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Reason: Although unused, Henry's "Dumb" and mad "Dumb" sprites can be pretty flashy. Also, both RenRenNumberTen's Spazzmatica and Spazzmatica redone videos have VERY fast colors in the background.


This article contains potentially sensitive content that may be discomforting or upsetting to certain users. Viewer discretion is advised!

Reason: Everything about Realistic Henry is based on the 'if Henry was realistic' video, as well as the creepypasta based on it. The Endless cover itself is based on Majin Sonic, which itself is based on a creepy easter egg in Sonic CD. Also, the name of Ellie's second song is a reference to the rule that if it exists, there's porn of it, and RenRenNumberTen even gave it the dedication of having one second per piece of NSFW art of Ellie that existed when he made the song.

Upcoming Content

Let's end this! - Soul Boyfriend

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Upcoming: The 4.0 update is on the way! While it will take a while for it to release, the devs promise it'll have a lot of new stuff in it. New art, new opponents, new character designs, new songs, new changes to old songs, new everything.

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Work In Progress Mod


This mod contains in-development content that is subject to change. The contents of the mod may not be present in the final result.
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Reason: A handful of designs and at least 12 songs were announced before the switch to new vocals & designs, but after the 3.0 update released. They will not appear in any playable version of the mod unless there's an option to toggle these old designs & vocals in V4.0.

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Reason: Henry Stickmin was created by PuffballsUnited. Various songs in this mod are inspired by or heavily based on songs from Nintendo, Capcom, Tchaikovsky, the White Stripes, Kevin MacLeod, or even Henry's source games.

Partially Lost

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Note: The earliest versions of the mod were trashed due to being low quality. The 2.0 and 3.0 versions are still downloadable.

Not to be confused with VS Stickman, or Vs. Super.

Vs. Henry Stickmin is a mod based on the popular point-and-click series Henry Stickmin. While the most recent update currently features only two weeks, the next update will feature five weeks that pit Boyfriend against the titular protagonist as well as other popular faces from different timelines of Henry Stickmin's world.

Currently, the mod is only available as a demo. The most recent version contains 13 playable songs: 7 story mode songs, 2 freeplay exclusive songs (one of which can only be accessed via debug mode), and 4 covers of Ugh & Guns (from week 7 of the base game), Ron (from the Bob mod), and Endless (from the Sonic.exe mod). Some of the upcoming songs can be found on Spider Thiago's YouTube channel, or you can listen to them in the soundtrack below.

If you are looking for the remastered version made by RoundCat, then click here, if you're looking for SBMB's Semi-Official Expansion, click here


Note: The 4.0 update will feature new vocals for certain characters based on their voices in the Henry Stickmin Collection. Because of this, we will refer to all of the pre-4.0 voices as the "legacy" voices.

Henry Stickmin

What the-!?!?― Henry Stickmin, Escaping the Prison

Henry Stickmin is the protagonist of the Henry Stickmin Collection, and the opponent of the first week of Vs. Henry Stickmin. Henry's trying to break into the bank from Breaking the Bank, only to notice one of his choices is "Funkin," leading to a rap battle with Boyfriend. His three songs include Breaking In, Midnight, and Tickets Please.

Want to know more about Henry Stickmin?


Henry, like all other characters in his games, is a humanoid stick figure with a round white head, simple black lines for his torso, arms and legs, white hands, and eyebrows that float above his head. He also wears brown shoes. In HSU, he wears a Tankman helmet and holds a gold mic.

In his Cyborg state, his spine & left arm are given cybernetic replacements, allowing them to transform into different tools. These include a blade, a jetpack, and a minigun. He can also summon a Spirit named Reference, a parody of the Stands in Jojo's Bizarre Adventure.

For an upcoming currently unnamed song, Henry will have his appearance from Crossing the Pit, which simplifies his stick figureness and results in him having no visible hands, feet, or facial features. The design of his mic is also simplified.

For the upcoming B-Sides cover, Henry wears blue shoes with silver heels, blue fingerless leather gloves, a snazzy pair of sunglasses, and what looks like a blue shirt collar on his neck.


Henry is a generally silent character who uses actions over words. It isn't common but he can be vocal, especially in Completing the Mission. He's typically shown as greedy, reckless, and selfish. He's also equal amounts lucky and unlucky, evident through some of the more silly choices you can make throughout the series.

