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Vs. Bob and Bosip is on the golden throne! It's considered one of the best and most remembered mods in the FNF community!

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Crap uuhh, did this mod break? - Violastro

The development or possible updates of this mod have been canceled, so a release of its new content is not expected. The reasons for this vary, such as: controversies, lack or loss of interest, the disappearance of the "passion" for the mod, or simply a lack of ideas.

Reason: Due to controversies involving Amor, any future updates to Vs. Bob and Bosip, including crossovers, are now cancelled, making the mod officially discontinued and won't be returning. This page will be kept up for historical purposes.

Corrupt lose.png
Partially Lost

E-Everything seems to be slipping my mind.. - Boyfriend

One or more of this character's appearances/download links are either withheld, on hold, privatized, or trashed and are no longer available. However, other appearances are still easily accessible.
Not to be confused with Template:Lost

Note: The mod has been removed from GameJolt and GameBanana, most likely due to the above. However, the Google Drive download still exists. Fans have also made unofficial links, but we will not release them for ethics.


This article contains potentially sensitive content that may be discomforting or upsetting to certain users. Viewer discretion is advised!

Reason: Bob's (Not the B&B Bob, the Bob from Literally every fnf mod ever (Vs Bob)) Run appearence makes a brief appearence in Jump Out (A Window), which has photorealistic eyes. Also, if you attempt to play any of the Bob Takeover songs on Easy or Normal, you will be greeted by the eye jumpscare. In addition to that, Ron dies (again) after Ronald Mcdonald Slide, and his corpse can be briefly seen after being run over by CJ & Ruby.


This article contains content that may bring users with past trauma, to something that might cause a physical and/or mental reaction. Viewer discretion is advised!

Reason: In the dialouge of Ronald McDonald Slide, it's implied that Ron has been tortured by the delevopers as a puppet.

Major Spoilers Ahead!

Oh please, you don’t even know the full story. - Abby

This page contains spoilers that may ruin the player's experience. View at your own risk or after playing the mod itself!

Reason: The page tells the whole story.

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Low File Quality

okay Its My turnGET THE FUCK OUT you dumbass Vs. Bob and Bosip lookin ass - Ron

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That's a lot! - ENA

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Reason: 99K+ bytes and growing.

Golden Throne

Wow... So that's how that turned out! This whole passage is just... extraordinary! - Xingqiu

This mod is on the golden throne! It's considered one of the best and most remembered mods in the Friday Night Funkin' community!

Reason: Controversy aside, the mod was very popular and was praised for being high-effort.

Copyrighted Assets


This article contains copyrighted music, files, or other copyrighted assets that can claim copyright infringement.

Reason: Some of the Memes in the Bob Takeover Week may be copyrighted.

Vs. Bob and Bosip was a mod created by AmorAltra and animated by TheMaskedChris. In this mod, Bob and Bosip finish an end portal to go to The End (a dimension in Minecraft at the end of the game where you defeat the Ender Dragon), but the portal takes them to the world of Friday Night Funkin' instead, and the only way out is to beat Boyfriend and Girlfriend in a rap battle.

Canon-wise, the main opponents of this mod, Bob and Bosip, are characters that were created by Amor (the character) that came to life and have their own personalities and consciousness. They aren't actual people, but AI with a physical form. Their designs are based on Amor's Geometry Dash forms, Bob being based on his cube and Bosip being based on his ship. Bob and the others live inside of Amor's PC and they can explore everything there, like games, apps, videos, and the internet. The mod itself takes place as Bob and Bosip try to go to Minecraft, however, they somehow end up entering Friday Night Funkin' instead, as it turns out Amor intended for this to happen and modded them in.

The mod was discontinued and trashed due to the creator, AmorAltra, and his controversy, along with canceling all of his collaborations with other Friday Night Funkin' mods.


