dimension in Minecraft at the end of the game where you defeat the Ender Dragon), but the portal takes them to the world of Friday Night Funkin' instead, and the only way out is to beat Boyfriend and Girlfriend in a rap battle.

Canon-wise, the main opponents of this mod, Bob and Bosip, are characters that were created by Amor (the character) that came to life and have their own personalities and consciousness. They aren't actual people, but AI with a physical form. Their designs are based off of Amor's Geometry Dash forms, Bob being based off of his cube and Bosip being based off of his ship. Bob and the others live inside of Amor's PC and they can explore everything there, like games, apps, videos and the internet. The mod itself takes place as Bob and Bosip try to go to Minecraft, however they somehow end up entering Friday Night Funkin' instead, as it turns out Amor intended for this to happen and modded them in.




Im Kranking Fucking 90s Bosip
― Bob, Jump Out

For other characters named "Bob", see Bob (disambiguation).

Were you looking for the Bob's Takeover Bob?

Bob is the first opponent. He is the personification of Amor's Geometry Dash cube. His songs are Jump-In and Copy-Cat.


Bob has blue hair, blue eyes, apricot skin, and a blue mouth. He wears a yellow long-sleeved shirt with a blue "B" symbol and a white collar, dark grey long-legged jeans, and orange and white trainers. He clutches his mic in his left hand.

In his EX variant, he is now wearing a full-on black suit, shades, a blue tie, black shoes and what is presumably a white handkerchief in his pocket.

In Copy-Cat EX, his outfit resembles GeorgeNotFound's Minecraft skin. He wears a blue shirt with a red and white version of his icon on it, blue jeans, gray and white shoes and white sunglasses.



Pssh, as usual. I'm all strapped up for this.
― Bosip, Jump-In

Bosip' is the second opponent, stepping up to the plate due to Bob being tired after facing Boyfriend and singing for 6 hours straight. He is the personification of Amor's Geometry Dash ship. His song is Swing.


Bosip has slightly spiky blonde hair, apricot skin, and blue eyes. He has 2 slitted scars on each of his cheeks, resembling shark gills. His clothes are tattered and have several tears on them. He wears a yellow t-shirt, brown bag, brown jeans, and brown shoes.

In his EX variant, he now wears a mask, a brown coat with a brown (?) undershirt, black shoes and brown pants that are torn at the knees. He also does not have his bag.

In Copy-Cat EX, his outfit resembles Sapnap's Minecraft skin. He wears a tan bandana, a tan shirt with a flame on it, a black undershirt, black pants and checkered shoes. He holds a golden apple in his left hand and a diamond sword in his right. His right leg rests on a grass block.



Oh hoh hoh... Oh well... I knew my downfall was going to happen eventually... I had fun battling against you though, good game indeed...
― Amor, Split


Amor is an Indonesian guy with blue hair, apricot skin, and blue eyes. He wears a white t-shirt, black shorts, and white socks. He also wears black and blue headphones.

In his EX variant, he is now wearing his signature yellow hoodie with black sleeves, and black jeans with yellow lines around it. His hoodie appears to be red due to the lighting, but you can slightly see yellow in each pose, most notably during the left and down poses.



Oh, sure! The more, the merrier!
― Blu, Intertwined

Blu is one of the background characters who is walking around in Tutorial (Remix), Jump-In, and Copy-Cat, who you can now face in the mod, with the song Groovy Brass.


He appears as a blue jay with jean shorts and a brown belt with a yellow buckle. He has amber eyes.

In his EX variant, his feathers are more sharp and slick, and he wears a sleeveless black and orange jacket and shorts.



What's all of the commotions on here?
― Mini, Conscience

Mini is one of the background characters who is sitting on a bench in Tutorial (Remix), Jump-In, and Copy-Cat, who you can now face in the mod, with the song Conscience.


He appears as a normal guy with brown hair, purple eyes, a purple shirt, gray(?) jeans and gray sneakers.

In his EX variant he wears a cat maid. He wears a white headband with black cat ears, a black and white dress with poofy sleeves, hearts at the apron and a heart shaped hole, black shorts and black socks(?).



Aww, don't tease Blu like that!
― JGhost, Post-Intertwined

JGhost is one of the background characters who stands by his dog and boyfriend Cerberus in Swing, who you can now face in the mod, with the song Yap Squad.


JGhost has a skull for a head, with brown fur and ears covering the rest of it. He has orange eyes. He wears a black long sleeved shirt and black sweatpants. While his torso seems humanlike, he has a large brown tail sticking out and paws for hands and feet.

In his EX variant, he is riding Cerberus. He wears an orange cameo hoodie with the word "Inflate" on the right sleeve. His ears are now orange.



It's fun... but a bit loud...
― Cerberus, Intertwined

Cerberus is one of the background characters, which is a 3 headed dog who sits by their owner and boyfriend JGhost, in Swing. During Yap Squad, they assist their owner by barking, decreasing the player's health. After the end of "Yap Squad", it is confirmed that Cerberus' 3 heads can talk, but choose not to, confirmed after Intertwined.


Cerberus is a tan, three headed dog. The right head appears to be confident, the middle seems to be playful and the left seems to be sad. They all have black eyes.

In their EX variant, they become red with a lot more fur, a much larger tail and a golden chain with a skull. They now have clawed feet and black teeth showing. They all have orange eyes.



(soft giggle)
― Ash, Post-Intertwined

Ash is one of the background characters who is sitting on a bench with Cerbera in Swing, who you can now face in the mod, with the song Intertwined. He is the persona of Ash, the programmer of this mod.


He appears to be a completely white demon with a single eye on his face and no other facial features besides the blush. He also has a black tail with a white end. He holds a red mic in his left hand.

In his EX variant, his horns are slightly more curved and he now has a black mic. He wears a dark purple tank top with a magenta heart in the center. He has shoulderless sleeves with dark purple and magenta stripes and fingerless gloves. He also wears black shorts with a bottom stripe and dark purple socks.


  • Something curious is that Sonic.Exe and Sunky.Mpeg from the Vs. Sonic.Exe mod have exactly the same microphone as Ash.
  • Despite being a male, Ash is voiced by MangooPop for unknown reasons.



I don't really have an option, do I?
― Cerbera, Intertwined

Cerbera is one of the background characters who is sitting on a bench with Ash in Swing, who you can now face in the mod, with the song Intertwined. He is the persona of Cerbera, the charter of this mod.


He is a black Jigglypuff from Pokemon with pink eyes. He has an angry mark similar to that from anime on the right of his head.

