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This article contains potentially sensitive content that may be discomforting or upsetting to certain users. Viewer discretion is advised!

Reason: eteled's icons and appearance during Diagraphephobia, Plaything, and System Failure may disturb some people. Plus, Austin sometimes glitches during Post-Mortal (and the Mii Channel Menu during Diagraphephobia) which might also be disturbing to some people. Also, if you die as Austin in Plaything, he gets killed with an axe. Cutscene 7, 8, and 15 may be unsettling. This warning is continued in the music section.


This article contains content that may bring users with past trauma, to something that might cause a physical and/or mental reaction. Viewer discretion is advised!

Reason: eteled comes from the creepypasta known as "Wii Deleted You", a creepypasta with themes of violence, torture, child abuse, etc.


...It would be best to offer a formal apology for what you've done. Good luck, Vs. eteled! - DJ Hallyboo

This page contains controversial content in a mod or about a person, please refrain from attacking the people involved or start wars in the discussions wall.

Reason: TheMaskedChris made a video explaining that the OST for the mod was being removed due to copyright strikes given by AnthemOverload, the mod’s old composer, and that Anthem had supposedly blackmailed Chris into removing the mod's songs. Anthem has released a video in response to Chris's video, criticizing him for spreading lies about him and framing him for blackmail. According to Anthem's video, he stated that Chris was lying about him not changing, slandering him, and framing him for blackmail. Chris responded to Anthem's video in the comment section criticizing him on how he responded to his video; for example, between the timestamps on Anthem's video between minutes 1:14 - 3:33, Chris argued against Anthem for denying his past actions and making up excuses for it. Anthem replied to Chris comments dismissing his accusations and accuses him for "trying to twist both [Chris's] own words and [Anthem's] words" and that "[Chris is] literally brainwashing [his] child fanbase with biased twisted manipulative nagging". A screenshot of a Discord DM from Anthem was also shared on Twitter, accusing Chris for "supporting a pedophile, obsess over a 16-year old," and drawing NSFW artwork of Ochaco Uraraka, a fictional 15-16 years old female character who is a minor. He also stated that the songs he made are his intellectual property and wants to be "WIPED off of Vs. eteleD". Currently, it is unknown if the situation has been settled as both sides have yet to reach a consensus.

Rebecca Hunger Danger.png
Major Spoilers Ahead!

Rude! You should ask before doing that, you know. - Moony

This page contains spoilers that may ruin the player's experience. View at your own risk or after playing the mod itself!

Reason: This mod contains important information for "Wii Deleted You” and general info about the secret meme song "Bananeled".

Copyrighted Assets

I would say what it's about, but I'm not too sure people would understand the message. - Sunday

This article contains copyrighted music, files, or other copyrighted assets that can claim copyright infringement.

Reason: Eteled's background is the Mii background when changing or adding Miis which is owned by Nintendo. There's also a Wii console in the first cutscene which again is also owned by Nintendo.

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Note: It was one of the fastest mods to get onto Fan Favorites, getting on there at least a week after release.

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Upcoming: Week 2 is currently in the works, As well as revamped sprites, voice acting, and more. The music is also getting redone, due to the old composer's controversy.

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Not to be confused with WassabiSoja's eteled.

eteled was moved here on request of TheMaskedChris. If you were looking for Mii Funkin' go here.

Mii Funkin: Vs. eteled is a mod created by TheMaskedChris and his team. It is a standalone part of the Mii Funkin' mod.

This mod sees Boyfriend and Girlfriend getting put into an unsuspecting Wii by Daddy Dearest, which he didn't know belonged to a teenager named Kyle Sanders. Challenging a strange Mii they meet to a rap battle, things quickly go wrong…

This Mod adds 5 new songs against both eteled and Austin/The Corrupted Mii, 3 in the main story and 2 freeplay songs.


QUOTEPORT eteled.png

― eteled, Vs. Eteled

Eteled is the main antagonist and protagonist of the Creepypasta series Wii Deleted You and the deuteragonist of its sequel Wii Deleted You: Sam's Story, both originally created by IceyPie and adapted into an animatic by TheMaskedChris. He also appears as the main antagonist in Wii Deleted You: Corrupted Data Revived under his real name, Henry.
He was originally a regular human that worked for Nintendo, but an accident with a Wii caused his human body to get killed, while his soul was transferred into the Wii and into the Mii he had created, thus making him into Eteled.


