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This page contains controversial content in a mod or about a person, please refrain from attacking the people involved or start wars in the discussions wall.

Reason: A shock comic featuring incestuous lolicon porn by Gutsybird was found in the files, which shocked and horrified many, the reason the comic was in the files was to get the mod off gamebanana. The file was fearmongered and misregarded as being a piece of CSEM, when it was actually just the /jp/ 4chan boards personified as a poorly drawn "stick-loli." Also, it was falsely rumored that one of the devs was deleting mods on GameBanana.
The racist and homophobic aspects of the mod can also offend people.

Mature content ahead!

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This article may contain sensitive or mature content that may be unsuitable for some ages.

Reason: Being a mod based off of 4chan culture, the following mod contains racial and homophobic slurs, which are obviously racist / homophobic and offensive. Viewer discretion is advised. Also, in the Good Ending, /v/-tan is seen masturbating to a girl under the effects of the Corruption. The title of Cancer Lord's song contains the N-word. One of his minions resembles racist caricatures. The files contain offensive imagery, words, and pornography. "Sneed" is based on a scene from The Simpsons, an adult show that touches on topics such as racism, alcoholism, and sensitive aspects of American culture. Oh, and a meme related to Dragon Ball Z porn is referenced.

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This article contains copyrighted music, files, or other copyrighted assets that can claim copyright infringement.

Reason: "Sneed" is based on and features characters from The Simpsons, which is owned by Fox.

Screen Shaking

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This article/mod contains a heavy amount of screen shaking and distortion. Those who suffer from motion sickness or screen sickness easily should proceed carefully.

Reason: When /v/-tan screams "FFFFUUUUUUUUU" at the end of Sage as well as Cancer Lord's second scream in his song, it's pretty shaky as you'd expect it to be. Consolezord's singing also shakes the screen.

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DO YOU FART - The Follower

This mod contains content that was made with comedic intent!

Reason: This mod is based on the Epic Frustration/Rage vs. Cancer comics, which aren't really supposed to be taken that seriously. Multiple 4chan related memes (such as Sneedposting and the Daily Dose) are referenced. Many of the offensive aspects of this mod can be classified as shock humor.

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Upcoming: Grandpa Death

Friday Night Funkin' VS. /v/, also known as just VS. /v/ or Friday Night Fankan, is a Friday Night Funkin' mod that adds in one week with 6 songs in total (3 being Bonus songs), animated and non-animated cutscenes. The mod itself is originated from 4chan and it's culture. There is also bonus materials, such as the original /v/ rage comic series by 3 Angled Blue, which can be found in the files under the folder "3AB." In this mod, Boyfriend and Girlfriend insert a rhythm game disk into a PC, which transports them to the website known as 4chan.[2] Unknowing that they are caught in a scheme by Daddy Dearest.

The mod is also known for accurately reflecting on 4chan's video game board culture. Reflected in its depiction of the classic Shoop Da Whoop[3] meme, which is considered racist to some, and homophobic language.



  • Anonymous is a catch-all name for users on 4chan who don't enter a name in the "name field" when you make a post, making them anonymous.
    • The mod as a result goes without any credit within the confines of the mod itself.
    • In keeping with the theme of this, the anonymous developers released the musical stems, scales, .flas and source code of the project with no complaints.



― /v/-tan, Vidyagames Opening Cutscene

/v/-tan is the board-tan[4] (personification of 4chan board) for 4chan's video games board, /v/.[5] Its angry, contrarian nature is reflected in him, with extreme rage issues to the point it spawned a comic and animation of him fighting back a /b/ invasion to a remix of the Gurren Lagann track "Libera Me from Hell." As per his presence, the mod reflects on the video game board's own culture on 4chan, as well as 4chan as a whole.

In the mod, he fights Boyfriend and briefly fights the Cancer Lord in a cutscene.

Want to know more about /v/-tan?


/v/-tan is the first board-tan created, and has one of the most simple designs. He is depicted as a pale-white man with bushy eyebrows. His clothes are also pure white, and his shirt has the name of his board on it. /v/-tan's eyes are normally pretty standard: White sclera and black pupils, but when being filled with even more anger than he normally is, his eyes become bright red with yellow pupils.


/v/-tan's most defining characteristic is his rage: He will often call someone a casual or a much worse insult for liking a certain game that he dislikes (yet plays himself, albeit "ironically"). He also prefers PC to consoles (except when he doesn't) and his rage is so powerful that it allows him to perform superhuman feats. He is more than willing to argue about anything, even if it isn't on-topic to his board (video games). Often, he is portrayed as being about as degenerate and lusting as the amalgamation of an entire board of 4chan would be.