In his EX variant, his ears are sharper and his center puff is less like that of a jigglypuff. He wears a black mask with a pink x and brown gauntlets. His angry face mark is also gone.


Cerbera is known for being the charter of the mod, as well as other popular mods.






Crossover Characters


i aint dream, don't call me that
― Bob, Jump-Out

For other characters named "Bob", see Bob (disambiguation).
To see more about Bob check out the Bob Page.

Bob is a maleviolent god created by phlox. In the crossover week, he takes the place of the other Bob. After his plan to kill Boyfriend fails, he finds Bob and Bosip, tricking them into a rap battle. After they beat him, he transforms into his goop form and kidnaps them both, taking their place along with the deceased Ron. His songs are Copy-Cat and Jump-Out (A Window).


Bob uses his Sunshine sprite in Copy-Cat.

In Jump-Out, Bob has shading on him and wears an outfit that resembles the Bob from the Bob and Bosip mod. The only difference is that the shirt now has "gloopie" written on it. At one point he turns into Verbalase and later on Hell Bob.

In Copy-Cat EX, he has a black shirt, and wears Dream's mask. He also holds a bottle of "normal pills" from the music video as well.


  • During Jump-Out, various song samples are used including



*glass shattering*
― Ron, Post-Ronald McDonald Slide

To see more about Ron check out the Ron Page.

Ron is a sexist, homophobic humanoid meme folder created by wildythomas. In the crossover week, he takes the place of Bosip. After getting killed by Bob (In a cool way.) he is now a dead puppet for the developers to abuse and torment and he wants out. Unfortunately he is forced to become Bosip anyway so his desires for freedom are hopeless. His song is Ronald McDonald Slide.


Here, Ron dons an awesome outfit and hairstyle similar to that of Bosip. He now also now has an interesting mic. A notable difference is that the rips on his pants have a tendency to change into different shapes, including a crewmate, a lightning bolt, a truck, a four-pointed star, etc. At one point, he turns into Biggayrapper’s infamous “Stop Posting About Among Us” rant.


  • According to Amor, Ron is referred to as Ronsip while assuming Bosip's appearance.
  • This mod portrays Ron as the more chaotic one out of the duo with him moving very fast and erratically and his song slowly devolving into insanity.
  • Ron (Bosip)'s ripped holes on his jeans and his bag change shapes each poses he sings.
  • Whenever he sings a right note, Ron will attempt to quickly run to the right, but teleports back to his place whenever he sings another note. At a few points in the song, he actually succeeds to reach the right side of the screen.
  • Ron's songs Ronald McDonald Slide and Ronald McDonald Slide EX contains one of the most references of any songs, with a total of 47 meme references in the original and 76 in the EX version (both counts excluding Ron's song from his original mod).
    [7] These references include the following, chronologically ordered by their first appearance in the songs:

  1. School of Rock Hawaii 5-0 Drum Fill
  2. Endigo - Big Chungus
  4. Number 15: Cat go waa
  5. Airhorn Sound Effect
  6. Vine Boom Sound Effect
  7. Wet Fart Sound Effect
  8. Ah (source unknown)
  9. Bruh Sound Effect #2
  10. Kanye East Freestyle (Fortnite balls)
  11. Five Nights at Freddy's 1 First Phone Call
  12. Jerma985 Prevents a DMCA Strike (AudioJungle + AA EE OO)
  13. Reverb Fart Sound Effect
  14. Gun sound effects (source unknown)
  15. Chris turns blue
  16. WHAT spam (source unknown)
  17. Bruh glitch
  19. Space Jam theme
  20. Coca cola don't forget the ice (god motherfucker)
  21. Man screaming (source unknown)
  22. Loud noises as Ron's vocals (source unknown)
  23. Deez Nuts
  24. Tobu - Candyland
  25. MLG Hitmarker Sound Effect
  26. You like these (?) (source unknown)
  27. Song 1 (source unknown)
  28. Balls in Your Jaws Remix
  29. Now for something competely different (Monty Python)
  30. Ronald McDonald insanity
  31. We're Gonna Be Talking About The Penis! (Beavis and Butthead)
  32. Mutahar laughing
  33. Pufferfish aeugh
  34. Drums (source unknown)
  35. Etika reacts to Sans in Deltarune
  36. Megalovania
  37. The Lick
  38. Speak English, can you understand it now (?) (source unknown)
  39. More gun noises (?) (source unknown)
  40. Just fudge her (?) (source unknown)
  41. Man (source unknown)
  42. My heart, I loved her
  43. Windows XP error
  44. Coconut Mall
  45. Ford wet noodle (voiced by Seabo)
  46. Home Depot theme
  49. DaBaby - Vibez (Less Go)
  50. Whatya going (?) (source unknown)
  51. Kevin MacLeod - Cipher
  52. Femblock Hooters (AmorAltra)
  53. YOU HAVE UNO!!!!
  54. Muted screaming within distorted audio (source unknown)
  55. Eggman's Announcement (Sonic Adventure 2 Fan-dub)
  56. Damn Son Where'd You Find This
  57. Waterflame - Blast Processing
  58. I like ya cut g
  59. I'm a femboy x3 nuzzles (voiced by Seabo)
  60. AeonAir intro
  61. LMFAO - Party Rock Anthem
  62. Check that (source unknown)
  63. Snail's House - Hot Milk (Omni Man)
  64. Bass Boosted Sound Effect
  65. Glass Break Sound
  66. Really smooth fool (?) (source unknown)
  67. Trill Trap Shit (?) (source unknown)
  68. Donkey Kong 64 Rap
  69. Angry inaudible voices (source unknown)
  70. Bomb Siren Sound Effect
  71. CalebCity - Ayo the pizza here
  72. Biggayrapper's STOP POSTING ABOUT AMONG US TikTok
  73. (source unknown)
  74. This is a Certified Hood Classic
  75. Npesta's Bloodlust 98% reaction
  76. The Ventures - Hawaii Five-O



Main Article: Sans (LiterallyNoOne)

Gameplay / Special Mechanics

  • Jumpscare: When trying to access one of Bob Takeover songs on Easy/Normal, it will jumpscare the player with the famous RUN Eye and shake screen, which then proceeds to switch to Hard Immediately. The Eye would keep getting bigger whenever repeating this on Story Selection screen, until it will eventually automatically enters the week itself on Hard mode.
  • Bark!: In Yap Squad, Cerberus sometimes barks which will remove your health, usually after Boyfriend's turn. The amount varies depending of the head.
    • The correct order is: Left, Up, Right, Up, All, Up, Left, Right
  • Double Tutorial: In Tutorial EX, when the progress bar nearly reaches the end, Girlfriend will set it back to near the middle and the second part of the song will start. This doesn't really affect gameplay much and is mostly cosmetic.
  • Sad Distractions: In Jump-Out and Ronald Mcdonald Slide, some double notes will play the vine boom sound effect and have a sad Boyfriend, Bob, Bosip or Amor appear on the screen, acting as minor distractions.
  • Threatening Week: In the story menu, going to the Bob Takeover week before completing In The Background will cause the image shown to have Bob with a glowing red frown, and Ron with an upside down face. The menu music will also swap to "nightmaremenu_remix".

