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This article contains content that may bring users with past trauma, to something that might cause a physical and/or mental reaction. Viewer discretion is advised!

Reason: The screen shakes whenever Disruption Bambi sings and during Wireframe. Also, in Ferocious, when the player hits a purple note during the Wizard part, the screen dramatically tilts for a short while. Flashing lights are prominent in the mod as well.


This article contains potentially sensitive content that may be discomforting or upsetting to certain users. Viewer discretion is advised!

Reason: The Trixes, Dale, and Dave's Awesome Son's alt poses may look grotesque/disturbing to some. Also, Boyfriend's death animation if you lose during the Sunshine cover depicts him being hanged, just like in the original song.

Resolved Controversy

Nah, I decided it's time I've grown up a bit, so I made a little investment - Dorkly Sonic

This page contains controversial content which is solved or mostly solved. Due to different viewpoints, stories, and possible willingness to fix and change for people involved, please refrain from attacking people or starting witch hunts. Any attacks done to others does not reflect the Friday Night Funkin Community and/or FNF Mod Community; and does not associate with harassers and threatening people.

Reason: This mod is a fan mod of VS. Dave & Bambi, and the original mod had a controversy of it’s own. One of the composers (Cynda) has been exposed by MoldyGH for being caught leaking content early and rushing the team for the mod itself. Also, She was caught attempting to remove the controversial notice. On February 2nd, Cynda made a public apology.[1] However, it turns out Cynda didn't change at all and was still a bad person and was removed from the team.[2]

Another controversial person was That Pizza Tower Fan, who not only made a homophobic Bambi fantrack, but also said the N-word multiple times and was very rude to the Golden Apple Team. He even faked being gay to call people the F-slur. Due to this, the song he composed for this mod will never be added in.

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Major Spoilers Ahead!

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This page contains spoilers that may ruin the player's experience. View at your own risk or after playing the mod itself!

Reason: Lots of teasers for upcoming updates.

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Upcoming Content

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This mod has upcoming content that is confirmed to be in development, either confirmed on a livestream, a tweet, or any other verified source of information! This article likely has placeholder content. Please refrain from adding any false or unconfirmed information. Remember to stay patient with the mod creator(s) and don't repeatedly ask them when the next update will come, since mods take time to make.

Upcoming: V1.3 will be releasing eventually.

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Oh, what's that? Sorry punk, couldn't hear ya. You see, if you haven't noticed already, I've only got one good ear. By the way, in case you were wondering, its 'cuz like, I lost in battle one time, so yeah, that's the reason why, so stop asking me about it already, it's been like ten fucking years, also shut the fuck up, earrings aren't girly, they're super badass and punk, eat shit Vs. Dave and Bambi: Golden Apple Edition, give me back my fucking shiny Moltres, you fa-- anyways, check this ouuuut~ - Coldsteel

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Reason: Along with it having over 200K+ bytes of storage, Golden Apple has the MOST characters out of any mod, so it might take a while to scroll through all of it.


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This is an unofficial fan-made mod of a specific official mod! This mod is non-canon to the official mod unless stated by the original creators of the official mods.

Note: The mod was recognized by the original developers of VS. Dave and Bambi, but some fans and some programmers and artists from the original mod created the whole mod. The original devs even made remixes of the songs, how funky!

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Issues Present: Brobgonal's up pose and Badai's idle pose are blurry, Nupersovae Bambi has white pixels on his outline, and so does Bambop's poses.

Copyrighted Assets

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This article contains copyrighted music, files, or other copyrighted assets that can claim copyright infringement.

Reason: Algebra and Ferocious frequently reference copyrighted songs, such as: Working Song Conga (LeapFrog), Bingo was his Name-O, Never Gonna Give You Up, Perry's Theme (Phineas & Ferb), etc.

Fan Favorite

We really maximalized the amount of fun we could've possibly had! - Hex

This mod is a fan favorite! It's well known within the community!

Note: The mod reached 200 likes! Just like the original Vs. Dave and Bambi! This mod is well-known in the FNF community for its amazing characters and music. Also, Dave and Bambi as a whole is one of the biggest FNF mods ever, shown by the fact that Dave and Bambi songs had to be moved to a different page than Custom Songs for Modded Characters.

Were you looking for the original Vs. Dave and Bambi mod or the April Fools build of the mod Apple 3.0?

Vs. Dave And Bambi: Golden Apple Edition(often abbreviated as Golden Apple or GAP) is a Full week overhaul and Dave and Bambi fan mod created by Grantare.

This mod contains 41 playable songs, most of them having a unique vocal track used for Boyfriend and at least one new opponent. The main stars of the mod are Disruption Bambi, Expunged, and Bandu, who appear in the main songs of the demo, Disruption and AppleCore. Considering the large amount of songs and the immense length of some of them, this is one of the longest mods in Friday Night Funkin' modding history.


The mod has seven main levels, each with their own song and characters.


