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This article contains potentially sensitive content that may be discomforting or upsetting to certain users. Viewer discretion is advised!

Reason: Pineappled's "mechanic" makes the notes spin VERY fast for most of the song, which may confuse new players, and the screen zooms in and out VERY quickly. Cutscene music #2 (and its old version) are very ominous. Spong's vocals, and almost all vocals in the old version, are pretty badly edited and may sound disturbing to some. Spong's vocals in the song Serpent sound rasping and strained, which some may find creepy, and it has a heavy metal style, which some listeners may find too intense.
Also, Spong's scream/yell at the end of Abrasive. Born can be pretty unsettling to some people.


This article contains content that may bring users with past trauma, to something that might cause a physical and/or mental reaction. Viewer discretion is advised!

Reason: Spong's Pineappled form features photo-realistic eyes and other disturbing features, and the Pineappled dialogue may disturb some users. Furthermore, his Pineappled neutral icon, and Sp form may trigger users with trypophobia, and Cutscene Music #2 might unnerve certain users as well. Spong's music and vocals can sound very unnatural and bizarre in a disturbing way. Everything about Serpent is very unpleasant. Also Spong's scream at the end of Abrasive can be very unsettling to some people.

Copyrighted Assets


This article contains copyrighted music, files, or other copyrighted assets that can claim copyright infringement.

Reason: SpongeBob is owned by Nickelodeon and Paramount Global, and the old Spong design was taken straight from Google. Bibulus is also copyrighted of Stadium Rave.



The development or possible updates of this mod have been canceled, so a release of its new content is not expected. The reasons for this vary, such as: controversies, lack or loss of interest, the disappearance of the "passion" for the mod, or simply a lack of ideas.

Reason: The remaster has been cancelled due to its popularity and its damaging effects to Bmv277's mental health. All the complete assets have been released to Google Drive.[1]

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...(How is someone this short older than me?) - Abigail

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Issues Present: Animation of Spong turning into his Pineappled form is horribly cropped and 3D spong idle animation is pretty bad.

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he did it AGAIN? - chrandius3000

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Reason: 40K+ bytes, and it was discontinued... yikes.

Vs. Spong is a joke mod featuring Spong, which includes 7 playable songs, 2 unused songs, 4 old songs and 1 remix

The mod is discontinued, due to the creator's mental health declining from the pressure of focusing on the update. He knew that people wouldn't leave him alone if he didn't give them any content, so he released the unfinished build on Google Drive.



Shut the fuck up I'm going to rip your spleen out of yo-
― Spong, Abrasive

Were you looking for a different Spongebob-based mod?

Spong is the main antagonist of the Vs. Spong mod.


Spong has nearly the exact appearance of Spongebob, with some notable differences.

During Bibulus, Spong wears a jacket that appears black (due to the Undertale style of the battle) with "lol" written all over it.

In Serpent, Spong turns into a giant mechanical puppet connected to yellow chains with black, charred-looking eyes and a semi-realistic rectangular mouth with disgustingly thin and yellowed teeth.

In Donkey Noise, he is sad with big eyes. He has a tear going down his right eye and his nose is down.

In Copyright Evasion, he has an annoyed expression on his face.

During the Spong: Destroyer of Worlds week, Spong appears to be just a stock image of Spongebob found in the first result in Google Images.

During Pineappled in the same week, he appears to randomly flicker very fast between many different random collages of pieces of his sprite, images of Spongebob's pineapple house, and disturbing eyes and mouths.