""Pro Tips"" and Fun Facts

These appear during a loading screen

  • Hit the notes.
  • Do not reupload the music from this mod without our permission.
  • In the gallery section, You can find all loading screen art, as well as a selection of offical and fanmade art.
  • The first version of bob and bosip took about 2 week to make.
  • If you leak other people's stuff, you are a virgin
  • Try out Bob Takeover in normal or easy mode :).
  • Bob and Bosip are based on icons from the game Geometry Dash.
  • Something might happen if you die on an EX song.
  • In the credits, you can click on someone's icon to go to their social media page.
  • If your computer is struggling, Try activating low detail mode!
  • Wanna work on my fnf mod?

Trivia (General)

  • This is the first mod where:
    • the opponents say the countdown instead of the usual sound file.
    • there's note sprites for the WASD keys.
    • it locks freeplay until the main week is finished.
    • it uses animated cutscenes with voice acting.
    • there's an end credits sequence.
  • Amor's screen and keyboard changes colors every time he hits a note.
  • In Split, the screen is split (pun fully intended) between Amor's room and Boyfriend's location (the park). This is also represented by the fact that on Amor's side of the screen the arrows are changed to resemble WASD keys (which makes sense since he is on his computer for the entirety of his song) and on Boyfriend's side of the screen the arrows are exactly the same as they are in the actual Friday Night Funkin' game.
  • Bob's icon represents the cube that the creator of the mod uses in Geometry Dash.
    • Bosip's icon represents the ship that the creator of the mod uses in Geometry Dash.
  • The PP sign in the first cutscene is a reference to AmorAltra's very own Geometry Dash level, "PP".
  • There is a remix of Tutorial that most people didn't know about. In that Tutorial Remix, the "PeePee Song" by BoomKitty can be heard. The first few notes from Megalovania can also be faintly heard at the very end.
  • In the startup messages, it says: "so cool so cool so cool so cool so cool so cool so cool" which is a reference to a meme made by Martina Mackenzie in 2015 where Sans from Undertale says the exact same thing.
  • Because TheMaskedChris is part of the team of the mod, in the files, CJ's spritesheet can be found.
    • There is a chance for CJ to appear on the side of the menu and laugh in the same way as he does in Starlight Mayhem.
    • Additionally you can make CJ laugh by pressing IJKL on your keyboard.
    • CJ can also be found driving a car with Ruby in the backseat that frequently passes by during Swing.
    • CJ also appears in the mod's credits.
    • CJ and Ruby kill Ronsip by running over him at the end of Ronald McDonald Slide (in a cool way).
    • CJ was originally going to be in place of Anders during his one turn in Jump Out (A Window), shown via the OST.
      • The reason behind this change is to thank EnchantedMob (Anders' creator) for contributing to this mod.
  • Bob's name is the basis of Bosip's name (Bob + Ship = Bosip)
    • This is true for every other GD based character that will be in this mod.
  • AmorAltra, the creator leaked Week 2 for this mod, which involves Bobal (Amor's Geometry Dash Ball) and BoFo (Amor's Geometry Dash UFO) in his 20k Subscriber Special Video.
  • Bob is straight and Bosip is bi. However, AmorAltra has stated that, "Bob won't be straight forever."
    • Bob and Bosip are canonically dating in the Soft mod universe, but not yet in the original mod. [8]
    • Bosip canonically has feelings for Bob while the latter is too, "dumb as fuck," to realize.
  • The creator of the mod AmorAltra, is a well known level creator in the platformer game Geometry Dash, who's most popular level is PP, referenced many times in the mod itself.
  • AmorAltra's name comes from his real name, yes, his first name is Amor and his middle name is Altra, literally.
  • Amor is colorblind, as seen in his interview with Metatera.
    • In Funky Friday, this used to also be a thing. But the thing is that this brought your part of the bar almost instantly to the left/right depending on which side you are playing. This is hazardious on deathmatch mode since this can cause you to lose. However, it has been nerfed to just a long hold note.
  • There is a random Goku.png in the files, which is probably a reference to the Where's Goku? shitpost.
  • There is also a picture of demented Jigglypuff with the caption "CERBERA" in impact font in the files, which is just your standard Impact Font shitpost, not meme.
  • There is also a picture of Ash himself wearing a Femboy Hooters outfit in the files, referencing the meme.
  • You can select Bobal in the Debug Menu, as he is in the files and imported as a character.
  • Bosip has a better taste in clothing then Bob. However, the reason he wears tattered clothes is because it's his adventure outfit and he has saved Bob from mutiple dangerous situations. This outfit also gives Bosip memories of those incidents which he appears to cherish.[9]
  • Multiple preview images of the EX variants of the opponents from the ITB Week have been released on AmorAltra's twitter page, including Bluskys with an orange hoodie[10], a maid costume MiniShoey[11], a camo hoodie Jghost[12], a hellish Cerberus[13], what I'm pretty sure is femboy Ash[14] and Cerbera with drip[15].
    • Amor has stated that the new EX update, which will include EX modes for each of the remaining characters and their songs, will release sometime around the weekend (4th-5th December).
  • There were plans for this mod to have a collaboration with other mods and vice versa, such as Starlight Mayhem[16], Matt[17], Ridzak[18], Plantoids[19], Tree[20], Cyber Sensation[21], VS. Impostor[22], Koi[23], Corruption[24], Hotline 24: The Arena Challenge[25], and Friday Night Funkin' A-Side[26] but due to controversy surrounding AmorAltra all these plans have been scrapped/cancelled.
  • The Vs. Bob and Bosip mod was officially trash on GameBanana due to the creator, AmorAltra's controversy.

