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Reason: Based on the creepypasta "Suicidemouse.avi", This mod contains themes of depression and suicide. On top of this, multiple songs have screen shaking whenever Mickey sings. Some visuals such as the screamer jumpscare, Satan himself, some of Mickey's phases designs etc. are very creepy. Mickey's voice in Unknown Suffering and Battered is loud and ear grating. Lastly, various jokes are within the mod, such as Mokey being an upcoming character, and images hidden within the game's files and .flas.

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Upcoming: Part 2, with multiple new characters. It has also been stated this mod is one of several parts.

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Whether it got online or not is up for debate, but if rumors serve me right, it's online somewhere under "suicidemouse.avi". If you ever find a copy of the film, I want you to never view it, and to contact me by phone immediately, regardless of the time. When a Disney Death is covered up as well as this, it means this has to be something huge.
― TR, Suicidemouse.avi creepypasta

Wednesday's Infidelity is a mod created by The Box Funkin' Team. This mod is based and inspired by the Suicidemouse.AVI creepypasta while making it appear closer to the late 1920's/ early 1930's Mickey Mouse films , as well as tying in story elements from the infamous newspaper comic strip arc, Mr. Slicker and the Egg Robbers[1].


Part 1

A Mickey Mouse Sound Cartoon title card (used in the early Mickey Mouse cartoons) appears, revealing the episode title to be Wednesday's Infidelity. As the screen momentarily fades to black, the viewer is greeted to a happy Mickey Mouse walking along a street. His expression suddenly changes to shock when he spots his beloved Minnie Mouse cheating on him with another mouse, Mr Slicker who would leak to be the precursor to Mickey's longtime rival Mortimer Mouse.

Overcome with sorrow, Mickey decides to consume an unnamed drug via syringe in an attempt to numb the misery. He then takes a walk down an empty street until accidentally bumping into Boyfriend. In an attempt to forget his broken heart and make himself feel better, Mickey decides to sing with Boyfriend for a while.

Throughout Mickey and Boyfriend's singing, Mickey starts to become increasingly more insane due to the drugs that he injected on himself earlier, to the point where he attempts to force Boyfriend to take the drugs as well. Thankfully, Boyfriend successfully manages to survive Mickey's rampage.

After the rap battle comes to an end, Mickey, having hit emotional rock bottom, readies himself to end it all, holding a pistol towards his head. However, as Boyfriend stares at him, a portal suddenly spawns behind Boyfriend, causing him to turn around in shock. And so, Part 1 of the mod ends.

Part 2

Not much yet is known about Part 2 of the mod. However we do know that Mickey has regained his sanity following the events of Unknown Suffering, yet still holding the gun to his head. Boyfriend, while trying not to get sucked into the portal is seen grabbing onto the ground, trying to convince Mickey to not pull the trigger and kill himself, as seen in the teaser.[2]Maybe all hope isn't lost for him....


I can make you just as miserable as you were meant to be, HO HO HO HO!
― Suicide Mouse, David Near's Suicide Mouse Voice Reel

Mickey Mouse is the main opponent of the mod, unlike his more well-known happy-go-lucky self, he is noticably depressed.


Mickey's appearance in this mod is based on his appearance within the late 1920s, with big ears, dots for eyes, and pants with black buttons. In Wistfulness, he has his hands placed behind his back and has a distressed look on his face. However, this Mickey has a few differences that separate him from his actual 1920's counterpart, such as the fact that his "pie cut eyes" are the entirety of where his eyes are, similarly to how his Fred Moore redesign, this is different from his original classic design, where his "pie cut eyes" are actually the irises to his eye. his buttons are also filled in black as opposed to white, and the fact that he's bigger than normal Mickey.[3]

Following the midway point in Wistfulness and the entirety of Dejection, Mickey now contains a small grin on his face, with his left eye twitching. His head also twitches to reveal an upset face, looking at the player for a split second. During the second half of Dejection, he looks noticeably more distressed, and his pupils are colored in white instead of black.