  • Spong, Bob, And Bambi are all friends, due to each being joke characters who have fought Boyfriend with very difficult charts and ended up ascending into godlike forms.
  • Spong has an interest in karate, but uses it to kill.
  • Spong originally had only one idle frame but then was given a proper sprite sheet in later updates.
  • Spong in Pineappled lacks any note animations, similarly to how Bob does in the song "Run"
  • The Pineappled sprite sheet seems to have more disturbing versions of the sprites that aren't seen in-game.
  • The Pineapple house was brighter in the first version.
  • The older sprites were made using only first results on Google Images.
  • Both Spong and Boyfriend's vocals were made in UTAU.
  • The sound effect "OH DEAR NEPTUNE, GET IT OFF ME" in the transformation into Pineappled is from the episode I Had an Accident.
  • Pineappled's icon is made from a meme of Spongebob crying. The same might be true for his danger icon, although it is heavily distorted beyond recognition.
  • In Abrasive, Spongebob is trying to take the microphone away from Spong, which bears a striking resemblance to what Monika and Senpai were doing within the VS Monika mod's second song, Bara No Yume.
    • It's unknown whether this was a true reference the creator of the mod intended, or just a pure coincidence. Some people think that VS Spong came out first.
      • Just like Bara No Yume, Spong also lets Spongebob have a turn in Abrasive.
  • Spongebob Saying “Uhh... shit” comes from a YTP called SpingeBill’s 4D Pickel Quest.
  • The old assets to Pineappled's idle animation contains Hell Bob's eyes inside of the Pineapple's windows.
    • Later versions had them appear randomly.
      • However, this is all simply due to them being a popular horror asset.
  • Spong starts to "sing" "Among Us In Real Life" in the beginning of Abrasive, before getting interrupted by Spongebob.
  • Spong's old losing icon is eyeless.
  • Spong in "Hell Nah" was only shown in concept art.
  • In Serpent, Spong's voice could be heard dubbed over another version of Spong's voice along with Boyfriend just like Shaggy x Matt during "Final Destination".
  • Despite not being Spongebob, he is given Spongebob-like vocals in Copyright Evasion.
  • What was thought to be Spong's sprites for Serpent (pre-release) is not actually for Serpent, but rather a Pineappled remaster before it was scrapped.
  • Spong in bibulus is a reference to an undertale au called spongeswap



Based on "Born", we can assume he was created by My Mistake, Viacom or Guy, and had escaped the tube he was made in. Its called " born " so we know he was (chuckle) Born in there.

Cameos in other mods

Note: None of these cameos are canon to Spong's story.

  • In Bob's Onslaught, Spong can appear in the Main Menu by random chances.
  • In Vs. Ron, Spong can be seen at the start of Ron.
  • In The Impossible Trio Chart, Spong appears as one of the characters.
  • In Bob's trick or treat (Note: This is from the leaks), he is seen walking on the background during ronman.
  • In Vs. SpongeBob Media, Spong can appear in the background of Week 5.
  • In Friday Night Funkin' Vs. Not Normal, Spong will play an important role in the Mod's lore. he will appear in the background of the song Boat.



*cough cough cough cough* new abrasive vocals by st4r *cough cough dies of lung cancer*
― Boyfriend, Abrasive

Boyfriend is the main protagonist of this mod.



Boyfriend keeps his appearance from FNF, however, he now wears a helmet similar to Sandy Cheeks and has the Wood Man face (Nice >:]). And a different head.


Boyfriend keeps his appearance in Friday Night Funkin', however, he now wears a helmet similar to Sandy Cheeks.



Now that's music! ...Or something like that.
― SpongeBob, Abrasive

Spongebob is the main character of the animated franchise of the same name. He makes his appearance in Abrasive when finding out that Spong has taken his microphone.


Spongebob uses his appearance in Bikini Bottom Funkin' for his idle and poses.

During the song Bibulus, he appears as his SPONGESWAP counterpart in black and white and wearing a purple jacket. In Serpent, he is seen lying down on the ground dead.

In the old version of Vs. Spong, Spongebob appears as a stock photo of...well...Spongebob from various other Google Images. In the old abrasive static idle, the google image comes from the infamous "*inhales* BOI" meme.


  • Spongebob's old losing icon showed him happy, as he just wants to steal the microphone back from Spong.



Sp is one of the unused characters in the mod.


Sp is a Spongebob-looking entity with a poorly drawn microphone floating next to them, and they have a moving face that (intentionally) looks like misplaced sprites during their animations.


  • They would've appeared in the song "Ip", though due to the mod being unfinished they are unable to be seen.



― Viacom, Copyright Evasion

Viacom (now known as Paramount Global) is the owner of Nickelodeon (as well as others like Paramount Pictures, Nickelodeon Movies, CBS Studios, Paramount Players, Paramount Animation, Miramax (In which, is owned by beIN Media Group and Paramount Global has 49% of Miramax) and others).


The personification of Viacom in this mod is visually a gigantic reskin of Arch with blue skin, a business suit and tie, a golden-looking microphone, and the old Viacom logo used from 1990-2005 replacing his glasses. In the mod, Viacom is much, much larger than Arch, probably implying Viacom's popularity.


My Mistake

My Mistake is an unused character in the mod.


He appears as a poorly edited out 3D model of Spongebob, the images are currently An Unregistered Hyper Cam Spongebob (


  • His losing icon is a bíblic depiction of a Seraph
  • My mistake, Billy and 80Fitz were shitpost character's not meant to be in the mod.



'Billy' is an unused joke character in the mod.


Billy appears as a diagram of a female human (despite being male) with a realistic skull atop his head and a heart attached near the left lung.



80Fitz, known simply as "guy" in his in-game xml, is an unused character in the mod.