Most of his behavior is dependent on the choices of the player. Certain paths portray him as selfless and willing to help others whether he benefits or not, and others amplify his selfishness and greediness, using others simply for his own benefit.


  • Henry's legacy voice comes from Snake Vox from Medly.
  • In an AMA, ninjamuffin99 confirmed that it's 50/50 on whether Henry will be an opponent for the base game or not.
  • While it's been speculated that Henry and the protagonist of Crossing the Pit are different characters, it's been confirmed by the author comments of the original Breaking the Bank that these two are the same character.
  • Henry's mad left and right poses are references to the SMASH fail in the Jewel Baron path in Completing the Mission.
  • Henry's miss poses as well are references to the Gun fail in the Just Plain Epic path in Stealing the Diamond in which he fails to shoot Kurt Dietrich and Dave Panpa. His mad down miss pose looks very similar to his "Augh!" pose at the very end of the Henry option in the Toppat King path in Completing the Mission.
  • Henry's normal and dumb sprites use Daddy Dearest's as a base, his mad sprites use Skid & Pump's, and his cyborg sprites use the Parents' in Week 5.
  • Cyborg Henry's icons are a reference to the Spirit fail in Completing the Mission, which featured a scene where Henry's face was covered in shadow.
    • They could also reference how Henry looked in the thumbnails for Spazzmatica & Chase on RenRenNumberTen's YouTube channel.
  • Much like Monster in the base game, Cyborg Henry's poses are swapped. This doesn't apply to the alt poses.
    • This is an intentional decision, as Spider Thiago wanted to confuse the player by doing this.
  • Strangely, the "Dumb" Henry sprites are based off of the old versions of the idle sprites, unlike the "Dumb" Mad sprites.
  • Henry's dialogue for Break In references the six options he can use during Breaking the Bank. The disguise option has been replaced with Funkin'.
  • Henry's week is named "A Free Man," a direct callback to the ending of the same name.
  • Henry's third song, Tickets Please!, is a reference to the song of the same name during Mr. Macbeth's battle in the Little Nest Egg route of Completing the Mission.


Charles Calvin

I've got the perfect plan, ♪THIS IS THE GREATESSST PLAAAAAAANNN!♪
― Charles Calvin, Fleeing the Complex

Charles Calvin is the deuteragonist of the Henry Stickmin series, and the opponent for week 2 in Vs. Henry Stickmin. He's bitter after failing to catch a Toppat after the events of Pure-Blooded Thief, so maybe a rap battle with Boyfriend might help cool him down. He currently has two songs: Bold Action and Heavily Armed.

Want to know more about Charles?


Charles looks very similar to Henry, except his shoes are red and he's always seen wearing his signature red headset, the microphone of which can apparently be used for singing. In CSG, he wears a Tankman helmet similar to Steve's over his headset.

For his upcoming B-Side covers, Charles' shoes and headset are a bright green, and he now wears a bright green bandana on his neck. His eyes are now white circles lacking pupils. He also carries a gold-colored uzi.


Charles is generally seen as trustworthy and friendly, as well as very loyal to whoever he's allies with. He's very noble, being one of the only main characters to stay on the "good side" regardless of the path chosen. Charles is also optimistic and calm, always looking at the bright side and keeping his cool in the face of danger. He's also amazingly skilled as a helicopter pilot.

Charles can also be pretty silly or even a bit dim-witted too. He has a tendency to get into accidents, and manages to fail in pretty hilarious fashion to help Henry. This can range from following Henry's directions and accidentally killing him, to using/providing tools that backfire immediately, to the infamous instances of Charles crashing his helicopter on two separate occasions.

Charles has the greatest plans.


  • Charles' legacy voice is the Pulverized Vox Lead 01 from GarageBand.
  • Rather than holding a microphone, Charles uses the one built into his headset, likely the only instance of a character doing this.
  • Charles' mention of using his headphones on a "strange cat" in his dialogue is a reference to a reskin showcase video that featured Charles as a reskin of Pico.
  • Both Bold Action and Greatest Plan reference the melody for Charles singing "I'm the bold action man."
  • The entirety of the song Heavily Armed is made with the melody of "Seven Nation Army", a well-known meme song.
    • Charles must really like the song, given how he's also humming it in the dialogue for Bold Action.
  • The Greatest Plan references the tune of Valiant Hero from the ending of the same name in Completing the Mission.
    • Valiant Hero is also the name of Charles' week.
  • In CSG and B-Sides Heavily Armed, Charles begins to ascend, with BF eventually doing the same. This is a based on a meme where Tankman ascends during this part of Guns.
  • According to Spider Thiago, B-Sides Charles is Latin American. That is apparently also the reason Charles is nuts.
  • The gun B-Sides Charles has belongs to B-Sides Pico. Charles stole it.


