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Upcoming Content

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This mod has upcoming content that is confirmed to be in development, either confirmed on a livestream, a tweet, or any other verified source of information! This article likely has placeholder content. Please refrain from adding any false or unconfirmed information. Remember to stay patient with the mod creator(s) and don't repeatedly ask them when the next update will come, since mods take time to make.

Upcoming: Version 3.0, which will have alot of new content, such as new sprites for Bambi, Tristan's week, and Remastered Songs.

Resolved Controversy

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This page contains controversial content which is solved or mostly solved. Due to different viewpoints, stories, and possible willingness to fix and change for people involved, please refrain from attacking people or starting witch hunts. Any attacks done to others does not reflect the Friday Night Funkin Community and/or FNF Mod Community; and does not associate with harassers and threatening people.

Reason: CyndaquilDAC has been exposed by MoldyGH for doing questionable stuff with their cat and Moldy. CyndaquilDac has also been caught leaking content from v2.6 and v3.0 early and rushing the team for the semi-official Golden Apple edition. Screwed was also removed from the 2.0 version of Vs. Dave and Bambi due to a transphobic joke made by That Pizza Tower Fan and Mealie replaced it. Cynda was also reportedly fired from the official Dave and Bambi team. TPTF was forgiven by the developers, however Screwed will not be added back. Despite this apology, TPTF still turned out to be a very controversial person. Read the Golden Apple page for more information.


This article contains potentially sensitive content that may be discomforting or upsetting to certain users. Viewer discretion is advised!

Reason: Dave and Bambi's source games are Dave’s Fun Algebra Class, Marcello's Fun House and Dave's House, those are Baldi's Basics mods. The 3D models come from there, and Baldi's Basics is unsettling already. Also Expunged's losing icon in Unfairness and poses may be slightly creepy to some, there is also a secret jumpscare with the Exorcist Girl. In the Furiosity Alpha 4 dialogue, Dave threatens to kill GF. Boyfriend says the N word, and Dave calls Boyfriend the R slur in the old alternate Insanity dialogue. Bambi's original voice sample has a lot of suggestive words. The dialogue for the Vs. Dave Thanksgiving song also is very suggestive.


This article contains content that may bring users with past trauma, to something that might cause a physical and/or mental reaction. Viewer discretion is advised!

Reason: Furiosity, Polygonized and Glitch all have a feature that will change the hue of everything on screen, this will also cause the screen to shake. The screen also shakes when Expunged sings in Unfairness.

Unfinished Page

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Reason: 01/02/2022: Tristan's animated death, retry, hit and attack poses are needed. Also, his old and golden versions are missing animations. We also need Dave's poses for Splitathon but animated, and static poses for Unfairness Expunged. Some old and playable Bambi idles are missing too. There's also some extra characters hidden in the charting menu that need to be added. Also, some leaks on twitter for the 3.0 update.

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Fan Favorite

Holy fucking shit is that “Vs. Dave and Bambi” - Boyfriend

This mod is a fan favorite! It's well known within the community!

Note: The mod has good reception among fans, reaching nearly 535 likes on GameBanana, 905,000 views, and almost making GameBanana go down to the 2.5 update, Bambi had or still have a template just for him. The Golden Apple Edition also make the popularity of the original increase.

Major Spoilers Ahead!

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This page contains spoilers that may ruin the player's experience. View at your own risk or after playing the mod itself!

Reason: Dave's week endings.

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Reason: Over 140,000 bytes of information, that's alot for a mod with more upcoming content and around 30K+ bytes have been added ever since this article went unlocked!

Were you looking for the Golden Apple Edition? or any others?

Vs. Dave and Bambi or just Vs. Dave is a mod that adds 3 weeks, 6 playable characters, 16 songs etc. It took months of development to make.


Dave's Fun Rapping Battle!

Boyfriend and Girlfriend meet Dave, who was grilling some sausages. BF beeps, and Dave freaks out a little. However after seeing who it was, Dave says he saw them two days ago (where or how he saw it is not said), and BF asks for a rap battle, which Dave enthusiastically accepts.

After the first song, Dave gets a little annoyed but keeps up appearances and asks for another rap battle. As the second song plays, Dave starts to become three-dimensional, which he realizes too late. In the last song, Dave freaks out and desperately asks for help to get the world back to normal for BF. What happens next varies on the player's accuracy in the song. If he gets good accuracy, the world goes back to 2D and the couple leaves. If the player does badly or very badly, the world comes back, but Dave wins the song and gets Girlfriend.