During the beginning of Unknown Suffering, Mickey is seen hunching down shaking, containing a grin larger than the one seen during the second half of Dejection. He is also seen holding a syringe up with his right hand. After 2 verses, his appearance changes again. He stands upright again, and starts to form wrinkles and bags around his eyes [which now contain a slight tint of blue] paired with a grimacing smile.

During Last Day, Mickey reverts his appearance back to what it was in Wistfulness, however this time he's now hunched over, pointing a gun to his head. His face noticeably shows exhaustion from all the previous songs he has sung with Boyfriend on.

During Battered, Mickey makes an impression of Accelerant Hank from Friday Night Funkin’ ONLINE VS. His appearance now shows him wearing darker clothing, and a headband that covers the majority of his face. He reverts back to his pure, white eyes and holds a syringe the same way Hank holds his knife in his idle animation.


  • In Wistfulness and Dejection, every time Mickey sings, a musical note comes out.
  • According to NuggetNightmare, Mickey's inconsistencies between himself and actual Mickey happened as a result of Infidelity Mickey taking drugs.[4]
  • Within the main week, Mickey has different vocals between each song.
  • For some reason during the second half of Unknown Suffering and Battered, Mickey lacks his tail. This may be because he ripped it off due to depression and stress, like Sunday Night Suicide's Suicide Mouse.
    • However, in Last Day, Mickey regains his tail, which means that the lack thereof in Unknown Suffering was likely an oversight.
  • Mickey does not sing in Wistfulness and instead opts to whistles out the tune. Boyfriend however repeats with his vocals as opposed to whistling it back.
  • Mickey’s Icons are based on his very first appearance, Plane Crazy.
  • The fluid within the syringe may possibly be some kind of morphine or drug that Mickey overdoses on, causing him to go crazy, possibly a side-effect from too much adrenaline.
    • He later holds the syringe, suggesting that he had them in case the first one did not work correctly.
  • When Mickey attempts to end himself via gun, the pistol design he uses is from the 1960's onwards despite this mod taking place in the 1920's.
  • This Mickey is friends with CxB's Mickey.
  • Mickey's 5th Phase, seen at the start of Unknown Suffering, is quite possibly the shortest non-joke phase so far, as it only lasts for 2 short verses into the song before Mickey transfers to Phase 6.
  • Mickey's left and down poses during the first part of Unknown Suffering reference ShanePr0ducti0ns's Reanimated Suicide Mouse and Reanimated Suicide Mouse of Sunday Night Suicide's Mickey. Referencing their Left pose in Unhappy and the first part of Happy, and their idle and down pose in the second half of Unhappy respectively.
  • Despite Battered being from Antipathy Hank, Mickey's sprite references Accelerant Hank
    • This is because Accelerant was originally planned to be the Hank cover of the mod, but was instead scrapped in favor of Battered. Mickey's sprites remain a leftover of this scrapped idea.
  • Mickey has a rope around his neck in his left and down poses during the second half of Unknown Suffering.
  • His Unknown Suffering vocals are a heavily edited version of his Dejection ones.


Boyfriend is the protagonist of Friday Night Funkin' and Wednesday's Infidelity.


In addition to having a black and gray color scheme, Boyfriend also sports white gloves, black overalls with white buttons, large shoes, a backwards cap, and an old 1930s era microphone. In his game over animation, his arm is stabbed by a syringe, which as a result causes his entire body to shake rapidly. When the player retries, his entire sprite starts to blur and Boyfriend's skeleton gains small white pupils while staring at the player, with his mouth agape.


  • Boyfriend's design is inspired by Scrappy.
  • This Boyfriend is friendlier compared to the one from the original Friday Night Funkin'[5]
    • Which means, he's a different Boyfriend and not the same one form the original Friday Night Funkin'.


Cheddar is an upcoming character for Wednesday's Infidelity. They are based off of an infamous art piece found on display at a school.