He's a guy with fair skin, blue eyes, brown fade hair and brown beard. He wears a dark blue jacket, none of his pants or shoes can be seen. He also has a dynamic microphone near him.


Gameplay Mechanics

Damage Notes

These black notes with yellow borders appear in Abrasive and Serpent, and will give you a bad time if you hit one on accident.

These notes were also meant to appear in Ip, though the song was never finished.

Modchart on Crack

Pineappled was full of gimmicks to make it as hard as possible, including:

  • Arrows constantly spinning around.
  • The strike lines flying everywhere.
  • The screen constantly zooming in and out.
  • Forced middlescroll, disappearing UI, and in the old version, during the Pineapple House's turn, Boyfriend's notes are gone, and vice versa.

Weirdly enough, these gimmicks don't appear in the remaster, most likely due to it being quite unfinished.


Note: Viacom Doesn't Have A Losing Icon.
Note 2: My Mistake has a neutral icon, it's just invisible for some reason.

Trivia (General)

  • Cutscene Music #2's old version is Roblox's horror music with random cuts.
    • The horror music is also just random sounds and music pitched and slowed down, as at the time, custom Roblox music could not be uploaded to the catalog.
    • Very old Roblox horror games used this song, for example, "Survive the Killers in Area 51".
    • Trying to access Hell Nah in freeplay or after beating Donkey Noise in a Meme Week will open up a window saying "Error: [file_contents,assets/data/hell-nah/hell-nah.json]" before the game crashes.
    • Trying to access IP in freeplay will open up a window saying "Error: [file_contents,assets/data/ip/ip.json]" before the game crashes. Hovewer it's the same thing with Hell Nah.
    • When you go to freeplay and play either Spong or Absorb. There are some messed up charting before they got fixed.
    • At the end of Abrasive, Spong will jumpscare you. During his jumpscare, his face has a Serpent beta face.
    • In Bibulus, When Spong is not singing, the screen will zoom in and the screen and will move a high so many times.
    • In serpent, you will suffer the consequences because Easy and Normal doesn't remove the Hurt Notes. To beat Serpent, you must access Toggle Practice or Botplay but if you beat Serpent with Toggle Practice or Botplay, you will not get the highscore. If you think that it's a good idea to beat Serpent, you can remove the hurt notes or rechart the song on the Debug Menu.
  • The new Cutscene Music #2 is a slowed down and reversed version of the Start Screen in old builds of FNF.
  • Cutscene Music #2's bpm is actually around 39.5759411502, though it is rounded for convenience.
    • Likewise, Cutscene Music #2's old version also has an irregular bpm around 120.962.
  • The engine was originally the base game engine, although it was switched to Kade Engine for playability reasons most likely.
    • The remaster runs on Psych Engine.
  • Vs. Spong is the second Friday Night Funkin' mod to use the character's name as a song name (sixth if you count Monster, Pico and Senpai from the original game), the first mod to do this was VS Sky the second is Opheebop from salty sunday night and the third is VS A.G.O.T.I.
  • In older versions of the mod, the only songs were Spong, Absorb, and Pineappled, with Abrasive and the remaster being added later.
  • One of the members from the team behind Bob (Wildy) worked on the mod with Bmv277.
    • In addition to that, an image of Spongebob (titled Spoglo.png) can be found in Bob's files, and Spong himself can be seen "singing" as an easter egg in the Bob's Onslaught update, so this may mean Spong and Bob may know each other canonically.
      • It's possible, however, that this was just an easter egg, and wasn't meant to be taken seriously.
  • The oldest version of the mod only had the first song, which replaced Dadbattle.
  • The oldest version of the first song had a higher pitch.
  • In the remastered version of Abrasive, the Bikini Bottom Funkin' version of Spongebob was used.
  • The background, the appearance of Spong and Spongebob and the song itself during Bibulus are direclty inspired in the Undertale AU Spongeswap.
  • Serpent uses part of the background from Week 5, most likely due to the song's own background being unreleased or unfinished.
  • Viacom is Arch from the mod, Vs. Arch.
    • Copyright Evasion is also a remix of the song Arch from the same mod.
  • Spong's appearance in Serpent my be a reference to a... interesting drawing discovered on a developer disc for SpongeBob SquarePants: Supersponge.
  • A first look to Bibulus



This article contains content that may bring users with past trauma, to something that might cause a physical and/or mental reaction. Viewer discretion is advised!

Reason: Pineappled is extremely distorted and only gets worse over time and is also loud, which may be unpleasant to some. Also, the cutscene music for aforementioned song is also very distorted, serpent can be very loud, and Copyright Evasion’s “FUCK YOU”s are pretty loud as well. And Ip can be very loud

Note: The old pause menu sound is correct, it is only a short "bruh" sound effect.

