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Upcoming: The memes, bonus characters and the Pibby Week will be added after the demo is released.

Vs. SpongeBob Media is a upcoming mod made by Micheal A. (aka me, 1234xs), in this mod, you face SpongeBob related material, which are creepypastas, memes, official media, etc.

Characters (Story Mode)

Suicide Squidward, often confused with Red Mist Squidward, is the first character that appears in the Vs. SpongeBob Media mod.


Suicide Squidward is identical to the original Squidward, though with a darker color palette and black eyes with bloodshot pupils and blood running down his face.


Suicide Squidward in the mod suffers from depression and displays suicidal tendencies, shown from the end of Week 1 where he shoots himself with a shotgun.

Yummer is the second character that appears in the Vs. SpongeBob Media mod.


Yummer is composed of a brown smooth light-skinned head model, flat images of a pair of bloodshot, bulging eyes, a mouth forming a wide smile, and ears. It is also photorealistic.


Yummer itself is quite mysterious, often hiding from others behind objects.


  • Yummers is one of three characters in story mod to actually be in an official Spongebob media, the others being The Overlord and Red Mist Squidward.
  • Despite the character itself being referred to as "Yummers" or "Yummer", it was recently revealed by a developer on the SpongeBob Saves the Day game (Yummer's origin game) that it's name is actually Yum.

Sponge.avi, or more commonly known as Bootleg Spongebob, is the third character that appears in the Vs. Spongebob Media mod.


As the name implies, Sponge.avi is almost identical to SpongeBob, though with a slightly darker palette and bloodshot eyes taken from the Dumped Bootleg Creepypasta.


Sponge.avi himself is relatively nice. Although he's...not really in the right set of mind right now. (No Spoilers)

The Overlord, also known as the Jellian Leader or the Evil Alien Jellyfish Overlord is a Alien like jellyfish that fist appeared in the season 8 episode, Planet of the Jellyfish. The Overlord is the fourth character that appears in the Vs. SpongeBob Media mod and represents Around the Clock At Bikini Bottom rather than creepypastas.


The Jellian Leader looks like a giant, light green jellyfish with shiny black eyes on snail-like stalks. Similar eyes are present on its Jellian minions and clones. Its internal organs - a brain and what appears to be two orange crusty hearts - which jellyfish lack, can be seen through its transparent body. It has a huge mouth located on the lower part of its body and 15 squirmy legs.

It appears that the Jellians' species has a matriarchal system, as the leader serves as Alpha/Queen for the Jellians within the hive. The Jellians that it creates serve as drones/scouts, while Jellian Clones serve


The Overlord is a malicious entity with the intent to invade and conquer whatever land it sees fit, often using Jellian minions or false copies of others to do so.


  • This week takes place the hour before Around The Clock at Bikini Bottom.

Red Mist Squidward, often confused for Suicide Squidward, is the fifth character in the Vs. SpongeBob Media mod.


Red Mist Squidward, unlike Suicide Squidward, retains the normal color palette of his normal counterpart, though has large black eyes with bloodshot pupils and black sludge running down it.


Red Mist Squidward is personality has not been revealed yet

SpingeBill is one of the characters you face in this mod.


SpingeBill looks almost exactly like SpongeBob, though with black eyes, having a more saturated color palette, and the stripes on his socks having gray and dark gray instead of red and blue.


Upcoming Characters

  • SpongeSwap Spongebob
  • Emo SpongeBob (Meme)
  • Soulja Boy Patrick (Meme)
  • SpongeSwap Squidward
  • Handsome Squidward (Meme)
  • Lincoln Loud (Crossover People Won't Shut Up About Wanting)
  • Stephen Hillenburg (Creator Of SpongeBob)
  • Primitive Sponge (Meme)
  • Moar Krabs (Meme)
  • Mrs Puff (Alex Bale's SpongeBob Theory)
  • SlendyBob (YouTube Poops)
  • SpongeBoi (Meme)
  • Ketamine Krabs (Mr. Krabs Overdoses On Ketamine)
  • Puffy Fluffy (A Pal For Gary)
  • Plankton (One Coarse Meal)
  • Skodwarde (YouTube Poops)
  • Tom (Incidental 6)
  • MockBob (Meme)
  • Santiago (Palmtri)
  • TheMysteriousMrEnter (YouTuber)
  • "Please Don't Turn Me Into A Meme" SpongeBob (Meme)
  • Buff Sandy (Meme)
  • The Squidward Apparition (Every Copy Of SpongeBob SuperSponge Is Personalized)
  • Burning Fish (Meme)
  • Cold Patrick (Cold)
  • Suidizzle Squidizzle (Squidizzle's Suidizzle)
  • SpongeBong HempPants (SpongeBong HempPants)
  • John Espongja ([•REC]³: Génesis)
  • SpongeBob Animatronic (Five Nights at the Krusty Krab)
  • Prowlthos (Around The Clock at Bikini Bottom)
  • Faceless SpongeBob and Faceless Patrick (Faceless)
  • Patrick (patrick's diabetes)




Placeholder Used

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Note: All of the meme and other characters are the beta versions