Addendum before any edits: Do not add any original characters (OCs) made by you or others. This is a page about a mod, not about drawings made in seconds.


RECOVERED_PROJECT is the blank model version of dave, which is the standing version of 3D Dave in Furiosity from Alpha 6 to Alpha 9. He appears in the song Recovered_Project.


RECOVERED_PROJECT's appearance is much like normal dave, but his wheelchair, eyes and mouth are completely absent.

RECOVERED_PROJECT's appearance during the third half of Recovered_Project is much more interesting, as his simple sphere head is now replaced by a model of a 3d human head (still having no eyes or mouth), and his hair has loads of swirls. His shirt is now a dark blue binder, and his sleeves are lighter. His top leg and arms are a dark shade of cyan, while his hands and the bottom part of his leg (the metalic replacement) both have realistic textures.


  • RECOVERED_PROJECT's design is based on 3D Dave's design in Vs. Dave and Bambi used from Alpha 6 to Alpha 9.
  • RECOVERED_PROJECT's entire existence is a reference to a feature of 3D Paint, the drawing app that 3D Dave, Expunged, and almost every other 3D character is modeled on. If a person exits a Paint 3D project they are working on without saving, upon reopening the program, there is a chance that the app can recover the project, allowing the person to keep working on it. Occasionally, some parts of the recovered model might not be fully accurate, or even present for that matter, explaining Forgotten Dave's missing face.
    • RECOVERED_PROJECT spinning in place during the second half of Recovered_Project is a reference to Paint 3D's ability to rotate 2D images on the z axis, it also appears to show that RECOVERED_PROJECT's 3D Model is completely scrapped, as the only remaining images of him are in a 2D .png form
    • His appearance during the third half of Recovered_Project utilizes various parts of existing 3D Models that come free with the Paint 3D App, those parts being:
      • Blank Head 2.
      • A Chocolate Egg for the hair.
      • Neptune for the shoulders.
      • Pluto for the hands.
      • A Binder for the torso.
      • Surface Pens for the limbs.
      • Stove Pipes 3 for the lower halves of the legs.
  • The 1st part of the song contains a leitmotif to Beloved Tomboyish Girl
  • The 2nd part of the song contains a leitmotif to Cheating.



[name missing] (they don't have a name) is the main opponent of the secret song "Ticking".


[name missing]'s appearance takes on a Bandu-like wireframe appearance with different sized irises, and they have a pink tongue. In all of their poses (Health icons included) they seem to be very nervous.


  • This character doesn't have a name, doesn't have really any identity. They can go by any name you'd like but there is no definitive/canon name, you can really just refer to them as anything if you want to.
    • A lot of people refer to this character as "Ticking Entity", and on the Golden Apple Discord, the Ticking Emoji is called ":ticking_entity:".
  • '[name missing]' only exists for the song "Ticking", as soon as the timer is up, they're completely gone as they only existed for it and don't have any life outside of it.


ERROR is the main antagonist of the song Cell.


His appearance depicts of a black stickman with a red frowning face. In ERROR's second phase, they appear much more serious and mad.


  • ERROR is originally from "Dave's Fun Algebra Class", replacing filename2.
  • People have theorised that ERROR is in some way MoldyGH, this is because it sounds like ERROR is saying "Hi There. My Name is Moldy."


Dave.png is the opponent in the Dave cover of Thunderstorm.


Dave.png is, well, a png of Dave, Dave has a smile resembling his appearence in Splitathon, while the background behind him seems to be the old background for his week.


  • Dave.png is a reference to "Shaggy.png", a popular meme involving a png of Shaggy singing the at time unreleased song Thunderstorm.
  • Grantare credits "Lancey" for drawing the image. However, Grantare was the one who animated it.
  • Thunderstorm's background is the original Dave Week background, but modified to resemble the background of Week 4 from Vs. Shaggy.




  • His name is Gogahn-Hungry[3]






Theodore is a Tristan-based character (or Tristansona) with dark skin and brown hair. He has a red shirt with a "XP" face and blue pants. He also has the word "neck" in place of well, a neck.


  • Theodore is owned by @Marshi_Bun on twitter.
  • He is eight and a half years old.
  • He looks up to Tristan.
  • He dislikes mustard and ranch.
  • Theodore can willingly enter the 3D realm.
    • He can sometimes do this in his own room, doing this often makes a mess.
  • He sleeps with his eyes open.
  • His favorite game is Super Mario 64.
  • He has a Freddy plushie that looks like this.
  • He has autism and dyslexia.
  • He struggles walking, and often floats. He is not allowed to float outside, however.




Truffle is a character with sand(?)-colored skin and blue and purple eyes. They also have hair of the same color, as long as the typical "hair" above their head. They wear purple headphones, and purple scarf, purple gloves, and a purple shirt with blue sleeves. They also have blue sweat(?)pants and pinkish shoes.