Ellie Rose

I don't know about you, but I'm runnin' pretty low on cash...
― Ellie, Completing the Mission

Ellie Rose is the tritagonist of the Henry Stickmin series, and the opponent for week 3 of Vs. Henry Stickmin. She'll soon have her own week, but right now she's in the freeplay menu with just one song: Memelord.

Want to know more about Ellie?


Ellie has short red hair, dark red eyebrows, red lipstick, and her shoes are cream colored. She's also holding a knife.


Ellie is usually seen as serious and straightforward. She's very loyal to Henry in the instances that they team up, but she's still proven to be equally as capable. This loyalty can also work against Ellie, especially when she's supporting Henry's with one of his sillier choices. Ellie also seems to love action, as she has no issues with jumping back into heists right after escaping prison. She may be more logical and aware compared to Henry and Charles, but this doesn't stop her from being equally as silly sometimes.


  • Ellie's legacy voice is an edited sample of a TTS voice.
  • For Ellie's second song, 34, RenRenNumberTen gave the song one second for each piece of NSFW art of Ellie that existed at the time the song started being made.
    • The song length on RenRenNumberTen's channel is 2 minutes, so around 120 seconds.
  • Despite holding a knife in her animations and the knife notes in 34, Ellie is seen using a knife only once in the entirety of the Henry Stickmin Collection, during a fail right before the Pardoned Pals/Toppat Recruits endings in Completing the Mission.
    • Ellie holding a knife could potentially be a reference to this animatic based on an episode of Llamas with Hats but with Ellie & Charles.
  • Memelord opens with the role reveal sound effect from Among Us.
  • Memelord references Gadget Room from Club Penguin: Elite Penguin Force.


Reginald Copperbottom

What!? Have you no honor!? No dignity!?
― Reginald, Completing the Mission

Reginald Copperbottom is one of the main antagonists in the Henry Stickmin series, and the opponent of the upcoming 5th week of Vs. Henry Stickmin. Like Ellie, Reginald will also have a full week, the first song of which, Nyeh, is the only one currently available.

Want to know more about Reginald?


Reginald wears two top hats, the bottom one a lighter shade of grey and the other a darker shade of grey. He wears a gold chain shaped like a dollar sign around his neck, black gloves, grey shoes, and he has a brown mustache that curls up.


Despite being the leader of a crime organization, Reginald is a bit of a coward. He's shown to be dependent on others when he wants his way or is in danger, and even when he's alone, he instead relies on opportunity and betrayal rather than direct confrontation and a fight. He's also impatient and often shown to not trust people, like when he betrays Henry by letting him fall in Fleeing the Complex, rather than letting him have a chance as leader. He's generally very nervous around Henry, too.

Despite this, Reginald's loyalty is to the Toppat Clan. He's shown multiple times that he'll do what he can to ensure the best for the Clan, even if it's a sacrifice like giving up his title as Toppat leader.


  • Reginald's legacy voice is an edited version of him saying "Nyeh" in Infiltrating the Airship.
  • Like Cyborg Henry, Reginald's spritesheet uses the spritesheet of the parents of FNF's week 5 as a base.
  • Various characters can be seen bopping in the background for Reginald's week, most of them members of the Toppat clan:
    • The Right Hand Man
    • Dave Panpa
    • Thomas Chestershire
    • Matthew Norbert
    • Handsome Harold
    • Slice
    • Geoffrey Plumb
    • Sledge MacRush
  • Around 1:02 during Nyeh, the emergency meeting sound effect of Among Us is heard.
  • The files for Reginald his first song Nyeh can also be found in the files of the remastered Suction Cup Man mod, which Spider Thiago also made.


Realistic Henry

Realistic Henry is a creepy realistic version of Henry Stickmin who first appeared in this video by merrygoat and debuted in Vs. Henry Stickmin's 3.0 update as a freeplay exclusive opponent. In the mod, he is not only a separate entity from Henry, but he is Henry's biggest fan, constantly watching him and stalking him out of pure fanaticism. Currently, his only song is a cover of Endless.