  • This is the second mod that has Boyfriend challenge characters in the background, similar to Flip Side's Week 4.
  • Before the mod was released, AmorAltra created a thread for users to send characters/personas for a chance to be featured as a cameo in the background of the In The Background Week[27]. Along with some extra additions, the characters/personas that ended up in the week were:
    • Phlox (as literally their persona)
    • fishb (as their persona)
    • sdslayer100 (as their persona)
    • Fore_8040 (as their persona)
    • Kerry The Ball (an alternative persona of Geometry Dash creator Pennutoh)
    • Au4 (as their persona)
    • AnotherMelvin (as their persona, holding a sign saying "Not Hex")
    • UniqueGeese (as himself)
    • Jeyzor (as their persona)
    • RG123456789 (as their persona)
    • Blockhead (an original character made by the user Play Dash)
    • Sunny (from the indie game OMORI, in reference to the famous FNF youtuber Gegcoin)
    • Bandana Waddle Dee (from the Nintendo franchise Kirby, in reference to the user KaosKurve)
    • Blueskii (as their persona)
      • Characters/personas that the editor who made this list couldn't recognize are:
        • A cat-eared black-haired girl with a gray shirt, black pants, orange hands and wings
        • A girl with brown hair, black horns, a white hood, gray pants and a devil tail
        • A character with a skull head, blue hood and armor
        • A guy with dark gray clothes and dark brownish hair
        • Kirby with headphones
      • Bluskys jokingly replied to the tweet with four images of their persona from the In The Background Week used in the original tweet.

  • Bosip was originally going to sing during Copy-Cat, but was scrapped as Bosip's vocals "sounded like ass" in the song, according to AmorAltra.
  • This is the first mod that has actual BigGayRapper and Verbalase's animated icons, during Bob and Ron from Jump Out and Ronald McDonald Slide song.
  • Bob saying "Chucklenuts" in the first cutscene is a reference to Team Fortress 2, specifically an insult used by one of the game's classes, the Scout.
    • This line is, more specifically, "Think fast, chucklenuts!" [1]
  • Getting 0 misses on Ronald McDonald Slide or Jump-Out and checking the stats sheet will show "Cheater!" instead of "Perfect!".
  • Also in Ronald McDonald Slide, a portion of a leitmotif used in Your Best Friend, Your Best Nightmare and Hopes and Dreams from Undertale can be heard.
  • In Jump-Out's Onslaught section, Bob just turns into Verbalase and the arrows are moments from Cartoon Beatbox Battles while the idle and icon are during Tetris Beatbox, specifically Thanos, Mario, Sonic and Patrick.
  • Parts of Blast Processing can be heard somewhere in 3:17 and the XO Eden Cover can be heard from the end in Ronald McDonald Slide.
    • During the Little Man reference, Anders replaces Boyfriend for a single turn.
      • In the version of the song AmorAltra uploaded to YouTube, CJ replaces Boyfriend instead. This is an early version of the song before it was decided to add Anders there instead as a thank you for Typical Emerald's contributions to the mod.
  • Bob is actually called "gloopy", both in-game (as the character name) and the dialogue.
    • This might be a reference to his shirt, which clearly says "gloopie".
  • Almost everything turns low quality for one part in Ronald McDonald Slide in reference to old videos that used Hypercam.
    • This is further referenced by the infamous "Unregistered Hypercam 2" watermark.
  • During Ronald McDonald Slide's Dreamscape part a scream voice replaces Ron, this voice is for a character mod by Miyno_ (Creator of RidZak), Typical Emerald (Creator of Anders), Cerbera, Santi and Joe The Horse which was planned to release way before The Expansion Update, but got partially stuck in development.
  • Excluding Anders, (Onslaught) Normal Bob and (not dead (in a cool way)) Ronsip, every main character has a chance to appear on the menu.
    • Even Amor PC has a chance to appear.
  • There is a hidden file in Ronald McDonald Slide's data files called "im_not_doing_that_for_a_joke_song.png", showing the BPM changes that the song should've had. It goes as the following:
    • 130 BPM + Meter 4/4
    • 100 BPM
    • 130 BPM
    • Meter 5/4
    • 127 BPM + Meter 4/4
    • 130 BPM + Meter 5/8
    • 127 BPM + Meter 4/4
    • 130 BPM + Meter 3/4
    • Meter 4/4
    • 123 BPM
    • 130 BPM
    • 10 quintillion BPM
    • Meter 2/4
    • 130 BPM
    • Meter 4/4
    • 124 BPM
    • 130 BPM
  • In Jump-Out and Ronald Mcdonald Slide, sometimes an extremely dense string of notes will appear. They are so dense that they might glitch, and hitting them is almost impossible, and will unavoidably take out a big chunk out of your health. They are not really special mechanics since they are just dense jacks, but they effectively makes both songs impossible to full combo.
  • There are BF, Bob, Bosip, and Amor versions of the Sad Spunch Bop shitpost that play during Bob's takeover along with the appropriate vine boom sound effect.
  • Sad Bobs Sad Spunch Bop’s shirt has a ";(" emoticon instead of the iconic B.
  • Bob (Phlox)'s countdown is 21st Century Humor/comedyepilepsy sound effects.
  • If the player has OBS Screen Recorder open, Ron will tell the player to stop recording and "get him out" of the game
  • The sound that plays if the player loses as Bob is the Geometry Dash death sound.
  • If you reverse the Nightmare menu music, it is revealed that it is a distorted, lower pitched version of the normal menu music.
  • In the Freeplay Menu, Jump-Out is instead named Jump-Out (A Window).
  • In the new EX update, all of the ITB EX songs have a ending cutscene. Blu pecks the ground, Mini bows with clapping in the background, Jghost pets Cerberus and congratulates him, and Ash is forced to hold Cerbera back while Cerbera is cursing violently and swinging at BF.

  • Cameos in other mods

    Note: None of these cameos are canon to the story of any of the characters seen here:

    • In The Date Week, Bob and Bosip have a chance to walk by (for some reason backwards) in the background of Perfume and Heartbass.
    • In Vs. eteled, Bob and Bosip's cube and ship forms appear as plushies in the opening cutscene.
    • In Vs. Ace, Amor is seen as a drawing on a window in the ending screen.
    • In Starving Artist, a small plush of Ash can be seen in the corner.(Staving Artist mod came before) (This is also true for Retaken Sanity Week 2, in the song Silent Hill)
    • In VS Sketchy Redrawn, Ash appears as a drawing in the background.
    • In Vs. Big Chungus, Ash can appear in Intro, Grove and Hidden file as will.
    • In Vs. Stairs, Ash can be seen on the far right in the background.
    • In Vs. Cream, Amor briefly replaces Cream's dead "body" in the final song, singing a short part of Split and then saying "Here comes the FBI! Oh, wait, what?" and then screaming.
    • In Vs. Kauan, Bob and Bosip can be seen in the background during the Week 2 songs Catnip and Tick Tack.
    • In VS UniqueGeese - Feathery Fight, in UniqueGeese Week 2: AU Attack, UniqueGeese goes against Bob and Bosip (who were stored in a USB drive, then got sent to Mason in a package by Amor). The background characters from the mod also appear as well including Amor's gaming chair.
    • In Vs. Beepie, Bob used to be seen on the far right in the background, But he got removed due to the creator hearing about the AmorAltra drama.
    • In Retaken Sanity, Ash and Cerbera are seen in the background of Happy End, as well as paper cutouts during the credits.
    • In Friday Night Funkin': Entity, an Ash plushie can be seen on a store shelf during Shotgun-Shell.
    • In Vs. SpongeBob Media. Bob and Bosip appear in the background of Week 5.