Showing little regard for those around him, even family, /v/-tan is shown being outright abusive to /jp/-tan in comics where she is his daughter. He also sent the /vp/ twins (Viol and Vanille) on a Pokémon journey when they were 10 years old.

In a few pieces of art and in the beginning of the Rage vs. Cancer comic, /v/-tan is shown being unable to properly compose himself around women. In the latter's case, this caused him to stand outside of his house staring into a girl's eyes, which is dubbed "a new threat /v/ stands no chance against."


  • PhantomArcade once said that /v/-tan is "tempting," meaning he may appear in the actual game at one point.[6]
    • The tweet he was responding to served as the motivation to make the mod. It further draws inspiration from teknodice_'s art by having him make use of a DDR pad instead of a mic up until the third song.
  • In a very spontaneous appearance and Q&A on 4chan, ninja_muffin99 presumably called /v/-tan "seggsy."[7]
    • There is a possible reference to this in the source code, in Character.hx, where v-rage's code is set up, in a comment saying '// V SEGGSY ANIMATION CODE'.
  • /v/ is the third character to use a DDR Pad aside from Kapi, and Kobeni.
  • /v/-tan intentionally inverts the "Whitty Syndrome" mod formula, starting out angry before calming down in the last song.
  • /v/-tan does not actually play video games, except for the times he does.
    • /v/-tan also does his best not to talk about vidya (video games), except for the time he does.
  • The /v/ board was created by infamous (banhappy, driven, yet neglectful) moderator W.T. Snacks[8] in 2004, as he said in a sudden appearance on /v/ in early 2021.[9]
    • He also says that /v/ was his worst creation. Even worse than bananaphone,[10] which he claims to his credit and wordfiltering the word "Wapanese" into the now world-famous "Weeaboo."[11]
  • In contrast to /b/, /v/ - Video Games is notable for being an early place where many Indie games found their footing, such as Minecraft, SCP: Containment Breach and more.
  • At the end of Sage, /v/ shouts "FUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUU-" which is the same scream that came from the nostalgic Rage Guy.
  • The song "Vidya Gaems" features a sampling of "Row Row" from the Gurren Lagann music track[12] associated with the character. There's also a sampling of "Go Go!" from POLICEMAN - GAL男宣言[13], more often known as "Galo Sengen," which became popular on /v/ through natural exposure.
    • It further samples the Gurren Lagann track by having a barely audible "Fight the Power!" play as well.
  • The pre-fight cutscene before "Sage" starts is a rendition of Green & Purple by Kritikal.[14] The colors are a meme on /v/ as a result of a particular NSFW picture of Piccolo and Vegeta being spammed against the rules. In response to the colors users type "Thank you, Doctor" in various languages. "Sage" itself also subtly adapts the song.
  • To be contrarian against the overwhelming abundance of "third stage freakouts," the Anonymous users suggested and decided to make the "Harmony" song a calmer one. Drawing inspiration from Erasure - Always, as the song is often stickied to autoplay[15] on /v/ once each year.
  • In the mod, Boyfriend and Girlfriend insert a disk featuring PaRappa of Playstation fame and one of the Taiko drums from Taiko no Tatsujin, both rhythm games.
    • Following this, /v/-tan can be seen playing the song "Taste Of Teriyaki" in the game Um Jammer Lammy, which is a spinoff of the PaRappa the Rapper series.
  • /v/ has his pad sideways. From his perspective, up would actually be right.
  • The word "Sage" in the context of the song refers to a poster's ability to type "Sage" into the options field in a reply on 4chan. This will cause the post to not bump the thread, effectively allowing a poster to boycott a thread from being seen while still posting in it.
  • Vidyagaems was originally called 'Vgrooves'. You can find this in a pre-release gameplay video posted in the same thread where Ninjamuffin called /v/-tan seggsy.
  • He is the pilot of the Consolezord, but only in NCHProductions' animations. It does not feature in the original comic.


Cancer Lord

You fellas take care of the vidya man. I will have fun with the midget.
― Cancer Lord, Infin***** Opening Cutscene

The Cancer Lord is the locked away king of /b/[16] in the Rage vs. Cancer comic by 3 Angled Blue. He appears in Vs. /v/ as a hidden bonus character with a singular song.

Want to know more about Cancer Lord?


A king of the /b/tards, an extremely (and historically) trollish kind of 4chan user, the Cancer Lord acts like the biggest and baddest of them all. He shows little care for even his own fellow /b/tards to the point of massacring them upon waking up, for on /b/ there are trolls trolling trolls. Cancer Lord also appears to be chaotic yet intelligent, speaking with a clear font in Rage vs. Cancer to contrast /v/-tan's hand-drawn writing, and thinks very highly of himself, going after /v/-tan when one of his underlings claimed that /v/ opposed him.