Week 1

The story starts with Bob and Bosip are seen confident to defeat the Ender Dragon from Minecraft, Bob and Bosip entered the portal, which they thought it was Minecraft, but instead, was a world of Friday Night Funkin'. Bob gets baffled trying to find out where they are, soon he becomes paranoid and thinks they are in Fortnite, Bosip tells him to calm down and messages his anonymous friend where world they unintentionally traveled. 30 minutes later, their anonymous friend finally replied and said they are in a dimension of a popular game known as Friday Night Funkin'. A cranky Bob asks Bosip what where they gonna do to get out and Bosip explains that they need to find Boyfriend and Girlfriend and challenge them to a rap battle. Bob then asks Bosip why do we name themselves Boyfriend and Girlfriend and wonders it was their parents. Boyfriend and Girlfriend suddenly appeared behind them and tells them he is Boyfriend. Bob got surprise to his appearance then makes fun of Boyfriend due to his size. While Bob is still taunting Boyfriend, Bosip asks Girlfriend is it's okay to for him to stand next to her, Girlfriend agreed.

At the end of Jump Out, Bob fainted to the ground while groaning severely. Bosip stepped on the plate and ready to face Boyfriend while Bob on the background can be heard coughing irritatingly.

At the end of Swing, it is night, Bob again started to freak out that they are no longer gonna get out of the dimension, Bosip incredulously stated that Boyfriend has some mad skills. Bosip's phone suddenly rang and doubtfully starts glowing, the anonymous caller was revealed to be Amor, sitting in his gaming setup, asking them how were they doing at rap battling Boyfriend, Bob and Bosip tells Amor to get them out of the dimension and Bob said that Boyfriend is kicking their asses left and right. Amor tells both of them to get Boyfriend over, Amor stepped on their plates and challenges Boyfriend for a final round.

At the end of Split, Amor said he knew his downfall is going to happen eventually, but acknowledges that he has fun rap battling Boyfriend. Bob suddenly pops up at his screen asking how are they supposed to get out know and asked him if he already knew he's gonna lose. Amor reluctantly agrees and stated to both of them that he did all of this on purpose because of something he's been planning on doing for a while. This leaves Bob and Bosip completely confused on what he is talking about. Amor explains to them that he is inspired by the amount talent of the Friday Night Funkin' community and confirmed that he puts both of them in the dimension in order to create his own mod and also didn't know that it take them long to finish it, then laughs it off. Amor then asks Bob and Bosip why are they just standing and asks them if they were confused. After few seconds of awkward silent, Bob takes a deep breath and yells at the top of his lungs "WHAT THE FU--" before the end credits shows up at the end of the week.

In the Background

The story begins with Boyfriend getting bored and Girlfriend carrying her speakers with a wagon. Girlfriend asks Boyfriend if he's been bored for not rap battling anyone, Boyfriend replied he needs his adrenaline rush. Girlfriend said to him that sometimes, he doesn't need to rap battle against gods or demons, and as well said that it's nice to just have fun singing with people with relaxing. Boyfriend and Girlfriend suddenly bumped into a anthropomorphic blue jay, the blue jay recognized Boyfriend and revealed that he is a fan of him. The blue jay tells them that he's been making a song and asks them if he can challenge Boyfriend to a rap battle, the blue jay's name is revealed to be Jay. Girlfriend encourages Boyfriend to sing with him, Boyfriend reluctantly accepted and gives him a nickname, Mordecai.



Hey there, are you ready? I've been waiting a while for this...
― Bob, Jump-In

For other characters named "Bob", see Bob (disambiguation).

Bob is the first opponent. He is the personification of Amor's Geometry Dash cube. His songs are Jump-In and Copy-Cat.


Bob has blue hair, blue eyes, apricot skin, and a blue mouth, apparently tongueless. He wears a yellow long-sleeved shirt with a blue "B" symbol and a white collar, dark grey long-legged jeans, and orange and white trainers. He clutches his mic in his left hand.

In his EX variant, he is now wearing a full-on black suit, shades, a blue tie, black shoes and what is presumably a white handkerchief in his pocket.

In Copy-Cat EX, his outfit resembles GeorgeNotFound's Minecraft skin. He wears a blue shirt with a red and white version of his icon on it, blue jeans, gray and white shoes and white sunglasses.



Pssh, as usual. I'm all strapped up for this.
― Bosip, Jump-In

Bosip is the second opponent, stepping up to the plate due to Bob being tired after facing Boyfriend and singing for 6 hours straight. He is the personification of Amor's Geometry Dash ship. His song is Swing.


Bosip has slightly spiky blonde hair, apricot skin, and blue eyes. He has 2 slitted scars on each of his cheeks, resembling shark gills. His clothes are tattered and have several tears on them. He wears a yellow t-shirt, brown bag, brown jeans, and brown shoes.