Mr. Bambi's Fun Corn Maze

After Dave's week, he invites Boyfriend and Girlfriend to a picnic at a corn farm as an apology after what happened. As the couple walks through the farm, her owner appears: Bambi. Because the two are walking slowly, Bambi thinks they went there to steal his corn, and immediately calls for a rap battle to banish the two. Dave starts calling Bambi saying they didn't go there to steal corn, but he switches off his cell phone, believing they are using Dave as an excuse. As Bambi realizes he's going to lose, he threatens BF saying "Don't win this one... or... or... I'll break my phone! Yeah I'll smash my phone and you'll get grounded!"

Ultimately, Bambi actually breaks the phone, and Dave gets mad since he bought it. After several minutes, Bambi finally believes the couple were there for another reason, and the week ends with everyone having a picnic, and Bambi starts a food fight...

The Finale

After having the picnic, Dave states that the winner of the rap battle has not been determined yet, and Dave challenges Boyfriend to one last showdown for the victory. Bambi asks to join in too, but Dave rejects his request. Bambi isn't very happy about this.



DavePortrait Splitathon 2.5.png
You know, I like chilling out, but we haven't settled which is the better rapper. So I think, we have a 10 minute showdown.― Dave, Splitathon

Don't be confused with any other Daves.

Dave is the first opponent of the mod.


Dave has the appearance of a young adult in a wheelchair with short brown hair, fair skin, large eyebrows and beady eyes. He wears a long-sleeved shirt and blue pants. Instead of having legs (since his were blown up in an accident involving rockets), he has gray polygons that serve as metallic legs, which is why he uses a black chair and gray wheels.

During Polygonized or Furiosity, his model becomes 3D and his colors darken greatly. His facial expression in this form can be one of fear or anguish in more recent versions, or one of anger in older ones. Also, in the Alpha and Bambi Update versions, he was just covered in a red and orange coloring, or covered in red TV static.

During Splitathon, Dave has an expression of extreme confidence, with his hands placed on his waist with clenched fists. His chair now has an opening on the left side, which releases a microphone with a large cable.


Dave is quite competitive, lively and slightly calm, but seems to have some habit of stuttering when surprised (as seen in the House cutscene). Living in the "middle of nowhere" doesn't seem to bother him too much, as that doesn't mean he's completely alone. His son Tristan, on the other hand, easily takes away his good manners, causing Dave to lose some of his polite language and cursing his son right away. Still, Dave doesn't seem like a violent father.

He appears to be irritated or annoyed when he loses to someone (Dave's sprite in Insanity is called "dave-annoyed" in the game files), but maintains his composure despite this. The bad part of this is that the chances of him starting to turn his surroundings into 3D, and with that destroying the world, increases, and as seen in Furiosity/Polygonized, Dave doesn't have a good control over the 3D world.

His past seems to be unknown to Bambi or Tristan, probably because Dave chronologically froze some students in the past when he was still a teacher.


  • Dave has the ability to change everything 3D, but it happens accidentally/at random. This is because he comes from a 3D style game, Dave's Fun Algebra Class.[2]
  • Dave met Bambi while Bambi was trying to steal corn in a corn maze.[2]
  • Dave AlwAyS Hated ur mom [2]
  • Dave lives in the middle of nowhere.[2]
  • Dave's favorite insurance company is Progressive.[2]
  • Dave's favorite Wii game is Wii Party.
  • Dave broke his legs because of an accident in a laboratory he worked at.
  • Dave went to a tournament with other mod characters.
  • Boyfriend and Girlfriend got sucked into Dave's House while they were playing it.
  • Dave and Bambi do not live with each other.
  • Dave and Bambi lack reproductive organs, making them unable to have biological children.[2]
  • Dave has a robot suit but is still a human that wears a suit.[3]
  • Dave's house has metal gates for extra protection from stealers. [4]
  • Dave buys bricks, paints them like phones and gives them to Bambi as a Valentine’s Day gift.
  • Dave has 6 copies of PaRappa the Rappa in his house.
  • Dave's right pose for Bambi Update resembles the first mod banner.


Bambi Bambi Bambi

― Bambi, Post-Corn Theft Cutscene

This is the original Bambi, don't be confused with any other decipted of Bambi or others Bambisonas.

Bambi is the 2nd opponent of the mod.


Bambi has the appearance of a small farmer with a green hat, red shirt, and blue overalls. During the final segment of Mealie and the now removed song Screwed, he becomes REALLY mad and holds the very destroyed phone in his hands instead of a microphone. During any version of the Splitathon, playing as him, In Supernovae and Glitch, and in the Bambi Update, he doesn't have his overalls. When the player plays as him in Week 5, he wears a green Christmas hat.