Cheddar is a lanky and distorted version of Mickey Mouse, He has a long and seemingly dislocated jaw. In his original picture, he is sitting on a wooden plate with the heading "Father... I Crave Cheddar" painted on the plate.


  • There were two other takes for Cheddar's line mid-song.
  • Flaconadir used his own Mickey chromatic scale for Cravings.
  • In the Box Funkin discord, there was a vote on which Cheddar design was to be used between the one seen in the infobox and the one seen in the gallery. The design seen within the info box won, and as a result the ones seen in the gallery are now scrapped.
    • Both designs have been confirmed to be scrapped by NuggetNightmare, way before Cheddar's current design debuted.


Not to be confused with Julian T. Whitmore

Julian is an upcoming character for Wednesday's Infidelity, It is based off of a Mickey-lookalike seen in the 1934 film "March of the Wooden Soldiers".


Julian is a puppet that has giant circular ears, a gray face and has misplaced eyes aswell as long muzzle and a black snout. It has a weird smile. He wears gray pants with white buttons. Gloves that nearly reach to his arms. He wears gray shoes and has a giant black tail.


  • Julian was originally going to be called "Monkey", a nod to the fact that the Mickey-lookalike in "March of the Wooden Soldiers" was played by a monkey in a costume.
  • The name Julian was suggested as a name for the character as a joke, however NuggetNightmare found it funny enough to adopt it as the name of this character. However the actual monkey from the original film has no actual name, and it should not be confused.
  • Julian originally started as a rejected concept for this mod made by NuggetNightmare, The_Mayz then saw this concept and wanted to use it for Sunday Night Suicide, it was initially accepted and was planned to be added, however, due to controversy surrounding The_Mayz, NuggetNightmare took Julian out of Sunday Night Suicide and put it back into this mod.
  • It is confirmed that Julian's song (Carnival) will sound like Opera.


Impostor Mouse is an upcoming character for Wednesday's Infidelity Part 2. As implied by his name, he is an impostor version of Suicide Mouse.

(This Section is under construction)

Satan is an upcoming opponent and recurring character responsible for Suicide Mouse as he appears bursting out of him.


Not much is fully known of his appearance outside of Vesania, other than him having either pitch-black eyes or empty eye sockets with blood oozing out of them, black hair and 2 horns.

In the Vesania teaser, he has a wide grin on his face. His body also seems to be muscular, and he seems to wear only what seems to be animal pelt or cloth. In the leaked idle of him, only his head appears in a furious expression, resonating from an insanity driven Mickey's mouth.




― Mokey, Wellcom To Disnehy

Not to be confused with Vs. Mokey or Mokey's KRIMAS

Mokey is an upcoming joke opponent in second part of Wednesday's Infidelity. Similar to Mickey Mouse in the mod, unlike his more well-known happy-go-lucky self, he is noticeably depressed.


Mokey appears to be the same as the original Mickey Mouse, having black fur, peach skin, red shorts with yellow dots, and yellow shoes, but he is also crudely drawn, which in turn makes his shorts appear to resemble a diaper more.

In this mod, he is grayscale to fit within the mod's theme more and notably depressed.


Skitzo is an upcoming character[6]


Girlfriend is an upcoming character in this mod, appearing as an upcoming playable character.


Like Boyfriend, Girlfriend appears in a black and white and old style, having cartoon eyes, gray gloves, an old fashioned microphone, and having a short black dress with her underwear shorts shown. She has black heels and flowing hair, and a small bowling hat with a flower on it.


  • Although Girlfriend's design was revealed before Part 1's release, she did not appear in Part 1's release. Therefore making the Part 1 version of this mod, Friday at Treasure Island, the remastered version of Vs. Spong, Super Mario Bros. Funk Mix before the Deluxe update, and Indie Cross the only recorded mods to lack Girlfriend (or any equivalent).
  • As shown in Girlfriend's game over screen, it shows that Girlfriend isn't a demon, but a human instead.