Eteled is a bald Mii character with large eyes and a small nose. He wears a black shirt and pants. His hands appear as spheres, although unlike Matt he has arms. In Dream Of Peace, he has a worried look.

For Diagraphephobia, his pupils are larger, he has a wide grin, and he now holds a fire axe in his left hand. At one point, his eyes turn nothing but black.


  • Eteled's Icon is blue instead of a more menacing color because TheMaskedChris associates Eteled with blue, and as a duality with Austin's red icon.
  • Eteled is the second character to sing reluctantly and confused, the first being Nonsense.
  • Eteled acts the way he does in Diagraphephobia due to the immense pain he gets from being deleted, which has driven him to insanity.
  • Crazy Eteled's note animations are inspired by Mommy Mearest and Pico's poses.
  • In the files, he's a banana.


I want Henry in HELL. That’s what I want.
― Austin, Sam's Story

Austin is the main antagonist of the sequel to Wii Deleted You (known as Sam's Story) and the protagonist of Corrupted Data Revived in both his human form and his Mii/3D model body.
When he was a human, he held the belief that he was entitled to the world's beauty and no one else was allowed to destroy it, leading people (including doctors and his own parents) to believe he was a sociopath, and his parents repeatedly taking him to therapists to change how he saw the world. This led him to have an interest in video game creation, since in that job he could finally build his own little world. He became a Nintendo employee along with Henry, but was killed by him after he started to get more successful than Henry. Austin's spirit was later resurrected inside a computer, which he used to create his Mii face and 3D model body. He originally used his afterlife to help Nintendo employees, but Henry's Wii accident also affected him, transferring him into the Wii with Eteled and corrupting/glitching him, making him the way he is now.


Austin is a bald Mii character like Eteled, who wears a chest plate with pauldrons, and a black scar through the chestplate. His eyes are pitch black, sometimes with white pupils or irises depending on emotion, and he has sharp teeth. He has gray hands, with black arms and legs, as well as some red armor.


  • In all of his miss animations he shows his human self, a reference to how his spirit is using the body that is the Corrupted Mii.
  • Since he's only playable in a song against Eteled, his death animation shows Eteled successfully killing Austin.
  • Originally Austin had no voice actor in Sam's story due to it being from Sam's perspective, and in Corrupted Data Austin's voice doesn't glitch due to it being in his perspective as his spirit falls through darkness. His canon glitchy voice was only shown later.
  • In Wii Deleted You Austin's voice would pitch shift up and down constantly and rapidly, but in the mod he only rarely stutters. This was to make him more bearable to listen to.
  • His hands resemble claws due to his body being modeled in low-poly form, then distorted by the Wii.
  • His left animation is the only animation in his sprite sheet to close his mouth, similar to how Salad Fingers' up animation has extra frames where he closes his mouth.
  • His note animations resemble Cancer Lord's note animations.


Gameplay Mechanics - Glitches

  • During Post-Mortal and Plaything, whenever Austin glitches, the notes can momentarily glitch out, making them difficult to hit.

Cameos in other mods

Note: None of these cameos are canon to eteled or Austin's story.

  • In Starlight Mayhem, Eteled and Austin appear in the crowd next to each other during one of the cutscenes, as well as Austin’s human form and Henry (Eteled's human form).
    • This was actually before this mod was even started, and was originally just an homage to Chris's adaptation of the creepypasta.
  • Eteled is the second opponent in Friday Night Funkin' Boss Rush.

    Eteled and Austin in the crowd.