Bambi is a complete hothead and corn fan, but he also seems to be pretty slow in terms of thinking quickly. He always starts off by accusing anyone who enters his farm as a "corn thief" and kicking them out when given the chance (calling it blocking), even though it is hypocritical of him as he stole Zardy's farm and only put your name above. If someone ends up beating him, he steps back and says little by little that it's a draw, until he meets the thief again (although he gradually accepts the presence of Boyfriend and Girlfriend). Even trying to explain, his explosive and unwilling to listen behavior makes reasonable communication difficult.

His relationship with Dave is pretty messed up. Bambi acts purely on impulse, and Dave can only talk and make Bambi listen after Bambi has already done something stupid (like breaking the very cell phone Dave bought him). Bambi mostly interrupts Dave when he says something (hanging up on him, taking his turn for himself), and it's become so normal for Dave that he smiles after Bambi takes his turn at Splitathon for the second time.

In the joke songs, Bambi changes his behavior to something even more idiotic. His lines are meaningless, and he constantly proclaims himself the winner before the start of a song.


  • Bambi has stolen Zardy's farm.[2]
    • If Zardy would one day come back to his farm, Bambi would throw a phone at him.
  • Bambi's favorite Wii Game is Wii Sports.
    • Bambi's favorite Wii Sports game is Bowling.
  • Bambi goes to corn mazes and steals corn.
  • Bambi is god and has a religion.
  • Bambi came into existence for no reason.
  • Bambi can make friends with everyone.
  • Bambi got his hat from a lost and found bin at a corn maze.
  • Bambi can get so angry he loses his head, keeps his eyes and turns red.
    • This is a reference to his jumpscare in Marcello's Fun House, where he does exactly that after the player collects the second notebook.
  • Bambi mooches off of Dave occasionally.
  • Bambi is made of H20, Helium, CS:GO microphone, and radiation.
  • Bambi has a lot of hours on Counter Strike Source.
  • Bambi hates anime.
  • Whenever he wants to visit Dave, he teleports because he lives so far away.
  • The Bambis in Cheating and Unfairness are not actually Bambi, and rather an entity known as Expunged, the reason why it looks like Bambi is because Bambi's joke sprite sheet is the first one they saw.[7]


Note: Bambi's old playable normal version is the same as Bambi in the mod from the Bambi Update to Alpha 9. As such, images from that version can be found in the old tab and will not be copied here. All other Weeks' forms of Bambi are the same between versions.


Tristan Tristan is one of the supporting characters in Vs. Dave and Bambi, appearing in some cutscenes and being playable.


Tristan is a child with slightly yellow skin and a big open smile. He wears a light red t-shirt (holding the microphone in his right hand), blue pants and olive shoes. For some reason, his nose is triangular, his left eye is round and small, while his right is large, wide, and oval, and they change with each pose. His "Hair" is just the word hair written in black, but that word can change to "Ouch!" on the danger icon, or to "dead!" on the danger icon of betas. Speaking of those betas, in his V-Pose, Tristan holds up a brown "hooror" sign. When Tristan "dies", his skeleton and hair are covered in a light red color.

In his golden version, as the name implies, Tristan is completely made of shiny gold (with Senpai-like sparkles coming out of it), including his microphone and clothes. He looks directly at his opponent with a confident gaze, and when he misses his poses, he maintains more composure. When Golden Tristan is startled by thunder, his skin seems to start to crack, and the light red from the game over is changed to light purple.


Tristan despite being a playable character, has few BF traits (besides of course, in-game height). He appears to be a stereotype of a snarky, smart-ass child, lurking in the background and only appearing in two or three dialogues. It's hard to say what his hobbies are besides staying at home, considering the fact that he's Dave's adopted son, whose Dave lives in the middle of nowhere. That's why he's very obsessed with Bambi's cell phone, even making a joke about the number 911, that is, until Dave makes him cry and forces him to return the cell phone.

As for the "father and son" relationship, Tristan doesn't have much affection for his father, as he seems to be very strict at times, or very stupid believing that he has classes every day of the week. As Dave homeschools Tristan, he abuses his "teacher" power a lot, and even does some light cursing, and since Bambi doesn't even for Dave, this makes him even more violent. However, it is possible that Dave is not an abusive/violent father.


  • Tristan seems to be angrier than Boyfriend. This is clear when he misses his poses.
  • Tristan was adopted by Dave.
    • Tristan is also on good terms with Bambi.
  • Tristan's favorite game is "baldi dies".
  • Tristan bares a resemblance to Playtime from Baldi's Basics
  • Tristan was originally an OC owned by Stats45 (aka Baldiisagoodperson).
  • Tristan is 9.