Suicide Squidward Icon Neutral.png
Bad Day
Suicide Squidward Icon Losing.png

Yummer Icons Neutral.png
Yummer Icons Winning.png
Krusty Krab
Yummer Icons Losing.png

Sponge.avi Icons Neutral.png
Sponge.avi Icon Winning.png
Sponge.avi Icons Losing Animated.gif

The Overlord Icons Neutral.png
Planet Of The Jellyfish
The Overlord Icons Winning.png
Close Encounters
The Overlord Icons Losing.png

RedMistSquidward Icons Neutral.png
Good Day
RedMistSquidward Icons Winning.png
RedMistSquidward Icons Losing Animated.gif
It's Okay

Spingebill Icon Neutral.png
Spingebill Icon Losing.png
Queef Blower
Spingebill Icon Losing.png

Soulja Boy
Sexy Octopus
Markitable Plushie

Loud Family
Horror Show
Star Stabber
Boating School
Animated Atrocity
Hell Or High Water
Bold And Brash

Original Music

Yummer Icons Neutral.png
Yummers Shits On Sophie
The Overlord Icons Neutral.png
Revenge From South Park


Suicide Squidward Icon Neutral.png
Suicide In E-Minor (Suicide Squidward Sings E-Minor)
Yummer Icons Neutral.png
Dreams Of Krabby Patties (Yummer Sings Dreams Of Peace)
Sponge.avi Icons Neutral.png
FUN.avi (Sponge.avi Sings FUN)
The Overlord Icons Neutral.png
Hostile Vengeance (The Overlord Sings Revenge)
RedMistSquidward Icons Neutral.png
Random Madness (Red Mist Squidward Sings Madness)
Spingebill Icon Neutral.png
Spinge McSlide (SpingeBill Sings Ronald McDonald Slide)
SuperSponge's Apparition (The Squidward Apparition Sings Apparition)
Ready Or Not (Pibby SpongeBob Sings Ready Or Not)
Spongeswap SpongeBob Sings Bibulus

Cameos in other mods

Not: These aren't canon to the characters or their original story.

  • In The Squidward Tricky Mod. Suicide Squidward appears in HELLCLOWN.
  • In YTP Invasion. Tom will appear at some point.
  • In the cancelled Vs. Spong update. SpongeSwap Spongebob appears in Bibulus alongside Spong.
  • In Vs. Mokey. SpunchBop appears when getting a Combo Break agianst Monky Or Dilan
    • All of these, however, predated Vs. SpongeBob Media.
  • In Mistful Crimson Morning. Suicide Squidward, Sponge.avi and Red Mist Squidward appear as opponents

Gallery (General)

Trivia (General)