Trivia (General)

  • Eteled's week was originally an add on to Mii Funkin', sort of like Beat Streets Tricky or B3 Whitty.
    • It is obviously now a lot different, considering it came out before the rest of the mod and is now more of its own thing.
  • The reason why Eteled is in the Mii Funkin' mod despite not being in a Nintendo game is because TheMaskedChris worked on the animatic adaptation for it and it was one of the first popular things he created.
  • The name Eteled is, obviously, "deletE" backwards.
  • Diagraphephobia and PostMortal's names were revealed via a Twitter post.
  • Diagraphephobia is the fear of deletion, usually either the fear that you are simulated and will be deleted, or an extreme fear of losing your saved data on a computer.
  • There are unused icons in the files for Henry (Human), Kyle, Sam, and Austin (Human), which may imply cut content or future weeks.
  • Eteled's Dream of Peace icon could be a reference to the Unsettled Tom meme.
  • In the files you can find a file called "Bananaled_2", and if you play it you will hear the following dialogue:
    "Sam, Sam! SAM I TURNED MYSELF INTO A BANANA! SAM I TURNED MYSELF INTO A BANANA, I'M BANANALED!". This is a reference to the Pickle Rick meme.
  • Boyfriend and Girlfriend don't have arms, even though they're in the Mii Channel where all Miis are supposed to have arms.
  • At around 1:16 during Diagraphephobia, an Expurgation leitmotif is heard.
  • Eteled saying the fail line "It is now safe to turn off your console" is possibly a reference to older versions of Windows, where when the user shuts down their PC, the display says: "It is now safe to turn off your computer".
  • Another fail quote from Eteled, "Turn off your Wii, and go outside." is a common referral to the message that appears in Wii Sports reminding the player every 15-45 mins suggesting them to take a break.
  • BlueBalling Post-Mortal can have the failure quote "You're dead. Not a big surprise." which is a reference to the TF2 character Heavy's voiceline "You are dead. No big surprise."
  • Austin saying "Pick up the slack, I felt like I was playing on 50cc." is a reference to Mario Kart Wii, in which the lowest difficulty is 50cc, where the Karts move at such a slow speed as to be boring to most players.
  • System Failure was originally going to be the 2nd song of the main week, but was scrapped in place of Diagraphephobia. The team then remembered about it a few days before the mod released and decided to add it as a bonus song.
  • During Eteled's scream-like strange noise in Diagraphephobia, the notes spell out the word "NO."
  • Matt is mentioned by Austin in one of the death quotes in Post-Mortal, and by Eteled in Dream of Peace as well, implying this takes place after the Matt mod, and both are canon to each other.
  • When you play as Boyfriend and miss a note, Boyfriend holds a Wii remote instead of a microphone. This seems to be meant to be a "true form" like Austin's human body appearing in his miss sprites, seeming to imply Boyfriend is simply playing the game instead of being inside.
  • During Diagraphephobia, Plaything, and System-Failure, Eteled's "losing" icon seems to be looking directly at the player.
  • Henry's unused icons are similar to Mika's icons.
  • The unused icons seen in the files are confirmed in the WDY anniversary stream to be a joke to piss people off.
  • Eteled and Austin's winning icons are missing in Plaything.
  • This mod shares similarities to Vs. Bob and Bosip:
    • Eteled and Austin have winning icons.
    • Eteled and Austin have custom noteskins.
    • A character BF faces off as an opponent is playable in another song.
    • The mod was charted by Cerbera and coded by Ash.
    • Story mode has voice acting.
    • The mod uses Kade Engine, albeit a later version than Bob and Bosip.



This article contains potentially sensitive content that may be discomforting or upsetting to certain users. Viewer discretion is advised!


  • Eteled’s scream-like noise in Diagraphephobia, Plaything, and System Failure is pretty unpleasant/loud, and Austin's voice may sound ear grating in some sound qualities. Also, the menu theme has pretty loud bass. Also, Eteled's line "I'M BANANALEEED" is, well, shouted at the top of his lungs.
  • The menu theme has extreme glitching at some parts, and has a VERY menacing tone. Cutscene 2 may be unsettling. Also, parts of Diagraphephobia and System Failure give off very dark and strange vibes.