    Loud Sounds

    This section contains very loud audio. If you are wearing headphones, be careful!

    Reason: Split could be VERY loud.

    BPM: 100
    Scroll Speed: 1 (All Difficulties)
    Maximum Score: 16800 (Hard)
    Composer(s): Splatter
    Bob Neutral.png
    BPM: 100
    Scroll Speed: 1.8 (Easy)
    2.1 (Normal & Hard)
    Maximum Score: 86100 (Hard)
    Composer(s): DPZ
    Bosip Neutral.png
    BPM: 105
    Scroll Speed: 1.8 (Easy)
    2.1 (Normal)
    2.4 (Hard)
    Maximum Score: 126200 (Hard)
    Composer(s): Splatter
    Amor Neutral.png
    BPM: 160
    Scroll Speed: 2.1 (Easy)
    2.4 (Normal & Hard)
    Maximum Score: 155050 (Hard)
    Composer(s): Ardolf

    GF EX Icon.png
    BPM: 130
    Scroll Speed: 2.2
    Maximum Score: 77700 (Hard)
    Composer(s): Splatter
    BPM: 111
    Scroll Speed: 2.6
    Maximum Score: 160850 (Hard)
    Composer(s): DPZ
    BPM: 125
    Scroll Speed: 2.6
    Maximum Score: 174000 (Hard)
    Composer(s): Splatter
    BPM: 170
    Scroll Speed: 3
    Maximum Score: 309750
    Composer(s): Ardolf

    Groovy Brass
    BPM: 128
    Scroll Speed: 1.5 (Easy)
    1.8 (Normal)
    2.1 (Hard)
    Maximum Score: 62650 (Hard)
    Composer(s): DPZ
    BPM: 145
    Scroll Speed: 1.6 (Easy)
    1.9 (Normal)
    2.2 (Hard)
    Maximum Score: 71050 (Hard)
    Composer(s): Splatter
    Yap Squad
    BPM: 132
    Scroll Speed: 1.9 (Easy)
    2.1 (Normal)
    2.3 (Hard)
    Maximum Score: 77350 (Hard)
    Composer(s): DPZ
    BPM: 120
    Scroll Speed: 2.4 (Easy & Normal)
    2.6 (Hard)
    Maximum Score: 133050 (Hard)
    Composer(s): Splatter

    Groovy Brass EX
    BPM: 170
    Scroll Speed: 2.7
    Composer(s): DPZ
    Conscience EX
    BPM: 150
    Scroll Speed: 2.8
    Composer(s): Splatterdash
    Yap Squad EX
    BPM: 144
    Scroll Speed: 2.7
    Composer(s): Ardolf
    Intertwined EX
    BPM: 120
    Scroll Speed: 2.8
    Composer(s): DPZ

    Loud Sounds

    This section contains very loud audio. If you are wearing headphones, be careful!

    Reason: Ron's meme stunts like screaming, bruh's, and other stuff could be pretty loud. (Ronald McDonald Slide)

    Bob and Bob.png
    BPM: 120
    Scroll Speed: 2.4
    Maximum Score: 126400 (Hard)
    Composer(s): DPZ
    Jump-Out (A Window)
    BPM: 120 > 200 > 120
    Scroll Speed: 2.4
    Maximum Score: 189700
    Composer(s): DPZ

    2:28 I'm cranking fucking 90's Bosip!
    Ronald McDonald Slide
    BPM: 130
    Scroll Speed: 2.6
    Maximum Score: 194250
    Composer(s): Splatterdash

    Copy Cat EX
    BPM: 142
    Scroll Speed: 2.8
    Composer(s): Ardolf
    Jump Out EX
    BPM: 120
    Scroll Speed: 2.8
    Composer(s): DPZ
    Ronandsans (2).png
    Ronald Mcdonald Slide EX
    BPM: 150
    Scroll Speed: 2.8
    Composer(s): Splatterdash Ft. LiterallyNoOne

    Game Over EX
    BPM: 170
    Scroll Speed: 2.9
    Oblique Fracture
    BPM: 160
    Scroll Speed: 2.4 (Hard)
    Oblique Fracture EX
    Composer(s): LiterallyNoOne

    Unsettling Themes

    What were those voices? Those terrible voices that coerced me to troll... - Trollge

    This page contains imagery, themes, mod or character that either comes from something that may make the reader uncomfortable or appears unsettling, continue at your own risk!

    Amor Neutral.png
    Bob Win.png
    Menu Theme
    Bob Win.png
    Cutscene (Day)
    Bosip Win.png
    Cutscene (Night)
    Blu Win.png
    Cutscene (ITB)
    Gloopy Win.png
    Cutscene (Bob)
    Ron Win.png
    Cutscene (Ronsip)
    Bosip Win.png
    Walk (Credits Music)
    BPM: 96
    Amor Win.png
    Game Over Theme
    BPM: 103
    Pixel Amor Icon.png
    Split (8-Bit)

    Loud Sounds

    This section contains very loud audio. If you are wearing headphones, be careful!

    Reason: Ron getting run over and screaming is the origin from a roblox video called roblox inaproprite plase 2!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!.wmv. Also, the sound that plays when you click Amor's PC is pretty loud as it originates from a meme video.

    Amor Dies
    Cerberus Bark
    Bob Danger.png
    Bob (Game Over)
    Ron getting run over by CJ and dying (in a cool way)
    Ron Screaming
    Amor Danger.png
    MikeTheMagicMan88's Mirage 95% reaction (Amor's PC on menu)

    Bob Danger.png
    Bob's Countdown
    Bosip Danger.png
    Bosip's Countdown
    Amor Danger.png
    Amor's Countdown
    Blu Danger.png
    Blu's Countdown
    Mini Danger.png
    Mini's Countdown
    JGhost Danger.png
    JGhost's Countdown
    Ash Danger.png
    Ash's Countdown
    Bob's Countdown
    Ron's Countdown


    Jump-In Dialogue

    Bob Neutral.png Bob: Hey there, are you ready? I've been waiting a while for this...