  • They were created by @dediciious on Twitter.
  • Truffle is 13 years old.
  • Truffle enjoys Lapfox Trax.
  • Truffle is a furry.
  • They're very upbeat and happy.




He's a glass of orange juice with a green straw. Oh yeah and she wears an orange sweater with a darker orange heart.


  • They are created by @sargecommander on twitter.
  • They can be very friendly.
  • She is homeless and moves around a lot with her older brother, Dew.




Trix is a Tristan-based character (or Tristansona) with dark skin and nearly white hair. He has an icey blue scarf and a muted blue for his jacket. He wears gloves and boots.


  • Trix was created by @datexpunged on twitter.
  • Trix is one of the background characters in Apprentice.
  • He is always cold, and cannot be warmed.
    • He is also always shivering.
  • He's 11.
  • He constantly has a head cold.
  • He appreciates any help given, despite knowing it is worth nothing.



Jambi is an upcoming character for Update 2 of Golden Apple. He wears a dark red beanie, shirt and gray pants, coupled with his black hair. He will appear in the upcoming song "Jambino".


Jambi appears similar to Expunged during Cheating, but instead has a red hat, red shirt, and tan pants. Jambi also has brownish hair and yellow eyes.


  • Judging by his hairstyle, many people believed Jambi to be a reference to Sr Pelo, Mexican YouTuber, animator, illustrator, sketch comedian, satirist, and voice actor. This however, was confirmed not to be the case by the Golden Apple devs during a Q&A, and that the similarities were purely coincidental.
  • Jambi, Barbu and Brobgonal are in a polyamorus relationship.
    • Jambi was in a relationship with Atae before his current one. They are still on good terms.[5]
  • Jambi is queer. He doesn’t know what his label is but he’s just queer.
    • Jambi is very asexual, and is extremely uncomfortable with the idea of any kind of sexual activity.
  • Jambi has a high-pitched voice, as heard in "Jambino".
  • Jambi's dialog at the beginning of Older Jambino is actually a reference to "You, Me, Gas station".
  • Jambi is able to control electricity, but doesn't use these powers for good.
    • Using these powers, he is able to summon hands for himself.
  • Jambino is getting a remake.
  • Jambi was born in the cyperspace.
    • He left through a computer in a house in the overworld, which he now resides in.
      • Jambi killed the previous owner of the house.
  • Jambi likes ranch.
  • Jambi enjoys dipping food in ice cream.
  • Jambi has a brother named Banjea.[6]
    • Banjea is owned by Bestiec0reLass on deviantArt.
      • More info on Banjea can be found here.
  • Jambi was coded without genitals.[7]
  • Jambi is black, despite how his model looks.[8]
    • In the same tweet, Jambi was mentioned to be plus-sized.
  • Jambi is the 4th strongest character in Golden Apple, being beat by Bandu and Expunged. It's unknown who the #1 strongest character is.
  • Jambi likes/loves and supports xenosexual users confirmed by h3R34LD34L on twitter.
  • Jambi is rivals with Ringi.



Brobgonal is an upcoming character for Update 2 of Golden Apple.

Note: Brobgonal's Idle is a fanmade recreation.


Brobgonal has a short & chubby body with his legs intersecting (in his render). He wears a green shirt accompanied with a blue set of pants and with a green hat. The both of his eyesface extends to his hat's ends and has a mouth shape that resembles an animal snout.


  • Brobgonal was speculated to sing Poopers for a long time due to being in the OST thumbnail Until Dave's Awesome Son was revealed to sing Poopers in the release of 1.2.
  • Jambi, Barbu and Brobgonal are in a polyamorus relationship.
  • Brobgonal is a public enemy.
  • Brobgonal is the most racist character in Golden Apple so far.[9]
  • Brobgonal has been proven innocent in court.
  • Brobgonal was made by Expunged as a friend for Bandu, because Expunged saw that one day Bandu was feeling lonely.
  • If you were to punt Brobgonal, he would help you out by flinging himself to extreme heights.
  • Brobgonal has murdered more than 17 people.
  • Brobgonal was one of the reasons that the Golden Apple discord was shutdown.
  • When questioned about his height, it was stated that Brobogonal is "0 Tall"[10]
  • Brobgonal has commited 24 war crimes in Afghanistan and murdered DoorHater69's family on December 5th 2005 (DoorHater69 is one of the users asking questions in a Q&A)[11]
    • Barbu's name was mixed up with Brobogonal's for the question above but it was shortly corrected as Barbu is completely innocent
  • Brobgonal was a sticker on the golden apple discord server.
    • it is no longer a sticker because of the Brobgonal raid incident.
  • Brobgonal was Expunged's first creation, so it messed up and accidentally made Brobgonal a bit too short, as well as racist and unpotty trained.
    • If you were to catch Brobgonal on a bad day, you would see that he's pissed his pants.[12]
  • Brobgonal is not potty trained
    • in addition to this, Brobgonal [REDACTED BY THE BCP]



Barbu is an upcoming character for Update 2 of Golden Apple.


