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This mod is in a language other than English or contains content that's written in a language other than English.

Reason: Kokoro Hatsaru, the creator of the Mod and the Fanmade Anime Series speaks Spanish. And most of the Fanmade Anime Episodes are used in Spanish Language!

Not to be confused with another Hat Kid Mod.

Vs.Hat Kid is a Mod that adds only 1 week, 4 songs and 4 new psych engine achievements. The development only took 6 months and was released during A Hat in Time 4th Anniversary.


When Bf and Gf found a Time Rift randomly at a unknown told location, they curiously touched it and got transported to Hat Kid's Spaceship. Boyfriend decided to rap against Hat Kid until she transforms into the princess.


Hat Kid

hm...k...a time rift brought you here by accident, welp...
― Hat Kid, Girlish

Hat Kid is the main protagonist of A Hat in Time and the Fanmade Anime Series. She's the Antigonist of her own week.


Hat Kid appears with brown hair and a yellow bracelet on the back of her hair. She wears mostly yellow and purple clothes and dress, including her hat. Her shirt has a zipper and she wears brown shoes and a yellow cape.


The Time Princess

Ive got to transform for a lil mission, nobody out of this world can know this.
― The Princess, Princess

The Time Princess is the Princess Version of Hat Kid after remembering stand's eternal farewell. She has the power to control time and use spells!


She has the same appearance of Hat Kid. But instead, she wears a pink dress with a blue triangle upside down on her chest, aqua blue bracelets and some part of her dress. Pink shoes with a blue lil circle at the center. On her back of the dress it has a blue ribbon with long strips, her head has 2 details of a Row of 4 pearls from large to small.


  • Her Debut was on the 2020's November of 20th in Episode 71.


  • All of the songs in this mod uses the Touhou PC98 Soundfont
  • Before 1.1.1, That's what the Princess says! was also obtainable in Story Mode but was later set to Freeplay Only because of a Crash if 2 Achievements are present to obtain.
  • That's what the Princess says! & Swag Kid are the only achievements to be hidden.
    • Swag Kid was the only achievement to have a hint in this twitter post[1] before it was publicly typed on trivia.
      • Swag Kid also had a small hint shown in the official AHiT Fanmade Anime Discord Server[2].
  • That's what the Princess says! references the name itself with the That's what she said memes
  • The title screen intro saying "It's Canon to the Fanmade Anime Series" which added by the coder for the mod AlexBW, if its stated unknown or not said by Kokoro Hatsaru.
  • Girlish and Purple Flavor only have the leftimofs to the Source Game itself.

Unlocking Achievements

  • Kid with a Hat raps! - Beat the Hat Week.
  • Painful Recollection of Timepieces - Beat the Hat Week on Hard with no misses. (May crash the game if Kid with a Hat raps! isn't obtained on Normal and Easy, plus this is also obtainable in Hard but with misses count.)
  • That's what the Princess says! - Beat Princess with 90% or more accuracy only on Freeplay.
  • Swag Kid - Added in 1.1.1, type "Swag Kid" on Girlish only on Story Mode.



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