How you do that?
― Expunged, Unfairness cutscene

This is the original Expunged, don't be confused with any other decipted/variation of Expunged or others Bambisonas.

Expunged is a powerful 3D being that takes the form of Bambi.


Expunged appears to be wearing a green hat. It has a red torso and blue legs, though it is unknown whether this is clothes or skin. Its[9] head is a light brown, with black eyes. Its smile is purely black.

In its Unfairness form, it wears a red witch-like hat, as well as having a red torso and legs. It's head is still light brown, but this time, its eyes are wider and its smile is much bigger. The inside of its mouth is purely black with a white tongue. It also appears to "fall apart" occasionally in its twitchy idle.


  • Contrary to popular belief, Expunged is not stronger than Shaggy.[10]
  • Expunged is more powerful than Dave as seen by the things it does to the notes in Cheating and Unfairness.
  • Expunged looks like Bambi because Bambi's joke sprite sheet was the first one Expunged saw when it came into being.
    • Its voice sounds like Bambi's.
      • The reason Expunged sounds like Bambi is because they lack their own voice.
  • The character select menu mistakingly refers to Expunged as "3D Bambi".
    • However, Entity's locked silhouette is correctly identified as "[DATA EXPUNGED]".
  • Expunged has the ability to take any asset from the mod and use or mess with them however it wants.[11]
  • Unfairness Expunged is actually Expunged corrupting 3D Bambi's spritesheet.[12]
    • It can do this with all spritesheets or assets as well as take their form.
  • Expunged can summon Bambi Minions at will.[13]
    • Which means they're canon to the original mod as well, not only Golden Apple.
  • Expunged's purpose is to torture whoever accidentally enters the 3D world as seen in Polygonized.[14]
    • It made up its own purpose because it thought it was fun the first time it did it.[15]
  • Expunged's True Form is based on his lore and is made by his creator.
  • Expunged can be whatever skin tone he wants.[16]




Exbungo appears similar to Expunged's Unfairness form but has a black skin tone, small legs, a red hat with a small dark red brim, a wide torso with a dark red belt and a large round head with a small red face.


  • Actually, Exbungo should never have been present in mod or created at all. MoldyGH once found his song in a game when flipping through the Freeplay Menu Songs, and he was very surprised when he found a character that the developers team didn't create.
    • When Moldy first saw Exbungo, he called this character "ugly".
  • Currently, Exbungo is the only mod character without danger icon.
  • Oddly, Exbungo has no singing poses. When he hits a note, he is stay with his idle without any changes. This makes him the only mod character with such oddity.
  • Exbungo's face resembles Roblox Default Face, but is colored in a red.



Help me I'm stuck in California! WAAAAAAAAAAAA-
― Moldy, Beginning of Escape from California

MoldyGH is the creator of Dave and Bambi and Dave's Fun Algebra Class. He will appear in the song "Escape From California".

Gameplay Mechanics

Furiosity, Polygonized, and Glitch all have moments where the screen will start shaking and change the hue of the screen, in an attempt to distract the player.

Cheating and Unfairness can also shake the screen, however it's small enough to go unnoticed.

Cheating has multiple different gimmicks to make it a proper punishment for, as the song's name states, Cheating, including:

  • The player taking damage each time Expunged hits a note (in a near identical manner to Vs. Tabi's song, Genocide).
  • Each note (except the down note) appearing in the wrong lane.
  • The Notes and the Strikelines themselves moving around, in an attempt to confuse the player.

The v2.5 update introduced another song, Unfairness, which introduces some more gameplay alterations such as:

  • The player taking damage each time Expunged hits a note, however the player takes less damage overall compared to Cheating, this is because if it had cheating's health drain, BF would be blue balled much faster.
  • The Notes and Strikelines circling around the center of the screen.
  • Starting the song with max Health.
  • Ghost tapping being automatically turned off.
  • Each note having a different scroll speed.
  • When the player is currently using Upscroll, the song automatically switches to Downscroll. Earlier, the player's health bar would decrease every several seconds. It would look like the player is missing notes even though they are not pressing any.

While this is not much of a gameplay interference, during Cheating, Unfairness, Glitch, Supernovae, Mealie and Vs. Dave Thanksgiving, additional text is displayed below the song title in the bottom left corner. While this is only credit to the original composer for Glitch, Supernovae, and Mealie, in the other 3 it's something completely different, specifically:

  • In Cheating, it says "Notes are scrambled! FUCK you!"
  • In Unfairness, it says "Ghost tapping is forced off! Screw you!"
  • In Vs. Dave Thanksgiving, it says "What the hell!"