Barbu appears similarly to Expunged during Cheating. Instead, he wears a blue hat, blue shirt, and gray-ish black pants. Barbu's proportions are the opposite of Brobgonal, with him being tall and skinny.


  • Jambi, Barbu and Brobgonal are in a polyamorus relationship.
  • Barbu likes ketchup, mustard, and honey mustard.
  • Barbu is the most innocent character in Vs Dave and Bambi: Golden Apple Edition.
  • Barbu is a mortal enemy for the reason below
  • Barbu LOVES Kranch (ketchup mixed with ranch)
  • Barbu is very gay.
  • Barbu was one of Expunged's first creations along with Brobgonal, so they messed up and made him short and lanky.
  • Barbu was one of the reasons that the Golden Apple discord was shutdown, due to people spamming images of Barbu.
  • If you were to use Barbu as a pogo stick, he would die instantly.[13]
  • Barbu will star in the upcoming song, Fresh and Toasted, where it will feature both him and Brobgonal as the opponent.
  • Barbu is easily pleased.
  • He tries to make Brobgonal better because he knows that he is good on the inside.
  • Barbu is funny.
  • Some users in the Golden Apple server jokingly refer to him as Penis Bambi.
  • Barbu is 2' 2"
  • Barbu is transgender (somehow).



Gary is an upcoming character to Update 2 of Golden Apple and will appear in the song "Jeez" alongside Jeff. (unused in the main version, found in the files)


Gary looks similar similar to Expunged during Cheating, but instead has a black hat with an image of Hypno's Lullaby Girlfriend doing her up pose on it, a green shirt with a picture of Baldi with a heart (along with white text that says "one love") and black pants.


  • Cynda, formerly one of the main composers of Golden Apple, revealed in a reply to a comment on a video that Gary stole his hat from a goodwill.
  • Gary was originally made by Rapparep, the artist for the OG Vs. Dave and Bambi, and then gave permission for the Golden Apple team to use Gary.
  • Gary has a counterpart called Edgar.
    • Both are scared of each other.
  • Apparently, Gary and Jeff are friends.
    • This isn't confirmed yet.
  • Gary is afraid of the 3D version of Jeff.
    • When he saw it for the first time he said "What the shit?".



Jeff is an upcoming character exclusive to the Update 2 of Golden Apple and will appear in the song "Jeez" alongside Gary.


Jeff shares some of his physical features with Bambi during Splitathon, but instead he wears a beige hat, green shirt and yellow pants. His most notable feature are his black eyes with small, white glowing pupils.


  • It has not been officially confirmed but apparently Jeff can turn into 3D.
  • Jeff started out as a joke NFT about bambi made by rapparep on discord.
    • He eventually turned into an actual character later.



Bambop is an upcoming character of Golden Apple. Bambop appears to be a police officer.


Bambop looks similar to Expunged during Cheating, but instead, he has a blue hat, blue police uniform, blue pants, thinner legs and he is holding a gun. His face appears to be angry at all times.


  • His sprites were created by Wildy, a coder and animator for VS Bob.
  • He was shown by CyndaquilDAC in the official Discord server.



Sammy is an upcoming character of Golden Apple and appears in the songs "Upcoming Cop", and "Enforcers". He also appears to be a police officer and is working with Bambop.


Sammy is similar to Expunged during Cheating. He also looks similar to Bambop. He has a blue hat, blue police uniform, blue pants, thinner legs and he is holding a roblox taser. He is not as angry as Bambop. He also seems very childlike by looking at his poses.


  • Sammy's Voice is sampled by SammyClassicSonicFan as revealed in the Discord Server, they also share the same name.
  • Sammy's relationships with Bambop are not mutual, as Sammy is a slacker and does not follow up with Bambop during missions.
  • Sammy played Cart Ride into Applecore when he was commanded to tase a criminal, only a minute after did he respond to the command, however, the criminal had gotten away.
  • Sammy's inspiration was a fan-OC that was vandalized into the Upcoming section, captioned 'sammy upcoming charater'
  • Sammy's taser is actually from Roblox, commonly used in Roblox prison games.
  • Sammy's 'Upcoming Cop's OST Art resembles the style from Vs /v/-tan.
  • Sammy is 19 years old, however, he is mentally a child.
  • Sammy is asexual.
  • Sammy uses He/they.



Zambi is an upcoming character for Golden Apple and will appear in the song "Cooking Lesson".


Zambi looks similar to Expunged during Unfairness, but he has grey legs, dark blue torso and a blue hat with the letter "Z" on it. Zambi doesn’t actually have any eyes besides that glowing shiny star, yet he can still see normally. He has a great big smile across his face and also has one hand that is holding a corndog.