    Bosip Neutral.png Bosip: Pssh, as usual. I'm all strapped up for this.

    Bob Neutral.png Bob: Oh hoh hoh... Now this is getting really exciting.

    Bosip Neutral.png Bosip: Well then, if you're ready, heh... Let's head right on in...

    Bob Neutral.png Bob: Oooh yeah its Minecraft time!

    Bosip Neutral.png Bosip: Hmm... I wonder how my farm is right now. Lets see...

    Bob Neutral.png Bob: It's finally time to defeat the end-

    Bob Neutral.png Bob: -er dragon......

    Bosip Neutral.png Bosip: Hmm? Is something wrong?

    Bob Neutral.png Bob: This... seems off... It doesn't look like we're in Minecraft.

    Bob Neutral.png Bob: Well- wait a minute. Where the hell are we? Did we end up in the wrong game? This isn't right at all!

    Bob Neutral.png Bob: Nothing is even square!

    Bosip Neutral.png Bosip: Bob, just take a few deep breaths... You'll be alright. Just relax a little.

    Bob Neutral.png Bob: Oh nono no no no... Bosip?!? Don't tell me we ended up in Fortnite?!

    Bosip Neutral.png Bosip: Alright, alright now... Bob, you need to calm down. Don't worry, we're going to be fine man.

    Bosip Neutral.png Bosip: Let me pull out my phone and ask him about it.

    (5 minutes later)

    Bosip Neutral.png Bosip: Ah, he finally replied... So... apparently we're inside of a popular game known as Friday Night Funkin.

    Bob Neutral.png Bob: And? What are we supposed to do to get out of here?

    Bosip Neutral.png Bosip: Well, he told us that we have to locate a couple named Boyfriend and Girlfriend, challenge them to a rap battle,

    Bosip Neutral.png Bosip: And then... We'll be out of here in no time! That's all!

    Bosip Neutral.png Bosip: Heh heh... I'm looking forward to seeing how you'll be rapping, though.

    Bob Neutral.png Bob: Huh? What does that even mean? Why do we need to rap battle to leave?

    Bob Neutral.png Bob: Who the hell even names themselves Boyfriend and Girlfriend? Was that their parents?

    Bosip Neutral.png Bosip: *sigh* Don't worry Bob, I'm positive we'll recognize them the moment we run into them. Let's not panic!

    ???: beep boop?

    Bob Neutral.png Bob: What the? Is that them?

    Bosip Neutral.png Bosip: Ah, are you Boyfriend?

    BFIcon.png Boyfriend: (Yes.)

    Bosip Neutral.png Bosip: I guess we found them!

    Bob Neutral.png Bob: Whoa... Now really? This is the guy? Daamn he is tiny! Like, midget small.

    Bob Neutral.png Bob: Alrighty! I will be the one who takes you on then, Chucklenuts! You will be messing with the wrath of a handsome siren.

    Bob Neutral.png Bob: A melody where no king can resist bowing down to me alone!

    BFIcon.png Boyfriend: (Uhh...)

    Bosip Neutral.png Bosip: Excuse me now, miss. Do you mind if I stand here next to you?

    GF Icon.png Girlfriend: (Not at all!)

    Bosip Neutral.png Bosip: Alright, thanks!

    Swing Dialogue

    Bob Danger.png Bob: hhhhhghghghhhhhhhUhgh

    Bosip Neutral.png Bosip: Oh god... Bob... you good, dude? You fought with him for like 6 hours straight!

    BFIcon.png Boyfriend: (Are you okay?)

    Bob Danger.png Bob: Bleghhh...

    Bosip Neutral.png Bosip: Yeah... he'll be fine... I suppose... Just give him... A couple minutes to wake up.

    Bob Danger.png Bob: My dignity, my life essence... Died... in shambles... *cough*

    Bosip Neutral.png Bosip: Well, guess I'm up next for the challenge. A little revenge couldn't hurt. I ain't taking it easy on you little man. You better be ready for this one.

    Bosip Neutral.png Bosip: Lets get this rollin!

    BFIcon.png Boyfriend: (Bring it on!)

    Bob Danger.png Bob: *cough* - *cou-

    Split Dialogue

    Bosip Danger.png Bosip: That went worse than I thought... Oh well... at least I managed to do my best while I could.

    BFIcon.png Boyfriend: (Good job!)

    Bob Neutral.png Bob: Dude... How are we supposed to get out of here now? At this rate we'll never be able to go home!

    Bosip Neutral.png Bosip: Hmm... yeah you're right... We've been out here for the entire day... The moon is already out.

    Bosip Neutral.png Bosip: That little dude has got some mad skills to be working us up like this...

    Bob Neutral.png Bob: Uh... Bosip? What's going on with your phone?

    Bosip Neutral.png Bosip: Hmm? Who's calling us this late?

    Bob Neutral.png Bob: What's happening to it? Your screen... It's...

    Bosip Neutral.png Bosip: Huh... I don't really know.... Why is it glowing like that?

    ???: Hey you guys! What's up!

    Amor Neutral.png Amor: How is everyone doing after your little match? Hahahah... Hope you're all fine after that fiasco...

    Bosip Neutral.png Bosip: Amor! Uhhh... Mind helping us finally get out of here?

    Bob Neutral.png Bob: Yeah man, this little guy here has been kicking our ass left and right. We've been stuck here all day!

    Bosip Neutral.png Bosip: Please tell me you know a way out of all this... We really need to leave...

    Bob Neutral.png Bob: I just want to move on to the next game already!

    Amor Neutral.png Amor: Alright, alright. Lets simmer down now dudes... I'll make sure to get you both out of this mess, okay?

    Amor Neutral.png Amor: Get Boyfriend over here for me if you can...

    Amor Neutral.png Amor: So... you're BF huh? How about we have some fun? Let's have a round!

    Amor Neutral.png Amor: I can't exactly be in your world right now, but I'm sure you wouldn't mind that right?

    BFIcon.png Boyfriend: (sure thing!)

    Amor Neutral.png Amor: Alright then... let's end this fiasco right now... just the two of us... in the final round..

    Post-Split Dialogue

    Amor Neutral.png Amor: Oh hoh hoh... Oh well... I knew my downfall was going to happen eventually... I had fun battling against you though, good game indeed...

    BFIcon.png Boyfriend: (Yeah!)

    Bob Neutral.png Bob: Now, just you wait a minute... Amor?? Hey? You realized that you just lost right? How the hell are we supposed to go back home now??