Cancer Lord, like /v/-tan, is a pale white man with white clothing. He is extremely lanky, being hunched over in his song. Cancer Lord has two gauntlets on his arms, and his hands can shapeshift, demonstrated by his left hand becoming a shoop da woop lazor and a microphone. He wears a purple crown, which appears to be the source of most of his power. He also wears a medal and belt with "/b/" on them. Cancer Lord also has incredibly sharp teeth, which compliment his slasher smile.


  • It may be likely that Cancer Lord is preemptively named after the "Cancer that is killing /b/," a meme itself about how the /b/ board is degrading in quality.[17]
  • Unlike /v/-tan, Cancer Lord does not represent the entirety of /b/. There is no real "/b/-tan", the closest thing to an "official" /b/-tan is the Green Anon in a suit, who is more of a representation of 4chan's anonymous posters as a whole.
    • He can however, turn into the older version of /b/ called "Anime/Random" after being stabbed with his own crown. Whereupon he takes up the appearance of W.T. Snacks, a former moderator of 4chan. This increases his power level tremendously. Prominently featuring "banhammers" in some attacks.
  • In the unused files, a 2D sprite for Cancer Lord can be found. It went unused due to the decision to go with a unique perspective during the bonus song.
    • An unfinished sprite of "/b/ - Anime/Random" also exists in the Vs. /v/ files, implying he might have been planned at some point.
  • During the battle, the /b/tards sent to assault /v/ can be seen trying to flee, or being thrown away from /v/'s house.
  • Upon hitting an Ebola arrow, the face of Ebola-chan appears. Ebola-chan is a gijinka of the Ebola virus that was created on 4chan,[18] similar to Corona-chan.
  • While the scales for the vocals were specifically recorded for Cancer Lord, the scream- or laughter, made by Cancer Lord is sampled from the Youtuber Killer Keemstar.
  • While being developed, it was originally hinted that there would be fight with Yotsuba from the manga Yotsubat&!, who is also the mascot of 4chan. This was however a bait & switch, and Cancer Lord took her place. You can find an image of Cancer Lord headlocking her in reference to a Sam Hyde meme[19] hidden within the files. Attached to the image is an anonymous poster saying "The weak should fear the strong."
    • Yotsuba can be seen panicking in the background of the fight.
  • The word "Infin*****" is probably supposed to be a superior variant of "Double N*****" which is uttered by /v/ to Cancer Lord in 3 Angled Blue's Rage vs Cancer comic.
  • Cancer Lord's arms can do a number of things. Between 3 Angled Blue's original comics and the Friday Night Funkin' mod, his arms can:
    • Shapeshift into Shoop Da Whoop Lazor cannons, modelled after the classic internet meme that originated on the "/b/ - Random" board after a Flash (presumably on the "/f/ - Flash" board) was posted on there. The meme has its own song.[20]
    • Be used as rocket fists and attack from afar or different directions.
    • In the mod, turn into microphones. Cancer Lord uses it so he can sing. This was not the original plan for the mod, as the unscaled version of his stage has him with normal hands.
  • In the FLA of his scaled stage, there's an unused animation of him laughing, which is just 1 frame of his idle animation for 14 frames.
  • Coincedentally, his unused 2D note animations resemble Austin's note animations.
  • People on Reddit want to bang him for some reason.



― ConsoleZord, /v/-rage HD Remake (ConsoleZord Edition)

Consolezord was added in the Vs. /v/ Consolezord edition update, with the song No Games.

It originally appeared in NCHProductions /v/ rage flash animation[21] from 2008, which adapts 3 Angled Blue's "Rage vs Cancer" comic. The mech later reappears in NCHProductions' HD remake from 2018.[22] He also animated a "fight" using the mech.[23] In the original animation, it consists of then-modern consoles like the PS3. It is piloted by /v/-tan and consists of current gen game consoles and a PC.


Consolezord is a giant mech composed of several different gaming consoles.

  • A Nintendo Switch for a head
  • A Nintendo 3DS for the neck
  • An Xbox for the arms
  • Wii's and PS3's for the legs
  • A Wii U for the hips
  • A PC and a PS5 for the torso


  • Most of No Games leitmotifs from the song "Row Row Fight The Power", which was used in a famous animation featuring /v/-tan.
  • Consolezord is one of the only characters to have Girlfriend built into their animations. Other characters to do this are Crow, Flippy and Kai.
  • They are also the first one to have Boyfriend built into their animations.
  • During No Games, Theres a potential reference to the Sparta Remix music genre from 1:36 to 2:24.
  • The ConsoleZord was originally created as filler to stretch out the length of /v/ rage.swf.