Donald Duck is a close friend of Mickey who debuted in the late 30's. He was set to take Tricky's place in the scrapped Accelerant cover, but got removed due to time constraints.


Donald's initial design resembles his modern Disney design, showing a cartoonish anthropomorphic duck hunched over on the speakers, with his eyes hollowed out and his jaw agape. He holds a pole with Goofy's disembodied head staked onto it. In the reimagined version, Donald remains within the same position, however both he and Goofy were changed to be more in line with their earlier designs, showing more realistic traits making them look similar to an actual duck and a dog.





Gameplay Mechanics

  • Health Drain: In Dejection, Unknown Suffering, and Battered, Mickey will push back your health whenever he sings. The rate at which he drains your health is bigger in Unknown Suffering when compared to Dejection and Battered.
  • Screamer Notes: During the second half of Dejection, these notes will appear. When hit, they will trigger a distorted screen of Mickey's face, blocking the player's screen for a few seconds.
  • Syringes: During Unknown Suffering, Mickey will throw his syringes at you, although they will appear in between your note strum line, they are actually charted to one note and not both notes on the strum line. When hit, the scroll speed will increase. Interestingly, hitting these notes will count as a miss, but they won't drop your combo and you will still gain health.
  • Anti-Pause: If you try and pause by pressing ENTER, the game will display Satan's head, who will then block the middle of the screen for a few seconds while saying "You can't stop now".
    • However, if you press 3 instead, the game will pause normally.
  • Week Misses: When playing the entire week, misses are not kept track of per song, but rather, misses will follow you throughout the whole week, dying on a song and resetting does not take away these misses, effectively making any misses you gather permanent until you finish the week or song if you're within Freeplay.
  • Decaying UI: Starting with the second half of Wistfulness, film decay will start affecting the UI, various effects happen to it such as disappearing for a split second and appearing halfway off screen. This may throw off the player's timing.
  • Screen Shaking: During Unknown Suffering and Battered, the screen will moderately shake whenever Mickey sings.

Trivia (General)

  • Just like Unhappy from Sunday Night Suicide, Wistfulness contains a sample of Steamboat Bill, the song Mickey famously whistled in Steamboat Willie.
  • While initially thought to be impossible to pause, much fidgeting and random button pressing later revealed that the pause menu can indeed be opened by pressing the number key 3.
  • The main menu image for this mod takes some inspiration from Cuphead's file select image, originally drawn as a joke by one of the developers, it was eventually accepted into the the full mod.
  • Contrary to the comic, Minnie actually falls for Mr. Slicker. In the Newspaper comic, it was revealed that Minnie never actually loved Mr. Slicker and was only interested in his city ways. Everything Mickey witnessed was either Slicker trying to push Mickey out of the picture so that he could get Minnie for himself or out of context.
  • Due to the increased rate for health drain, it is only possible to push Mickey into his danger icon during Unknown Suffering twice.
  • Unknown Suffering has several references to Friday Night Funkin' Lullaby and "Defeat" from VS. Impostor.
    • One of the planks in the background says "I'M DEAD", referencing Gold's infamous line in Monochrome.
    • The beginning instrumental also sounds very similar to Left Unchecked.
  • Cravings has several motifs to other songs, namely It's a Small World and Dejection.
  • The sprite sheet and code for Sonic.EXE's jumpscare can be found in the files. The reason as to this being in the files was as a homage by the devs when RightBurstUltra congratulated them and gave the idea for the screamer Note mechanic.
  • The week background and Satan originate from Gorixgorix's version of Suicide Mouse.
  • Mickey has at least 2 forms in every song in the mod except Battered.
  • The Box Funkin' team's interested in making crossovers, as situated with the Friday Night Funkin Secret Histories & VS. Impostor crossover teasers.
  • Vesania has a reference to Unknown Suffering and Wistfulness.
  • On May 27th 2022, a hacker leaked a build of Part 2, due to him wanting revenge on the team behind the mod for deleting his YouTube channel for posting leaks[7][8].
  • Wednesday is the most likely day of the week for Suicides to be carried out.[9] On top of this, the mod's release date is the same day that Walt Disney died.
  • Mickey's appearance during the second half of Unknown Suffering is based on GorixGorix's interpretation of Suicide Mouse.