Dream of Peace
BPM: 110
Scroll Speed: 2.2 (Easy & Normal)
2.4 (Hard)
Maximum Score: 107800
BPM: 140
Scroll Speed: 2.2 (Easy)
2.4 (Normal)
2.8 (Hard)
Maximum Score: 123200
Post Mortal
BPM: 130
Scroll Speed: 2.1 (Easy)
2.4 (Normal)
2.8 (Hard)
Maximum Score: 113400

BPM: 155
Scroll Speed: 2 (Easy)
2.2 (Normal)
2.6 (Hard)
Maximum Score: 173600
System Failure
BPM: 125
Scroll Speed: 2.5 (All Difficulties)
Maximum Score: 100800

D.o.P. Eteled Fail #1

"There's always a next time, although I'm just as confused as to how you're worse than me at this."
D.o.P. Eteled Fail #2

"How the hell were you worse than me?"
D.o.P. Eteled Fail #3

"Well then, uhh.. That was disappointing, I expected you to be much more experienced than me. How sad."
D.o.P. Eteled Fail #4

"Hehehe~, to be honest I expected more but, I don't know what I was expecting."
D.o.P. Eteled Fail #5

"Better luck next time, I guess."
D.o.P. Eteled Fail #6

"Oh c'mon, how was that hard?"
D.o.P. Eteled Fail #7

"Turn off your Wii, and go outside."
D.o.P. Eteled Fail #8

"And now a word from the developers, don't be afraid to switch to Easy Mode! If you are already on Easy Mode, god help you."

BPM: 420
Scroll Speed: 1.6



Dream of Peace Dialogue

(We're in a teenager's room... gaming memorabilia adorning the walls and floor. A teenager is using her laptop on her bed... We zoom in on an unsuspecting Nintendo Wii console. A black shirted Mii is turned around, brooding.)

Eteledneutral1.png eteled: KYLE...

BFIcon.png Boyfriend: Beep!

(The black shirted Mii whips back around, confused and startled.)

Eteledneutral1.png eteled: ...?!

BFIcon.png Boyfriend: Beep boop!

Eteledneutral1.png eteled: Were... Were you guys following me just now?

BFIcon.png Boyfriend: Beep!

Eteledneutral1.png eteled: Uhh, well... Okay, where did you guys come from? How did you even get here?

BFIcon.png Boyfriend: Beep da boop!

Eteledneutral1.png eteled: Huh, well... I guess that makes sense.

GF Icon.png Girlfriend: Ah, we're sorry... we didn't mean to disturb you, sir!

Eteledneutral1.png eteled: You're fine..

Eteledneutral1.png eteled: ......

BFIcon.png Boyfriend: ......

GF Icon.png Girlfriend: ......

BFIcon.png Boyfriend: Beep boop?

Eteledneutral1.png eteled: ...I'm sorry?

BFIcon.png Boyfriend: Beep boop!

Eteledneutral1.png eteled: You're challenging me to a rap battle?

BFIcon.png Boyfriend: Beep!

Eteledneutral1.png eteled: Uhh.. I wasn't expecting that, especially from you guys...

Eteledneutral1.png eteled: Well, I don't see why not, I guess...

Eteledneutral1.png eteled: Alright, Let's do this!

BFIcon.png Boyfriend: Beep!

Eteledneutral1.png eteled: I hope I won't regret this...

Diagraphephobia Dialogue

Eteledneutral1.png eteled: Heh! I guess that wasn't too bad, what do you guys think?

BFIcon.png Boyfriend: Beep boop!

GF Icon.png Girlfriend: Yeah, you sounded great too!

Eteledneutral1.png eteled: Thanks... I've never done that much singing before.

BFIcon.png Boyfriend: Beep!

GF Icon.png Girlfriend: I figured, since I've never really seen someone like you before. If you don't mind me asking... who are you, exactly?

Eteledneutral1.png eteled: ...Should've known that question was coming...

(eteled turns to look at Boyfriend, as Girlfriend is looking blankly off in the distance.)

Eteledneutral1.png eteled: The name's eteled, I'm just your average Mii. I have been here for a long time...

Eteledneutral1.png eteled: I've kind of lost track of time to be honest...

Eteledneutral1.png eteled: But I mean, it's usually quite peaceful here. But, We aren't alone.

GF Icon.png Girlfriend: Is there someone else here with us?

Eteledneutral1.png eteled: ...Yes, unfortunately. Him.

GF Icon.png Girlfriend: Who are you talking about?

BFIcon.png Boyfriend: Beep?