Sneed & Chuck

Well well, Look at the city slicker pulling up in his fancy German car.
― Chuck, E-I-E-I-(Annoyed Grunt‎

Well, pardon us, Mr. Gucci loafers.
― Sneed, E-I-E-I-(Annoyed Grunt‎

Charles and Al (More known as Chuck and Sneed) pair of farmers from The Simpsons, one of which owns the store they sit by. They appear in a secret song for the mod.


  • The sign on their store is a subtle joke. The shop is called "Sneed's Feed & Seed", where feed and seed both end in the sound "-eed", thus rhyming with the name of the owner, Sneed. The sign says that the shop was "Formerly Chuck's", implying that the two words beginning with "F" and "S" would have ended with "-uck", rhyming with "Chuck" So, when Chuck owned the shop, it would have been called "Chuck's Fuck and Suck".
  • Chuck and Sneed's voice lines are taken from the Simpsons episode:E-I-E-I-D oh
  • Chuck's voice line is: "Well, well. Look at the city slicker pulling up in his fancy German car." and "Well la dee da.".
  • Sneed's voice line is: "Well, pardon us, Mr. Gucci loafers.".

Homer Simpson

This car was made in Guatemala!
― Al, E-I-E-I-(Annoyed Grunt‎

A dumb father figure & main character of The Simpsons. He's a playable character in the same secret song that Chuck & Sneed are in.


  • Homer also appears in the episode "E-I-E-I-D oh" just like Chuck and Sneed.
  • Homer's voice line is: "This car was made in Guatemala." and "I bought these shoes from a Hobo."

Grandpa Death

Grandpa Death is an upcoming character in Vs /v/-tan that will star in his own week. He is girlfriend's grandpa, as the name suggests. He'll have a scythe as his icon teaser shows in his upcoming week.


Hiroyuki Nishimura

Hiroyuki Nishimura, known internationally by his alias "Hiro" is the new owner of 4chan, taking over after moot left.

He is usually a rather elusive figure on 4chan, appearing spontaneously on seemingly random boards twice every year at best. The man runs a livestream on his Youtube account and has an active Twitter, but mostly for the sake of his huge Japanese audience. After all, Hiroyuki is not just admin of 4chan, but a bit of a Japanese celebrity due to creating 2channel/ and his involvement in the Japanese video sharing website NicoNico.


  • Hiro's voice in the mod is sampled directly from one of his livestreams.
  • Compared to Moot, Hiro's involvement in 4chan as a site is generally regarded as minimal. The head moderator and his subordinates are often regarded as handling the site outside of very serious matters or hiring.
    • His initial appearances were regarded as either a bit dorky or cute due to his english not being entirely up to par. This resulted in him being depicted as such in his "-tan" incarnation.
    • The moderators go by many names. From head moderator "RapeApe," the infamous and derided "I_am_ABIB," to the whacky "Invisibro" or "Swaglord" as they call him.
  • "Hiro-tan" takes direct inspiration from "Moot-tan," who was a cat in a dress. But he is instead made into a bunny, perhaps as an advanced joke on japanese being "moonspeak" and the existence of rabbits on the moon in japanese folklore.
  • Hiroyuki's nickname is "Hiro" on twitter and 4chan, stemming from his creatorship of 2channel. On 4chan he has gained many other nicknames, from the innocent "Hiromoot" to "Hiroshima Nagasaki."
  • Hiroyuki is the creator of and previously the admin of, which was essentially the textboard grandparent to 4chan the imageboard.
  • Hiro's waifu was said by himself to be Rabby from Gall Force on the now defunct "/qa/ - Questions & Answers" board in 2015.


Yotsuba Koiwai

Were you looking for Nesstalgia's Yotsuba mod?

Yotsuba Koiwai is the self-proclaimed mascot of 4chan, and also stars in her own manga called "Yotsuba&!" She appears in many places in the mod and in a bonus song along with Hiro-tan.


  • Yotsuba's usage as a mascot stems from her appearance heavily resembling the four-leaf clover that 4chan uses for its logo.
    • The software 4chan runs on is also named after Yotsuba.
  • When you are banned or enter parts of 4chan that don't exist, you are redirected to a 404 page with an image of Yotsuba in one form or another. She has earned a nickname as the "404 girl" due to this.
  • Yotsuba is a protected character on the site and denigrating her in any way often yields you heavy retaliation from both users and moderators. Don't try it.


Game Mechanics

Bait Arrows

Appears during the song "Sage" Missing a bait arrow will provoke a particularly low quality 4chan thread to pop-up on the screen and obscure it. It will also obscure incoming arrows until the song is completed.