Realistic Henry looks like Henry if he looked more, well...realistic. He now has visible ears, his teeth is now slightly yellow, and his spine & limbs now look more skeletal, with joints and a vertebrae now visible. His eyes are now circular with black pupils, and the veins at the edge of his eyes are more exposed, making them look almost bloodshot. His shoes are a reddish brown, and the top half of his mic is also busted.


  • While Henry & Real Henry share the same vocals in V3.0, Real Henry will have his own in V4.0.
    • It'll be the same as Henry's updated vocals for V4.0, but overlapped with a deeper version and with some effects added.
  • Real Henry is the only one of his kind. There aren't realistic versions of any other characters.
  • He has never physically met Henry, nor does he ever intend to.
  • If Henry ever died, Real Henry would take his place without anyone ever knowing because he feels he should be Henry.
  • According to Spider Thiago, not only is his power level "over infinity," but he is more powerful than any of the Shaggy's.
    • When asked about his abilities, Vincio_Dev responded with a very simple "everything."
  • Real Henry didn't do anything to make himself look like Henry. The fact he does is purely a coincidence.
  • His teeth are yellow because he thinks they're the natural color of a person's teeth, so he doesn't brush his own.
    • The last time he brushed his teeth was 200 years ago.
  • His regular diet consists of human souls and burgers.
  • He can't have kids. No one knows why.
  • He's lazy.


Dave Panpa

Were you looking for Dave (Dave & Bambi) or perhaps Dave (Aflac)?

Heya, think you could, let me... outta here?
― Dave, Infiltrating the Airship

Dave Panpa is a minor character in the Henry Stickmin series, and an upcoming opponent in Vs. Henry Stickmin. More info about Dave in this mod will be out soon.

Want to know more about Dave?


Dave wears his security guard uniform from Stealing the Diamond, fit with dark grey shoes & a slightly damaged dark grey hat that says "Security" on it. In Good Job, Dave wears his police officer uniform from Escaping the Prison, fit with white shoes and a police officer hat.


Dave is generally shown as nervous, concerned, or worried. He usually shows reluctance and uncertainty when involved with something more dangerous, and he's been shown once to run away from a threat. Dave is also a fair amount negligent, not bothering to check the package that allowed Henry to escape prison, thus leading to the events of the entire series. Although he's eager to do the best he can, this tends to backfire.


  • Dave's legacy voice is an edited version of his scream from the Bomb fail of Stealing the Diamond where a fake warhead crushes his foot.
  • Dave's 4.0 vocals will actually be Henry's 4.0 vocals run through a female voice filter.
    • His vocals didn't sound anything like him when Vincio_Dev sampled lines from the Henry Stickmin Collection, while the female filter did.
  • According to Spider Thiago, Good Job happens in an alternate timeline where Dave actually checked the package that would've led to Henry's escape, and thus Dave being fired.


Right Hand Man

― Right Hand Man, Completing the Mission

The Right Hand Man (or RHM) is a major antagonist in the Henry Stickmin series, and one of the opponents for the upcoming 5th week of Vs. Henry Stickmin. More info about RHM in this mod will be coming soon.

Want to know more about the Right Hand Man?


The Right Hand Man wears a large black top hat, black shoes, and his eyebrows and mustache are both a natural shade of orange.


Although the Right Hand Man's personality isn't shown in detail, he's very serious. Rarely has he shown emotion in the same way anyone else in the series might, and he's very to the point in most situations. This doesn't stop him from showing some emotion on rare occasions, but it's usually something minor like disbelief.

The Right Hand Man's defining trait is his unwavering loyalty to the Toppat Clan. He's routinely gotten into conflict to protect the Clan or Reginald whenever either is in danger. His loyalty is so great that even when reprogrammed by Henry as a cyborg during one fail, he is able to resist the programming and attack Henry. Right Hand Man also has an equally unwavering loyalty to Reginald in particular, not just as a leader, but as a person too. He's always at Reginald's side, and has supported each of his choices without hesitation, even if it's for something like overthrowing the current leader of the Toppat Clan.


  • The Right Hand Man was confirmed in a mini teaser for the 4.0 update, which revealed his icons for a single frame.
  • It's been confirmed by both RenRenNumberTen and Vincio_Dev that RHM's legacy vocals will come from Delay Lama.
  • The title of RHM's only song, Fidus Achates, roughly translates in Latin to 'loyal companion.' Given who RHM is, this title makes perfect sense.