  • Zambi and his song Cooking Lesson were created by Alexander Cooper 19, the composer of Mealie from the original Vs. Dave and Bambi.
  • Zambi doesn’t actually have any eyes besides that glowing shiny star, despite this he can see normally.
  • Zambi is 20 years old.
  • Zambi's favourite things are corndogs, M.U.G.E.N, sleeping, playing video games, the internet, and the VS Dave and Bambi mod.
  • Zambi has a special ability which is an infinite supply of corndogs.
  • Zambi is a very nice and chill dude, and is very easy to get along with.
  • Zambi loves having casual rap battles with people.



Bwombo is an upcoming character to Dave and Bambi: Golden Apple edition. Very little info is known about them. They were teased on the official Golden Apple twitter by a retweet. They are a Bambisona created by Mayhew, also known as @Mario54816 on Twitter.


Bwombo looks similiar to Mr.Bambi, but instead they have black hat, black suit, red tie and sunglasses.


  • Bwombo is a fanmade character, but Devs liked them, so that's why they are confirmed.
  • Devs said that "They love him".



Atae is a confirmed upcoming character. [14] He's from a ripoff of Golden Apple called "Gold Apples 100 songs in 1 (87)", he is a bambisona created by SAMMYPIGZY, an artist that works on Vs. Dave and Bambi and DIMENSIONAL DEEP-END.


Atae has a round purplish blue body with a red waist rim and a wide half sphere legs with rounded shoes, his hat has a red brim with a purplish blue top thats round simular to 2d Bambi's hat, he has red and blue eyes (one having a blue irus and red rest of the eye part and the other the opposite and is able to change the colors of his eyes between red and blue), he has diamond shaped teeth with two that jut out when his mouth is closed, he has black and white striped hair that ends in two long black pigtails with small white stripes, these can move and are used similiar to arms.


  • Atae is a bootleg Expunged in their game, "Gold Apples 100 songs in 1 (87)".


Gotta Sleep is a character who was originally from Dave's Fun Algebra Class. The animations were posted on Golden Apple Discord Server. Gotta Sleep could possibly appear in a later version of Algebra, since Gotta Sleep is from Dave's fun Algebra Class and could probably be the replacement for Garrett in Algebra since Jumpman25 requested Garrett to be removed from the mod

More Information To Be Added.



Note: The name "Fatass" is a placeholder name by CyndaquilDAC.

Fatass is an unused Character in Golden Apple. He appears to be another joke version of Bambi.


Fatass is a short, paunchy humanoid with a close resemblance to Bambi's joke appearance. He's much rounder than Bambi. He also wears a red shirt, blue pants and a green flat hat.


  • The reason why he was scrapped because, acording to Cynda, his song sucked.


Chippy Bandu

Chippy Bandu is a scrapped character in favour of the Ready Loud song. Chippy Bandu is a Pixel Art-esque Bandu in a outdated MS-Paint program with the player. However, he (kind of) appears in Gift Card during the chiptune segment.


This character resembles a 1 bit-like version of Bandu, the obvious changes being him turning into a 2D Sprite and his color palette is limited to black and white.


  • The song "Chippy" was composed by MoldyGH, the creator of the original Vs. Dave and Bambi mod.
  • Chippy Bandu is not the same as Giftcard Pixel Bandu. Please don't mix them.



Cval is a scrapped character who was meant to appear in the song "Cval".

Cval is an FNF content creator who has worked on a multitude of mods, including Vs Tricky, and Friday Night Funkin': B-Sides, and has made a few mods of his own, such as FNF Restored, and Wii Funkin': Wiik 4 (Fanmade), who, after someone made a sprite-sheet for him, decided to make a couple songs for himself.


Cval has a close resemblance to Expunged during Cheating. He has dark blue hair, a dark blue torso and black colored legs.


  • The white stuff on Cval's nose is shaving cream.



Cosbi is a scrapped character for the mod.[15] Not much is known about them other than that they were supposed to have a "spam track" (A song with "spammy" vocals and charting).


  • Cosbi's addition to the mod was announced on May 8, 2022 and then deconfirmed 20 minutes later.
    • Then Cosbi was "reconfirmed" to be added.
      • It has been revealed that a fake account said that, not the Golden Apple Team.


Ohungi is a Unused Character from Golden Apple. They were removed due to their creator having a lack of creative freedom with them[17][18]. They now have their own mod.


Ohungi is a being composed of a pyramid-like three-dimensional object with a color gradient from lime green to dark yellow, and two two-dimensional legs. It has a large mouth, with a full line of teeth. It's pyramid head turns to whichever note it hits. In all its poses, a small face can be seen singing from inside Ohungi's dislocated jaw. The pyramid head it has constantly spins in its idle.