(An unknown Mii reaches his hand out, a white eye piercing through the darkness.)

AustinNormalIcon.png Austin: Let's experiment with this new thing I found out...

(Austin activates a Wii Cursor.)

AustinNormalIcon.png Austin: Bingo.

(The cursor picks up eteled, bringing him to the delete icon.)

BFIcon.png Boyfriend: Boop!

Eteledneutral1.png eteled: PUT ME DOWN!!

BFIcon.png Boyfriend: Beep boop!

GF Icon.png Girlfriend: Boyfriend, come on...!

Eteledneutral1.png eteled: LET ME GO, YOU HAVE NO IDEA WHAT YOU ARE DOING, DAMN IT!!!

BFIcon.png Boyfriend: (panicked Beep boops)

(Boyfriend looks shocked, as Girlfriend looks blankly on.)

GF Icon.png Girlfriend: Uhh, we should go...

BFIcon.png Boyfriend: Beep!

(A dark faced Mii staggers out of a now glitchy delete icon.. Could it be?)

Eteledhasseenyoursearchhistory.pngeteled: ...Did you really think that doing that was a good idea!?

(He moves his head a bit... he seems to be grabbing something from his back...)

Eteledhasseenyoursearchhistory.pngeteled: If there is one thing I need to get through your head... Don't. Delete. Miis.

(eteled then pulls out his axe as the Mii Plaza turns dark.)
EteledIcon.png eteled: But, heh... let's see if you don't lose your head by the end of this.

After Diagraphephobia Dialogue

EteledIcon.png eteled: Well... you managed to last through all of that without losing a single limb. I'm surprised. So, why not answer this?

EteledIcon.png eteled: ...What the hell was that all about? What were you thinking?!

BFIcon.png Boyfriend: Beep...!

GF Icon.png Girlfriend: H-hey, I mean... At least you're not hurt... Right?

EteledIcon.png eteled: Not hurt? Do I seriously look “not hurt” to you!?

GF Icon.png Girlfriend:

EteledIcon.png eteled: Listen to me. There are a lot of things you don't know about this place.

BFIcon.png Boyfriend: Beep...?

GF Icon.png Girlfriend: What do you mean by that?

EteledIcon.png eteled: Being deleted is painful. Like, physically painful. He knows exactly what I'm talking about...

GF Icon.png Girlfriend: I- I still don't understand... Who is this guy that you're talking about?

EteledIcon.png eteled: Oh, I'll show you who he is alright. Starting with you.

(eteled sprints up to Boyfriend, grabbing him.)

GF Icon.png Girlfriend: Hey—! Stop that! You don't have to do this—!

(eteled smirks.)

Eteledhasseenyoursearchhistory.pngeteled: This is what you get..

(eteled tosses Boyfriend into the delete icon.)

BFIcon.png Boyfriend: Beep!

(Girlfriend panics and sprints into the delete icon herself. eteled sits down next to her now glitchy speakers.)
Eteledneutral1.png eteled: Finally... Peace.

Post Mortal Dialogue

(Transitions to the Hallway.)

AustinNormalIcon.png Austin: ...Heh. You've arrived!

BFIcon.png Boyfriend: Beep?!

GF Icon.png Girlfriend: Is that...

AustinNormalIcon.png Austin: Yep, it sure is. Welcome to “the hallway”, the place where Miis go when they get deleted. Allow me to introduce myself.

AustinNormalIcon.png Austin: My name is Austin, and I've been watching over you and my little friend from afar, and I must say, I'm impressed…

AustinNormalIcon.png Austin: I got a kick out of watching! But I figured, why not join in on the fun as well?

AustinNormalIcon.png Austin: I have been stuck in this damn Wii for god knows how long, much longer than you can imagine, that one's for sure.

AustinNormalIcon.png Austin: So, surely it wouldn't hurt having another competitor, now would it? I bet that I can be an even bigger challenge than eteled ever could.

AustinNormalIcon.png Austin: What do you say?

BFIcon.png Boyfriend: ...Beep boop!

AustinNormalIcon.png Austin: Great, I knew you'd say that.

GF Icon.png Girlfriend: I've.. got a bad feeling about this...