Felix White

Felix White is an upcoming character for Vs. Henry Stickmin. More info about his role in this mod will be coming soon.

Want to know more about Felix?


The one thing that distinguishes Felix from Henry is his black hair, which spikes at the front and mostly the back. He also wears navy blue shoes. In most instances we see him, he's standing behind a table.


  • As you might expect, Felix is meant to be parody of Phoenix Wright from the Ace Attorney series.
    • In the orginal version of "Escaping the Prison" on Newgrounds, his name literally was Pheonix Wright, but it was changed to "Felix White" in "The Henry Stickmin Collection" for copyright reasons.
  • Felix's vocals will come from Phoenix Wright's voice samples from Ultimate Marvel vs Capcom 3, making him the only Henry Stickmin character whose vocals are not taken from the series in some form.


Mr. Skeppson

Mr. Skeppson is an original character and an upcoming opponent in Vs. Henry Stickmin. More info about him will be coming soon.


Mr. Skeppson is a purple Impostor who wears a large grey top hat.


  • Despite being an Impostor, Mr. Skeppson's vocals were provided by Vincio_Dev, who used sound editing over his actual voice rather than using the pizzicato vocals used in Vs. Impostor and similar mods.
    • Vincio_Dev's reason for the choice of vocals is because he felt the pizzicato vocals were overused, as well as the fact that the mod is doing away with single sample voices, something fans took issue with in earlier versions.
  • Mr. Skeppson's full name is Doobius DiSohnest Skeppson.
  • Mr. Skeppson is a musician in his free time.
  • He hates reggaeton.
  • Mr. Skeppson is a gentleman.
  • Mr. Skeppson has his own right hand man.
  • He has a wife named Sandra and one son.
  • He used to dream of being the host of a game show when he was a kid.
  • He is a pro bowler.
  • He likes to collect coins from all over the world.
  • He's from Bel Air, California.

Trivia (General)

  • This mod uses Medly's Squeak sound for Boyfriend's legacy voice.
  • The names of the cover songs found in freeplay are abbreviations, a callback to how ranks/endings in the original game are abbreviated:
      • HSU: Henry Sings Ugh
      • CSG: Charles Sings Guns
      • HACSR: Henry And Charles Sing Ron
      • RHSE: Real Henry Sings Endless
  • Chase is still playable. Go to any song, press 7, change the song name to "Chase" and press reload json.
  • This mod used to be compatible with the Restored and Multiplayer mods. Now that the mod is its own thing, this is no longer the case.
    • The files for Multiplayer are unused in versions 2 & 3 of the mod.
    • Henry's miss poses are for the multiplayer mod while his portraits are for the Restored mod.
  • Pico, Pepito, Blantados, Mr. L, and Kapi can be seen on wanted posters in the background of Henry's week
  • Alongside the names above, Chase has the following cameos in its foreground and background:
  • Spazzmatica is based off of the royalty-free song, Spazzmatica Polka, made by Kevin MacLeod.
    • A section of Spazzmatica can be heard around the 1:36 mark in Chase.
  • In the first release of Vs. Henry Stickmin (Full week), there is a song called "THE-ULTIMATE-SONG-EVEEEEEEEEEEEER". The song is the first 2 parts of Ballistic, but sung by Pico with Henry vocals.
  • Scores for Tickets Please! will not save.
  • In HSU, cameos can be seen near the bottom of the screen, including:
  • It is known thanks to -_Tσмαѕcнαρ1969_- that RenRenNumberTen did not like Greatest Plan and Chase.
    • It is believed that for this reason Chase was removed, however this is untrue as it is planned to come back in the 4.0 demo.
  • In the live chat for the premiere of the Demo 1.0 preview for the Semi-Official Expansion, Emerald Bucket revealed a few things:
    • Emerald Bucket has only gotten access to his own work.
      • He's also revealed that he submitted a few covers to SpiderThiago, however the only one we know of is one where Realistic Henry sings Monochrome.
        • However, he's not as fond of the one he made as the one used in said expansion.
    • Emerald Bucket has suggested a rearrangement in the week order to better fit the games, however SpiderThiago hasn't responded to this idea yet.
  • During a Q&A with one of this page's editors, Vincio_Dev revealed the following:
    • All of the characters are being redesigned to better fit the style of the Henry Stickmin games, and these designs will be present in the 4.0 update.
    • Weeks 1-5 will occur across various paths in the Henry Stickmin Collection that are not in chronological order.
      • The reasoning for this is that base FNF does something similar with the ordering of its weeks, so Vs. Henry Stickmin will do the same
    • Henry's old vocals will still be used for an upcoming song featuring his design from Crossing the Pit.
      • The same also applies for Boyfriend's old vocals, but where those will be used was not said.
    • Reginald will have a third song called Jitterbug.
    • The Right Hand Man's song is called Fidus Achates.
      • It may potentially be redone since trying to add vocals to go with the song's instrumental is proving to be a serious challenge.
    • Vincio_Dev proposed a song that would feature Right Hand Man's cyborg form, but it's unknown whether that song will ever get to be made.
      • The song would feature laser notes that would work similarly to the bullet notes from Accelerant from the Vs. Hank Challenge.
    • Most of the covers from V3.0 (as well as ones teased after its release) are going to be replaced with original songs.
    • B-Sides Heavily Armed will be redone.
    • B-Sides Ellie will appear in V4.0. She's also a Twitch streamer, much to Vincio_Dev's horror.
    • Animated cutscenes likely won't happen.
    • The drain icons and the features related to them will not be used in the 4.0 update due to the dev team using the Psych engine instead of Modding Plus they were implemented.
      • Even Vincio_Dev doesn't know if they ever actually worked.
  • Vincio_Dev will not make a B-Side remix for The Greatest Plan.
    • However, Emerald Bucket has volunteered to do it, to which Vince told him to go ahead.
      • It was thought that Emerald Bucket forgot about this as he's been focusing on making BETADCIU covers instead of making B-Sides The Greatest Plan. However, he confirmed that the real reason it never got made was because he lost what he had for it over a personal event and lost motivation.
  • The reason of why the old version of Spazzmatica sounds so loud is because at the time that Ren released the song in YouTube,Spider didn't had any other way of talking to him,only by YouTube comments,so Spider downloaded the song from YouTube,and it came that loud.
  • This is further provived when we download the old version of the mod and listen to any song,we can hear that the Inst and Voices are in the Inst,while there is nothing in the Voice file,or the same thing applies for the Voice file(With the Inst and Voices being in Voice file)