  • The face in Ohungi's mouth is also Ohungi, not a separate being.
    • They prefer to not be considered separate, but are different minds.
  • Ohungi doesn't eat, due to the fact he doesn't know what food is, along with his entire face and legs being paper flat.
  • Ohungi talks twice at the same time, which sounds like two people talking overlapping.
  • Ohungi is a separate being from anything related to Dave and Bambi, but is made of debris of beings similar to them.
  • Ohungi's icon is animated.
    • However, there exists placeholder graphics of static Ohungi icons, reserved for "Stable Ohungi" according to the creator.



Craig was a character for the mod. Craig is from the Nickelodeon Series Sanjay and Craig, where a boy named Sanjay and his snake named Craig go on wacky adventures together, he went unused due of copyright reasons (Craig is owned by Paramount and Nickelodeon).


Trivia (General)

  • Golden Apple Lore is different from Vs. Dave and Bambi Lore. For instance, Dave and Bambi being in a relationship is canon to Golden Apple Lore, while not being so to Vs. Dave and Bambi in any form.[19]
  • Metallic, Sart Producer, Dave X Bambi Shipping Cute and Bookworm all have leitmotifs to Maze from the original Vs. Dave and Bambi.
  • This is one of the many mods that contains songs where you and the opponent sing in a sort of void. To name a few more, there's Scrap and The End from Vs. Mouse; all of Sky's songs; Cheating, Unfairness, and technically Furiosity and Polygonized from the original mod; Defeat from VS. Impostor and all of A.G.O.T.I.'s songs.
  • Origin has an intentional Ugh motif.
    • In a similar manner, the scrapped song Leech has an intentional Defeat motif.
  • Original Dave, Dave.png, RECOVERED_PROJECT (Phases 1 and 3), Do You Accept, Bandu (Slices), Dingle, Boing Froing, and Donk are the only characters in the mod that do not move in their idle animations.
  • The countdown presented in this mod is taken straight from RadicalOne.
  • The loading screen is a direct reference to Dave's Fun Algebra class, and, by extension, the one used in the original Baldi's Basics Classic and its now-removed Full Game Public Demo.
  • The Easy, Normal, Hard, and Extreme Demon difficulty come from another rhythm game, Geometry Dash.
    • Strangely, Insane Demon, a difficulty harder than Hard Demon but easier than Extreme Demon, is absent.
  • Viewing a locked secret song through its menu will play "I'm Angey" from the original mod.
  • Attempting to access the chart editor in any secret song will close the game and open "caught.txt", which reads:
    • "You really, seriously thought you could get away with that? Pathetic.
    • "super huge thanks to lr1999 for writing this code :)"
  • This is the first fan-made Dave and Bambi mod that the creator of the original mod, MoldyGH, has contributed to.
  • The "Moar.png" image found in the files comes from a scratch project Lancey made.
  • Not counting upcoming characters (like Brobgonal), scrapped characters (Like Fatass), or forms of characters (Like Bookworm Bambi or Dave.PNG), there are 51 characters in the mod.
    • If you do count these characters, then there are 67 characters in the mod.


  • To unlock the secret song "Cell", press 7 on Algebra.
  • To unlock the secret song "Ticking", press 2 to activate your mouse pointer in Disruption, then click the timer at the top.
  • To unlock the secret song "RECOVERED_PROJECT", the player needs to lose in Disability and then press the escape key during the losing scene.
  • To unlock the secret song "Dave X Bambi Shipping Cute", the player must be in the main menu. The player can scroll past the "Discord" option. If the player scrolls for long enough, they are able to select a song named "Dave X Bambi Shipping Cute".
  • Each opponent and their alternate forms can be unlocked as a playable character by beating one of the songs they appear in. There are some exceptions, including:
    • Back-facing 3D Boyfriend.
    • Garrett and Boyfriend on the pad of the future.
    • David.
    • White Pixel Boyfriend and Bandu.
    • Bandu during Ready Loud.
    • Bambi during Bookworm.
    • Bandu during Slices.
    • Cynda.
    • All secret characters.
    • Alt sprites that exist on the same spritesheet as an unlockable character.


Warning Audio Multi.png

Audio files here are loud. Listen at your own risk, and watch for the warning icon!

Notable: Disruption, AppleCore, Algebra, Deformation, Ready Loud, Too Shiny, Poopers, Cell, Collision, Strawberry (Old), Metallic, Ripple, Jambino

All of these audios are from their respective owners. Remixes are specifically by the developers of Dave and Bambi who made a remix of these songs. Don't add any remixes from random people unless they're developers of the original mod.

Also, please note that due to the controversy surrounding CyndaquilDAC/Cynda, all songs composed by her that are currently in the mod will be remade.[20]

BPM: 193 > 175 > 193
Composer(s): Cynda
BPM: 120
Composer(s): Cynda, Grantare
BPM: 140
Composer(s): Cynda
BPM: 170
Song Length: 1:36
Composer(s): Bmv277

BPM: 110 > 120
Composer(s): AadstaPinwheel
Sick Tricks
BPM: 144
Song Length: 1:42
Composer(s): Cynda
BPM: 80 (160 in-game)
Composer(s): Cynda

Dave x bambi shipping cute icon.png
Dave x Bambi Shipping Cute
BPM: 163
Scroll Speed: 2.5
Composer(s): Grantare

BambiNewerIcon.png Bambi: ARE YOU GAY??