In his EX variant, he now wears a mask, a brown coat with a brown (?) undershirt, black shoes and brown pants that are torn at the knees. He also does not have his bag.

In Copy-Cat EX, his outfit resembles Sapnap's Minecraft skin. He wears a tan bandana, a tan shirt with a flame on it, a black undershirt, black pants and checkered shoes. He holds a golden apple in his left hand and a diamond sword in his right. His right leg rests on a grass block.


  • In Amor's old reference sheets of his characters, Bosip used to have blue pants and red shoes.



Here comes the drop!
― Amor, Split

Amor Altra Putratama (or simply known as Amor) is the self-insert of the creator of the mod. He is the third and final opponent in the first week, facing Boyfriend from behind his computer in the real world. His songs are Split and Oblique Fracture.


Amor is an Indonesian guy with blue hair, apricot skin, and blue eyes. He wears a white t-shirt, black shorts, and white socks. He also wears black and blue headphones.

In his EX variant, he is now wearing his signature yellow hoodie with black sleeves, and black jeans with yellow lines around it. His hoodie appears to be red due to the lighting, but you can slightly see yellow in each pose, most notably during the left and down poses.



Let's go!
― Blu, Groovy Brass

Blu is one of the background characters who is walking around in Tutorial (Remix), Jump-In, and Copy-Cat, who you can now face in the mod, with the song Groovy Brass.


He appears as a blue jay with jean shorts and a brown belt with a yellow buckle. He has amber eyes.

In his EX variant, his feathers are more sharp and slick, and he wears a sleeveless black and orange jacket and shorts.



What's all of the commotions on here?
― Mini, Conscience

Mini is one of the background characters who is sitting on a bench in Tutorial (Remix), Jump-In, and Copy-Cat, who you can now face in the mod, with the song Conscience. His earphones are absent during his songs.


He appears as a normal guy with slightly apricot skin, brown hair and purple eyes. He wears a purple shirt, gray(?) jeans and gray sneakers.

In his EX variant he wears a cat maid. He wears a white headband with black cat ears, a black and white dress with poofy sleeves, hearts at the apron and a heart shaped hole, black shorts and black socks(?).



Aww, don't tease Blu like that!
― JGhost, Post-Intertwined

JGhost is one of the background characters who stands by his dog and boyfriend Cerberus in Swing, who you can now face in the mod, with the song Yap Squad.


JGhost has a skull for a head, with brown fur and ears covering the rest of it. He has orange eyes. He wears a black long sleeved shirt and black sweatpants. While his torso seems humanlike, he has a large brown tail sticking out and paws for hands and feet.

In his EX variant, he is riding Cerberus. He wears an orange cameo hoodie with the word "Inflate" on the right sleeve. His ears are now orange.



It's fun... but a bit loud...
― Cerberus, Intertwined

Cerberus is one of the background characters, which is a 3 headed dog who sits by their owner and boyfriend JGhost, in Swing. During Yap Squad, they assist their owner by barking, decreasing the player's health. After the end of "Yap Squad", it is confirmed that Cerberus' 3 heads can talk, but choose not to, confirmed after Intertwined.


Cerberus is a tan, three headed dog. The right head appears to be confident, the middle seems to be playful and the left seems to be sad. They all have black eyes.

In their EX variant, they become red with a lot more fur, a much larger tail and a golden chain with a skull. They now have clawed feet and black teeth showing. They all have orange eyes.



But in the meantime, why don't we take a little break and hop in?
― Ash, Intertwined

Ash is one of the background characters who is sitting on a bench with Cerbera in Swing, who you can now face in the mod, with the song Intertwined. He is the persona of Ash, the programmer of this mod.


He appears to be a completely white demon with a single eye on his face and no other facial features besides the blush. He also has a black tail with a white end. He holds a red mic in his left hand.

In his EX variant, his horns are slightly more curved and he now has a black mic. He wears a dark purple tank top with a magenta heart in the center. He has shoulderless sleeves with dark purple and magenta stripes and fingerless gloves. He also wears black shorts with a bottom stripe and dark purple socks.


  • Something curious is that Sonic.Exe and Sunky.Mpeg from the Vs. Sonic.Exe mod have exactly the same microphone as Ash.
  • Despite being a male, Ash is voiced by MangooPop for unknown reasons; possibly to fit his persona's perspective voice.