Ebola Arrows

Appears during the song "Infin**er" These arrows are yellow and red, like Ebola, and will drain your HP throughout the song if you hit them. The more arrows you hit, the faster your health drains.

Flipped Arrows

Appears during the song "Infini**er" 2 minutes into the song, a /b/lack will come and flip your arrows. The down arrow will respond to up controls, left to right controls, etc. . This forces you to either use different bindings, flip your keyboard or controller upside down, or register what note to hit based on colour rather than direction. Please don't die on them. Please.

Trivia (General)

  • The loading screen on startup features an animated idle sprite of Yotsuba from Yotsuba&!, typically considered a "mascot" for 4chan due to the similarity between the hair and logo.
  • On the starting menu, a fat gamer with shades can be seen with the text "Friday Night Fankan" displayed. This is in reference to the name "Friday Night Funkin'" being a reference to the /v/ staple thread "IT'S FFFFFFFFFRIDAY NIGHT, MUTHAFUCKA,"[28] which is only created on fridays. This played a part in motivating the users of /v/ to create the mod.
    • The starting menu theme is a rendition of "Metal Squad" from the video game Thunder Force IV. Known on /v/ as a good shmup, but also because of an amazing remix of Metal Squad by doujin-music artist Saitama Saisyu Heiki[29] that has thousands of reposts on /v/. Even more than the classic Rickroll.
  • The mod's bonus song against Cancer Lord is unlocked by completing Harmony on hard with less than 2 misses.
    • In the updated versions of the mod the second bonus song, called No Games, unlocks after beating Infini**er on Hard with any number of misses.
  • In a very spontaneous appearance and Q&A on 4chan, ninja_muffin99 presumably called a preview of the character /v/-tan "seggsy."[30]
  • Vs. /v/ is the third mod to feature a DDR Pad-using character aside from Kapi, and Vs. Vance.
  • The mod's artstyle is based on 3 Angled Blue's original "Epic Frustration" and "Rage vs Cancer" comic, meant to visualize a fight between the "/b/ - Random" and "/v/ - Video Games" boards of 4chan.
    • In the original comic made by 3 Angled Blue, /v/'s enemies are the forces of the "/b/ - Random board." One of the most infamous boards on 4chan, /b/ is responsible for everything between Rule 34 to the hacker group Anonymous existing.
    • The comic is based upon an event that happened in September 2008, where the Large Hadcron Collider was about to fire. Then-admin of 4chan, Christopher "Moot" Poole,[31] added a music track[32] from the anime Gurren Lagann to autoplay on the /b/ board. He changed the name of the board to the "Positron Uprising," and after a while the "/b/tards" (self-titled) got sick of it and invaded other boards. Notably, "/v/ - Video Games" and the two userbases had a classic internet fight.
    • In contrast to /b/, "/v/ - Video Games" is notable for being an early place where many Indie games found their footing, such as Minecraft, SCP: Containment Breach and more. It's also the origin of memes such as the Rickroll.[33]
    • Later on in the comic, the Cancer Lord is defeated and "/b/ - Anime/Random" takes his place. It was the original state of the /b/ board before it was effectively split into "/a/ - Anime" and "/b/ - Random." Depicted as the anime-styled avatar of W.T. Snacks,[34] a former coder and moderator of 4chan. The origin of this alter-ego/avatar design has been lost to time, but it was presumably created by the users of 4chan themselves. W.T. Snacks is also the creator of the /v/ board.
    • This third character, "/b/ - Anime/Random," may have been planned to be added as an incomplete sprite exists in the .fla and stems release for the mod.
  • Despite having all but disappeared from the internet approximately ten years ago, artist 3 Angled Blue is somewhat famous among web artists, as well as on 4chan.
    • Specifically, PhantomArcade seems to be a fan of his. Saying that his life would be complete if they ever made fanart of Friday Night Funkin'[35]
  • There was anonymous user input on the mod which changed things like its artstyle, the music, dialogue and references during development.
    • In an attempt to scare away underage users and Twitter users who might flock to the mod due to its perceived quality, anonymous users often suggested filling the mod with offensive words. Fully recognizing that they could still do that while remaining true to the site it was supposed to represent.
    • It was the anonymous users who suggested the developers to add the "/v/ goes to the movies" comic to the mod. The developers ultimately decided to do so to get it removed from Gamebanana after someone had reuploaded it there.
  • The /v/-tan mod has been recognised by:
    • NCHProductions, creator of /v/-rage.swf and /v/-rage 2017.
    • Banbuds, the artist for the Tricky mod.[36]
    • Gutsybird, the artist for the "/v/ goes to the movies" comic.
    • Kade Dev, the creator of Kade Engine.[37](Kade left a comment on this video)
  • In the good ending, /v/ fights a "Jannie." A jannie is slang for janitors on 4chan, in the context of 4chan an unpaid low-tier moderator who can only delete posts and request bans. Due to sometimes deleting on-topic and "fun" content for no particular reason, they earned mockery from the anonymous userbase. Over time, they and the actual moderators were often associated with an anthropomorphic dog called Mr. Morris, from the series Arthur, who is employed as a school janitor.[38]
    • In reference to this, one of the intro texts to the mod is "They do it for free." and "Clean it up jannie."
  • In the background of /v/-tans stage you can spot a number of references to boards, characters or memes on 4chan.
    • In the cave that is on Boyfriend's side of the screen, you can spot /x/-tan. /x/ is 4chan's Paranormal board, which originally created the SCP Foundation.
    • In the background, a wanderer known as /tr/-tan can be seen. He is a wanderer, who in the lore for the original comic was briefly invaded by /b/ when they tried to flee from autoplaying music.
    • The original "Ready?" "Set?" "Go!" sprites were replaced with ones featuring /qa/-tan. /qa/-tan is a recently deceased board originally meant to discuss 4chan itself. It was shut down by the mods for its wanton raiding, spamming and lack of moderation.
    • One of the designs for /r9k/-tan can be seen in the background of Infin**er. The Robot 9000 board was an experiment to create unique posts, but over time became a board filled with posters complaining about the state of their lives. It's infamous for school shootings.
    • In the background of Birthday, a frozen woman can be seen. She is known as either the winning design of the 4chan Vtuber contest, or as /vt/-tan, representing the Vtuber board. This board is directly split from /jp/, making it sort of related to /v/. Vtubers are often annoyingly posted on /v/ as bait threads.
  • The mod's source code folder contains exactly 100 instances of the n-word in its text.
  • There is a "Hide Slurs" option "ON" in the game's settings. This is a prank, since enabling it will redirect you to another screen when trying to load the main menu, making it impossible to play the mod's songs without deleting your save file (since the options menu also becomes inaccessible).
    • The cat-like persona that is seen is Moot, founder and former admin of 4chan. The design of which is self-acknowledged.
  • The inclusion of Sneed is a reference to a meme on 4chan, where people have noticed a subtle joke in the Simpsons. In one of the episodes, there's a shop with a sign that says "Sneed's Feed & Seed, Formerly Chuck's". Due to "Sneed" rhyming with "Feed & Seed", people on 4chan have speculated that if Chuck were still owning the place, it would be called "Chuck's Fuck & Suck", thus giving birth to Sneedposting, where users on 4chan would use the characters to participate in trolling.
    • Sneedposting is known to have very offensive memes, such as Sneed (with the body of Broly Culo) crushing George Floyd's neck with his butt, and a drawing of Sneed and Chuck running from a Jannie and a very antisemitic caricature of a Jewish person (also known as the Happy Merchant).
  • The Instrumental for "Sneed" features samplings of the vocals of "Back 2 Back", the music track for Water Palace from Sonic Rush.
  • Unlike most mods containing the base game, this mod contains Week 7 as well, with everything implemented, including the cutscenes, however the Week 7 cutscenes are low quality.