DaveNewIcon.png Dave: Yes. Do you love me?

BambiNewerIcon.png Bambi: Yea!

DaveNewIcon.png Dave: I love you too, Bambi. Forever and ever.

BambiNewerIcon.png Bambi: Holy shit!
Composer(s): Grantare
BPM: 113
Scroll Speed: 3.1
Composer(s): AadstaPinwheel
BPM: 170
Song Length: 3:18
Composer(s): wildythomas

BPM: 180 (120 in-game)
Composer(s): Top 10 Awesome
FL Keys
Song from RadicalOne, can only be heard in the menu.

Top 10 Awesome Fake Songs

There are 35 fake/joke song titles listed in the Top 10 Awesome section of the mod, that when selected, will just take the player to Slices. The names are listed below.

  • Poopers
    • Name of a song in the jokes section.
  • Clit DiamondManNormal.png
  • Sweaty Workout ButchNormalIcon.png
  • My Home HallMonitorNormal.png
  • Cotton Candy BanduWireframeNormal.png
  • Balls BambomNormal.png
  • 2 Spheres 3DGFIcon.png
  • Jerry the Mouse JerryTheMouseIcon.png
  • Threesome PlaceholderIcon.png
  • Sit on My Face RecoveredProjectIcon2.png
  • Amongfairness AmongfairnessIcon.png
  • Reflection AlgebraBFIconReg.png
  • Bug-Eyed Bitch DaveWireframeNormal.png
  • Ny Tristan 3DTristanIcon.png
  • Gobbledegook GobbledegookIcon.png
  • Generic GenericIcon.png
  • Chilli Powder ChilliPowderIcon.png
  • Impregnate ImpregnateIcon.png
  • Fuckity RingonalIcon.png
  • Encrypted EncryptedIcon.png
  • Pink Bandu LullabanduIcon.png
  • Trampoline Accident Dinglebficonnormal.png
  • The Big Dingle DingleIcon.png
  • Locked Lips Bandu And Dis BambiIcon.png
  • FL Keys Charlieradicalicon.png
    • Has audio, as seen above, but is still not a playable song in this mod.
  • Bandu Radical RadicalLimeIcon.png
  • Pee Shooter PeeShooterIcon.png
  • Third Chance SillyIcon.png
  • The Second Coming of the 🤡
  • I am Canonically Trans PeensumNormal.png
  • Among Us Penis Sex GappleImposterNormal.png
  • The Willy Walter Rap WillyWalterIcon.png

Composer(s): Cynda
Ugh Cover (Removed)

BanduOriginIcon.gif Bandu: Fuck.
BanduOriginIcon.gif Bandu: Fuck.
BanduOriginIcon.gif Bandu: Fuck.
BanduOriginIcon.gif Bandu: Fu-Fu-
BanduOriginIcon.gif Bandu: Fuck.
Original song composed by Kawai Sprite.

Buttered (Scrapped)
Song Length: 1:26
Composer(s): Cynda
Jeez Concept
Composer(s): Cynda

GaryNeutralIcon.png Gary: D'uh...

GaryNeutralIcon.png Gary: She put me...

GaryNeutralIcon.png Gary: I got- i-

GaryNeutralIcon.png Gary: Do you wanna get i-

GaryNeutralIcon.png Gary: You put me...

GaryNeutralIcon.png Gary: Johnny.

GaryNeutralIcon.png Gary: OH! it's the cheese that got poor! Thas my favorite!
Leech (Scrapped)
Composer(s): Cynda
Schooled (Scrapped)
Composer(s): Cynda
Apples (Scrapped)
Composer(s): That Pizza Tower Fan
Was removed due to drama involving TPTF being very rude towards the Golden Apple Team.
Ages 7 to 10 (Scrapped)
Composer(s): Cynda
Note that this track will remain in the update, but only accesible via debug mode.
Cval (Scrapped)
Composer(s): Cynda
Icon not official.
Curveball (Scrapped)
Song Length: 1:20
Composer(s): Cynda
Decimal (Repurposed)
BPM: 140
Composer(s): LuckiiBean
Repurposed to Ohungi's own mod due to Pointy not having enough creative freedom with the character.
Metallic (V2, Scrapped)
Composer(s): Cynda
Chippy (Scrapped)
Composer(s): MoldyGH
Ripple (Scrapped)
BPM: 350
Composer(s): Cynda


DisruptionIcon.png Bambi: DUDE WHAT FUCK?! MY GOD.

DisruptionIcon.png Bambi: Alright piece of SHIT. DUDE YOU FUCKING IDIOT. GET OUT OF MY FACE!