I don't really have an option, do I?
― Cerbera, Intertwined

Were you looking for his his playable appearence?

Cerbera is one of the background characters who is sitting on a bench with Ash in Swing, who you can now face in the mod, with the song Intertwined. He is the old persona of Cerbera, the charter of this mod.


In the mod, he is a black Jigglypuff from Pokemon with hot magenta eyes. He has an angry mark similar to that from anime on the right of his head. The angry anime symbol was absent whenever he does a singing pose,

In his EX variant, his ears are sharper and his center puff is less like that of a jigglypuff. He wears a black mask with a pink x and brown gauntlets. His angry face mark is also gone.



Game Over Boyfriend is a secret opponent in Gameover. He is the skeleton of Boyfriend that can be seen whenever you lose. You can face him when you lose at EX songs when you get blue balled as a Skeleton.


Game Over Boyfriend is an inside-out version of Boyfriend himself. He is a skeleton with blue balls, a brain shape of a text "RETRY" that can change colors in every of his singing poses and purplish blue outlines of his outside appearance.


  • It is unknown if his song, Gameover has it's own EX difficulty.
  • In the beginning of the song, Game Over Boyfriend was singing the melody of "PP".


Boyfriend is the main protagonist of most Friday Night Funkin' mods. He has an "EX" variation that is just the same Boyfriend, but with a change of clothes and being able to sing even when it's dead (shown in Game Over EX).


Boyfriend attains his usual game appearance in the mod.

In Jump Out, near the middle of the sing, he transforms into Anders. Boyfriend is originally going to be transformed into CJ from Starlight Mayhem.

In his EX variant, he wears a dark gray hoodie with a white outline of "X", dark grey fingerless gloves, baggy white pants, blue and yellow sneakers with white shoelaces and a backwards dark gray cap with a yellow brim.

In his EX variant update, he is slightly detailed. He now wears a darker hoodie with a yellow square-shaped prohibition sign, dark baggy pants, blue and yellow sneakers with more white shoelaces and a backward dark gray cap with a yellow brim and a yellow button on top. He also now wears dark grey headphones with a light blue logo with a single text that says "X".

In Jump Out EX near the beginning, he transforms into Little Man.





go fuck yourself ron
― Bob, Jump-Out

For other characters named "Bob", see Bob (disambiguation).
To see more about Bob check out the Bob Page.

Bob is a malevolent god created by phlox. In the crossover week, he takes the place of the other Bob. After his plan to kill Boyfriend fails, he finds Bob and Bosip, tricking them into a rap battle. After they beat him, he transforms into his goop form and kidnaps them both, taking their place along with the deceased Ron. His songs are Copy-Cat and Jump-Out (A Window).



Bob uses his Sunshine sprite in Copy-Cat.

Jump Out

In Jump-Out, Bob has shading on him and wears an outfit that resembles the Bob from the Bob and Bosip mod. The only difference is that the shirt has "gloopie" written on it.

At one point, in the Onslaught reference, he turns into Verbalase wearing a red shirt, accompanied with a yellow background. Whenever he does a singing pose, he turns into fictional characters that can be seen in Verbalase's videos. The left pose is Patrick Star, the down pose is Thanos, his up pose is Sonic and his right pose is presumably Mario wearing a red jumpsuit with a yellow propeller on top.

In the DanTDM reference, he turns into a video clip depicting DanTDM's old intro, followed by a white text appearing on the bottom that says "Girlfriends!".

At the end of the song, he later turns into Hell Bob, the only difference is he still attains his Bob hair.

Copy-Cat EX

In Copy-Cat EX, he has a black shirt, and wears Dream's mask. He also holds a bottle of "normal pills" from the music video as well.

Jump Out EX

In Jump Out EX, he wears sun glasses, shirt with a pocket and two buttons, a ROBLOX tie and holding a grey Kanye West's face microphone

At the end of the Trouble reference, Bob turns into a video depicting the main characters from Banyard deliverying a bagel to a "customer", who was confused because he didn't order anything.

In the middle of Jump Out EX, Bob turned into a spoof version of Tricky's transformation in one of his songs, Expurgation. He now has gray skin, glowing red eyes, red curly hair and a glowing red halo. In all of his pose (except for the left pose), he now has photo-realistic hands, which are actually stock photos.