Loud Sounds

This section contains very loud audio. If you are wearing headphones, be careful!

Reason: /v/'s scream at the end of Sage may be a bit loud.

BPM: 170
Scroll Speed: 1.9 (Easy)
2.3 (Normal)
2.5 (Hard)
BPM: 202
Scroll Speed: 2.2 (Easy)
2.6 (Normal)
3 (Hard)
BPM: 190
Scroll Speed: 2.5 (Easy)
2.8 (Normal)
3.2 (Hard)

Loud Sounds

This section contains very loud audio. If you are wearing headphones, be careful!

Reason: There are parts in Infin***** where Cancer Lord will scream loudly, also his voice might be ear grating to some people.

BPM: 220
Scroll Speed: 3.2
No Games
BPM: 210
Scroll Speed: 3.3
BPM: 160
Scroll Speed: 3.1
BPM: 105
Scroll Speed: 3

Loud Sounds

This section contains very loud audio. If you are wearing headphones, be careful!

Reason: /v/ and Cancer Lord's screaming are still loud.

Fight The Power

Gamer Rage

/v/ Panic

Cancer Lord's Laugh

Cancer Lord's Scream

Menu Theme

Cutscene Transcripts

Vidyagames Opening Cutscene

[Boyfriend and Girlfriend are seen putting in a disc on their computer. The camera then zooms into the Computer screen to a rendition of Dadbattle.]