Battered (Mickey Mouse Cover)
BPM: 170
Scroll Speed: 2.7

Three, Two, One, Go!

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Accelerant (Tricky/Donald Section)
Carnival (Old, Preview)
Mokey W.I Fanmade icon.png
Kriman't (Old; Preview)
Mokey W.I Fanmade icon.png
Kriman't (Old; Preview 2)
RM Icon.png
Reefer Madness
This was meant as a joke song for the 4/20 release date, but since it wasn't released on that date, it's now just a scrapped track,It'll be put into VS Flaco Remastered instead because Flaconadir hates wasted work.

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Unknown Suffering Remake
Last Day (Preview 1)
The song's name was revealed as "Last Day"[10].
Last Day (Preview 2)
Last Day (Preview 3)
BPM: 200
Vesania is not canon to the mod's story [11]
Carnival (Preview)
Spring March (Preview)
Wednesday's Infidelity FatherICraveCheddar Icon.png
BPM: 135

Father... I Crave Cheddar
Corpse (Preview 1)
Corpse (Preview 2)
Unknown Sussy (Unknown Suffering Cover)
Needle Mouse (Preview)
Triple Trouble (Julian's part, preview)
Mokey W.I Fanmade icon.png
Kriman't (Remastered; Preview)
Unnamed Mickey Song (Preview 1)
Unnamed Mickey Song (Preview 2)

Cutscene Transcripts

Pre-Wistfulness Transcript

A title card from the early Mickey Cartoons from 1928-1929 appears, showing the following text:

"A Walt Disney Comic
"RECORDED BY Powers Cinephone SYSTEM"
"Copyright MCMXXIX"
All while Steamboat Bill plays in the background. The title screen then fades out into black. Another scene fades in shortly after, showing Mickey seen happily walking. A narrator shortly explains the series of events leading up to Wistfulness:
PlaceholderIcon.png Narrator
On a beautiful Wednesday morning, Mickey saw how his beloved Minnie was talking to a tall and graceful mouse that quickly made her fall into his charms, and of course, his arms.
(Mickey is then shown shocked to see Mr. Slicker (also called Mortimer Mouse) apparently flirting with Minnie, her being in awe over Slicker. Slicker proceeds to tell something to Minnie, then laughs at himself)
PlaceholderIcon.png Narrator
Not even bothering that Mickey was there staring, everything.
PlaceholderIcon.png Narrator
(Mickey is shown again, now astonished by Minnie's infidelity. He then looks away from the scene, visibly upset. We see a shot of his legs and a syringe fall down to his feet. Implying that Mickey Injected himself with a drug of sorts in order to numb the pain (Ecstasy))
PlaceholderIcon.png Narrator
Alone and afraid, waiting for his death...
(He is then seen walking on the street, similar to the original Suicidemouse.AVI when he bumps into someone)
BfIconWednesday.png Boyfriend
PlaceholderIcon.png Narrator
...He found something, that maybe can help...
(Mickey looks down to see that the person he bumped into is The Boyfriend. The screen then fades into black while still playing the distorted piano version of Steamboat Bill. Right at the end of the song, however, a bloody mickey face jumpscares the viewer, ending the music and the cutscene)

Post-Unknown Suffering

(As a slowed down and low pitched version of Dejection plays on the background, Mickey Is seen trembling in despair, holding a firearm (presumably a Desert Eagle .50AE) up to his head ready to end his misery as Boyfriend stares emptily at him)
BfIconWednesday.png Boyfriend
(A portal opens up behind Boyfriend, who turns around in shock, It was revealed he grabbed into the ground in the teaser, afterwards a bold white text appears, saying, "SEE YOU ON WEDNESDAY")

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