At the end of the Crab Rave reference, Bob turns into a vine video depicting Marlon Webb sitting on the motorcycle wearing a watermelon for helmet, while yelling out "BUT I GOT A WATERMELON INSTEAD!".


  • In the EX update in Funky Friday, his EX songs hasn't been released. Probably because of the song featuring so many inappropriate moments like swearing.
  • During Jump-Out, various song samples are used including



― Ron, Ronald McDonald Slide

To see more about Ron check out the Ron Page.

Ron is a sexist, homophobic but cool humanoid meme folder created by wildythomas. In the crossover week, he takes the place of Bosip. After getting killed by Bob (In a cool way.) he is now a dead puppet for the developers to abuse and torment and he wants out. Unfortunately he is forced to become Bosip anyway so his desires for freedom are hopeless. His song is Ronald McDonald Slide.


Ronald McDonald Slide

Here, Ron dons an awesome outfit and hairstyle similar to that of Bosip. He now also now has an interesting mic. A notable difference is that the rips on his pants have a tendency to change into different shapes, including a crewmate, a lightning bolt, a truck, a four-pointed star, etc.

At one point, he turns into Biggayrapper’s infamous “Stop Posting About Among Us” rant. The transformation's description depicts Big Gay inside of his car.

In the middle of the song, Ron transforms into BoomKitty and AmorAltra's music video, PP. The transformation's description depicts Bob (as a cube) playing the PP level, accompanied with a giant toilet behind the foreground.

After the PP transformation, Ron possibly turns into a photoshopped picture of a cat crying, followed by "Chills" saying a cut audio clip, "WAAAAAAA".

In almost at the end of the song, Ron, along with Boyfriend, Girlfriend, the rest of the background, turns into a low quality, pixelated versions of themselves, parodying old videos from the mid-2000.

Before the end of the song, Ron transforms the background into 3 videos of spaces, accompanied with the Shooting Star music playing in the background.

Ronald McDonald Slide EX

In his EX Variant, he wears a wrinkly badass gray jacket and shirt, ripped jeans with one of the shapes look like a Among Us Crewmate and wildythomas and grey shoes. He also wears a gray mask with a yellow text that says "WOOWAGA". He still holds his interesting mic that says "piss" and spinning it around in his idle pose.

At the very start of the song, he turns into a video depicting a guy wearing a grey hoodie under a teal shirt, accompanied with a music classroom. The guy's head was replaced by Ron's icon. He can be seen saying "So, Hawaii 5-0, you seen that show? Well, there's a drum-fill that goes...".

Near the beginning of the song, he turns into a highly compressed image of Prince Adam from the 1983 animated show "He-Man and the Masters of the Universe", accompanied with a rainbow background. This is a reference to the 2007 video Fabulous Secret Powers. His singing poses is just him singing "Heyyeyaaeyaaaeyaeyaa".

Before the Ronald McDonald Insanity reference, Ron transforms into a video depicting Monty Python wearing a formal tuxedo, accompanied with a forest background and a table. Throughout this entire transformation, he said "Now for something...Completely different." before Ron's voice turns into Japanese Ronald McDonald.

At the middle of the song, Ron later transforms into Sans from Undertale. In almost of his poses, his eyes turn into cyan and yellow.

At the part where "Hot Milk" by Snail's House was referenced, Ron becomes muscular and shows off his thicc Omni-Man pose after the second beat-drop of the song.

In almost at the end of the song, Ron transforms into a video, yet again parodying mid-2000 videos. The video depicts two videos of Amor, a big blue text that says "BOB MOD" and the bottom left are all Amor's socials, accompanied with a text on that says "subscrib to amroaltar".

At the end of the song, Ron transforms into Npesta. His "singing" poses is just him saying to his mom he is coming to dinner after getting 98% in a Geometry Dash level, "Bloodlust".