[When the camera cuts to the room again, Boyfriend and Girlfriend are nowhere to be found. Daddy Dearest then enters the room.]

[Cut to /v/-tan playing Stage 6 (Taste Of Teriyaki) On Um Jammer Lammy]

Teriyaki Yoko: That doesn't mean, that I am yours, I'm not alone, I'm not a fool, I have a lot to give.

[Boyfriend and Girlfriend are seen falling through the sky, it then cuts back to /v/-tan.]

Teriyaki Yoko: Somebody come and rescue me, before an angel comes to take me round and round.

Note: The game glitches due to Boyfriend and Girlfriend's impact, meaning that those exact lyrics are not heard.

[/v/-tan kicks open his door, the camera then zooms in on Boyfriend and Girlfriend, cut to /v/-tan on a black background.]

4tanIcon.png /v/-tan:

>Another FUCKING FNF thread.

>Reddit game.

>step mania with cartoons KEK

>shitty ddr clone.

>Implying its a rethym game

>Cheap flash game.

>Why not OSU?

>Go back.

>Zoomies like this?

[/v/-tan then looks over to a Dance Dance Revolution pad. He is then seen jumping up and landing next to Boyfriend with it.]


Sage Cutscene

4tanIcon.png /v/-tan: >implying that wasnt just a warm up you cum guzzling midget

BFIcon.png Boyfriend: Beep (seethe)


4tanIcon.png /v/-tan: "You think you're hot shit don't you f*ggot."

4tanIcon.png /v/-tan: "Just wait until..."

4tanIcon.png /v/-tan: "Fuck."

Janitor: "You know this isn't /mu/ right?"

4tanIcon.png /v/-tan: "FUCK OFF."

Janitor: "That's not happening."

4tanIcon.png /v/-tan: "What are you going to do?"

4tanIcon.png /v/-tan: "That ch*nk's bidding for free again?"

[Janitor is noticeably angered by /v/ pointing out his paycheck of $0/hour, and fires his 404 at /v/-tan and Boyfriend.]

[Bad Ending: A 404 image pops up, with Yotsuba holding a microphone.]

[Good Ending:]

4tanIcon.png /v/-tan: "(You)"

4tanIcon.png /v/-tan: "MASSIVE"

4tanIcon.png /v/-tan: "F*GGOT"

[/v/-tan is shown repelling the 404, killing the Janitor.]

'Jannie defeated'

[Image of the Janitor's corpse.]

'/v/ raged'

[Image of /v/-tan breaking his dancepad.]


[Image of /v/-tan implied to be masturbating to a corrupted woman.]

'and played the vidya.'

[Image of /v/-tan, Boyfriend, and Girlfriend playing a video game.]

Pre-Infin***** Cutscene

[/v/-tan and Boyfriend can be seen playing video games together on /v/-tan's TV.]

[A group of /b/tards blow up the wall with some explosives.]

[/v/-tan is covered in rubble, while Boyfriend protects his head.]

[Two /b/tards peek in before Cancer Lord steps on through.]

CancerIcon.png Cancer Lord: You fellas take care of the vidya man. I will have fun with the midget.

Infin***** Bad Ending

CancerIcon.png Cancer Lord: "That was something..."

BFIcon.png Boyfriend: "Beep!"

[Cancer Lord fires a Shoop Da Whoop Lazor at Boyfriend and blows him away.]

[Daddy Dearest laughs, most likely watching all this through the computer screen.


[Suddenly, Daddy Dearest realizes that Girlfriend was kidnapped by the /b/tards.]

DadIcon.png Daddy Dearest: "gf?"

Infin***** Good Ending

CancerIcon.png Cancer Lord: "That was something..."

BFIcon.png Boyfriend: "Beep!"

[Cancer Lord's arm is suddenly removed and pointed straight at him.]

4tanIcon.png /v/-tan: "TOO BAD N*****."

CancerIcon.png Cancer Lord: "How the fuck"

[Cancer Lord then gets disintegrated by a Shoop da Woop Lazor]

[/v/-tan gives Boyfriend a thumbs up, and then spits on him.]

Beginnings & Creation

The beginnings of this mod can be traced back to a tweet by PhantomArcade in December 2020.[39] In it he replies to a piece of art by Newgrounds artist Teknodice and further replies to it on Newgrounds[40] a month later.

The artwork that inspired the mod.

Sparking discussion on 4chan, some users on 4chan's "/v/ - Video Games" board began to clamor or "shill" for his inclusion. Either as a mod, or officially. Eventually, a mod was made[41] that made /v/-tan, /vr/-tan and /jp/-tan into skins for the tutorial and then inserted a few songs associated with /v/ into it. This however was not satisfactory to the users of 4chan, and they continued to promote the idea of modding /v/-tan into the game.