AustinNormalIcon.png Austin: Don't worry, I'm sure he will be just fine, he can handle it. Won't you?

BFIcon.png Boyfriend: B-Beep!

AustinNormalIcon.png Austin: Good, now let me see what you've got. And just so you know, I won't be going easy on you. Get ready for me to blow your mind!

BFIcon.png Boyfriend: ...Beep boop!

After Post Mortal Dialogue

AustinNormalIcon.png Austin: Damn!... That wasn’t bad at all!

BFIcon.png Boyfriend: Boop beep!

AustinNormalIcon.png Austin: But I’m not going down that easily. What do you say we have another round?

BFIcon.png Boyfriend: Beep!

AustinNormalIcon.png Austin: Great... This is gonna be fun—

(A Mii appears, holding an axe... it's him!)
(eteled swings the axe, but both Austin and Boyfriend dodge it.)

AustinNormalIcon.png Austin: Won’t you look at that!.. It’s the man himself, Henry. Or should I say, “eteled”!

EteledIcon.png eteled: I should have known you would’ve been here, Austin!

(Eteled and Austin prepare for a fight as Boyfriend and Girlfriend get the funk out of there.)
(Cut to static. It pans up, as we see two teenagers curiously looking at the screen, named Sam and Kyle.)

KyleIcon.png Kyle: ............

SamIcon.png Sam: ............

SamIcon.png Sam: What the hell was that?

KyleIcon.png Kyle: Do you think I know?!

Game Over Quotes

These are the quotes randomly used by Eteled or Austin respectively if Boyfriend gets blue balled. They are listed in no particular order.

EteleD Quotes - Dream of Peace
"There's always a next time, although I'm just as confused as to how you're worse than me at this."
"How the hell were you worse than me?"
"Well then, uhh.. That was disappointing, I expected you to be much more experienced than me. How sad."
"Hehehe~, to be honest I expected more but, I don't know what I was expecting."
"Better luck next time, I guess."
"Oh c'mon, how was that hard?"
"Turn off your Wii, and go outside."
"And now a word from the developers, don't be afraid to switch to Easy Mode! If you are already on Easy Mode, god help you."
"Maybe you can go on the practice mode? Oh wait, that's Mario Kart."
"You're telling me, you beat Matt, but not me?"
"Well, you failed this one. Anyways, stream Wii Deleted You on"
"It is now safe to turn off your console."
"Strike, you're out."
"That was supposed to be your best? That was just depressing. You should try harder."

EteleD Quotes - Diagraphephobia
"There won't be a next time. LEAVE."
"Maybe I can chop off your legs and head next, along with your precious Girlfriend...~"
"HAHAHAHAHA~! That was pathetic."
"Hehe...~ Now look who's coming out on top. You get what you deserve, sucker."
"I warned you this wouldn't have ended well. Now look where your head is at, huhuhu...~"
"Haha, skill issue."
"Next, I'll be deleting your little Girlfriend! Hehehe!"
"Your failure only satisfies me. Now let's see where you'll end up going... Maybe in that channel."
"Now that that is out of the way, come here."

Austin Quotes - Post Mortal
"Destroy the weak."
"Why am I wasting my time with this midget?"
"You! Get a life! Oh wait, you don't have me."
"Heh. You never stood a chance."
"Even Henry can put up a fight...unlike you."
"Honestly, I expected more."
"Haha! I expected better from you. You really are helpless, huh?"
"You've died! You stupid idiot!"
"Of all the humans I have seen recently, you are definitely the ugliest one."
"You're telling me you beat Matt, but lost to me?"
"Pick up the slack, I felt like I was playing on 50cc."
"Nice shot!"
"Compared to all the shovelware on the Wii, you're ten times worse."
"Now that that's out of the way...WHAT THE HELL ARE YOU?!"
"I'll kick your blue balls in so hard, they'll come out of your mouth!"
"Pffft. Wow, You're even weaker than Henry..."
"After that performance I'd rather be in the server room again..."
"Strike. You're out."
"You're dead. Not a big surprise."
"Well well well, look who came out on top after all. Come again next time, dumbass."
"Hah! Looks like I deleted you!
"Huh. Well that was pathetic of you, dying so quickly."

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