Cameos in other mods (and the base game)

  • In the original Friday Night Funkin', he appears in the background of the week Red Snow during Cocoa and Eggnog.
  • In VS NDXL, Henry appears in the crowd in the back.
  • In VS Sketchy Redrawn, Henry appears as a drawing in the background.
  • In Vs. Pandora's Box, Henry appears in the cutscene shelf.
  • In Friday Night Suckin' Remastered, Reginald and his first song, Nyeh are hidden in the files.
  • In VS. Impostor, Henry will appear as a bonus opponent with one song: Titular

Gameplay Mechanics

Note: These mechanics appear in songs that were announced after the 3.0 update, so you won't encounter them playing through the mod. They were shown through various gameplay clips on Spider Thiago's YouTube channel.

  • Knife Notes: During 34, there will be knife notes that damage/insta-kill you if you press them.
  • Demon Notes: In the second half of Mad Hatter, the background will change and there will be demon notes. These operate in the same way as the knife notes from 34.
  • Health Drain: In Mad Hatter, Heist, and Negligence, your health will be lowered during the opponent's verses, leading to a potential game over if you miss a note(most likely in Mad Hatter)
  • Inverted Arrows: In RHSE and RHSTF, the scrolling arrows will be inverted, with up arrows hitting down notes, right arrows hitting left notes, and vice versa.
    • The notes will also blend into the background, making them harder to see.


Note 1: There is no normal or easy charting in the demo, except for Chase.
Note 2: A fair amount of these songs aren't playable since they were announced after the 3.0 update released. These songs will be labeled as "Upcoming" until the next version of the mod is out.
Note 3: A lot of songs are being redone with new vocals, including replacing Boyfriend's current voice in the demo with his usual voice seen in most mods. All songs with these changes (regardless of the opponent) will be put in one tab until the 4.0 update releases, at which point all songs will be sorted accordingly.