The image glitch. The blue numbers representing the replies.

In one thread about Friday Night Funkin', the anonymous users of /v/ were discussing characters that should be added to the game. Since /v/-tan was popular, someone posted an image of him in response with the words "ROW ROW" along with it. However, something weird happened. An imageswap glitch, which is an uncommon bug on 4chan where two posts are made at exactly the same time somewhere on the site. Instead of /v/-tan, the image thumbnail was turned into a poorly compressed soy wojak, which large parts of /v/ hates.

Fortunately for /v/-tan, this completely derailed the thread to be about /v/-tan and /v/ itself. And as such further boosting his popularity in the Friday Night Funkin' threads.

At some point in April, an anonymous artist, or "drawf*g" as self-titled on 4chan, took up the reigns of making a mod for him. On the "/vg/ - Video Game Generals" board, the people interested in the game and the mod gathered- eventually creating a full team for it. And so Vs. /v/ was born.

Reception & Controversy

The mod released first on 4chan to great praise, receiving several threads. The anonymous users said that the charting was some of the best, and that the mod was too one of the best. Outside of 4chan, reactions were mixed due to the heavy emphasis on using slurs, bad language, racism, homophobia, and offensive caricatures in the mod. However, it still received praise for its art, music and to a lesser extent its charting.

In the second update, the "/v/ goes to the movies" comic was added which is considered a classic shock comic on 4chan. Outside of 4chan, it is regarded as very disturbing due to featuring the "/jp/ - Otaku Culture" 4chan board (depicted as a poorly drawn stick-"loli") which was incorrectly seen as CSEM material. Upon its discovery, the mod's restribution was removed from Gamebanana. Persisting however in the form of MEGA download links found on videos, or for example this wiki. Due to the anonymous nature of the developers, the blame was laid toward 4chan itself. Rumors that it contained a keylogger and other malware spread, but there was never any conclusive proof. Tests on sites such as Virustotal did not yield results and the detections can most likely be deemed false positives.

A third and final update was made that ported the game to Kade Engine 1.6.1 in order to fix various problems with the mod. The update was received well on 4chan, and the team behind the mod then went back to work.

During the hacking of Gamebanana that occured in early September, rumors spread that the devs of Vs. /v/ were the mysterious hacker known as Arch. Linking itself back to the rumor with the keylogger. However, due to inconsistencies such as BBPanzu not downloading the mod[42] in the first place, the rumor was eventually dispelled. The users of 4chan's Friday Night Funkin' related threads on /vg/ garnered a very low opinion of the general fanbase as a result, due to the lack of criticism regarding the sources that people used to justify both the keylogger and hacking rumor.

On September 15th, the team resurfaced on 4chan to post an update to the mod, featuring the Consolezord from NCHProductions' animation based on "Epic Frustration" by 3 Angled Blue as a bonus song. It also features another song, Sneed, based on the Sneed's Feed and Seed[43] meme which is popular on 4chan.

On October 31st, Halloween, the team resurfaced once more on /funkg/ to post an update to the mod, featuring a song with a representation of 4chan's current owner, Hiroyuki Nishimura, rapping against Yotsuba in a cave resembling the one found in the "AN ANCIENT RELIC" art[44] for 4chan's 18th birthday. It also included an in-game viewer to read the files' included comics in.

Gallery (General)

Version History

KE 1.5.4 (Released On August 6, 2021)

Initial Release

KE 1.5.3 Bugfix Update (Released On August 11, 2021)

Attempted Bugfix Release

  • Addition Added the "/v/ goes to the movies" comic to prevent people from reupload the mod
  • Attempted Engine Improvements
  • Source Code Released
  • Assets (.fla, musical stems and voice scales) Released

KE 1.6.1 Bugfix Update (Released On August 15, 2021)

Final Release

  • Successful Engine Improvements

Vs V Zord Edition (Released on September 15th 2021)

Content Update

  • Added Full Version of nogames.
  • Added sneed.

Vs V Birthday Edition (Released on October 31st 2021)

Content Update

  • Added birthday.
  • Added a menu to view the comics in-game.
  • Removed the teaser image for W.T. Snacks and Grandpa Death.
  • Removed the Vs. Jacket teaser image in the difficulty banners.

Download Links

  • Mediafire (4chan's 18th Birthday Edition)
  • Google Drive (4chan's 18th Birthday Edition)
  • Mega (KE 1.6.1 Update+Source Code)
  • Mega (Zord Edition)
  • Mega (Source Code) (Zord Edition)
  • Mega (Consolezord/Sneed .flas And Nogames stems.)


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