BPM: 150
Scroll Speed: 2 (Easy)
3 (Normal)
4 (Hard)
Composer(s): BMV277
Spong ded.png
BPM: 150
Scroll Speed: 3 (Easy)
3.5 (Normal)
4 (Hard)
Composer(s): BMV277
BPM: 140
Scroll Speed: 3 (Easy)
3.5 (Normal)
4 (Hard)
Composer(s): BMV277

SpongebobSpongIcon.png SpongeBob: Now that's music! Or something like tha-

SpongNewIcon.png Spong: Shut the fuck up I'm going to rip your spleen out of yo-

BFIcon.png Boyfriend: ba

SpongNewIcon.png Spong: Fuckin nevermind.
BPM: 150
Scroll Speed: 3 (Easy)
3.5 (Normal)
4 (Hard)
Composer(s): pastel
BPM: 170
Scroll Speed: 4 (Easy)
4.5 (Normal)
5 (Hard)
Composer(s): BMV277

Placeholder Used

End of Dialogue - Bob

This article uses one or more placeholders. Placeholders are commonly used for when a mod or asset hasn't been released publicly. Placeholders should be replaced with official assets as soon as possible.

Note: Hell Nah icon was made by marcy.

Donkey Noise
BPM: 140
Scroll Speed: 3 (Easy)
3.5 (Normal)
4 (Hard)
Composer(s): BMV277
Hell Nah
Composer(s): BMV277
Composer(s): BMV277

0:54Sp: FUCK!

Copyright Evasion
BPM: 220
Scroll Speed: 3 (Easy)
3.5 (Normal)
4 (Hard)

SpongNewIcon.png Spong: This is fucking dumb, no one is even getting money from this mod?

ViacomIcon.png Viacom: FUCK YOU.

SpongNewIcon.png Spong: *screams*


ViacomIcon.png Viacom: FUCK YOU.

SpongNewIcon.png Spong: *screams*

Spong (Old)
BPM: 150
Scroll Speed: 1.5 (Easy)
2.5 (Normal)
4 (Hard)
Absorb (Old)
BPM: 150
Scroll Speed: 1.5 (Easy)
2.5 (Normal)
3.5 (Hard)
Abrasive (Old)
BPM: 140
Scroll Speed: 2 (Easy)
2.5 (Normal)
4 (Hard)
Maximum Score: 240100
Composer(s): Wildythomas

File:SpongebobSpong Nametag: Now that's music! Or something like tha-

SpongIcon.png Spong: Among Us in real life, sus sus. Among Us in real life, sus sus. Playing Among Us in-

File:SpongebobSpong Nametag: Gotcha- woah!


File:SpongebobSpong Nametag: Hey-


File:SpongebobSpong Nametag: Uhh... shit.
BPM: 180
Scroll Speed: 2 (Easy)
3 (Normal)
4 (Hard)
Maximum Score: 424200
Spong (Older)
BPM: 150
Scroll Speed: 1.5 (Easy)
2.5 (Normal)
4 (Hard)
Maximum Score: 318150
Absorb (Older)
BPM: 150
Scroll Speed: 1.5 (Easy)
2.5 (Normal)
3.5 (Hard)
Maximum Score: 271250
Pineappled (Old)
BPM: 180
Scroll Speed: 2 (Easy)
3 (Normal)
4 (Hard)
Maximum Score: 424200
IP (Old)
Composer(s): BMV277
Bicubic (Old)

Menu Theme
Game Over

  • glass breaking noises*

SpongIcon.png Spong: Where am i?

???: Subject has escaped.

SpongIcon.png Spong (glitched): Where are my friends?

SpongIcon.png Spong (glitched): I want to- shit!

???: Do not worry, little one. You shall be taken care with soon, as long as your abilities have not been developed yet.

(loud static noises, along with a bell chiming)

???: It seems they have.. I may have made a vile mistake.

SpongIcon.png Spong (angrily): You... YOU- YOU- YOU-YOUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUU

(a small portion of Pineappled along with loud distortion and blood splattering can be heard, meaning Spong likely turned into his Pineappled form and killed the other character in the audio
Menu Theme (Old)
BPM: 102
Pause Menu (Old)
Cutscene Music #1 (Old)
BPM: 150
Cutscene Music #2 (Old)
BPM: ~39.6
Cutscene Music #2 (Older)
BPM: ~121


Note: Old and Older Absorb have no dialogue

Note 2: Most of the Meme Week and The Viacom dialogue doesn't appear.