Break In
BPM: 128
Scroll Speed: 1.6 (Easy-Old)
2.3 (Easy & Normal-Old)
2.4 (Hard-Old)
2.5 (Normal)
2.6 (Demo)
2.7 (Hard)
Based on "Tickets Please!", The Toppat Clan leitmotif, and "Ellie's Theme"
BPM: 90
Scroll Speed: 2.5 (Easy-Old)
2.8 (Demo)
3.5 (Easy & Normal-Old)
3.7 (Normal)
4 (Hard & Hard-Old)
Based on various menu themes from The Henry Stickmin Collection
Tickets Please!
BPM: 140
Scroll Speed: 3.3
Based on "Tickets Please!" and (technically) "Metal Crusher (Alternate Mix) (Obviously)

Bold Action
BPM: 145
Scroll Speed: 2.4
Heavily Armed
BPM: 160
Scroll Speed: 2.5
Based on "Seven Nation Army" by the White Stripes
The Greatest Plan (Upcoming)
BPM: 155

BPM: 150
Scroll Speed: 2
34 (Upcoming)
BPM: 195
Based on "RetroFuture Nasty" by Kevin MacLeod
Megalopsychia (Upcoming)
BPM: 165
Based on "Ellie's Theme" and "Red Headed Outlaw"

Heist (Upcoming)
BPM: 80
Scroll Speed: ???
Based on The Dance of the Sugar Plum Fairy
Dave Panpa icon danger.png
Negligence (Upcoming)
BPM: 170
Scroll Speed: ???
Based on "Unfounded Revenge" from Mother 3

Warning Audio.png
Instrumental may be loud at times.
BPM: 135
Scroll Speed: 2.3
Based on "Criminal Record"
Mad Hatter (Upcoming)
BPM: 140
Scroll Speed: ???

BPM: 180 > 360
Scroll Speed: 3
Maximum Score: 334600 (Boyfriend)
330750 (Henry)
Based on "Spazzmatica Polka"
Chase (Old)
BPM: 180
Scroll Speed: 2.2 (Easy)
2.3 (Normal)
2.5 (Hard)
Maximum Score: 298900 (Boyfriend)
298200 (Henry)
Based on "Drum & Chase" (Instrumental)
Dave Panpa icon danger.png
Good Job (Upcoming)
BPM: 148
Scroll Speed: ???
Based on Metal Man's theme from Mega Man 2

Break In (Upcoming)
BPM: 145
Bold Action (Legacy Voice/Upcoming)
BPM: 149
Heavily Armed (Upcoming)

Henry Sings Ugh (HSU)
Composer(s): Pap7ru5
Charles Sings Guns (CSG)
Composer(s): TJ255
Henry And Charles Sing Ron (HACSR)
Composer(s): Vincio_Dev
Realistic Henry Sings Endless (RHSE)
Composer(s): Luisi
Original Henry Sings Wimpy (OHSW) (Upcoming)
Composer(s): TJ255
Henry Sings Talentless Fox (HSTF)(Upcoming)
Composer(s): RoundCat
Reginald and Henry sings Technicolor Tussle(Upcoming)

Tickets Please! (Old)
Scroll Speed: 3.4 (Easy)
3.7 (Normal)
4 (Hard)
Spazzmatica (Old)
Warning Audio.png
Scroll Speed: 2.2 (Easy)
2.3 (Normal & Hard)
Philly Nice (Remix)

Press Start Gettin' Freaky Mashup (Main Menu)
The Conclusive Battle (Main Menu Alt)
Tickets Please! (Redone)
Spazzmatica (Redone)
Manifest but Henry Stickmin sings it
Tickets, Please! But Everyone Sings It
Nyeh But Everyone Sings It

Break In
BPM: 128
BPM: 90
Heavily Armed
BPM: 160
BPM: 180
Dave Panpa icon danger.png
Good Job
BPM: 148
Hat Trick
BPM: 101
Cash Clash
Bold Action B-Sides
BPM: 149
Memelord B-Sides
BPM: 153
Titular Remix


Note: A large chunk of songs do not have dialogue due to being revealed after the latest version's release

Break In Dialogue

HenryNewIcon.png Henry: This seems familiar, trying to complete the mission.

HenryNewIcon.png Henry: hmmm

HenryNewIcon.png Henry: * Choose between *

HenryNewIcon.png Henry: * Tunnel, explosion, lazer drill...*

HenryNewIcon.png Henry: ...

HenryNewIcon.png Henry: * Wrecking Ball, teleporter or...*

HACSRHenryLose.png Henry: * Funkin? *

BFIcon.png Boyfriend: beep!