  • According to Amor, Ron is referred to as Ronsip while assuming Bosip's appearance.
  • This mod portrays Ron as the more chaotic one out of the duo with him moving very fast and erratically and his song slowly devolving into insanity.
  • Ron (Bosip)'s ripped holes on his jeans and his bag change shapes each poses he sings.
  • Whenever he sings a right note, Ron will attempt to quickly run to the right, but teleports back to his place whenever he sings another note. At a few points in the song, he actually succeeds to reach the right side of the screen.
  • Ron's songs Ronald McDonald Slide and Ronald McDonald Slide EX contains one of the most references of any songs, with a total of 47 meme references in the original and 76 in the EX version (both counts excluding Ron's song from his original mod).
    [1] These references include the following, chronologically ordered by their first appearance in the songs:

  1. School of Rock Hawaii 5-0 Drum Fill
  2. Endigo - Big Chungus
  4. Number 15: Cat go waa
  5. Airhorn Sound Effect
  6. Vine Boom Sound Effect
  7. Wet Fart Sound Effect
  8. screaming (source unknown)
  9. Bruh Sound Effect #2
  10. Kanye East Freestyle (Fortnite balls)
  11. Five Nights at Freddy's 1 First Phone Call
  12. Jerma985 Prevents a DMCA Strike (AudioJungle + AA EE OO)
  13. Reverb Fart Sound Effect
  14. Gun sound effects (source unknown)
  15. Chris turns blue
  16. WHAT spam (source unknown)
  17. Bruh glitch
  19. Space Jam theme
  20. Coca cola don't forget the ice (god motherfucker)
  21. Man screaming (source unknown)
  22. Coolio - Gangsta's Paradise
  23. Deez Nuts
  24. Tobu - Candyland
  25. MLG Hitmarker Sound Effect
  26. You like these (?) (source unknown)
  27. Balls in Your Jaws Remix
  28. Now for something competely different (Monty Python)
  29. Ronald McDonald insanity
  30. We're Gonna Be Talking About The Penis! (Beavis and Butthead)
  31. Mutahar laughing
  32. Unknown male vocals
  33. Pufferfish aeugh
  34. Drums (source unknown)
  35. Etika reacts to Sans in Deltarune
  36. Megalovania
  37. Meet the Flintstones
  38. Emote: Dance Moves - Fornite
  39. The Lick
  40. Speak English, can you understand it now (?) (source unknown)
  41. More gun noises (?) (source unknown)
  42. DK RAP 2018 (Where are they now?)
  43. Number 15: My heart. I loved her.
  44. Windows XP error
  45. Coconut Mall
  46. Ford wet noodle (voiced by Seabo)
  47. Let's Do This
  50. DaBaby - Vibez (Less Go)
  51. Masked Wolf - Astronaut in the Ocean
  52. Kevin MacLeod - Cipher
  53. Femblock Hooters (AmorAltra)
  54. YOU HAVE UNO!!!!
  55. Sonic Adventure 2 (Dark Story + Final Story) Real-Time Fandub Games
  56. Damn Son Where'd You Find This
  57. Waterflame - Blast Processing
  58. I like ya cut g
  59. I'm a femboy x3 nuzzles (voiced by Seabo)
  60. AeonAir intro
  61. LMFAO - Party Rock Anthem
  62. Check that (source unknown)
  63. Snail's House - Hot Milk (Omni Man)
  64. Bass Boosted Sound Effect
  65. Glass Break Sound
  66. Only a Spoonful
  67. Trap-a-holics Voice "Real Trap Shit"
  68. DK Rap - Donkey Kong 64
  69. Angry inaudible voices (source unknown)
  70. Bomb Siren Sound Effect
  71. CalebCity - Ayo the pizza here
  72. Biggayrapper's STOP POSTING ABOUT AMONG US TikTok
  73. This is a Certified Hood Classic
  74. Npesta's Bloodlust 98% reaction
  75. The Ventures - Hawaii Five-O


Main Article: Sans (LiterallyNoOne)

Sans is a popular character in Undertale. He is a playable character along with Boyfriend and Bob.


Sans is very laid-back and lazy who often enjoys taking a nap. He is also seen to be very humorous like often making jokes and puns (which are usually about Papyrus and his spaghetti).


Sans is a short, enigmatic, thick monster-like skeleton with white pupils (that can turn into cyan and yellow). He wears a blue hoodie under a white shirt, black shorts with white lines and pair of pink slippers.

In his EX variant, his eyes are now cyan (right) and yellow (left). He wears a puffy black, purple and yellow hoodie with blue lines on both sleeves under a black shirt that contains a icon of a Among Us character with a text underneath that says "WHAT", purple jeans, and light blue and white shoes. He also wears a pair of light blue DJ glasses.}}



Let me watch my anime in peace, damn it!
― Bobal

Bobal is the personification of Amor's Geometry Dash Ball, who was an opponent for the upcoming Week 2 alongside with Bofo.