The way this is done is by use of a variable in the source code called "credits".


Note: Controversy regarding That Pizza Tower Fan and the Vs. Impostor composer is now resolved.

Note 2: Cynda's controversy mostly affects the Golden Apple edition.

  • Controversial Log #1: That Pizza Tower Fan: That Pizza Tower Fan (composer of Screwed) made a transphobic joke on his YouTube community tab that was taken very seriously by the community. The aftermath was that in the 2.5 update, Screwed was removed and replaced by Mealie, a song composed by Alexander Cooper 19. However, even if this controversy never happened, MoldyGH still decided to remove the song and have it replaced. This is why Screwed (3.0) remains unused and scrapped, and the original Screwed (as well as the old one) can be found in the Old category.
  • Controversial Log #2: MoldyGH's argument: The new year had begun, and everything was going fine; until on Twitter, a composer for one of Vs. Impostor's songs made a tweet saying that the Dave and Bambi songs sucked so badly, he was questioning why the community liked the mod and it's music so much. After MoldyGH saw this tweet, he had a massive argument, along with Phlox (creator of Vs. Bob). In the end, MoldyGH decided to deactivate his Twitter for a few days, and while deactivated, the toxic parts of the community started to harass the composer mentioned. (Please refain from attacking him, as well as anyone involved) After reactiving, MoldyGH mentioned that he would have had thoughts of suicide, however the community (or, at least the good side of it) and the Golden Apple Edition kept him going.
  • Controversial Log #3: CyndaquilDAC: Click here to see Controversial Template.