DisruptionIcon.png Bambi: STOP. STOP. FUCKEN. CALLING ME!! FUCK YOU.

Icon is VERY unofficial.
USB (Scrapped)
Composer(s): Cynda
Sploinkerz! Icon Unofficial.png
Composer(s): Nlee

BanduIcon.png Bandu: Yo what's up guys, today we're— [hic] Fuck!
Scrapped song, as announced by Lancey.[21]
Defeat icon.png
Jambino (Old, Preview)
Defeat icon.png
Jambino (Older)

Jambiiconreal.png Jambi: You, me, gas station. What are we getting for dinner? Sushi, of course!

Jambiiconreal.png Jambi: Uh-oh! There was a Roofie inside of our gas station sushi.

Jambiiconreal.png Jambi: We black out and wake up in a sewer, we’re surrounded by fish, HORNY fish.

Jambiiconreal.png Jambi: You know what THAT means, FISH ORGY!

Jambiiconreal.png Jambi: The stench draws in a bear, what do we do? We’re gonna fight it, bear fight, bare handed, bear NAKED?! O-
Scrapped Jeez Pattern
Composer(s): Cynda
This is an OGG file, some users may not be able to open it.
FreshandToasted fanmade icon.png
Fresh and Toasted (Old, Teaser)
Composer(s): Cynda
Composer(s): Grantare
Ripple Teaser
Composer(s): Cynda
This is an OGG file, some users may not be able to open it.
CornDog (Old, Teaser)
Composer(s): NleeBoy
Ripple (Old)
Decimal (Old)
Composer(s): Cynda
Jeez (V1)
Composer(s): Cynda

GaryNeutralIcon.png 'Gary': WHAT THE FU-


GaryNeutralIcon.png 'Gary': OH MY GOD YOU BASTARD.
Corrupted File (V1)
Composer(s): Cynda
Predecessor (Old)
Song Length: 2:00
Composer(s): Cynda
Cooking Lesson (V1)
Composer(s): Alexander Cooper 19

#484BD7px Zambi: Hey guys, this is ya' boi, Zambi, and today, we'll be teaching you how to make a fresh corn dog from scratch. And let's do this, because I barely have any fucking time..

#484BD7px Zambi:
Now I'll show you.

#484BD7px Zambi: Alright... and here's the next step to making a corn dog.. it goes a little something like this!

#484BD7px Zambi: Okay!

#484BD7px Zambi: Uhuh..

#484BD7px Zambi: Alright!

#484BD7px Zambi:
Sick Tricks (V1)
Composer(s): Cynda
Blogblez losing.png
Sillier (V1)
Composer(s): Bmv277
CornDog (V1)
Composer(s): Nlee


BambiNewerIcon.png Bambi: That's it. That's it. I'm gonna show you my DICK. I'm gonna show you my DICK.


Corrupted File (V2)
Song Length: 3:29
Composer(s): Cynda
Game Over (Sart Producer) (Old)
Composer(s): Cynda
Cheating Not Cute
Song Length: 2:43
Composer(s): Cynda, AadstaPinwheel

BambiNewerIcon.png Bambi: Oh my god, you BASTARD!!!

DaveNewIcon.png Dave: Huh?

BambiNewerIcon.png Bambi: YOU FUCKING LIAR-!!!

DaveNewIcon.png Dave: I don't know what you're talking about.

BambiNewerIcon.png Bambi: PHONE!

DaveNewIcon.png Dave: Oh my god, how did you find out?!

BambiNewerIcon.png Bambi: -CALLING MEEE!!!

DaveNewIcon.png Dave: Oh my god, Baldi told you?!?

BambiNewerIcon.png Bambi: Holy shit!!

DaveNewIcon.png Dave: I'm sorry, Bambi. I swear-

BambiNewerIcon.png Bambi: Fucking Kill Yourself!

DaveNewIcon.png Dave: Excuse me, you toddler-looking ass farmer midget!!

BambiNewerIcon.png Bambi: Dick!

DaveNewIcon.png Dave: You want a divorce? Fine, one condition, I get EVERYTHING. The kid, the farm, EVERYTHING.

BambiNewerIcon.png Bambi: Fuck you!!!

Jambino (New, Preview)
Composer(s): TH3R34LD34L
Unnamed Song (Teaser)
Composer(s): BlameJajubz


BambiNewerIcon.png Bambi: That's it. That's it. I'm gonna show you my DICK. I'm gonna show you my DICK.


Bandu And Dis BambiIcon.png
Locked Lips
Upcoming Cop (Unreleased)
Composer(s): wildythomas
Enforcers (Preview)
Composer(s): wildythomas
BPM: Unknown
Corrupted File (V3)
Game Over (Sart Producer)
Jeez (V2)
Sick Tricks (V3)
Composer(s): ???
Strawberry (V4)
Composer(s): ???

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Slices (Moldy Remix)

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