HenryNewIcon.png Henry: WOAH!

BFIcon.png Boyfriend: Beep boop bska boop

HACSRHenryLose.png Henry: Man excuse me, you took me by surprise.

BFIcon.png Boyfriend: Beep.

HenryNewIcon.png Henry: ?

GF Icon.png Girlfriend: Hello I'm girlfriend

GF Icon.png Girlfriend: And he is Boyfriend

BFIcon.png Boyfriend: Bep.

HenryNewIcon.png Henry: ...

HenryNewIcon.png Henry: (Why does he talk in that strange language?)

GF Icon.png Girlfriend: Because he likes to talk with beeps and boops!

HenryNewIcon.png Henry: a-

HACSRHenryLose.png Henry: wait a minut-

BFIcon.png Boyfriend: Beep ba boooop.

BFIcon.png Boyfriend: Ska be bop, a boooooop.

GF Icon.png Girlfriend: He's here for a rap battle.

GF Icon.png Girlfriend: Do you accept?

HACSRHenryLose.png Henry: * processing... *

HenryNewIcon.png Henry: Wait, what?

HenryNewIcon.png Henry: Oh.

HACSRHenryLose.png Henry: If I win, will he stop interrupting me?

GF Icon.png Girlfriend: Yeah.

HACSRHenryLose.png Henry: ...

HenryWinIcon.png Henry: .

HenryWinIcon.png Henry: Prepare to be blue balled

Midnight Dialogue

HenryMidnightIcon.png Henry: Uff...

HenryMidnightIcon.png Henry: Man I can't believe the battle lasted so long, it's midnight.

BFIcon.png Boyfriend: bap bop bip skap.

HACSRHenryLose.png Henry: You don't have other people to rap with or what?

GF Icon.png Girlfriend: Yes, in fact we have already rapped with my parents, spooky boys, a Russian with a nun, gods...

HACSRHenryLose.png Henry: (Gf : blah blah blah blah blah blah blah blah blah blah blah blah )

HACSRHenryLose.png Henry: (Gf : blah blah blah blah blah blah blah blah blah blah blah blah )

HACSRHenryLose.png Henry: (Gf : blah blah blah blah blah blah blah blah blah blah blah blah )

GF Icon.png Girlfriend: .......furries, etc

GF Icon.png Girlfriend: So, are we gonna move on to the next song?

GF Icon.png Girlfriend: ...

HACSRHenryLose.png Henry: ZZZZZZZZZZZZ...

GF Icon.png Girlfriend: HENRY?


Bold Action Dialogue

CharlesNewIcon.png Charles: * hum *

CharlesNewIcon.png Charles: So, I'm gonna fight 'em all~

CharlesNewIcon.png Charles: A seven nation army couldn't hold me back~

CharlesNewIcon.png Charles: They're gonna rip it off~

CharlesNewIcon.png Charles: And I'm talking to myself at ni-

BFIcon.png Boyfriend: Beep baap boop

CharlesNewIcon.png Charles: ...

CharlesMadIcon.png Charles: What do you want buddy?

BFIcon.png Boyfriend: Ske doo bap bum bum bum.

CharlesMadIcon.png Charles: Oh...

CharlesMadIcon.png Charles: Man, I'm not in the mood for these things.

CharlesMadIcon.png Charles: . . .

BFIcon.png Boyfriend: Beeeeeeeeep.

CharlesMadIcon.png Charles: !

CharlesMadIcon.png Charles: Fine, fine.

CharlesMadIcon.png Charles: But don't think that I'll make it so easy for you

BFIcon.png Boyfriend: Baaaap!

BFIcon.png Boyfriend: Bee ske boop bep.

CharlesNewIcon.png Charles: Microphone?

CharlesNewIcon.png Charles: Nah

CharlesNewIcon.png Charles: I once used it on a strange cat but...

CharlesMadDangerIcon.png Charles: ... with my headphones I'm fine!

BFIcon.png Boyfriend: A

Heavily Armed Dialogue

CharlesNewIcon.png Charles: Woah man, you really have a talent at this

BFIcon.png Boyfriend: Beep baap boop bup.

CharlesNewIcon.png Charles: Oh!

CharlesNewIcon.png Charles: Another round?

BFIcon.png Boyfriend: Bap bup ska dop bum.

CharlesNewIcon.png Charles: Well I still have time

CharlesNewIcon.png Charles: get ready!

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