  • Splitathon 2 will contain the following:
    • Dave (for three sections)
    • Bambi
    • Tristan
    • Bob (for three sections)
    • Staten Tower
    • Ron (for two sections)
    • Pewdiepie
    • Chair Man
    • Baby Blue Brother
    • Running Goblin
    • Fishy
    • Gorbini
    • The Boss
    • Little Man (as a cameo)
  • Bambi's other two songs in freeplay are from another rhythm game, Clone Hero.
    • The section of Supernovae used in the mod is actually only the final solo. The full song, produced by ArchWK, is 15 minutes long, and features solos from 12 other artists in the Clone Hero community.
    • Glitch is a song that was produced by The Boneyard, a group consisting of top Clone Hero player Frif as well as several other artists in the Clone Hero community.
    • As of Beta 2, Supernovae and Glitch are now no longer apart of the Bambi's week. They can however be accessed through the joke section in freeplay.
  • Polygonized and Furiosity have the ability to shake the screen, similarly to Ruv.
    • In 1.0, The screen now cycles through the RGB color wheel, also accompanied with the screen shaking.
  • The song Insanity shares a name with another song by Corrupt.
  • Vs Dave/Bambi is the first mod to add a secret joke song.
    • There has been many more joke songs added overtime.
  • Dave's first song House is the only song that doesn't use external plugins in FL Studio.
  • Splitathon is the only song to have both Bambi and Dave sing in one song.
  • Many of the mod’s songs have leitmotifs to each other.
    • The Menu Music, House, and Blocked have a leitmotif to Glitch.
    • Furiosity, Maze and Splitathon have a leitmotif to House.
    • Blocked and Corn Theft have a leitmotif to Insanity.
    • The beginning and ending instumental for Insanity has a leitmotif to Splitathon's Bambi section.
  • Splitathon, Glitch, Bonus Song and Mealie are the only songs that use a night-time alternate background.
    • Maze and Vs Dave Thanksgiving are the only songs to use a Midday alternate background.
  • 3D Dave originally stood up in Alpha 6-9, but this was changed in 1.0 to have him sit on a 3D version of his wheelchair.
  • In Furiosity, Boyfriend still has his old, robotic voice.
    • The reason for that is because MoldyGH lost the updated vocal file of Furiosity.
  • Originally Cleary on Twitter and Discord were to make the Dave sprites before being replaced with Rapparep lol.
    • However, Tristan's sprite sheet was made by TheBuilderXD.
  • Bambi's original sprite sheet was taken from Rapparep's mod with permission.
  • In Vs. Dave's Pre-Alpha Build, Insanity was completely different, but was later remade because of the constant usage of jacks.
    • The same is true for the first Versions of Corn Theft and Maze, with Corn Theft's old Version being rejected simply because Moldy didn't like it, and Old Maze because of it being quite repetitive.
  • It is confirmed that Splitathon 2 will be 1 hour long (confirmed in this post by Moldy), but the longest leak so far is a 20-minute Teaser.
  • Vs Dave and Bambi is the first mod to have a song longer than 10 minutes (Splitathon).
    • Vs Dave and Bambi will be the first mod to have a song longer than 1 hour ((Upcoming) Splitathon 2).
  • Dave and Bambi's 3D models were made in Paint 3D.
    • The grass in alpha versions 1-9 however was made in Blender.
  • House, Insanity, Polygonized, Bonus Song, Furiosity and Blocked have an extra difficulty called Legacy which uses their original charts.
    • Before v2.5, the Legacy difficulty was instead called "Un-Nerfed" and was exclusive to Dave's weeks.
    • In the 2.5b update, Blocked recieved a legacy difficulty as well.
  • The Secret song added in v1.0 is based off a meme of VS Matt. The meme, in present is referencing how Matt's charting is too spammy in the old version. The opponent in Secret is Bambi.
  • The v1.0 icon for Splitathon used for the OST and Freeplay menu uses Bambi's Alpha 9 icon. That's because the icon for Splitathon was made before Bambi's Icon was updated.
  • Going into the debug menu during Glitch, Supernovae or VS Dave Thanksgiving will send the player to Cheating. Trying to access Glitch, Cheating, or Supernovae's chart editor through any other means (EX: Typing the song name in the debug menu of another song) will send the player to a video of Kanye East rapping and crash the game on purpose.
    • In v2.0, Pressing 7 in Cheating will make the player instantly lose.
      • Now in v2.5, it will instead take the player to Unfairness.
      • It was originally gonna restart the player's computer in Unfairness, But because of issues, This was scrapped.
        • Now in v2.5, it gives the player the secret Bambi and Exorcist Girl jumpscare.
  • The bridge in the old background of Bambi's week is a reference to the Garry's Mod map, gm_flatgrass.
  • In some parts of Insanity, Dave will become 3D and the background will turn into the one from Furiosity/Polygonized.
  • In the game files are unused Phone Arrows that damage the player when hit.
  • Mealie, a song accesible through the Freeplay Menu in v2.5, was added as a replacement for Screwed, a song in v2.0 made by ThatPizzaTowerFan, due to the previously mentioned creator making a transphobic joke that was taken seriously.
    • Due to this exact reason, Screwed will be listed in the "Old" songs category as it was removed.
      • If the controversy never happened, Screwed would have still been removed due to MoldyGH and his dev team discussing updates to the 2.5 version.
      • Screwed was removed because Moldy apparently did not like it to begin with, as well as the TPTF drama being basically the final nail in the coffin for this song.
  • The quote "there was doodoo feces" heard in Bambi Speak is taken from an interview with late singer Michael Jackson about his time in prison, as he was talking about how horrible the bathrooms there were, quote: "there was doodoo feces all over the walls, the ceiling..."
  • The Cutscene before House uses Pre-Alpha Insanity's Instrumental as Background Music.
    • Both the v1.0 and v2.0 Cutscenes for Maze use the Bad-Ending Music as Background Music as well.
  • Although not normally playable, Cheating was actually added in v1.0, not v2.0.
    • This older version was quite different however, as it lacked a sprite for Expunged, an unique background (simply reusing the one from Furiosity) and the strikelines moving around during the song.
    • Cheating was also originally supposed to use 26 keys, but that was scrapped because the Developers never got to adding it (see pinned comment for source).
      • Cheating at the time was also instead called Bambi-Finale.
  • Worst Ending before 1.0 was called the "Vomit Ending", having Dave vomiting on the ground due to how bad the player was.
  • In the Icon grid for Playtester Build 1 and 1.0.2 are unused "HD" Icons for Bambi, it is currently unknown where they would have been used.
  • In the side update for v2.5 (v2.5b), Cheating was fixed so Expunged, Girlfriend and Boyfriend don’t get darkened. A new song was added called "Vs Dave Thanksgiving". The free play songs now move in a disk-like matter. Every piece of text (except freeplay) is now horizontally centered. Pressing 7 on Unfairness will try to show a picture of an image with Bambi in a room, looking sad with a red tint and a caption, although for an unknown reason, it doesn't work. A few seconds later, it gives the player the Bambi and Exorcist Girl jump scare. Bambi now switches to using his sprites from Screwed near the end of Mealie aswell.
  • The Dave and Bambi soundtrack is now on Spotify.
    • Supernovae, Glitch, and Secret are not included due to them either not being original or them not even being a proper song.
    • Mealie and Vs. Dave Thanksgiving are not included most likely because they were released after the Spotify OST release.
    • Screwed is not included due to it not being original, then being removed due to controversy and decisions for the 2.5 update.
  • In Splitathon, Dave and Bambi never use a duet icon, their icons simply appear in place of each other, forcibly throwing the other's icon off of the health bar in the process.
  • Splitathon has one of the highest amount of notes in any FNF mod, with a staggering 2889.