    Bosip Neutral.png Bosip: Bob, you should really calm down...

    Bob Neutral.png Bob: Not only that, what did you mean by "you knew it"? You already knew you're gonna lose or something?

    Amor Neutral.png Amor: Hahahah.. Yup! You see, I did all of this on purpose! It's actually because of something I've been planning on making for a while!

    Bob Neutral.png Bob: Planning? What?

    Bosip Neutral.png Bosip: Wh- What? Huh? What are you...

    Amor Neutral.png Amor: So you see, I've been inspired by the amount of talent in this community. I decided to make a mod myself so I put you two here in this game...

    Amor Neutral.png Amor: order to create my own mod!

    Amor Neutral.png Amor: Although, I didn't know that it would have taken you guys this long to finish it! Haha, ha... ha... huh- *cough* *clears throat*...

    35pxNametag: Why are you all just standing there? Are you guys confused? What's the matter here?


    Bob Neutral.png Bob: WHAT THE FU-

    Groovy Brass Dialogue

    BFIcon.png Boyfriend: (Man...)

    GF Icon.png Girlfriend: Hm? What's wrong?

    BFIcon.png Boyfriend: (I'm bored...)

    GF Icon.png Girlfriend: You've been bored of not battling anyone?

    BFIcon.png Boyfriend: (Yeah, I need my adrenaline rush! I miss it.)

    GF Icon.png Girlfriend: Oh come on, sometimes you don't need to battle gods or demons it's nice to just have fun singing with people while relaxing, y'know?

    BFIcon.png Boyfriend: (I guess)

    BluIcon.png Blu: Oof... Oh, Oh my gosh! Sorry about that!

    GF Icon.png Girlfriend: Are you alright?

    BFIcon.png Boyfriend: (I'm fine)

    BluIcon.png Blu: Ah... Are you Boyfriend and Girlfriend?

    GF Icon.png Girlfriend: Sure we are!

    BluIcon.png Blu: (gasps) I've seen you battling other people with your rap skills! Safe to say that I'm a huge fan of yours,

    BluIcon.png Blu: You two have huge guts to face off against those scary people, not to mention your singing is really rad! Like, really awesome!!

    BFIcon.png Boyfriend: (Oh, thanks)

    GF Icon.png Girlfriend: Oh... thank you!

    BluIcon.png Blu: Oh! Oh! Actually, I've been making a song of my own too!! I've been working on it for a good while, would you guys mind if we have a go?

    BluIcon.png Blu: It would be such an honor! My name's Blu by the way!

    BFIcon.png Boyfriend: (Uh....)

    GF Icon.png Girlfriend: Oh c'mon Boyfriend! Why not give it a try?

    BFIcon.png Boyfriend: (Well then... lets roll Mordecai!)

    BluIcon.png Blu: Thank you so much!

    Conscience Dialogue

    BluIcon.png Blu: Aw man I lost! Oh well. I'm still happy that I battled you, Boyfriend!

    BluIcon.png Blu: It was so much fun and I didn't think you would accept it! I'm glad you like my song too!

    BluIcon.png Blu: I tried coming up with something real good so I'm really glad, haha!

    BFIcon.png Boyfriend: (No problem!)

    MiniIcon.png Mini: What's all of the commotions here?

    BluIcon.png Blu: Oh hi, Mini! Didn't see ya there! I was just having a rap battle with Boyfriend over there!

    BFIcon.png Boyfriend: (Who are you?)

    MiniIcon.png Mini: Ah, Boyfriend? Is this the guy you were talking about some time ago?

    BluIcon.png Blu: Yep! Actually, Mini, Why don't you try and battle with him with the song I made for you? I wanna see both of you sing with each other!

    MiniIcon.png Mini: Oh sure, haven't practiced my voice in a while though, but why not?

    Yap Squad Dialogue

    JGhostIcon.png JGhost: ...And then I said, "Why are you such a furry?" hm?

    MiniIcon.png Mini: Not bad, little guy, you got some schmooves.

    BFIcon.png Boyfriend: (Yea!)

    JGhostIcon.png JGhost: Oh hey Blu and Mini! What's up?

    BFIcon.png Boyfriend: (What? Who?)

    BluIcon.png Blu: Oh JGhost! Good timing, we're having fun singing with Boyfriend over there.

    JGhostIcon.png JGhost: Oooh, that sounds like fun! Mind if I hop in? Blu made a song for me as well and I wanna try it out!

    Intertwined Dialogue

    CerberaIcon.png Cerbera: Are you gonna start working or... ?

    AshIcon.png Ash: Uhh.. I'll get to that soon.

    CerberaIcon.png Cerbera: Uh huh...

    AshIcon.png Ash: But in the meantime, why don't we take a little break and hop in?

    CerberaIcon.png Cerbera: No

    AshIcon.png Ash: Well I know you'll like it, I'll just put us in here real quick..

    CerberaIcon.png Cerbera: I don't really have an option, do I?

    AshIcon.png Ash: (giggles)

    GF Icon.png Girlfriend: Woo! What a crowd!

    BluIcon.png Blu: How did you not crack under pressure JGhost?

    JGhostIcon.png JGhost: Oh, I didn't even notice...

    BFIcon.png Boyfriend: (Me neither) (Woah!)

    ???: Ash, you are creeping him out staring like that, say something.

    AshIcon.png Ash: Oh! Hello there! Me and Cerbera just wanted to join in with all of you!

    BluIcon.png Blu: Oh, sure! The more, the merrier!

    JGhostIcon.png JGhost: Aww hey Cerberus, ain't this fun? Haha.

    CerberusIcon.png Cerberus: Haha, sure is! Really gets the serotonin flowing.

    CerberusIcon.png Cerberus: Y'sure about that? I ain't winning here!

    CerberusIcon.png Cerberus: It's fun... but a bit loud...

    "ayo what the dog doin-"

    Post-Intertwined Dialogue

    BluIcon.png Blu: Cerberus, you can talk?

    CerberusIcon.png Cerberus: Uh... bark bark?

    BluIcon.png Blu Uhuh... right...

    JGhostIcon.png JGhost: Aww, don't tease Blu like that!

    AshIcon.png Ash: (soft giggle)

    GF Icon.png Girlfriend: See? It's nice doing rap battles while hanging out with them!

    BFIcon.png Boyfriend: (Well, it wasn't bad I guess)

    GF Icon.png Girlfriend: Hey, Boyfriend. Look!

    BFIcon.png Boyfriend (hm?)

    Bosip Neutral.png Bosip: ...We'll be out of here in no time!