  • There are multiple scrapped characters for the mod which includes the memes Tooly and Sad SpongeBob as well as SCP-1808: SpongeBob Watches.
  • Sponge.avi, also known as Bootleg Spongebob's, concept is a reskin of SpeedyBlueHedgehog's SpongeBob reskin, where he replaces Boyfriend.
  • Suicide Squidward's concept is a reskin of Bikini Bottom Funkin' Squidward.
  • Most icons are reskin from different mods.
  • The meme, bonus and Pibby weeks are not canon.
  • Red Mist Squidward & Suicide Squidward are not the same person. Ironically, this extends to the creepypastas themselves where Red Mist is often confused with Squidward's Suicide despite the two being separate from one another (though having similar premises).
  • While the Krusty Krab song on the page isn't the actual one, this will be a bonus song. And as for whoever added that. Hat's off.
  • The reason Tooly was scrapped was because of him being unneeded within the mod.
  • Ketamine Krabs may be used in the future, but not in the current release.
  • Moar Krabs, Mrs. Puff, The Madness Cover and the name for the Revenge cover were all suggested by the artist TheHoodedMan.
    • There are several references in the crowd of The Overlord's background, these are:
      • Stick Man (also known as The Chosen One),
      • Shadow King (TheHoodedMan's OC),
      • Bendy
      • Rando Dude
      • Yummers (Yes He's Here Twice; Don't Ask)
      • Cursor (Alan)
      • A Jellyfish
      • A Clone Of SpongeBob
      • Bambi
      • Mokey
      • The Sandwich from TF2
      • G-Man
      • Patrick and Squidward's House (for...some reason)
      • Weegee
      • Micheal Afton
      • TheHoodedMan
      • A Nestler
      • Berry The Bear
      • A Pinkie
      • A Volter
      • A Squirter
      • The Chef Prowler (doing a meme; specifically the "when you X just right")
      • Left Glovey
      • An Alpha
      • An Angler
      • A Prowler
      • Boofie (from Boofie's Bunker)
      • and Dave Microwaves (The creator of Around The Clock at Bikini Bottom)
    • In the background of Week 5, you can see several characters from other mods. these being
    • There are also several references In the Intro Text.
      • "suicidesquid.avi" is a reference to Suicide Mouse.
      • "Real Suffering Is Buff Helpy" And "The Sights Of Hell, Oh Wait Wrong Creepypasta" are both references To Sunday Night Suicide.
      • "The Red Mist Fucked Your Mom" is a play On Suicide Squidward's line in SpongeBob GlockPants
      • "Squidward Has Fucked Squilliam. Let That Sink In" is a reference to Alex Bale's first SpongeBob theory.
      • "TheHoodedMan's Favourite Creepypasta Is Sponge.avi" is exactly what it sounds like.
      • "To TheHoodedMan, You Owe Me One Around The Clock Save Data" is a reference to a fact that I needed to ruin my Around The Clock Save Data to get him a reference image for a Squirter.
      • "Don't Ask Who Joe Is" is a reference to This Meme
      • Both Just A Reminders are referrences To The Fact That I Don't Know Anything About SpingeBill And TheHoodedMan Knows Nothing About Around The Clock.
      • "Let Me Show You How To Scrath It" is a reference to TheHoodedMan on the Wiki (under the pseudonym ThanosBeatboxing06).
      • "WAS THAT THE BITE OF '87?!" is a reference to Markiplier's reaction to the Bite Of '83 during his Five Nights at Freddy's 4 Let's Play.
      • "Where's The Lamb SAUCE" is a reference to this meme
      • "Maybe It's The Way Your Dressed?" is a reference to Sans from Undertale
      • "You Like Krabby Patties, Don't You Squidward?" is a reference to this meme
      • "Can You Feel The Sunshine, Does It Brighten Up Your Day?" is a reference to Tails Doll
      • "Hey VSauce, Afton Here" is a play on VSauce's catchphase
      • "Why Does Security Breach's Framerate Suck Eggs" is a reference to everyone's hate of FNaF: Security Breach
      • "Don't Feed The Muse" is a reference to The SpongeBob Guy
      • "I'm A Goofy Goober, You're A Goofy Goober, We're All Goofy Goobers" is a reference to Goofy Goobers
      • "Game Theory: Squidward Has A Wang" is a reference to a joke from this Caddicarus video
      • "Spong" is a reference to Spong
      • "Learning With Pibby, Learning Is So Fun" is a reference to Learning With Pibby: Apocalypse
      • "To Blitzo, An O Can't Be Silent" is a reference to Blitzo from Helluva Boss
      • "Hey Y'all, Micheal Here" is a reference to Scott The Woz
      • "What Does Hyper-Realistic Even Mean" is a reference to one of Fleetway Super Sonic's game over lines
      • "Pure Lust" is a reference to this Diamondbolt video
      • "It's Cheaper If You Buy Two Jars Of Mayonnaise" is a reference to a joke from the Modern Family episode "Strangers On A Treadmill"
      • "Vs. SpongeBob Media 1995 Build" is a reference to the 1995 Build of Super Mario 64
      • "L Is Real 2401" is a reference to the saying on the fountain in Super Mario 64
      • "Allan, Please Add Details" is a reference to the dev note in Hitman: Blood Money seen when viewing the Kitchen Crate in "A Dance with the Devil"
        • Originally, this text was "Alan, Please Add More Detail", due to TheRealPurpleguy misremembering the quote and him not knowing how to spell "Allan"
      • "Wario World" is a reference to the third Super Mario Land game
      • "You're All Race-Traitors" is a reference to Racist Mario
      • "I'm In A Fucking Wheelchair" is a reference to one of the Unknow quotes in Monochrome
      • "I Have Done Nothing But Teleport Bread For Three Days" is a reference to Soldier's very famous line in "Expiration Date"
      • "I Work For Pibby Corrupted, How The Fuck Did That Happen" is a reference to the fact TheRealPurpleguy somehow got the coding job for FNF Pibby Corrupted
  • Bad Day contains a leitmotif of Dejection from Wednesday's Infidelity
  • DO IT contains a leitmotif of HELLCLOWN from The Full-Ass Tricky Mod.
    • This is a reference to the The Squidward Tricky Mod where Suicide Squidward was the HELLCLOWN/second phase.
    • The mod also takes place a year after Bikini Bottom Funkin', but neither Squidward Or SpongeBob remember them
  • When this mod is finished. it will have a total of 44 songs. beating Vs. Shaggy for the most amount of songs in a Friday Night Funkin' Mod
  • At some point, there will be a Pibby week.
  • Originally, Reanimated Suicide Mouse was supposed to be Beach Brother, this was changed after finding out that The Beach Brother Update was back on.
    • Additionally, The D-Class was originally supposed to be /v/-tan, this was changed after finding out Vs /v/-tan was never discontinued or scrapped
    • Even though he was scrapped, EXE will never be added to the background.
  • There were two crossovers for Vs. SpongeBob Media that were scrapped, being FNF Pibby Corrupted and Mistful Crimson Morning.
    • Pibby Corrupted's was scrapped because of SpongeBob already being planned for the mod and it being redundant
    • Mistful Crimsom Morning's was scrapped because of crossovers already being planned for it.
  • the following characters from spongebob related media are rejected from the mod
  • naughty.png & spongeknob squarenuts (both are from NSFW sources)
  • meatcanyon spongebob and the tortured one (due to them being included in mistful crimson morning)
  • spong (due to having his own mod)
  • robot chicken spongebob (therealpurpleguy1 thinks he is dumb seen here)

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