  • Bambi was voiced by a Brazilian guy on Discord, YouTube, Twitter, etc. called MarcelloBasics03 or Marcello for short.
  • Dave's origin was from a mod of Baldi's Basics in Education and Learning called Dave's Fun Algebra Class.
  • In Polygonized and Furiosity Dave speaks in bar codes, which you cannot scan.
  • In Polygonized and Furiosity, Dave is not actually angry, but instead needs help turning back to his "reality's form".
    • From the Bambi update to the 1.0 update, Dave was furious as the name intended to be because you caused him to turn 3D.
  • Tristan, his golden variant and Bambi (Playable) are the only characters intended for being playable.
  • Bambi's origin is from a joke game called Marcello's Fun House.
    • The game is basically a Baldi's Basic's clone, however the game only has two rooms and Marcello (Bambi) usually kills you anyway.
  • Expunged and Beta 1 - 1.0.2 3D Dave use the same spritesheet.
  • There is a censored version of break_phone.ogg (The origin Bambi and Expunged's vocals) in the game files. The aforementioned file being a recording of an 18 minute discord call between Marcello and MoldyGH, in which Marcello hits his phone multiple times.
  • Some characters in freeplay have a score multiplier for each notes, which means the player can get more/less score depending on what character they use.
  • Dave and Tristan are NOT related to Baldi, even though Dave and Tristan are based off a Baldi's Basics mod called Dave's Fun Algebra Class, which was also made by MoldyGH on
    • Bambi, however, was created by a different person called Marcello for a humorous Baldi's Basics fangame known as Marcello's Fun House.
  • In the 2022 April Fools update, every instance of Bambi is removed. Thus, making every song with Bambi in it, including Splitathon unplayable. The GameBanana page for the mod, also got changed to "Vs. Dave and Tristan".
  • It has been confirmed that Splitathon 2 will not be coming to the 3.0 update.[17]

Unlocking The Characters

  • Tristan - Beat Dave's week in Story Mode.
  • Dave - Beat Bonus Song in Freeplay.
  • Mr. Bambi - Get the Worst Ending. To do so, play the Dave week and then end Polygonized with 5% health left (Furiosity before 2.5).
  • 3D Dave - Beat Polygonized on hard mode (Furiosity before 2.5 And with The LEGACY Dificulty Before 2.5c).
  • Golden Tristan - Beat Dave's week, Bambi's week and Finale in Story Mode (or unlock all characters).
  • Expunged (3D Bambi in-game) - Die during the sections where the screen starts changing colors in Polygonized, Furiosity or Glitch. Note that the color changing feature can be turned off in the settings.
  • Marcello Dave - Either break the character select's reordering system[18], or press 7.

Easter Eggs/Secrets

  • Exorcist Girl Jumpscare: When the player starts up the game, there is about a 1/10000 chance of a picture of Bambi popping up on the player's screen, after 10 seconds, there is a jumpscare and the game crashes.
    • This also happens if the player presses 7 in Unfairness.
  • Secret Dialogue Music: This only happens in Bambi's Week and Glitch. When playing any of Bambi's Songs in Story Mode, there is a 1/1000 that the dialogue music will change, the secret dialogue music is filled with memes.
  • Secret Bambi Video: This easter egg has been scrapped. In the source code, the player can find a line of code that quits the game and opens a video if the player fails a song in the Bambi week, The video is called "GET TROLLED!" and it consists of 17 minutes of Marcello's (the guy Mr. Bambi parodies) doing random actions. This is also where the post-Corn Theft cutscene audio originates from as well as Bambi's samples in his week.
  • If the player presses 7 in either Supernovae, Glitch, or VS Dave Thanksgiving the player will have to play Cheating.
    • Pressing 7 in version 1.0 gives the player Kanye East rapping.
      • Pressing 7 in version 2.5 will allow the player to play Unfairness.
        • Pressing 7 in Unfairness In the leaked 2.5 beta build, it would restart your computer. This was scrapped due to Gamebanana thinking it was a virus.
          • Pressing 7 in Unfairness in the latest version gives the player the jumpscare easter egg instead.

Cameos in other mods

Note: All of these cameos are not canon to Dave's or Bambi's story.