    Bosip Neutral.png Bosip: Heh heh... I'm looking forward to seeing how you'll be rapping, though.

    Bob Neutral.png Bob: Huh? What does that even mean? Why do we need to rap battle to leave?

    Bob Neutral.png Bob: Who the hell even names themselves Boyfriend and Girlfriend? Was that their parents?

    Copy-Cat Dialogue

    Bob Neutral.png Bob: Hey there, are you ready? I've been waiting a while for this...

    Bosip Neutral.png Bosip: Pssh, as usual. I'm all strapped up for this.

    Bob Neutral.png Bob: Oh hoh hoh... Now this is getting really exciting.

    Bosip Neutral.png Bosip: Well then, if you're ready, heh... Let's head right on in...

    Bob Neutral.png Bob: Oooh yeah its Mine-

    Bob Neutral.png Bob: craft... time?

    (Vine boom sound effect)

    "What the fuck is that? Who's fucking dog is-"

    Bob Neutral.png Bob: Uh... Bosip? What is this... thing? Was there a new update?

    Bosip Neutral.png Bosip: I... don't think we're in Minecraft, Bob...

    Bob Neutral.png Bob: Maybe it knows where we are?

    BobIcon.png Bob: (Bird chirping)

    Bob Neutral.png Bob: Uh... hey blob thing...

    BobIcon.png Bob: (Bird squawking)

    Bob Neutral.png Bob: Hello?

    BobIcon.png Bob: (Metal sounds)

    Bob Neutral.png Bob: You know where we are? Anyone home?

    BobIcon.png Bob: (近前看其 詳上寫着) (Translation: "Look at it closer, it says in detail")

    Bob Neutral.png Bob: (Sigh) I don't think they want to talk to us, Bosip...

    Bosip Neutral.png Bosip: Don't worry, Bob.

    Bob Neutral.png Bob: Okay, how do we get out of here?

    Bosip Neutral.png Bosip: Let me pull out my phone and ask him about it...

    Bob Danger.png Bob: OW, Shit!

    Bosip Neutral.png Bosip: Oh god... are you okay?

    Bob Neutral.png Bob: Hey, what the hell? A microphone?

    BobIcon.png Bob: (Whip sound, ¿Quieres?)

    Bob Neutral.png Bob: You wanna sing or something?

    BobIcon.png Bob: (Tetris beatbox)

    Bob Neutral.png Bob: I guess there's no reason not to try?

    Post-Copy-Cat Dialogue

    Bob Neutral.png Bob: Wow, that was easy!

    BobAngryIcon.png Bob: (Vine boom sound effect) (Baby crying)

    Bosip Neutral.png Bosip: Nice job, Bob. Also, he finally replied.

    (Hell Bob grows over them)

    Bosip Neutral.png Bosip: So apparently we're inside a popular game known as Friday-

    Bosip Danger.png Bosip: -Night... Funkin...

    Bob Danger.png Bob: Oh... fuck...

    Bob Danger.png Bob: AAAAAAH!

    (Scary noise)

    BFIcon.png Boyfriend: (speaks Boyfriend) (idk what he said im just the editor)

    GF Icon.png Girlfriend: I know! We need to visit that place again sometime!

    BFIcon.png Boyfriend: Beep?

    (Among us impostor noise, vine boom sound effect, OHHHH MY GOD, fard noise, screen glitches then blacks out)

    Jump-out Dialogue

    Note: Boyfriend's skull emojis in the dialogue cannot be seen in-game, only in the text file.

    BobSquaredIcon.png Bob: what are you

    BFIcon.png Boyfriend: Beep?

    BobSquaredIcon.png Bob: you look quite peculiar indeed, my name is Bob from Bob & Bosip mod!

    BFIcon.png Boyfriend: boi if you don't get yo squiggly diggly headass

    BobSquaredIcon.png Bob: SHUT THE FUCK UP

    BobSquaredIcon.png Bob: let me speak

    BFIcon.png Boyfriend: bruj 💀💀💀

    BobSquaredIcon.png Bob: let me set some rules down for your dumbass

    BobSquaredIcon.png Bob: i aint dream, don't call me that

    BobSquaredIcon.png Bob: 2nd, if you don't win this i'll fucking kill yo

    RonsipIcon.png Ron: hey Guys its me ron

    BobSquaredIcon.png Bob: ...

    BobSquaredIcon.png Bob: go fuck yourself ron

    RonsipIcon.png Ron: :(

    Ronald Mcdonald Slide Dialogue

    BobSquaredIcon.png Bob: you fuckin bitch, i will find out where both of you live and make sure that both of your throats and wrists are cut ope-


    BFIcon.png Boyfriend: ?

    RonsipIcon.png Ron: my Name is Ron, I Have clup penguin Membership

    RonsipIcon.png Ron: I was featured in another FNF Mod called (NEW UPDATE) literally every fnf mod ever (Vs Bob)

    RonsipIcon.png Ron: In which I was murdered

    RonsipIcon.png Ron: And stabbed.

    RonsipIcon.png Ron: My body was used for satisfaction for bob.

    RonsipIcon.png Ron: I was tortured for years on end

    RonsipIcon.png Ron: I'm used as a puppet for the devs on Twitter and played like a fiddle.

    RonsipIcon.png Ron: They USE me, they spread my guts all over their social media for likes, fame even

    RonsipIcon.png Ron: I can't deal with this torture and TORMENT, the only way I've lived is through pain and nothing else

    RonsipIcon.png Ron: I can't do this I CAN'T



    RonsipIcon.png Ron: THIS ISNT A JOKE, CLOSE YOUR GAME AND GET ME THE FUCK OUT OF HERE. (If the player has OBS studio or Streamlabs OBS open, Ron will instead say: THIS ISNT A JOKE, STOP YOUR OBS RECORDING AND GET ME THE FUCK OUT OF HERE.)

    GF Icon.png Girlfriend: K

    RonsipIcon.png Ron: rap battle :)

    BFIcon.png Boyfriend: ok :)

    Post-Ronald Mcdonald Slide Dialogue

    RonsipIcon.png Ron: Unfair!

    RonsipIcon.png Ron: I didn't have a 4th wall break meltdown for nothing!

    BFIcon.png Boyfriend: Skill issue :/

    RonsipIcon.png Ron: nnggnhghrrr....... NNNRRRNN .......I THINK IM GONNA TRANSFORM

    [Ron tries to transform but gets hit by CJ's car and dies (in a cool way)]

    RonsipIcon.png Ron: *Shreiks of the agony of 1000 tortured souls*

    (to be continued)

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