Note 3: Abrasive (Old) and Abrasive (Older) have no Icon for Spongebob.

Spong Dialogue

SpongNewIcon.png Spong: what in the FUCK do you want you little midget

BFIcon.png Boyfriend: beep boop babababa shit balls

SpongNewIcon.png Spong: ughgfhghhgghrhrg what

BFIcon.png Boyfriend: rap

SpongNewIcon.png Spong: fucking fine

Absorb Dialogue

SpongNewIcon.png Spong: hot damn you actually beat my first song

BFIcon.png Boyfriend: HAHA OWNED wait what the fuck do you mean first

SpongNewIcon.png Spong: oh man and you thought the FIRST SONG was shit!!!!!!


BFIcon.png Boyfriend: jesus christ youre actually insane

SpongNewIcon.png Spong: Most Likely! : )

Abrasive Dialogue


SpongebobSpongIcon.png SpongeBob: You there!

SpongebobSpongIcon.png SpongeBob: That's MY mic you stole, you impostor!


SpongebobSpongIcon.png SpongeBob: Just gimmie it--

SpongNewIcon.png Spong: NOFUCKOFF

BFIcon.png Boyfriend: if yall dont shut the fuck up im just gonna duet you both

SpongebobSpongIcon.png SpongeBob: If it'll get me my mic back, then so be it!

SpongNewIcon.png Spong: fucking fine

BFIcon.png Boyfriend: *cough cough cough cough* new abrasive vocals by st4r *cough cough dies of lung cancer*

SpongNewIcon.png Spong: what

Bibulus Dialogue

SpongNewIcon.png Spong: holy shit its sans from undertale

SpongebobSpongIcon.png SpongeBob: ...Eh..?

BFIcon.png Boyfriend: holy fuck im rapping two sanses from undertales

SpongebobSpongIcon.png SpongeBob: ...

SpongebobSpongIcon.png SpongeBob: What?

BFIcon.png Boyfriend: shut the fuck up and play the song

SpongebobSpongIcon.png SpongeBob: Whatever you say kiddo, I guess.

SpongNewIcon.png Spong: penis

Serpent Dialogue

SpongSerpentIcon.png Spong: I feel

SpongSerpentIcon.png Spong: I feel Wrong

SpongSerpentIcon.png Spong: Glowing metal has incased my chest

SpongSerpentIcon.png Spong: I remember The lab

SpongSerpentIcon.png Spong:Hes dead

SpongSerpentIcon.png Spong: Goodbye Boyfriend

Old Spong Dialogue

SpongIcon.png Spong: who are you?

BFIcon.png Boyfriend: Bepeeepeoepeoe

SpongIcon.png Spong: that dosent answer my question


SpongIcon.png Spong: ok

Old Abrasive Dialogue

Spongebob: Hey!

Spongebob: Give me that back, the Krusty Krab talent show is in 20 minutes!

SpongIcon.png Spong: no

Spongebob: Who are you even supposed to be?

SpongIcon.png Spong: spong

Spongebob:: Don't you mean Spongebob?

SpongIcon.png Spong: no.

SpongIcon.png Spong: spong.

Spongebob: Well uh...anyway-

Spongebob: The name's Spongebob, you stole that mic from me!

Spongebob: Give it here.

SpongIcon.png Spong: no lol

Spongebob: C'mon you yellow impostor, give it!

SpongIcon.png Spong: haha amogWAIT GET YOUR HANDS OFF ME

BFIcon.png Boyfriend: this shit funny lol

Pineappled Dialogue



PappleIcon.png Spong: WE CANT BREATHE

PappleIcon.png Spong: WE CANT BREATHE

PappleIcon.png Spong: WE CANT BREATHE

PappleIcon.png Spong: WE CANT BREATHE

PappleIcon.png Spong: WE CANT BREATHE

Spong (Older) Dialogue

SpongIcon.png Spong: who the fuck are you

BFIcon.png Boyfriend: Bepeeepeoepeoe

SpongIcon.png Spong: yeah

Abrasive (Older/Unused) Dialogue

Spongebob: Hey!

Spongebob: Give me that back, the Krusty Krab talent show is in 20 minutes!

SpongIcon.png Spong: no

Spongebob: C’mon you yellow impostor, give it!

SpongIcon.png Spong: haha amogWAIT STOP

Pineappled (Old) Dialogue

PappleIcon.png Spong: LOOK


PappleIcon.png Spong: hehehehdhehhehe

PappleIcon.png Spong: Hehee

PappleIcon.png Spong: Ow.

Gallery (General)

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