  • In The Date Week, Dave and Bambi appear in the credits as background characters.
  • In The Impossible Trio Chart, Bambi makes an appearence in The Impossible Trio and Survival, while Expunged and Dave make an appearence in Agony and Swapped Trio respectively.
  • In Vs. Aflac, Dave from this mod serves as the opponent in Copy Cat.
  • In Dave and Bambi: Golden Apple, multiple likenesses of Dave and Bambi serve as opponents, and Expunged makes a full appearance.
  • In Vs. Mokey, Bambi appears during Dilan Noises as a cameo.
  • In Vs. SpongeBob Media. Bambi appears in the background of Week 4.


Story Mode - Dave's Fun Rapping Battle!

BPM: 230
Scroll Speed: 2.1 (Easy)
2.7 (Normal)
3.1 (Hard)
Maximum Score: 231000
BPM: 160
Scroll Speed: 2.1 (Easy)
2.7 (Normal)
3.1 (Hard)
Maximum Score: 137550
BPM: 180
Scroll Speed: 2 (Easy)
2.5 (Normal)
3 (Hard)
Maximum Score: 290850

Story Mode - Mr. Bambi's Fun Corn Maze!

BPM: 225 > 150 > 225
Scroll Speed: 2.1 (Easy)
2.7 (Normal)
3.1 (Hard)
Maximum Score: 170100
Corn Theft
BPM: 130
Scroll Speed: 2.1 (Easy)
2.7 (Normal)
3.1 (Hard)
Maximum Score: 286650
BPM: 100
Scroll Speed: 2.1 (Easy)
2.7 (Normal)
3.1 (Hard)
Maximum Score: 279300

Story Mode - The Finale

BPM: 230
Scroll Speed: 3.1
Maximum Score: 1011150

Freeplay - Dave and Bambi

Bonus Song
BPM: 140
Scroll Speed: 2.1 (Easy)
2.7 (Normal)
3.1 (Hard)
Maximum Score: 128800

Freeplay - Joke

BPM: 140
Scroll Speed: 2.1 (Easy)
2.7 (Normal)
3.1 (Hard)
Maximum Score: 529200
Composer(s): ArchWk
BPM: 160
Scroll Speed: 2.1 (Easy)
2.7 (Normal)
3.1 (Hard)
Maximum Score: 448000
Composer(s): The Boneyard
Vs Dave Thanksgiving
BPM: 258
Maximum Score: 1666350

Freeplay - Extras

BPM: 167
Scroll Speed: 3
Maximum Score: 359800
Composer(s): Alexander Cooper 19


*Discord ping*

BambiNewerIcon.png Bambi: Fucking idiot...


BambiNewerIcon.png Bambi: Stop calling me!


BambiNewerIcon.png Bambi: I'm gonna block you!


BambiNewerIcon.png Bambi: -calling me!


BambiNewerIcon.png Bambi: -calling me!


BambiNewerIcon.png Bambi: Stop calling me!


BambiNewerIcon.png Bambi: (inaudible) Allison. Shut. the. fuck. up. Stop. Using. The phone call. siiiiigh


BambiNewerIcon.png Bambi: What the fucking hell.




BambiNewerIcon.png Bambi: Stop calling me!


BambiNewerIcon.png Bambi: LEAVE ME ALONE!


BambiNewerIcon.png Bambi: YOU FUCKING LIAR MOLDY!!!


BPM: 1600
Scroll Speed: 3.1
Maximum Score: 0
BPM: 250 (Charted at 125)
Scroll Speed: 2 (Easy)
3 (Normal)
4 (Hard)
Maximum Score: 211050

1:01: I don't like you, you a monster.

You ruined my life!

(Discord Ping)

What the hell? Shut the hell- I'LL BLOCK YOU!

Forever... (Discord Ping)

I'm blocking you.

(Discord Ping)

Just stop click to friends so that just I'll block you Moldy. (Discord Ping)

Wait, wait, wait, ok (Inaudible) you stupid (Inaudible) uhh... Watcha...uhh... watcha... fun games?

What are your favorite games? What are your fav..

It's me, you said, dead games!

2:33: Dick!





Oh my god so-

Its not funny its just stupid!

(Uncontrolled Laughing mixed with some more Discord pings)
BPM: 300
Scroll Speed: 0.1-10 (For each note)
(1 according to .json)
Maximum Score: 396550

Expunged: Kay... I've... paint... this 1 or 2 hours I'm painting. LOOK!! I'M NOT KIDDING, IT'S...FUCKING REAL!
Note: Ghost tapping is forced off, meaning the player can't spam.