  • After the Mod's cancellation, some of the Devs of the Mod shared his Idle and Arrow Poses Sheet publicly on a Server alongside with Bofo and their Fusion known as "Fobal" by the remaining people in the Bob and Bosip Community
    • Bobal also has at least 2 unnamed songs that were also cancelled, alongside with one unnamed cancelled collab song.
  • On the older reference sheets, he is seen to be wearing ragged brown jeans, before it was changed into ragged shorts.
  • He was voiced by Medikuma.
  • Bob's name is also a basis of Bobal's name (Bob + Ball = Bobal)

Bowaev is the personification of Amor's Geometry Dash Waev, who was an upcoming opponent for the future week alongside with Boder.


  • Out of all of the Bob Gang members, he is confirmed to be the youngest of them all, being 16
  • Bowaev's goggles was used to be on his head, until it was moved onto his neck
  • He was voiced by JelzyArt

Bofo is the personification of Amor's Geometry Dash UFO, who was an upcoming opponent for Week 2 alongside with Bobal.


  • After the Mod's cancellation, some of the Devs of the Mod shared his Idle and Arrow Poses Sheet publicly on a Server alongside with Bobal and their Fusion known as "Fobal" by the remaining people in the Bob and Bosip Community
  • In one of the older reference sheets, his age was revealed to be 21, though this was not explained before the latest reference sheet, but the remaining fans can assume this was his age if he were a human
  • He was voiced by kip

Boder is the personification of Amor's Geometry Dash Spider, who was an upcoming opponent for the future Week alongside with Bowaev.


  • Boder is canonically mute, leaving the community to be in question on how he would "sing" in his upcoming Week, until an art showing Boyfriend, fighting against him controlling the Arrows was posted, this is most likely due to his powers that mainly came from his Gem on his head
  • Boder having 4 arms is a nod to his Geometry Dash Icon
  • Boder used to have no stubble in the old artworks before the Bob and Bosip community starts to grow further (despite it almost have gone reduced to dusts)

Bobot is the personification of Amor's Geometry Dash Robot, who was an upcoming opponent for the future Week.


  • In one of the older artworks of Amor, he is seen to not have his mask on after he put his helmet off, though, his face was not fully revealed yet at all
  • Despite being seen eating Cereal for the most, his favorite food is revealed to be a Steak
  • He was voiced by Cougar MacDowall

I never thought that I'd be getting to meet up with the big dudes so soon.
― CJ, Inverted Ascension

Wanna know more about CJ?

CJ is a background character that can be seen riding in a blue car with his friend and bandmate, Ruby, whom you would have played against in the now-cancelled Starlight Mayhem x Bob and Bosip Crossover week. TheMaskedChris indicated in a photo of Bob and CJ that if he was implemented into the mod, he would have had a rap battle with Bob.


CJ is a young man with short dark hair, cyan eyes, and pointy canine teeth in his mouth that resemble fangs. He wears a blue and black hoodie as well as black pants and white shoes. He also wears black earrings. In one of the dialogue portraits you can just about notice a tongue peircing in his mouth too.

Nothing is described for his EX variant, as he doesn’t seem to have one due to the week’s cancellation.


Not much information is given about CJ's personality, but from what we can piece together, CJ seems to be a fairly confident, outgoing, and energetic person, and can sometimes be overconfident. His heart is clearly in the right place, however, as demonstrated by his support of Ruby through her issues and insecurities. He admits to things he has some trouble with, such as that he's not the best at vocals. He is resistant to rejection when Ruby rejected his offer to mimic BF and GF's. It's implied he has high intellect as he does very well in school. Besides singing, he also plays the guitar.


  • When CJ was first created, he was originally going to be a My Hero Academia OC and had a superhero alter-ego called Ink Punisher, but this concept was dropped later on and he became a character not related to MHA at all.
  • CJ canonically has a twin sister, called Faith Johnson.
  • On Twitter, TheMaskedChris confirmed that CJ's full name is Carl Johnson which is also the name of the protagonist of GTA: San Andreas.[3]
  • CJ even has his own sellable marketable plushy, the same one of which Your Painfully Average Self Insert Mod has promoted on.